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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers

John Marine | 5:10 PM | | |
(UPDATED: August 25, 2014)

The wedge sneaker trend is hot. Perhaps the hottest of them are the wedge sneakers designed by Isabel Marant. Her wedge sneakers have led to plenty of knockoffs by various designers. Because Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers are perhaps the most famous of all wedge sneakers, I will be blogging about those sneakers in this blog post as well as offer my thoughts on them. I'm pretty sure I have a more than sufficient audience that is well aware of the trend of wedge sneakers. So I hope this one will be to your liking. Or, if you may disagree with my opinions on these sneakers, this may NOT be to your liking.

Anyhow, let's begin!


AUG 25 2014 - made some simple edits

--- Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers ---

Who would honestly pay triple-figure prices (US Dollars) for a pair of sneakers? No- not just those who fancy a pair of Nike Air Force Ones or a pair of Nike Air Jordans... I'm talking about a pair of sporty sneakers from a high-end fashion designer. That would describe the wedge sneaker offerings from Isabel Marant. The French designer has designed perhaps one of the most popular wedge sneakers on the market right now, whether originally designed by her or by knockoffs of her popular wedge sneakers.

There is a reason why wedge sneakers have caught on among fashionistas. Whether you love them or not, one has to admit these sneakers are anything but frumpy and boring. Nothing says girly quite like elevated heels, and surely elevated heels in something like a simple pair of sneakers is well-loved among many a girly girl. Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers represent high-end designer style for the sporty girl.

Among the most famous of the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers is the "Bekket" sneakers. "Bekket" is a pair of suede high-top wedge sneakers with three or four velcro straps across the sneakers. Other wedge sneaker offerings from Isabel Marant includes the "Bobby" sneakers, which is a more proper pair of sneakers with a lace-up front and a sporty appearance. The "Baltimore" wedge sneakers are a lot more casual in appearance than their more sporty counterparts.

Knockoff Thoughts.

Isabel Marant herself quoted knockoffs of her wedge sneakers as "vulgar." When she was interviewed by Telegraph Fashion, she said this:

"Everybody who has the wrong one looks quite bitchy, very vulgar, when mine are not at all."

-Isabel Marant, in an interview with Telegraph Fashion

What she means is that the various knockoffs of her wedge sneakers just aren't as original and as authentic as Isabel Marant's wedge sneaker offerings. Of course, any popular pair of high-priced shoes are likely going to be copied (even if blatantly). Look at the ever-famous Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties, for instance. Countless designers made their own versions of the "Lita" booties in low-priced styles. I don't know about considering someone "bitchy" just because you wear a knockoff of someone else's shoes.

Now that you have a basic look at the sneakers, it's time to talk more about some of the wedge sneaker offerings from Isabel Marant.

--- Isabel Marant's Sneakers in Pictures ---

Here are the sneakers I've mentioned previously:

Isabel Marant's "Bekket" Sneakers.

Isabel Marant Bekket
^ from: - These are the very popular "Bekket" sneakers from Isabel Marant- perhaps the most popular of Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers.

Here are some details on these popular sneakers (source:
• 2.25-inch (60mm) heel
• Textured rubber sole
• multiple Velcro straps across the front (usually three or four)

These sneakers are surely popular no matter how you look at them. That even includes the various knockoff varieties of these sneakers. NOTE: I actually was going to discuss just these "Bekket" wedge sneakers in this blog post. That is... until I decided to want to feature other wedge sneakers from Isabel Marant.

Isabel Marant "Bobby" Sneakers.

Isabel Marant Bobby
^ from: - The "Bobby" sneakers are another one of Isabel Marant's sporty sneakers.

More detail on the "Bobby" sneakers (source:

• hidden wedge heel is 3.5 inches (90 mm) tall
• perforated, round-toe, gripped rubber sole
• lace-up front
• French sizing
• true to size, and only in full sizes

Here would be a pair of sneakers for the sporty girl who wants to maintain a good sense of casual style. Best of both worlds, I'd say. They are usually suede sneakers.

Isabel Marant "Baltimore" Sneakers.

Isabel Marant Baltimore
^ from: - Unlike "Bekket" and "Bobby," the "Baltimore" sneakers aren't as sporty in appearance as their counterparts.

More info (source:
• canvas mid-top sneakers
• 2-inch (50 mm) concealed wedge heel

You need not be from the fine city of Baltimore to appreciate the "Baltimore" wedge sneakers. These sneakers are very much more casual than sporty. Something like these would be more fitting with some denim jean shorts or any sort of denim jeans.

So now you have a look at Isabel Marant's popular wedge sandals. My thoughts on these sneakers are up next.

--- Isabel Marant's Wedge Sneakers: Final Thoughts ---

Isabel Marant has been one of the biggest names in driving this wedge sneaker craze to the trendy limits it has reached in today's fashion landscape. She managed to take something as frumpy as a pair of sneakers and make them cute/chic/trendy/fashionable. You know something becomes hot when celebrities are shown sporting such items from designers.

However, just because something becomes trendy doesn't mean automatically that it will catch on with everyone. As I just fail to be fond of sneakers like these famous wedge sneakers from Isabel Marant, it certainly doesn't mean I am going to be anything fond of them anytime soon. My main problem with these sneakers is just that I am not really into sneakers all that much. That said, I can't connect in any such way with these sneakers or any knockoff varieties based on Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers.

Individual points on the featured sneakers...

• I fail to find any real appeal to the "Bekket" or of any knockoffs of these sneakers. These sneakers cost about $695 US Dollars. Even if you were to pay all that money for a pair of these wedge sneakers, they still are fairly horrid to me even with the knockoff variety versions of sneakers like these. Take it from someone who proudly wore velcro until eventually learning to tie shoes- the velcro is a tremendous advantage to having to tie up your shoes. I honestly don't see what makes these even worth pairing with outfits. I just don't like these sneakers all that much.

LOVE OR LOATHE "BEKKET?" My call: loathe.

• I'm not feeling the "Bobby" sneakers much either. I don't see these much as good lookers as many have loved sneakers like the "Bekket" sneakers. Nothing is really making me fall in love with these in the least sense.

LOVE OR LOATHE "BOBBY?" My call: loathe.

• Of the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers I've discussed, I guess the "Baltimore" sneakers are perhaps my favorites. They are mostly okay to me. They'd be the sneakers I'd wear if I were a female and if I actually wanted to put outfits together around these sneakers. Not beautiful by any stretch, but they are alright to me.

LOVE OR LOATHE "BALTIMORE?" My call: (slight) love.

Designer goods sell for designer good prices. Even for a pair of high-end fashion designer sneakers, I'd stay far away from Isabel Marant's sneakers if I were a female. None of these wedge sneakers appeal to me in the least sense. They may appeal to you if you were looking for a high-priced pair of sneakers from a high-end designer. You may otherwise stick to knockoff varieties of these sneakers- even if they make you "bitchy" (according to Isabel Marant). And to be honest, I never understood the appeal of high-priced sneakers unless they were some seriously athletic, vastly-engineered sneakers proper athletes would wear. That's why I was never fond of things like a pair of Nike Air Force Ones or Nike Air Jordans. I always think of sneakers as inexpensive shoes that can take their full share of scuffs and dirtying up rather than wear some very fashionable sneakers that cost a lot. If it makes me less of a person to not be fond of high-priced sneakers- including the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers I've made mention to in this blog post, then I guess it makes me less of a person.

Let me stress- I love wedges. I have seen wedge sneakers I like. I just don't like these sporty ones that have been the "it" sneakers these days. The wedge sneakers like the ones I've made mention to in this post are among some of the more horrid ones. The appeal of wedge sneakers like what Isabel Marant have made famous just don't click to me even though there are many others are all in love with them no matter what anyone else thinks. If you like these Isabel Marant wedge sneakers (or any knockoffs of them), that's fine. I'm just not fond of these like a lot of the fashion world is about them. Maybe something gets me into them or someone puts together certain outfits that make them the least bit stylish to me. But until that happens, I'm on the hate/loathe side of the fence on these and most other wedge sneakers. Despite my dislike of these wedge sneakers, I'd still take them over gladiator sandals (which I also mostly dislike) almost any day. I would also spend a lot of money getting something other than any of these wedge sneakers I've mentioned in this blog post.

Proudly rock your style if you love these Isabel Marant wedge sneakers or of any sneakers inspired by these wedge sneakers. I'm sorry- I just don't see the appeal of these sneakers.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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As usual, though, these are just my own opinions. We are all entitled to our own opinions. Rather than try to fit in with fashion crowds, that's why I started this blog. At least I am responsible for myself in certain fashion points and comments I express.

By the way, if you like these Isabel Marant sneakers, there will be a pair of wedge sneakers from Isabel Marant called "Blossom Pony" that cost about $810 US Dollars. They will reportedly be available in October 2013, but pre-orders for them are available. I did not critique the "Blossom Pony" sneakers because I didn't have enough info on them, and I couldn't pull up much on them.

--- Isabel Marant's Wedge Sneakers Online ---

Whether you agree or disagree with my points on these wedge sneakers, I still want to be even remotely fair to my readers/visitors. Part of expressing opinions is about taking the good with the bad. Maybe you came here to know one person's opinion on the ever popular wedge sneakers from Isabel Marant. Maybe you agreed or disagreed with the points I made. If you still like these wedge sneakers from Isabel Marant, let me help you find some of these sneakers online. Use the items below to score your own pair of Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. Thanks for reading- now go shop already (if you want to- because I don't mind)!

Isabel Marant wedge sneakers on eBay

I hope this helps you all out. Happy shopping to all of you.

So let me ask you all...

What do you think about these famous wedge sneakers from Isabel Marant?

I'm pretty sure you'll find something to love or loathe regarding these wedge sneakers. Until next time, please Follow and Subscribe to my blog(s) if you enjoy the content I produce for them. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I love wedges too...but not in the form of sneakers...and at the same time I'm fascinated by this trend.

John Marine said...

I love Isabel Marant sneakers. Interesting post.

John Marine said...

I have three pairs already, love them because they are so comfortable. They are from Promod, though, not by Isabel Marant. Have a great week! :)

John Marine said...

I'm not really into those shoes because they are simple do not feel comfortable with me. but the shoe looks lovely indeed


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John Marine said...

Haha, your intros are always so cute! I'm really glad you're honest about your opinion--I can't help but agree. Some people just can't afford the three-figure price but they like the style. I think it's rather "bitchy" to call other people who sincerely like her design "bitchy" to use her terms. Though at the same time, I understand. I would hate to be copied. But it's unavoidable in the fashion world--and the normal world. I have seen bekket knockoffs around, so I do kinda sympathize with her. But at the same time--I would never go for these shoes haha. I'm just a cheap shopper and the wedge sneaker is completely unappealing to me. We'll both be honest haha (:

John Marine said...

I'm not a fan of the wedge sneaker trend, or most sneakers generally, but I do think some people can really pull these off. I would never page triple figures for sneakers, especially those that are likely to be passe very soon.


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