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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Converse: The Sneakers

John Marine | 3:00 PM | |
(UPDATED: July 23, 2017)

Converses are as common among sneaker wearers as flip-flop/thong sandals are among those who wear sandals frequently. A good old pair of Chuck Taylors are worn by males and females of many ages. Even sneakers styled like traditional Converses are worn by many people. No matter what, these iconic sneakers are most peoples' go-to sneakers for casual days and casual outfits. They come in many styles: low-top, high-top, with laces, without laces, there are even boots styled like a knee-high pair of Converses.

This blog post here on StyleSpace is about the iconic Converse sneakers. This is actually a post from my main blog, John's Blog Space, but this is a StyleSpace-exclusive post. The topic is one in a brief series. Let's get a Converse conversation going!


JUL 23 2017 - (multiple edits), added widgets

Converse: The Sneakers

You probably have your own pair of Converses as you're reading this. You may even be wearing Converses right now. Here are a few examples of the sneakers being portrayed in this blog post:

Converse All-Star low top
^ from: - A classic pair of Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers. These are a pair of low-top Converses.

Converse All-Star high top
^ from: - This is a high-top pair of Converse All-Star sneakers.

Converse All-Star XX-Hi boots
^ from: - Dare to be different, divas? A pair of Converse boots will certainly make you stand out!

Since 1917, the Converse All-Star sneakers have been in existence. Their popularity, however, didn't explode until the 1950s. These canvas sneakers are perhaps the most popular fashion sneakers in today's modern society. If you don't see flip-flop/thong sandals often, then these Converses are usually the most popular kind of footwear you'll see most people wear. There are Converses for everyone ranging from babies to adults, males and females. If you're a fan of pro wrestling, you may commonly see WWE Diva A.J. Lee wear a pair of Converses out to the ring, whether as a simple pair of Converse sneakers or in a pair of Converse boots.

Celebrities in Converse.

Here are some celebrities sporting Converses...

Jason Mraz Converses
^ from: (and as seen on John's Blog Space) - Jazon Mraz sporting a pair of Converse sneakers at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Demetria Lovato (or just Demi Lovato) was even famous in one of her songs for talking about wearing Converses with a fancy dress. That's what she mentioned in her song, "La La La." In case you're interested, here are some pictures originally seen on "John's Blog Space" of Demi rocking a pair of Converses:

Demi Lovato Converse with formal dress
^ from: (and as seen on John's Blog Space) - Demi Lovato wearing a lovely formal dress with... Converse sneakers? This reminds me of her video, "La La Land," where one of the lyrics talked about her wearing a fancy dress with Converses. It's fashion fail to me to see a fancy dress worn with Converses, but credit Demi for originality.

If I mention Demi Lovato, I have to mention this girl too:

Selena Gomez Converse
^ from: (and as seen on John's Blog Space) - Selena Gomez in Converses. I can NOT mention Demi Lovato without mentioning her best friend, Selena Gomez. :)

Regardless of who wears Converses and to what occasions (if any), their image and their appeal both speak for themselves.

Other Converses.

Some make authentic Converses; some make Converse-style shoes. This blog post is about the classic style Converse sneakers. However, here are some other interestingly-styled Converse shoes I want to highlight on for this blog post:

Converse slip-on oxfords
^ from: - This is a pair of Converses slip onto your feet. No need to buy a pair of shoelaces.

Converse sandals
^ from: - Love sandals AND Converses? These Converse sandals may be for you.

Converse thong sandals
^ from: - Flip-flop/Thong sandals or Converses? For those who can't choose between one or the other, this is the best of both worlds. Or as I would say- make up your bloody mind, already!

Converse skimmer
^ from: - These Converse skimmers are a fun slip-on way for a girl to enjoy Converses.

For the Record...

I don't own any Converses, and I've never worn any. I am honestly not religiously into sneakers like a lot of other people are. I'm just not into Converses to where I want my own pair.

You now have a proper intro to Converses.

What to Wear With Converse Sneakers?

Almost anything casual can be worn with Converses. For males, a good pair of shorts or jeans will be nicely complimented with a pair of Converse sneakers. The same goes for females with Converses. Various cropped pants, casual dresses, casual skirts... almost any sort of casual garb will go well with a pair of Converses. I would commonly see (especially with little girls) girly and frilly short skirts worn with Converses.

The only question for Converse is... do you go low-top or high-top? It depends on your style and what style you're willing to show.

Converses Around the Blogosphere

Bloggers in Converses. Can it get any more simple than that? Here are some ones who wear their Converses proudly:

"Basic" (Angy's tea room) « Converses with skinny jeans.
"Sunny Stripes" (Burst of Color) « Converses with a dress.
"blurry. everything is." (tiny sailor) « Converse low-tops along with a long T-shirt and bike shorts.
"black and lace" (spoken love song) « Converses with a maxi dress.
"Weekend Casual" (My Silk Fairytale) « Converses with shorts, a T-shirt, and a blazer.
"Filled with glee: The musical!" (Ericaritish) « Converses worn with a costume (not a fashion blog).

More Converse inspiration for you:
Converses on LOOKBOOK (males)
Converses on LOOKBOOK (females)

These are among some of the Converse-wearing bloggers as well as other Converse wearers.

Converse: Final Thoughts

While I am not sneaker-crazy, I do respect and honor the appeal and charm Converses offer. These sneakers are iconic for a reason. For what they offer in casual fashion, these are the most famous fashion sneakers for both males and females. Their casually cool style

I am personally not into Converses all that much. I am not likely going to recommend an outfit be paired with some Converses. One certainly can wear a pair of Converses if he/she wants to.

Converses Online

Another blog post has concluded. Time for me to give back to you. You are free to look at the material below in case you want your own Converses.


To learn more about Converse, visit

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Here are all kinds of Converses for you all. These are Converses I selected, and I think they are all Women's sizes:

Converse on Amazon.

(all US sizes for Men and Women unless otherwise noted)

Other Sources...

More loving for you all. The majority of these are search results. So use these to find what you're looking for based on what you've seen in this post:

Converse on Amazon and Converse's Amazon Store
Converse on eBay
Converse on « women, men, boys, and girls
Converse on DSW
Converse on Famous Footwear

Happy shopping! :)

(DISCUSSION ADDED: September 23, 2014)
Want to discuss Converse? Here's a question for you:

How do you feel about Converses?

I am planning another blog post regarding Converse, so be sure to stay with "StyleSpace by JBM" for more on Converse. My thanks go out to everyone for reading this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I have always been very skeptical about converse sneakers. I found them too expensive fo this kind of sneakers. and then I bought just one pair because it was pretty cute and now I think they are so comfy!!

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