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Friday, October 19, 2018

Dresses/Skirts and Heels for Males

John Marine | 5:01 PM | | | | Be the first to comment!
Males wore skirts and heels before both became feminine fashion staples. I blogged about this topic before; so let us update the status of both becoming fashion reality. Are we any closer to this being reality? Can we convince other males along with society that skirts and dresses and heeled shoes can be just as fashionable for males as they are for females? I am not leading some kind of crusade on this, but I will try to perhaps influence trying to prove skirts and heels for males can be stylish and appealing for males.

An Important Note Before We Begin...

This blog post is NOT about crossdressing, nor is its intent is to discuss even elements of crossdressing. This is about males simply wearing skirts and dresses, and/or feminine heels.

Skirts and Heels for Males at a Glance

Why should girls have all the fun with skirts and heels? Can't a boy dress up in skirts and/or heels if he wants to? Let me set the mood with a picture or two:

skirts heels male
^ from: (Pinterest - best I could find) - Can skirts/dresses and heels be a reality for male fashion any time soon? I offer my thoughts in this post.

One of my inspirations for blogging about this topic was someone who I came across on LOOKBOOK who nicely shown off wearing a skirt and some stylish heeled shoes. This individual was a fellow who ultimately would transition into a female. During this person's male days, this individual would nicely wear a skirt and pumps handsomely. For a guy, this person even had feminine lovely legs for a guy. Then when this person transitioned into a female, this person only became lovelier. (As a side note, that individual I made mention of is NOT the one I featured in the post to open this section.). Before becoming YouTube star "GiGiGorgeous," GREGORYGorgeous famously wore sexy feminine clothing before transitioning to GiGi. So it is surely possible for a male to look just as good in a skirt (or even a dress) and some heeled shoes.

Thing is, most of us males would rather chase skirts rather than wear them. Very often us males are aroused at the image of a preferably young lady in an appealing dress or skirt paired with some high heel footwear. Some designers have even tried to make skirts and/or dresses for males a thing. I usually think of the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier in this regard. Male celebrities such as Jaden Smith have worn skirts or dresses. I remember a fashion blogger to a blog once called "His Black Dress" which featured a man who mostly wore dresses and skirts rather than "man clothes." There was a fashionable male who wore some feminine pieces, even including a long jean skirt and some chunky heel loafers. So the interest is there for those males who dare showcase themselves in feminine type clothing. Trouble is, feminine style for males has yet to be accepted by a broader audience, including among us males.

There are other components towards skirts/dresses and heels being acceptable- the gender fluid crowd. Some males do not identify as males. Some males identify as female or even not as any specific gender. In LGBT speak, we have fitting terms to describe people such as (the names vary, but I will use this one) gender fluid to describe those who do not identify sexually by their birth gender. Another barrier of skirts/dresses and heels for males is various religious connotations. One verse in the Holy Bible mostly states it a violation for a male to dress up in a feminine way or with feminine clothing. But as we all know, fashion offers people the opportunity to express themselves any way they choose regardless of social or religious norms.

Even though I did mention males in regards to crossdressing, there are some male-to-female crossdressers who do not want to have surgery or anything to become proper transsexuals. So males wearing skirts doesn't automatically make you gay.

Skirts and Heels for Men: Why Bother?

I will try to make a case for both of these items.

Why Skirts for Males?

For one thing, it is refreshing to wear something that doesn't grab your crotch so hard. Skirts and dresses are liberating in this regard. The only skirts that seem acceptable are often kilts. While there is nothing wrong with kilts, some males into wearing almost any kind of skirt would want to feel as free to wear a basic skirt as almost any female. That would even include males who would wear (for example) a floral skirt or any skirt that has elements like ruffles or slits. Now some people would probably ask, "why would a heterosexual male want to wear something very feminine like a girly skirt?" Likewise, someone would ask why a female would want to dress up like a male. This goes back the double standard of fashion freedom.

I kind of lead into a reason why skirts are not as accepted among males- gender roles. Also, it goes back to fashion freedom. A male trying to dress up in a feminine way is often accused of crossdressing. A female trying to dress a lot masculine like is rarely accused or hated for looking boyish. Because of this, it can be damaging for a male to want to be happy wearing feminine type clothing, especially skirts/dresses and any sort of feminine heels. Considering how liberating it can be to wear a skirt or a dress, the fear is that wearing a skirt or a dress will soften a male's man status.

Why Heels for Males?

Males would rather see females in high heels rather than wear them. High heels can possibly help posture with males much like they can with females. The same argument in regards to skirts and dresses for males also can apply to males in high heels. Many others feel high heels for males are exclusively for male-to-female crossdressers or drag queens rather than the average male. One time, I saw pictures of Cuban heel shoes worn by males. I grant you these were not overly feminine heels, but they are some decent-height heels that were stylish for males to wear as they probably are for females. Footwear with feminine style heels can help elevate and enhance the beauty of items like skirts and dresses.

I think these are good arguments for both items. What say you?

Skirts and Heels for Males: Video Insight

I found a couple of videos offering some unique perspective in regards to skirts and heels. So check these out to see how males would feel trying to wear either or both of the aforementioned items in this blog post.

Skirts and Heels for Males: Skirt Insight.

If you want a little insight on males trying skirts, I have found this video for you:

^ "Men Wear Skirts for a Week"

Skirts and Heels for Males: Heels Insight.

Now for guys in heels. Can these males handle a sassy pair of feminine shoes? Find out:

^ "Guys Wear Heels For the First Time"

So now you know about these items and males in them. Now what about options for such stylish males? Please read the next section.

Skirts and Heels for Males: Options?

If one wants to try out wearing skirts or feminine heels, you can't immediately go towards the sexiest skirts and dresses paired with some foxy feminine heels. Also, you can be sure that you will probably look all kinds of awkward as a male trying to wear some feminine pieces. You will surely need to take baby steps.

For Starters...

While not proper skirts, a skort is a good start for wanting to wear skirts. The biggest positive to skorts is that you remain covered while still enjoying the appeal of wearing a skirt. Since a lot of skorts can be scandalously short, there is quite a bit of sex appeal showing off lots of leg. Of course, you're covered. Skorts are not just for active-type fashions. Skorts are often times common skirts to wear for active functions. They are even common as school uniform outfits for those who want skirt looks while still being covered. So don't be ashamed to wear a skort.

If you prefer dresses, try rompers/playsuits; and no, I am NOT talking about those "RompHim" rompers. Some rompers can appear as very sexy mini dresses. Fashionistas may often times wear feminine dresses as well as rompers. So you can go with rompers or try some more proper dresses. And as always- you're covered!

Should you not be as confident with feminine skirts, there are always kilts.

Now onto the feminine heels. High heels are obviously the omega for any fashionable type, but feminine heels can also pertain to low heels and even kitten heels. It is perhaps best to start with some relatively low wedge heels. Wedges are often seen as comfortable while also being very feminine. Don't graduate to the high heels until you're fairly confident sporting a pair of basic feminine heels first and foremost.

Do you prefer tights or hosiery? It is very okay to go with tights if it is too cold or if you are not confident enough baring your legs. Some who are already confident enough going bare legs and bare feet wear tights anyways. However, if you are not confident at all, go with tights. Alternatively, leggings will serve you well.

I kind of led up to it, but...

The Next Level...

So you managed to find a skirt (or dress) and some feminine heels to wear? What's next?

I think the safest skirts or dresses you can wear would be maxi skirts and maxi dresses. These can be very feminine and safe if you do not wish to show off legs. You could try midi skirts and midi dresses if you want something a bit more feminine while also showing your legs (but not a lot of leg) and feet. If you are feeling foxy, by all means, go for skirts and dresses above the knees. Even dare mini skirts and mini dresses! It is more comfortable to go with loose and flared skirts and dresses. But if you're feeling hot, go with more form-fitting skirts and dresses (such as pencil skirts and bodycon dresses).

Try some higher heel feminine footwear if you feel ready to try heels. Heel type doesn't really matter. There are equally lovely high heel shoes ranging from stiletto heels to various wedge heels. Your footwear choices for feminine heels will vary. Go with a sweet pair of pumps if you wish. Try a handful of feminine high-heel sandals also. You can also go with feminine boots or booties. Surely go with tall boots if it's cool or cold. If stiletto or spike heels are too much, there are feminine block heels you can go with. If you are thinking of more spicy footwear, go with some peep-toe feminine shoes or some slingback feminine shoes. Your feminine footwear choices all depends on your sense of style.

Before I delve into Final Thoughts, there are a few considerations to note.

Skirts and Heels for Males: Special Considerations

Here are a few considerations for skirts/dresses and heels.

• One thing to keep in mind in regards to skirts and dresses is to consider the form and fit of the skirt. Be sure to go with skirts/dresses that suit your style and that you are most comfortable wearing. Don't try anything too feminine for you or that you are not confident enough to wear.

• You may even want to consider certain underwear to feel more comfortable wearing such skirts/dresses. Remember- wearing skirts and dresses offer those potential of those discomforting peek-up-skirt moments. You do still want to go with more comfy underwear even while sporting the most feminine of skirts and/or dresses. So look at maybe some briefs rather than boxers (unless you are a male who doesn't wear boxers).

• What about some heel considerations? Some of us males have some fairly large feet, so they may not be able to properly fit into some feminine shoes. A rule of thumb most make is to go two women's sizes up (at least with US footwear sizes). The best thing you can do footwear-wise is to experiment with different feminine footwear sizes to find out what you could most comfortably fit in. If you can't find proper footwear in a women's size that you can fit in, you may need to find certain shoes online that may more properly suit your feet.

I will now try to end this one properly.

Skirts/Dresses and Heels for Males: Final Thoughts

Many people, even males, will think skirts/dresses and feminine heels are taboo for males. But for those who want to be fashionable, skirts and heels can offer more fashion choices for males. Skirts and heels can be made to be stylish for males as much as they have been feminine fashion staples. Thanks to social norms, gender roles, and overall general opinions in regards to skirts and heels for males; such fashion items will never become a reality for males unless someone can truly convince males to wear such fashion items. This is even though males have worn skirts and heels for MUCH longer before females have them as feminine staples.

Skirts and dresses can be liberating to wear. If a male wants to wear these items, he should be able to properly wear them with no fear of being seen as a crossdresser or being downgraded as a male. Even some basic skirts and dresses will suffice for males wanting to try wearing skirts or dresses. A basic jean skirt (or maybe some denim dresses) can be a start for males to wear skirts or dresses. Even still, skorts should not be overruled for the skirt appeal.

Feminine heels for males can be equally tough to convince. Those who want to try proper feminine heels will need to find some proper-fitting footwear for such male feet. Males don't need to try to be as sassy as their feminine counterparts with heels. Simple, yet feminine heels can be just as chic for males as even the hottest feminine heels. Even if males want to go with slingback or peep-toe footwear, they should be able to go with those sassy shoes as part of their wardrobe.

Skirts/Dresses and feminine heels will never become a fashion reality and an acceptable reality as long as society can accept such males wearing such fashions. Fashion credits those who want to dress however they please regardless of social thoughts. For any male looking for fashion items to choose from, skirts/dresses and feminine heels should not be overlooked if such items interest such males. Just because males made skirts and heels fashionable long before both became feminine staples doesn't mean they can still be worn even today. Even if for the purpose of offering more options for the fashionable male, skirts/dresses and feminine heels can't hurt. Designers even will need to accommodate such items to suit males in addition to the fashionable female. Either way, it would be refreshing to see many more fashion options offered for males as well as being accepted to wear such items.

Well, thank you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM!" Care to discuss this topic?

It will be tough for skirts/dresses and feminine heels to be acceptable reality for male fashion, but SHOULD they be? What can be done to make such items acceptable for males to wear?

If you enjoyed my post, please share it with others. Get social with me across my various social media profiles to further connect with my work. Subscribe/Follow in any capacity if you enjoy my blogs. Your support means a lot to me, so please support me any way you can! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Beautiful Males

John Marine | 10:51 PM | | | | Be the first to comment!

The following topic may not be suitable for all audiences. Due to the subject matter of this topic, viewer discretion is advised. Parents of younger children will need to restrict or limit younger viewers from viewing this material. Otherwise, you are reading this material at your own risk.

To some, males aren't supposed to be feminine beautiful. Males somehow shouldn't have visual features that entice and arouse like a female would. Males shouldn't even be cuter than most females to some! Despite this, it's reality. There are some males who boast beauty features that make them as enticing as most beauty queens and female muses. So for this blog post, I will focus in on males who test the waters of pretty and beautiful.

Beautiful Males

So males can't be beautiful? Males can't have feminine-type beauty? The beauty of male androgyny can be seen with models such as this one:

beautiful male models
^ from: (Pinterest) - This is Ukranian-born Israeli model Stav Strashko, who since has transitioned to a female since circa 2016.

Here is what mainstream society will think:

In society, we have gender roles and gender norms. Most males are supposed to be hunky, muscular, and truly handsome. Most members of society would cringe on the notion of a male having feminine-type beauty or even in wearing feminine-type garments. In addition, some would accuse such males of being crossdressers. I have seen a number of models ranging from males to females. I have seen a number of the cutest females to some of the most dashing males. Not many can appreciate beauty in all things- even including males who are every bit as charming as females.

I am primarily a heterosexual male. Having said this, I have seen males who have feminine lovely bodies. These males range from males with feminine style curves to even those with fine backsides. Some males I've seen were even scantily clad. I even have gone as far as seeing certain male bodies in the buff. Beauty is beauty in many different forms. It isn't always the sexiest ladies who have the most lustful bodies. Some males show they can be just as appealing and attractive as any female. And there really is no shame in being attracted to a male who can look as hot as any seductive lady. It just means you appreciate beauty in a number of forms among a number of people. More often than not, there is that feeling of a guy looking at a hot male and thinking "you were looking at a dude's butt." It is as if to say you are a disgrace to manhood just because you are a male who lusted over the body of a seductive male. Only a certain few can love to appreciate beauty in many different forms. You are not automatically gay just because you are a male who fancies the body of another male no matter how sexy he may be.

Some males who dare test the feminine waters sometimes look great. One of those males is Sinon Jaro Loresca. This athletic build Filipino male model famously wore high heels as well as pretty dresses especially as Miss Philippines won Miss Universe back in 2017. Even speaking as a mostly heterosexual male, I must say that the rather muscular Sinon Loresca can look as hot as even some athletic women. Check out this video to gain some insight:

^ Pagrampa ni Sinon Loresca AKA Rogelia, patok online

Other males have shown to be fabulous looking in feminine clothing and modeling feminine. YouTube superstar GREGORYGorgeous was fabulously feminine before becoming GiGiGorgeous. Andrej Pejic was one of the very best at modeling masculine and feminine before becoming Andreja Pejic. Irish model Ivan Fahy nicely models feminine.

With this video, the model is more shocking than the car:

Stav Strashko para Toyota

So this proves that male models can be just as hot and as lustful as most female models.

They WOULD Say, I Say...

So what are thoughts concerning certain males who look and/or dress in feminine ways? Well, I have come up with a few quotes I think people would say in regards to males looking or dressing in feminine ways. I also will respond in a number of ways.

"Males are not supposed to look lovelier than most females."

You may have heard of the saying that everything in life has beauty, only so few realize it. Well, most people will cringe or feel disgusted if they see what looks like a sexy and attractive female... only to find out that lovely female is actually a male. The simple fact is that some males can actaully have bodies and features as lustful as even the sexiest women. Some males even have feminine bodies which make them just as appealing as (or sometimes more) than most genetic females.

"You're a male. Stop wearing feminine clothing."

I always say the biggest double standard in fashion is that females can get away with looking masculine; but if a male dresses feminine, he is accused of crossdressing. Almost as if to say a male dressing and/or acting feminine is taboo. Fashion allows us to express ourselves any way we choose. Us males don't have to exclusively wear masculine clothing. On top of that, I dislike a lot of the terms used for feminine fashions made for males. For example, "manskirt," "mandals," "RompHim" (the item used to get men to wear rompers), and that sort of thing.

What say you on talking points like this?

What If You are a "Beautiful Male?"

What if you are one of my male readers and you like dressing and acting feminine? That is all perfectly fine. It means you are defiant of social norms and choose to live the way you want to live regardless of what others may think. You show that even males can look as fabulous as almost any fashionable female. You should feel as confident showcasing yourself ranging from being in the hottest of-the-moment fashions, to being scantily clad, to even being in the buff. No matter what, you have the confidence and charm almost any model needs to be celebrated.

Beautiful Males: Final Thoughts

Despite social norms and gender roles, males who exhibit looks and cues as enticing as females should be celebrated and honored as any female model. Most males would cringe at the notion of seeing a male being as beautiful as a female model, but such male models have the confidence and charm to pull these looks off. This is entirely a discomforting concept in the eyes of most people. However, some of these "beautiful males" are as charming as even the cutest/sexiest of female models. So hand them some respect even if you disagree with such males being so pretty in looks. Beauty is in all things- even including males with feminine-like beauty and charm.

This post is over.

How do you feel about males who exhibit feminine-like beauty and charm in their modeling and/or their fashion?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Jesus Sandals

John Marine | 11:46 PM | | Be the first to comment!
Jesus sandals, also called "jandals," are usually two-strap sandals usually worn for the comfort/errand set. They are as casual as your basic flip-flop/thong sandals, though, these are not as lazy. They are also unisex sandals. So you will see females and males wear these sandals with their outfits. This blog post is all about these rather popular Jesus sandals (or "Jandals").

Here are the kinds of sandals I will be discussing in this blog post:

Jesus Sandals jandals
^ from: - Y'all need Jesus [sandals]! These are among some of the most common lazy-type fashion footwear.

Jesus Sandals.

Why the "Jesus" namesake? Well as you might imagine, they are named after sandals Jesus would wear. They have that kind of personality like another type of sandal- the gladiator sandals. The most common color for these sandals is some sort of medium brown. You may, though, see these Jesus sandals in black. Hardly will you see them in any color other than brown or black.

My Thoughts on Jesus Sandals.

I actually rather like these sandals. I like these two-strap sandals much more than say... Birkenstock-style sandals. Absolutely avoid trying to pair these with your cutest or most stylish outfits. Reserve them for your errand-running outfits or something after some kind of exercise or active functions. So go with these sandals to go with some casual shorts outfit or some casual jeans outfit. They are good for the active set with active shorts or active leggings. I don't really see these as sandals to compliment something like skirts or dresses. On the masculine fashion side, they are fairly good for shorts and jeans/pants outfits.

So if you ask me, these Jesus sandals are quite alright. I'm not excited about them in the least sense, but at least they are better than Birkenstock sandals or most slide sandals.

This post is over. Now it's time for you to sound off:

What do you think about Jesus Sandals (or "Jandals")?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Peep-Toe Boots Showcase

John Marine | 8:01 PM | | | Be the first to comment!
There was a time where I hated peep-toe boots. Over time, I grew to like them, but not hate them as much as I did previously. Many a fashionista especially wear peep-toe booties. I am showcasing various boots with peep-toe or open-toe designs. In case you are new to my fashion/beauty blog, I sometimes round up a collection of blog posts under a specific category. That is the premise of my "Showcase" blog posts. And so here, you will be seeing various peep-toe boots ranging from booties to taller boots. So let's start a new blog post on here!

Peep-Toe Boots at a Glance

This is a look at what I will be discussing here...

peep-toe boots or booties
^ from: - Peep-toe boots offer open-air comfort for feet along with the sleek shaft of boots.

To me, I hated peep-toe boots of many kinds because I thought it was silly to have boots that try to offer sandal-like open air comfort. Boots are about warmth and keeping feet and lower legs projected from unbearable walking conditions. Therefore, I thought it was stupid to try to make peep-toe boots any capacity of stylish. This was even back in a time where I detested fashionistas wearing boots tucked into jeans or pants when it isn't all that cold or unbearable to walk in.

Over time, I began to better appreciate peep-toe boots. I don't think they are beautiful in any sense, but I have grown to a lot less hateful of them. The original premise behind this blog post was about peep-toe booties. However, I broadened the scope to include perhaps boots with taller shafts with peep-toe designs. I know there are going to be fashionable types looking for some design inspiration or some ideas on how to style such shoes. To that end, I figure I give those who love peep-toe boots a chance to enjoy these boots all the further by providing this Showcase post.

I guess what makes peep-toe boots so popular is the sleek appeal of boots coupled with the open-air comfort of sandals. I do not find many of peep-toe boots to be completely stylish, but their appeal is understandable. I'd rather a pair of peep-toe pumps or some chic sandals if you want the open-air feet and toes comfort. I would only recommend peep-toe boots if they were more of the cut out variety rather than some kind of proper boots.

Now you have my thoughts on peep-toe boots. Now let's get you some blogging inspiration.

Peep-Toe Boots Showcase

When it comes to bloggers who wear peep-toe boots, one of the first ones to come to mind for me is Cassandra of "Style Cassentials." A pair of peep-toe boots usually compliments a lot of her outfits. So I will start with her. Otherwise, these posts are not exactly in any specific order. You are free to look at how other fashionistas wear peep-toe boots. You are also free to follow other bloggers that I follow if you enjoy their work. I don't just do this to randomly feature fashion blogs. I do this to try to connect others to an entire world of fashionable types.

Criteria for Inclusion

Here are the requirements for me posting certain fashion bloggers:

• any boots with peep-toes (short and tall boots)
• peep-toe boots worn by the blogger (no inspiration posts or posts of others wearing peep-toe boots)

The peep-toe boots are the stars. So let's get started!

Peep-Toe Boots Around the Blogosphere.

Since I've seen quite a few peep-toe boots of various lengths and styles, I can find a lot of different outfits. Here are some of many of these peep-toe boots. Some bloggers may appear more than once to feature different styles.

"Wild Card Wednesday: Slip Dresses and Sheer Tops" (Style Cassentials) « a slip dress worn over a sheer dark floral blouse, and paired with peep-toe booties.
"Wild Card Wednesday: New Year Ruffles" (Style Cassentials) « rugged peep-toe boots to compliment a stylish dress.
"Casual Style + Buttery Soft Sandals + Blush Satchel" (Stylish Petite) « cut out style peep-toe booties complimenting a casual jeans outfit.
"How to Conceal Belly Pooch With High Waisted Denim" (Stylish Petite) « peep-toe booties to compliment a jeans outfit.
"The Sexiest Lace Up Boots You'll Ever See" (Sensible Stylista) « over-knee, lace-up, peep-toe boots.
"Pink Floral + Cutout Ankle Boots" (cute and little) « cut out, peep-toe booties paired with a dress.
"Fall Floral Dress and Booties" (Champagne and Chanel) « slouchy peep-toe booties.
"How to Style All White For Fall" (Champagne and Chanel) « cut out peep-toe booties.
"" (Mumu and Macaroons) «
"First Day of November - Lace Bell Sleeve Top" (Dawn P. Darnell) « slouchy peep-toe booties with a cute skirt outfit.
"NSale Try On" (Mumu and Macaroons) « multiple outfits paired with peep-toe booties.
"Velvet Booties" (She Said He Said) « velvet, cutout, lace-up booties.
"Polka Dot Dress" (Joiny&Croisanty) « a blue polka dot dress with peep-toe booties.
"Red romper" (Joiny&Croisanty) « a romper paired with the same peep-toe booties from the previous example.
"TWO SIDES OF THE DRESS" (AIBINA'S BLOG) « sequin peep-toe booties with a black outfit.
"Casual :: Lace-up booties and Draped Blouse" (Wendy's Lookbook) « peep-toe lace-up booties.
"Autumn Rose :: draped blazer and burgundy booties" (Wendy's Lookbook) « burgundy peep-toe booties.
"Velvet Crush :: Velvet lace and Bordeaux velvet booties" (Wendy's Lookbook) « velvet lace-up peep-toe booties with a chic skirt outfit.
"PEEP TOE BOOTIES PART TWO" (Shall We Sasa) « a cropped top and skirt outfit with peep-toe booties.
"PEEP TOE WEDGE BOOTIES" (Shall We Sasa) « wedge peep-toe booties.
"Comfy Chic with PinkBlush Part 2" (Color and Grace) « one set of pictures with peep-toe booties.

I probably could go on forever with different posts, but I'll stop here. Contact me if you have a relevant outfit that would fit into my Showcase blog posts.

So that's it. I hope you enjoyed this Showcase post on peep-toe booties. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wrap Espadrilles

John Marine | 4:14 PM | | Be the first to comment!
When it comes to warm weather wear, espadrilles can be cool. Wrap espadrilles can be beautiful. Open air comfort complimented by elegant wraps can make wrap espadrilles lovely shoes to wear. I will discuss wrap espadrilles ad nauseam for this blog post. Maybe you will agree with me or disagree with me on wrap espadrilles. Either way, I'd like to welcome you to "StyleSpace by JBM!"

Wrap Espadrilles

Let me feature a pair of wrap espadrilles to show you what exactly I am talking about...

wrap espadrille
^ from: - Enjoy the easy, breezy style of espadrilles. Wrap espadrilles have some extra feminine style.

Casually chic are wrap espadrilles. Wrap espadrilles can be beautiful daytime style shoes to wear. Maybe not beautiful as in chic and luxe, but they very much can be lovely to wear. They can be flat or have a wedge heel. Espadrilles of all kinds were meant to be comfortable to wear for almost any kind of daytime outfit. There is still something to be enjoyed with wrap espadrilles. And so for this post, I will be discussing wrap espadrilles and what makes them so charming to fashionistas.

A touch of feminine style is in wraps. To that end, there is no denying the charm of wrap espadrilles. Espadrilles already feature loads of comfort whether flat or wedge. There are even platform espadrilles of the flatform and platform variety. I usually like a lot of closed-toe espadrilles. However, there are some peep-toe espadrilles that are often pretty popular.

Because I adore wedges a lot often times, my dream sort of wrap espadrille outfit would have to be some mid-length dress or long-length dress paired with some wedge wrap espadrilles. I am not thinking of a dress more towards day-to-night versatile, but a casually cool daytime dress. I tend to think a striped dress or a striped skirt goes very well with wrap espadrilles. It offers a fine compliment to a mostly casual type outfit. The look and feel is all about easy comfort on warm or hot days.

Wrap Espadrilles: Final Thoughts

Wrap espadrilles are very casual shoes, yet very chic as well. They offer the feminine charm of a wrap shoe while not being overly elegant or chic. These are great shoes to consider wearing for your finest daytime skirt and dress outfits. They offer the kind of style that doesn't overdo chic style or try to be more suited for black tie or formal occasions. So feel free to add these stylish shoes to your shoe collection and style them as best as you can!

That's the end of this post. Care to discuss? Try this:

What do you think about wrap espadrilles? How would you style them?

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Legs Showcase

John Marine | 3:07 PM | | Be the first to comment!
She got legs! Fashionable types with lovely legs are featured in this blog post, as I recognize certain fashionable types whom I think have great legs. This will be an opportunity to show off certain individuals with great legs (and even feet) and picking certain blog posts of such stylish individuals. Perhaps if any featured individuals are reading this and see their names mentioned, you're welcome! :)

Legs Showcase: Introduction and Criteria

I'm sure fashionable types wouldn't mind if I compliment these individuals for their legs. :) What you will see are different individuals featured followed by a sample blog post showcasing their looks. The bloggers featured are not listed in any particular order.

Criteria for Inclusion
I don't just include any hot set of legs. I have certain criteria for which outfits I include. So take a look before understanding which ones I listed.

My only preference is that I find blog posts that do not feature leggings, tights, stockings, or socks (even ankle-length socks). So some posts I had to disqualify in representing the leggy nature of these fashionable folks. I am not suggesting that tights or stockings ruin the beauty of legs, but I just prefer showcasing not just the shape of legs, but the raw beauty of such legs. So any tights, leggings, or stockings posts are disqualified in me showcasing legs here.

Obviously... any long shorts, long jeans, or long pants are obviously disqualified. Long dress and long skirt outfits without high slits also are disqualified.

It also doesn't do much justice with featuring tall boots. The only real acceptable footwear to feature (if wearing any footwear) are the following: sneakers, flats, pumps, sandals, or booties.

So basically, show off your legs stylishly, look good doing it, and boom- you're in this post!

Legs Showcase

It was tough for me to try to pick out certain individuals to feature and try to find decent posts to share their great looks. After a lot of work, I tried to pick out some of the best posts, even if they are old ones.

NOTE: Some of the ones I mention here may be mentioned in the future in individual blog posts about them in the future.

Legs Showcase: Mumu and Macaroons.

Meet Katy Griffith of "Mumu and Macaroons." She is a South Carolina girl who expresses her style across a number of different outfits. Her toned legs adds to the appeal of her leg-bearing outfits along with her choice of various sandals.

SAMPLE POST: Floral Red Romper from My Collection (Mumu and Macaroons)

Legs Showcase: Hapa Time.

The first leggy lovely I want to showcase is Jessica of "Hapa Time." When wearing some leg-bearing outfits, I think Jessica has some sweet legs showing off. They make her already lovely looks even more so. She is still honestly one of the most beautiful fashion bloggers online today. I can almost literally choose any post to show off her hot legs. That would be unrealistic, so let me pick just one to give you a general idea of her hotness...

SAMPLE POST: Spring Style in Charleston (Hapa Time)

Legs Showcase: Song of Style.

Another individual who I always thought had lovely legs is Aimee (pronounced "Aw-meeh") Song. Aimee's blog, "Song of Style," showcases her various fashion insights as well as certain chronicles of her life. Here is a post I selected to represent this beauty:


Lega Showcase: Stylish Petite.

Usually, petites are not known to have lovely legs or long legs. Being vertically challenged doesn't allow you to have lustful bodies like most average-height females. If there was one exception (at least among those who are 5'5" or shorter), I would nominate Annie of "Stylish Petite." She wears a lot of skirt and dress outfits. So to that end, it means showing off your legs quite often. May I interest you in the style of this beautiful woman?

SAMPLE POST: Kate Spade New York Make it Mine Collection (Stylish Petite)

Legs Showcase: Bisous Natasha.

Here now is Natasha of "Bisous Natasha." I came across the British beauty of Zimbabwean descent years ago for some rather cool festival-type outfits. Natasha is quite hot. Here is one post showing her legs:

SAMPLE POST: Summer in Regents Park (Bisous Natasha)

Legs Showcase:'s Blog

When I first learned of this blog, it was from seeing a bunch of mostly lingerie images from a very bold fashionable Spanish person. This blog called "'s Blog" is a mix of fashion posts, but really features more of travel than fashion. It still remains a solid blog no matter what is featured here. Usually, this individual's posts feature wearing short dresses, short skirts, short-shorts, skorts, and sometimes rompers. Some of these outfits are made better with pretty hot pairs of shoes. Since this person consistently has great leggy pictures, I could choose almost any post to represent this person. However, that would be unfair. I can only choose one post out of many solid candidates. So here is a post I selected for you to get a chance to check out these fine pictures of this fashion star:

SAMPLE POST: Photo Session 19 ('s Blog)

Legs Showcase: Natassia's place for fashion, high heels and geekiness

I try to find beauty in everything, so do not cringe or feel bad that I am going to mention a crossdresser. Lovely legs are lovely legs. That's the point of this blog post. Anyhow, this is the blog of Dutch crossdresser Natassia Crystal. Natassia usually wears short dresses and short skirts quite often. As the name of her blog implies, she commonly wears high heels. These usually include high-heel pumps, peep-toe pumps, high-heel boots, and even some high-heel sandals. All the while, she showcases her amazing legs while also sporting some high heels. Her sort of athletic build leads to some hot-looking outfits.

SAMPLE POST: "Stripey stuff, short skirts and sandals.. and fast food" (Natassia's place for fashion, high heels and geekiness)

Legs Showcase: Wear and Travel With Anna.

Up next is Ania from Poland. This Polish princess usually is pretty cute with fashion, but she also sports a sweet pair of legs. Her outfits can range from cute to flirty. Often times, chic to casual. Let me choose this post to represent Ania's loveliness of her legs...

SAMPLE POST: "ZOO" (Wear and Travel With Anna)

Legs Showcase: Ari-Mar.

Polish fashion blogger Ariadna Majewska is one of the most seductive and most romantic fashion bloggers you will ever come across. She expresses her beauty in romantic, feminine ways ranging from swimsuits to any number of chic and flirty outfits. She can also make almost anything look hot. Ariadna is easily and consistently one of the most attractive fashionistas online. I honestly could pick almost any post of hers; but of course, that would be unfair to other personalities I feature. Don't take my word for it, though. See for yourself with this sample post:

SAMPLE POST: "Mala czarna z dekoltem, cieliste rajstopy i lakierowane szpilki" (Ari-Maj / Personal blog by Ariadna Majewska)

(AUTHOR'S NOTE) It was hard to choose from for this personality since some of the hot candidates I considered featured tights. I ended up eventually choosing one non-tights outfit. It was a VERY difficult task to pick one post to serve as a sample of her lovely legs with the criteria I selected.

Legs Showcase: Glam Fab Happy.

I do think she has pretty feet from usually wearing sandals and peep-toe shoes, but Jelena of "Glam Fab Happy" does have some quite nice legs. I'll prove it by showing you this post from this stylish Serbian:

SAMPLE POST: "Santorini Outfit: Squared Print" (Glam Fab Happy)

Legs Showcase: Unconventiaonal Secrets.

Now comes an Italian fashionista named Manuela, better known as "Manuelita." Manuela is a gorgeous lady. Despite being a good bit petite, she delivers big time beauty. She showcases her outfits usually with some chic offerings and even swimsuits and lingerie. Here is a look at Manuelita and her fine legs:

SAMPLE POST: "In Bianco and Nero (Unconventional Secrets)

Legs Showcase: Aibina's Blog.

Aibina was the first Kazakh fashion personality I came across and liked. I always thought Aibina's finest asset were her legs. That holds true when showing leg. In addition, I also think she has cute feet also. Here is a post of this beauty from Kazakhstan showing some fine legs:

SAMPLE POST: In the Night (Aibina's Blog)

Legs Showcase: Sasa Zoe.

Sasa Zoe wears a lot of different skirt and dress outfits. And in so, the Chinese fashion blogger showcases her legs a lot. Here is a look at this stylish lady. Shall we Sasa?


There were honestly a few I couldn't get in for this post mostly because they don't have a site or a blog, or I couldn't find any decent pictures to showcase their leggy nature. So here are some Honorable Mentions:

Legs Showcase: Honorable Mention(s).

• Kimi, of BLACKRUSH
• Alicia, of Alicia Wills Pettit
• Camille, of Camille Tries to Blog

If I come across some more leggy personalities, I may feature them in edits to this post. Or do you think you are blessed with lovely legs? Contact me if so! You may get featured here!

I hope you were able to enjoy this blog post and its content. I do what I can to entertain, educate, insight, and/or inspire. I hope you can appreciate my efforts. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Ombré Hair

John Marine | 9:03 PM | | | | Be the first to comment!
Why have only one color of hair? Ever tried ombré hair? Ombré is for more than just clothes. If you are blonde, you may elect to have blue or pink ombre tips for a unique hairstyle. Even if you wear wigs, you can enjoy ombré hair. Regardless, this is a post regarding ombré hair. Are you ready for another cool topic on "StyleSpace by JBM?" Welcome to my non-traditional fashion/beauty blog!

NOTE: I am not any beauty expert, so I will not be sharing beauty tips on how to go with this styling of hair. I may provide extra resources in case this topic interests you greatly.

Ombré Hair

Let me provide an example picture to set the mood for this blog post. Here you go (picture will be changed if I can not use it for legality reasons):

ombre or ombré hair
^ from: (Cosmopolitan) - Ombré can add colorful personality to anything- including your hair!

And here is some inspiration for ombré hair with some brunettes getting the ombré treatment:

^ Ombre Hair Color for Brunettes Tutorials Best Hair Transformations

Being brunette, redhead, or blonde is perfectly fine. However, why not mix up your hair color a bit with... colors? Hair can be given a unique touch by simply adding some extra color to it. You could have long blonde hair and color the ends of it with light blue or light pink. While it is okay to leave hair as is, if you want to make your own statement, you are best served to try to go with some unique color combinations of your original hair and some kind of colorful accents.

In case you are not familiar with ombré, it is a stylish way to add unique colorful highlights to garments. Ombré style involves adding dyed style to any garment. For example, a basic white dress may have a pink color gradient to it and have this dyed look to it. Ombré is all about color diversion to make garments more exciting. While ombré is usually popular with garments, we are discussing bring ombré style to your hair.

So how can you go with ombré hair? Well, here are a few text examples. You can have dark brown or black hair but have purple or lilac colored accents to the bottom of your hair. You can have long blonde hair and decide to dye the lower portions of your hair with orange or some shade of pink. All you are doing is adding a different color to your hair to make it stand out a bit more.

If you wear wigs or have some artificial hair (such as weaves or hair extensions), you too can even go ombré with your hair! You can have as much fun with ombré style. In fact, a loyal reader who discusses ombré for wigs inspired me to post about ombré hair. I want to make mention to this resource as a way of saying thanks. Here is a quick resource I want to share with you if you are interested in ombré hair- even for wigs: Your Complete Ombre Hair Guide: 53 Facts and Ideas for 2018 (The Wig Mall). If you don't want to visit this link, it will be posted again towards the end of this post.

Ombré Hair: How to Get Started?

If you want to go ombré with your hair, you can pick up some hair products that allow you to color your hair. You could even go with some hair chalk... though things can be quite messy if you are not careful. Then too, you don't want to take any chances going with something like different hair products. So you want to be careful and maybe let professionals handle your hair rather than try to do any of this yourself.

Now for a few final thoughts of mine on ombré hair. Read on, enthused ones...

Ombré Hair: Final Thoughts

I don't think anyone can go wrong with ombré hair. Not all color combinations work, but you can surely experiment with any variety of color or colors to formulate your ombré hairstyle. Fashion is all about experimentation; ombré hair is no different. I've seen black or dark brown hair given blonde ombré treatment. I've seen a redhead style have pastel blue hair ends. You can try whatever combination of color or colors to your hair for your own unique hair color touch.

Resources/Other Reading.

Here are a number of resources for you all on ombré hair:

17 dreamy ombre hair colours that you'll want to show your stylist (Cosmopolitan)
17 Ombré Hair Colors We're Obsessed With (Allure)
Ombre Hair: 5 Reasons To Try It (Luxy Hair)
How to Get Gorgeous Ombré Hair (Real Simple)
Ombré Hair with flow strands, easy and gentle to hair (Great Lengths)

And last but not least, one last salute to the individual who pitched this topic idea to me: Your Complete Ombre Hair Guide: 53 Facts and Ideas for 2018 (The Wig Mall).

I may edit this post to include more material if I find any extra material that may benefit you all. Be sure to stay with this blog for any other material I may add.

Please remember- if you have an idea you'd like to pitch to me for any of my blog(s), be sure to contact me. I may be able to put together a post you will probably like. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Indian Fashion

John Marine | 4:29 PM | Be the first to comment!
(UPDATED: August 15, 2018)

Namaste! This post is on #India and Indian fashion. For some time, I have encountered a number of fashion and beauty bloggers from India. I want this post to showcase India in fashion. It is also kind of a salute post of India and Indian fashion. So I hope I get to show India some love on the fashion front.

August 15 is Independence Day in India, so happy Independence Day to India!


AUG 15 2018 - August 15 is Indepdendence Day in India. Changes made.

Indian Fashion

To most people, most immedialtely think of Mumbai as the epicenter of Indian fashion and media; and you would be right. There is plenty to enjoy about "Bollywood" and all of the different media that eminates from Mumbai. India does have its own fashion style just like any other. When it comes to more folk fashions, I have liked the interesting ethnic patterns and colors that comprise various outfits in Indian folk fashion. Other Indian fashion bloggers have sort of introduced me to other folk outfit pieces in India, but I most adore the sari/saree among feminine Indian fashion.

In seeing the world of fashion, I have been pleased to come across a number of different fashion bloggers and fashion personalities. They represent as much the fabric of fashion as anything else out there.

Indian Fashion Bloggers

If you never heard of any of the fashion bloggers I will make mention to, then you are in for a treat. Here, I will mention a number of different fashion bloggers from India and/or of Indian descent. Click on the headings to visit each blog. The blogs featured will be followed by an introduction. Some of these blogs may have not been updated in a long while. I am mentioning them mostly to show respect for various Indian fashion bloggers I've encountered and liked over my time on the blogging circuit.

Indian Bloggers: My Sugarless Style.

One of the first Indian fashion bloggers I encountered was a blogger named Shruti. She kind of opened the door for me to learn of other different Indian fashion bloggers. So I am pleased to mention Shruti first among various Indian fashion bloggers I've encountered.

Indian Bloggers: My Unfinished Life.

From Shruti, I later encountered Sushmita. Her blog is called "My Unfinished Life." Most of her blog is more travel-related. However, she can put together a few good mean outfits. Sushmita is very cool!

Indian Bloggers: Style Prism.

The adorable Anupriya of "Style Prism" showcases her style nicely in her various blog posts. I once knew her blog as "Stilltoes and Chappals" long before the current name of "Style Prism." Regardless, Anupriya is a sweet-smiling and usually jovial fashion personality. There is no mistaking the lovely style she brings to her posts.

Indian Bloggers: Bong's Balleza.

Ayantika is another fine Indian fashion blogger. I sort of encountered her as I saw most of Anupriya's blogging work. I have respect for her charming looks and her charming fashion style.

Indian Bloggers: The Girl at First Avenue.

Chandana Munipalle runs "The Girl at First Avenue." None of her style is over the top or fancy, but she does provide a great array of regular and folk outfits.

Indian Bloggers: Chamber of Beauty.

If there is one blogger from India who I have the most respect for, it's Rakhshanda of "Chamber of Beauty." While Chamber of Beauty is mostly a beauty-type blog, Rakhshanda does showcase her own personal fashion style. She does so with a combination of regular outfits and even folk outfits. I have followed her work for years on the blogging circuit. Rakhshanda sometimes even took her sense of style to videos online. Needless to say, Rakhshanda has been one of my best blogging friends, and I couldn't be any more pleased being a fan of her and her work.

Indian Bloggers: Stylish By Nature

Stylish By Nature (or SBN) is run by two individuals. One of them is Shalini. Stylish by Nature is more a general digest blog of fashion style in India. It features both fashion and beauty insights along with many other different influences.

Indian Bloggers: "The Celfie Princess."

One of the prettiest fashion bloggers anywhere (let alone India) is the adorable Nivrity Das, who calls herself "The Celfie Princess." The sweet-faced Nivrity showcases her style across a number of different regular and folk outfits.

Indian Bloggers: Cuppajyo

This is the fashion blog of Jyotsna Shankar. Let Jyotsna show you her fashion style as well as her different travel insights.

Indian Bloggers: A Curious Fancy.

Ragini is a very cute plus size fashion blogger from India. I learned of her through LOOKBOOK. So feel free to take a look at this lady's fashion style by visiting her blog and even her other social media outlets.

Now for a few of Honorable Mention... mostly because I am not sure if they are still mostly active in fashion.

Indian Bloggers: Harija Ravi (Honorable Mention!).

Hariva is from Canada but born in India. Formerly known as "My Lyfe : My Story," this is now a self-titled blog showcasing the style of Harija.

Indian Bloggers: Veil of Illusions (Honorable Mention!).

Years ago, I learned of a fashion blogger named Sonakshi who ran a blog called "Veil of Illusions." Her style was so unique and charming that I became a fan of her work. Sonakshi was more along the lines of more artistic style rather than chasing the latest and greatest trends. She mostly left the blogosphere and in posting outfits. However, I still regard her as one of India's finest fashion personalities. So I wanted to mention her among the huge array of different Indian fashion bloggers.

These are among some of the many different Indian fashion blog personalities I have encountered.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I do all I can to express fashion and beauty in my own unique way for this non-traditional fashion blog. Do not forget to Subscribe/Follow my work if you enjoy it and haven't done either already. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Can Cowboy Boots Be Beautiful?

John Marine | 3:59 PM | | Be the first to comment!
Boots are surely chic, but cowboy boots can be special. Cowboy boots are usually tough and chic. Paired with the right outfits, cowboy boots can even be lovelier than most chic boots. Some even make these boots all-year footwear. Cowboy boots can range from traditional ones to more fashionable offerings. So do you think cowboy boots can be as lovely (or even more so) than a lot of other boots for females?

To get the mood set for this blog post, let's look at a few cowboy boots.

cowboy boots women traditional
^ from: (Academy Sports and Outdoors) - You don't have to just wear cowboy boots on the ranch- you can even take your cowboy boots to pair with any number of outfits.

cowboy boots women fashion
^ from: - I guess of late, I've been fond of fringe cowboy boots and even fringe cowboy booties. You don't need to be a Southerner or a pure country girl to enjoy cowboy boots. Even fashion bloggers I know from Poland and Russia have even wore cowboy boots very well! You also don't have to be Taylor Swift in her early career to wear cowboy boots.

Feminine cowboy boots have a great "look at me" appeal to them. They are big and tough while still remaining stylish for the most part. A sundress paired with cowboy boots can make for a fun fashion statement. You can always go the Bohemian route and go with Bohemian style (I hate using "Boho," by the way) to top off with cowboy boots. Channel your inner Daisy Duke and go with some short shorts along with cowboy boots. If you're REALLY a country girl, you can even get married in cowboy boots! I have seen denim wedding dresses online before paired with cowboy boots.

I talk about how footwear can be the ultimate decider of how certain outfits are structured. And really, I don't find cowboy boots to ruin outfits as I have when I discussed certain sneakers with dresses. I actually found some fashionistas actually look great with cowboy boots. So I don't think (for example) a cocktail dress would be ruined by cowboy boots as opposed to a certain kind of sneakers or those Birkenstock sandals. I wouldn't recommend cowboy boots with a number of outfits, but they don't ruin a number of outfits. If rain boots aren't your thing for festival fashion, surely try some cowboy boots instead. To be honest, I don't think you can ruin an outfit by wearing cowboy boots.

Final Thoughts.

So as you can tell from the previous paragraph, cowboy boots can really be fun for almost any outfit and for almost any occasion. These boots can be as stylish as even the most chic boot offerings. It isn't likely cowboy boots will surpass elegant boot offerings even from high-end designers. However, don't be afraid to try a pair of cowboy boots on. I am not just praising these because I'm from Texas; I am just saying these boots really go with a lot of outfits. You know how I said that sneakers could ruin some dress outfits from my #dressandsneakers series? Well, unless the cowboy boots don't look very good, cowboy boots will not ruin a number of outfits. In fact, I probably would rather cowboy boots for a feminine outfit than a lot of rain boots for outfits, as far as outfits with boots are concerned. Go for a fine pair of traditional style cowboy boots. Or if you're feeling cute, try a pair of cowboy ankle boots. I seem to like fringe cowboy boots on females, since they offer a touch of feminine cuteness while also providing some toughness. So you have some options with cowboy boots.

Cowboy Boot Outfits Around the Blogosphere

Do you love cowboy boots? Care to see fashionistas rock cowboy boots? If you answered "yes" to both, then allow me to show you some examples of cowboy boots being worn. Some bloggers may appear more than once. All links provided are for educational purposes, though you are very encouraged to follow their work. Some blogs may have not been updated in a while. Even still, all links are provided for educational purposes. So enjoy taking a look at these posts...

"LACE DRESS + COWBOY BOOTS // ARIAT BOOTS GIVEAWAY!" (cute and little) « lace dress, denim jean jacket, and cowboy boots.
"My Favorite Cowboy Boots" (Lonestar Southern) « cowboy boots paired with a blouse and a leather skirt.
"LINKUP AND $150 CAVENDERS GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!" (Jersey Girl Texan Heart) « an ethnic-type dress with fringe cowboy boots.
"Prairie Mood" (My Blonde Gal) « a cowboy-inspired outfit with a shirt, jeans, and cowboy-like booties.
"Red Romper Rodeo" (Dwan P. Darnell) « cowboy boots paired with a leather jacket and a romper.
"Southern Sweet" (Want and Wonder) « a lace dress with cowboy boots and a denim jean jacket.

(Honorable Mention!)
"Fringe and Ruffles" (Want and Wonder) « an adorable dress paired with non-traditional cowboy boots.

These are only a few. I tried to find some more, but was unable to. Maybe I'll change that in future edits.

Do you have a cowboy boots outfit you think I will like? If so, feel free to contact me! I may include your outfit in this post or in any of my others.

So what do you think?

Do you think cowboy boots can be beautiful for females?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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