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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Welcome to StyleSpace!

John Marine | 4:01 PM |
Welcome to StyleSpace- my new fashion-oriented blog! The official name is "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine." And as you may know, that is my name. I have finally decided to make a fashion-specific blog to put my own name out there and my blogging material. Many of you may know of my main blog called "John's Blog Space." It wasn't until I started making certain fashion-themed posts to where my blog's hits would skyrocket. People still visit my main blog to see these posts of mine and more regarding fashion and style. Now, in an effort to try to make a more complete experience in regards to fashion, I have launched "StyleSpace." So here is a look at what this blog is about and what I hope to accomplish here.

--- StyleSpace: Introduction ---

StyleSpace by JBM banner

The name of this blog is "StyleSpace." Its name is consistent with some of the other blogs I've created in the past. Why the "space" namesake? Well, part of the reason why is because I have always been influenced by stars and space, and I've also been influenced by nighttime. So the combination of these elements have come together to make my own "brand" of blogging material.

The Name.

In a different sort of twist, I decided not to name this as "John's Style Space," because I already have a JSS- "John's Shop Space"- devoted to shopping. Why have two blogs with the same sort of acronym? I probably could have gone with "JS2," but even that would be confusing. So I went with "StyleSpace" to name this new blog. There was another blog that had "stylespace" in its URL. So what I did was give it my own name. "StyleSpace" was what I wanted to name this blog.

How I Got Into Fashion.

My earliest fashion memories date back to the mid-1990s. I used to collect salepapers of department stores that offer fashion. I especially collected those that had some garments or looks that I liked. A big thing I believe in is that fashion is very much an extension of our personality. You don't just wear clothes just to be clothed. Fashion is an expression of who we are. It helps us to say things to others without saying anything.

My Fashion Interests.

Even though I am a male, I've felt more comfortable discussing feminine fashion than I do masculine fashion. I admire and respect the beauty of the female form. I think fashion is more versatile to females than to males. I don't believe in fashion trends (or many trends in general), so I don't feel compelled to instantly discuss a certain thing just because it's trending. While there is nothing wrong with trends in fashion, I always find it best just to dress in a way that makes you YOU. Why be a carbon copy when you can be an original?


Perhaps the first fashion designer whose work I've been fond of is Oscar de la Renta. He is one of the very best in designing some of the best-looking clothes I've ever seen. His work is incredible when you see the various females whom have worn his clothing. I am not as educated about his designs for men, however. A friend of mine discussed Oscar de la Renta's men's clothing. In terms of blogging, in the case of males blogging about female fashion, you could say that "Fashion by He" is one of my inspirations along with one of the most successful blogs anywhere on the Internet- The Sartorialist.

Now you know about me and my blog.

---The Mission of StyleSpace ---

This section pertains to some of the basic elements of StyleSpace and what I hope to accomplish. The basis of this blog and its content will be expressed here.

What This Blog IS About.

This is what I will do in my blog posts:

• discuss fashion topics
After all, you came here for fashion. So why don't I make your time worthwhile? Please note that this blog is not necessarily about the latest looks and trends and such. Fashion can mean any number of things regarding clothes and looks. So expect a diverse array of clothing-related topics. I may discuss things ranging from what to wear on a hot day to what to wear heading to school (if you wear uniforms). I may talk about dressing lazy or going for a night out. I may talk about clothes worn by dancers, people of certain cultures, and more. The emphasis is on fashion and style.

• discuss looks
I may make a post regarding certain looks, whether based on outfits I've seen or outfits I've conceptualized. I invite my readers to share their thoughts (and maybe even their own outfits) based on outfits posted and mentioned in this blog. The more I am able to get a loyal audience going on certain looks, the better the performance of this blog will be.

• offer opinions
I am professional in what I discuss. You may or may not agree with what I consider fashionable, but they are my own opinions. I actually don't feel being under much pressure to make opinions others will agree with. I don't expect people to agree with me all the time. However, there will be things I know will upset certain people more than others. Fashion is about being yourself and expressing yourself however you want; and it doesn't really matter if one person thinks otherwise about what someone else thinks. Everything here is all based on what I feel about certain fashions and styles.

• mention other bloggers and people
Most of the bloggers I mention are mentioned because of certain looks relevant to posts of mine. I mostly try to stay within the Blogger/Blogspot blogs because these are the blogs I most follow. I invite anyone on the Blogger/Blogspot platform to Follow and subscribe to any other blog(s) they find interesting based on those I feature on StyleSpace.

• (possible) feature my own art
I haven't done much art, but I may showcase certain looks and designs that I've created. Don't expect anything too radical, though.

That is what I hope to bring to this blog. Now for some things that I will try to avoid...

What This Blog ISN'T About.

Here are things that do not define this blog:

• posting points "just 'cause"
I don't agree with just posting anything just to show I'm alive. Any points expressed are expressed professionally and not to any seriously casual degree. I will not use this blog to intentionally attack certain styles in a hurtful manner. Sure, I will agree and disagree with looks and styles, but I do not want to run the risk of saying something that makes me look bad.

• attack people, rather than clothes
Fashion is about clothing and expression. NOT about attacking certain people. There is a difference in a fashion discussion when attacking certain things. I will not use this thread to attack individual people. Here is an example of what you will find here and what you will NOT find here:

RIGHT: "I don't like this outfit on this girl. It could have been styled better or paired with certain different items, but she could have done better."

WRONG: "I don't like this outfit on this girl. Her family (if she has one) should be ashamed of themselves for letting their little girl leave the house looking like a fashion disaster."

WRONG: "I don't like this outfit on this girl, and she deserves to be heckled by people for looking this bad."

So this will not be a blog to attack certain people. Why make the emphasis about people when it should be about fashion? I am not going to attack a certain kind of people or a certain culture just to make myself look good. Everyone is free to share their style however they choose regardless of what I (or anyone else) think.

• excessively swear or feature Adult Content
The need to express myself is paramount. However, I need to keep things as "world-friendly" as possible. "World-friendly" is my term for "safe for work." In other words- I want to try to keep this blog as inviting and as clean as possible. That even pertains to certain topics that I think may not be suitable for most audiences. I will do my best to keep things as clean as possible. I do swear at times in blogging, but it is fairly mild.

• do giveaways
I don't have much of anything to give away to loyal fans. So because of this, don't expect me to do any sort of contests or whatever. Various other fashion blogs have some sort of giveaways or offers based on featured material.

Unless I think of anything else, these are points you will and will not see in StyleSpace.

--- Some Important Notes ---

I may feature material from other sites. Some material posted may be grounds for me earning commission from sales. Part of me featuring certain things in blog posts is to help provide a full experience to all of my readers. So in return, I would like to offer certain things to readers. The main point of anything featured in this blog is to discuss fashion and discuss certain styles. In return, I hope my readers can check out some of the other offers based on material online.

I would gladly appreciate your business if you were to look around and buy something based on material you see here. It is just important I mention this for when this blog really gets up and running.

Other than that, welcome to my new blog! I will do as much as I can to make StyleSpace as successful a blog as any of my others. Thank you for reading!

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