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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Jimmy Choo DIAMOND Sneakers

John B. Marine | 6:52 AM | |
Twinkle toes? Try twinkle feet! The Jimmy Choo DIAMOND sneakers are adorned in lots of diamonds. These trainers would be insane to keep clean. If sneakers are too frumpy for you, maybe these blinged kicks will tickle your fancy. Or will they? This blog post is devoted to these sneakers from Jimmy Choo. So let's get this discussion started!

Jimmy Choo DIAMOND Sneakers

Get to know the sneakers I will be discussing in this blog post:

Jimmy Choo DIAMOND sneakers
^ from: (Facebook) - The DIAMOND sneakers from Jimmy Choo will bedazzle you.

Jimmy Choo DIAMOND/F sneakers
^ from: - Here is how the DIAMOND sneakers look when worn on a model.

Jimmy Choo released the DIAMOND sneakers as a vastly chic and expensive pair of shoes. After all, Jimmy Choo is a high-end designer. These DIAMOND sneakers from Jimmy Choo are a sporty pair of feminine sneakers adorned with many sparkling accents. Many a fashionista would dare pair these diamond sneakers with their most casual outfits or even their most sporty outfits. Sneakers like these would be dream sneakers for a fashionista. They are surely priced like dream shoes. Prices I have seen for these DIAMOND sneakers range from around $850 USD to almost $5.5K USD. The general price range is usually around $3K USD to $5.5K USD for these sneakers. While you can get these blinged out kicks in their form, there are also other variations of the DIAMOND sneakers including some not-so sparkling variations of these sneakers.

Upon my research of this topic, I learned these DIAMOND sneakers are not only for females, males can even wear these sneakers. Guys aren't as awed at bedazzling, but you know some of us guys have that kind of fashion itch they want to scratch. Having said that, here is video insight on the Jimmy Choo DIAMOND sneakers:

Video Insight.

^ Introducing the DIAMOND Sneaker | Jimmy Choo

If you ask me, if you really want to properly wear these sneakers and style them properly, save these sneakers for formal settings and night-out sneakers. Do NOT have wear these as your workout sneakers or for pairing with your most casual outfits. I would avoid these sneakers for casual outfits or active outfits. I think it would be asking too much to wear these sneakers for any regular outfits and instead save them for more dressy outfits. I would even avoid certain business casual outfits with these sneakers. These are the sneakers I would pair most with night-out or formal type outfits. Yes, you read right- I said these are sneakers you can wear with night-out or formal type outfits! I'd advise against this look, but you can sport these sneakers to go with your evening party dress or an elegant jumpsuit. I would save these for fancy night out outfits rather than anything real casual. You might even wear these as alternative footwear for formal outfits when you're tired of wearing fancy heels. Either way, prepare to bedazzle your feet wearing these sneakers.

Final Thoughts.

The Jimmy Choo DIAMOND sneakers surely will awe fashionistas for their combination of sporty and chic. If you consider a pair of fancy sneakers as a worthy fashion investment, feel free to save up all of your money just to get yourself a pair of these blinged out kicks. You're going to need to take care of these sneakers really well considering their fancy appeal. The thought of sparkly sneakers is enticing for fashionistas, but this would be an absolute extreme considering how much detail goes into making these models sparkle and shine (no pun intended).

For More Information...

You can learn more about the Jimmy Choo DIAMOND sneakers here (from the USA site): THE DIAMOND SNEAKER | JIMMY CHOO.

I hope you enjoyed this post. This post on the Jimmy Choo DIAMOND sneakers is over. Let's discuss!

Are you fond of the Jimmy Choo DIAMOND sneakers? How would you style them?

Glad you could see my latest post here on "StyleSpace by JGM." Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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