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(UPDATED: September 19, 2012)

Peplum has become one of the most recent trends in feminine fashion. The peplum look is a skirt-like attachment that is very ladylike and feminine. I read that the peplum design dates back to the 1500s. It certainly has a modern touch to be paired with so many different garments. This blog post is a rather brief one taking a look at the feminine style that is... I guess you can say, taking fashion by storm.

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"Are You Hip to Flouncy Peplums?" (style.com)
"Peplum makes a 2012 splash!" (AMI Clubwear Magazine)


SEP 19 2012 - added extra inspiration

--- Peplum at a Glance ---

This is what some ladies are sporting these days:

^ from: newsfashiontrend.com - Feminine and ladylike, peplum adds a dramatic touch to any garment. Note the skirt-like addition to this dress.

The peplum detail involves a skirt-like ruffled panel across certain garments. This adds a dramatic effect to clothes. This ladylike and elegant style has become one of the most recent hot trends. Peplum is often found on skirts and dresses, but there are also some tops and some tunics that feature peplum designs.

I generally find peplum to be a touch of elegance, much like a pair of high-heel peep-toe pumps or high-low/mullet skirts and dresses. So I don't believe in playing down certain peplum tops and bottoms with sneakers or some really casual footwear.

--- Peplum Around the Blogosphere ---

What bloggers are wearing garments with peplum on them? You'll meet several of them in this section. Click on the accompanying links to see them wear these items. The key criteria: the blogger herself must be wearing something with a peplum design. Feel free to follow any blogs that may interest you if you enjoy seeing their blogs.

Peplum Inspiration: Stylish Petite.

One of blogging's most beautiful ladies is up first. A recent post by Stylish Petite's Annie showcases her wearing a beautiful peplum dress. She pairs it with some lovely accessories as well as a blazer.
"Zara Mint Peplum Dress" (Stylish Petite)

Peplum Inspiration: Aibina's Blog.

Aibina wears a white peplum dress in this blog post. The peplum detail nicely accentuates the waist of this lovely dress she wears.
"Prom. Part 1" (Aibina's Blog)

Peplum Inspiration: Deconstruction.

How about a more casual look? Providing a casual peplum touch is Mackenzie, the blogger behind "Deconstruction." Mackenzie wears a navy blue peplum top that has some neon pink accents, and they are paired with some khaki jeans. She's cute for Summer, and you can see her peplum top in the blog post below:
"Neon trims" (Deconstruction)

Peplum Inspiration: My Silk Fairytale.

Hailing from Romania, Alina showcases a very nice casual outfit she put together. A colorful peplum skirt is complimented with a white top and a denim jacket.
"For the weekend..." (My Silk Fairytale)

Peplum Inspiration: Always Maylee.

The next helping of peplum loving comes from the super cute Yi-chia. The maylee (Mandarin for "beautiful") blogger wears a peplum top to compliment a skirt and some wedge sandals. This post marks the first-ever attempt at peplum for this beautiful lady.
"Peplum Love" (Always Maylee)

Peplum Inspiration: Style 4 Curves.

Can curvy ladies look great with peplum? Venessia of "Style 4 Curves" definitely thinks so. Guess what my favorite color is. Well, she wears a dress with a peplum design to it in (that favorite color of mine) and looks fabulous in it. Venessia is stylin' with this peplum dress:
"Posh in Peplum" (Style 4 Curves)

Peplum Inspiration: The Pink Collar.

(ADDED: September 19, 2012)
Here is another curvy beauty with a dress as beautiful as she is. This is Shirley sporting this cute peplum dress:
"OOTD: Peplum Dress" (The Pink Collar)

I told you- LOTS of bloggers either wearing or loving the peplum trend. What do YOU think about this look?

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I LOVEEEEEE me some peplum!!!!! Great post!- Style4Curves



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