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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dress With Confidence!

John Marine | 9:47 PM |
Dress with confidence, because confidence is hot! Why so? There are many reasons. The most important thing to know about dressing up and looking your best is feeling confident in what you wear. And if you're not confident, you won't shine. The best clothes and best beauty advice in the world mean absolutely nothing if you can't proudly rock your style. Fashion is an art that can be understood by so many, but mastered by a select few. Confidence is an accessory that cannot be bought at stores, paid with any kind of currency, or winnable in a contest. You have to have confidence and swagger to be able to express a look properly and beautifully. Without confidence and swagger, you essentially become a hot mess (and nobody wants that).

Confidence. It's always in style, always trendy, and can be just as hot or sexy (depending on your terminology) as your hottest outfits. So always remember... dress with confidence!

(This was a post initially made on "John's Blog Space," but was moved over to StyleSpace and updated. The text after this note is all new.)

--- Why is Confidence So Important? ---

You don't just buy clothes just to buy them. Most of what you want to wear is based on confidence. You buy and wear clothes with the intent that your style will shine in some such way. This either pertains to looking great casually or for any formal occasion. Everyone who has an eye for style and a desire to stand out has some sort of confidence instilled in them. Without this confidence, you are basically wearing clothes with no real goal or mindset.

Even a basic T-shirt and jeans look draws some sort of inspiration and takes a certain amount of confidence. At least you have something to wear and have something to go out the door with. How do you dress up the rest of the outfit? Do you maybe go for one of your more fun T-shirts, like a band T-shirt or a T-shirt with a funny message? Do you wear your most laid back pair of sneakers, throw on a pair of sandals, maybe wear some boots? These are things for you to think about as you put together whatever outfit you have in mind. I am using the T-shirt and jeans example just to show that ANY look requires some sort of confidence to wear and put together. Even the most basic looks require confidence to wear. If you care anything about looking and feeling great, you will have confidence in whatever you wear.

That settles the clothes. Now what about your looks? You would want to make sure your hair is styled nicely (unless you're bald or have a shaved head). Do you go with fragrances or perfume? What accessories do you want to wear? For you females out there- what kind of handbag do you go with? Just having the confidence to put looks together should be enough to make anyone feel proud of what they wear and how they go out into the world.

On the blogging front, or in the case of services like Lookbook and Chictopia; it takes even more confidence because you are actually sharing your style to the online world. You decide to want to share your style with other people in hopes of seeing if others love your style as much as when you have put the look together. Someone who posts his/her own looks to cyberspace is confident enough in his/her looks that it warrants some sort of attention. You have to be confident for two reasons- (1) confidence in putting a look together, and (2) confidence in uploading that material onto the Internet. And usually, looks posted in blogs are usually much different from what most people would wear on a casual or lazy day.

No matter what the case, everyone has their own unique style and their own unique way(s) of expressing their style. It takes confidence to put a look together and be able to proudly wear that style. No one with an eye for style simply puts together an outfit because they have nothing else to wear. People put looks together to take on the day/night in a well put-together outfit.

Thank you for reading! Dress and shop with confidence!

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