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NOTES: This section features miscellaneous fashion items hand-picked by me that you can shop online for if interested. Your involvement with this section is voluntary, but I would appreciate your business if you shopped in this section. Sold out items will be replaced with new items. For important information regarding all affiliate links in this blog, please visit my Affiliate Notes page. Happy shopping! :)

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Thank you for your interest in "StyleSpace by JBM." I am John B. Marine, a native of Houston, Texas, USA. I have been blogging since about 2005 (give or take). The content that I produce is completely original even if it may seem like something you would find in some form of educational material. That is because I believe in offering content that is professional. I call it being casually professional because I like offering useful content while not being overly serious. I do take myself seriously, though.

About StyleSpace by JBM.

StyleSpace, by John B. Marine (or StyleSpace by JBM) is my non-traditional fashion and beauty blog. It was established on July 7, 2012. What makes this blog "non-traditional" is that there are not things like giveaways, professional fashion advice, or anything of that nature. Most of the topics here are mostly my own thoughts on certain looks and trends. Some topics feature relevant items to posts in case they want to shop for fashion. This blog follows my philosophy of "anything and everything" in regards to fashion. The blog features a variety of topics Even though this blog pertains to various fashion-related topics, the majority of my material mostly concerns feminine fashion. I therefore have a strong feminine audience worldwide who visits my fashion blog. Despite an overwhelming feminine audience, this blog is all about fashion for both males and females.

NOTE: The following are all based on 2016 figures.
StyleSpace by JBM averages about 80-100 visitors daily. This blog monthly gets between 2,800 views to 4,000 views. The average is usually about 3,000 views monthly.


Distribution of my content is done through social media. Posts are fed to my Facebook profile, my Facebook fan page, Twitter, and even Google+. Most of the distribution is done through and NetworkedBlogs. Additionally, visitors are encouraged to follow my blog(s) through Bloglovin'.

Ad Space.

This blog is monetized through Adsense, but I am willing to offer sponsors to occupy the ad space in my "Offers For My Visitors!" section and elsewhere. Sponsors I would be interested in for this blog would be any number of fashion retailers and perhaps some individual designers who find my blog interesting. I want to be able to offer shopping options for visitors should they find anything interesting. Here are the rates I am willing to charge for ad space:

• 125 x 125 ads: I am willing to charge $5 USD per ad. The ad will appear in the sidebar in the "Offers For My Visitors!" section.
• 200 x 250 ads: I am willing to charge $10 USD per ad. The ad will appear in the sidebar in the "Offers For My Visitors!" section.
• 728 x 90 ad: I am willing to charge $20 USD. The ad will appear under the main header graphic.

I am fairly inexperienced in the department of sponsors and advertising. However, I am always looking to learn and adapt. Once again... thank you for your interest in advertising.

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Use the "Contact Me..." section to contact me with proper, legitimate offers to monetize my blog and offer things to visitors.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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