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Jeffrey Campbell "Mulder" Boots

(UPDATED: June 25, 2014)

The boot cousin of Jeffrey Campbell's "Scully" is "Mulder." The "Mulder" boots have the same platform base as Scully, but Mulder is a pair of ankle boots rather than some girly slip-ons. They still boast toughness and edginess to any such outfit. This blog post is a look at the "Mulder" ankle boots.


JUN 25 2014 - made a few edits

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Mulder" Boots ---

You may have met "Scully" in a previous post. Now, meet Mulder- from Jeffrey Campbell, not from the hit FOX series "X-Files":

Jeffrey Campbell Mulder
^ from: www.solestruck.com - "Mulder" is the boot cousin of "Scully."

Mulder provides the same edge and appeal of "Scully," but the Mulder shoes are boots. These are meant to be worn outward with some skinny or cropped pants, skirts, or dresses; or you could hide these under some long bottoms or under a funky pair of bell bottom jeans or pants. These boots have a fairly short shaft that goes up about as high as the ankle strap of the Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" shoes.

The "Mulder" boots have the same side profile and platform base as the "Scully" shoes. So if you fancy the style of the Scully shoes, then the Mulder boots are right up your alley.

Video insight of these shoes:

^ JEFFREY CAMPBELL Mulder Unboxing

Details of "Mulder" Boots.

So here is a look at the "Mulder" boots:

• sizes US Women's 5 up to 11
• 6-inch heel, 2-inch platform
• leather upper, leather lining, synthetic sole
• zipper back
• true-to-size (as I'm told)

There is your "Mulder" insight.

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Mulder" Around the Internet ---

Take a look at how others style the "Mulder" boots:

"I broke a thousand hearts hearts before I met you" (FERAL CREATURE) « the Mulder boots paired with a motorcycle-style outfit.
"Sailor." (Jag Lever) « a dress/shirt paired with a the Mulder boots.

("Mulder" search results on LOOKBOOK) « Mulder boots on LOOKBOOK.

This gives you an idea of how these boots look on those who wear them.

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Mulder" Boots: Final Thoughts ---

With the same base and appeal as the "Scully" shoes I previously highlighted, the "Mulder" is more like the answer for fashionistas who want a pair of boots or booties with the same appeal as the Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" shoes. Its rigid and edgy base up front along with the chunky block heels are sure to do damage. These booties are not "cute" in any way. These boots are for the girl who wants to stylishly show her toughness. Why invest in a pair of combat boots when something like these "Mulder" boots are just as tough and doesn't give you any qualms about being some kind of poser/poseur?

Since I blogged about the "Mulder" and "Scully" shoes from Jeffrey Campbell, both of these shoes provide as potent a one-two shoe punch as the "X-Files" characters they are named after. Or... are they named after Mulder and Scully from the "X-Files?" Anyhow- rock the "Mulder" boots with pride if you love them!

Love or Loathe?

Just like the "Scully" shoes I recently discussed, the "Mulder" boots are neither beautiful nor ugly. I like them, but don't love them. I'm in the middle. So...

LOVE OR LOATHE? My Call: Love.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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Thanks for reading this post! Go to the next section or skip it entirely. For more information on Jeffrey Campbell and their shoes, please visit www.jeffreycampbellshoes.com.

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Mulder" Online ---

Visit Jeffrey Campbell's website for more information on all of their shoes. Or, you may shop for your own pair of "Mulder" boots with these links I've provided:

Jeffrey Campbell "Mulder" from the official website (www.jeffreycampbellshoes.com)
Jeffrey Campbell "Mulder" on Nasty Gal
Jeffrey Campbell "Mulder" on Ashbury Skies
Jeffrey Campbell "Mulder" on Solestruck
Jeffrey Campbell "Mulder" on eBay

Happy shopping! :)

I've had my say. Now it's your turn.

What are your thoughts on the "Mulder" boots from Jeffrey Campbell?

Feel free to respond. Always remember that your visit to my blog and your involvement with my work is always appreciated. So thank you for visiting and reading!

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Again, not a big fan of these platform styles, but I think they can be styled in a cool way by the right person and with the right look. I think these would be cute with a floral babydoll dress for a 90s grunge-inspired look.



I like tese cut-out boots, but with flat heels. I've seen some nice ones in Zara. :)



John! I saw this a little while back and bookmarked it so I could return to comment. I resonate with this so much because I've cut my own hair before and still do regular trims, but mostly my bangs.

I seriously commend you for cutting your own hair! I can only imagine how tough it would be with a razor. I honestly think it's incredible that you managed the back by yourself--when I cut my own hair, I always had my mother touch up the back.

The personal satisfaction and money saved are definitely large perks. I haven't stepped foot in a barber's shop for over two years since I got my hair permed in China. This detailed step-by-step is on point! You always have the most intriguing posts!



Cool shoes!




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