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Friday, March 6, 2015

Plus-Size Modeling

John Marine | 5:44 PM | | |
#effyourbeautystandards, says one Tess Holliday. Has modern society turned the corner on curvy women? If you've followed recent events, then the answer may be yes. Women like Robyn Lawley and Ashley Graham have made news recently as featured models along with the aforementioned Tess Holliday. I have long offered support and love to plus-size/curvy females in showing they can be just as beautiful as any of their slimmer counterparts. It's just too bad that some people still have their own qualms regarding plus-size women being as romanticized as slimmer women, as if to say they should not be in the same league as slimmer women. This blog post is all about plus size modeling, especially involving recent impressions on plus size modeling.

--- Plus Size Modeling ---

Before I begin, let me test you. Respond in any manner towards these bits of media featuring plus-size models:

curvy model
^ from: (best I could find for demonstration) - To you, is this plus-size model lovely or too big to be considered lovely?

Okay. Now how do you feel about seeing this curvy in this video:

^ "Plus Size Models: Claudia Floraunce's Undersea Experience in HD"

Or maybe this famous curvy model:

^ "Plus-Sized Model Ashley Graham Rocks Tiny Bikini in ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Ad"

This is just something to think about as you continue reading this blog post. Don't even get me started on YouTube comments. Some of the ones I've seen mostly talk about these ladies being too massive and having too much body fat to be parading around in bikinis or lingerie. In researching for this topic, I've seen mostly these sorts of comments in regards to various plus-size models being featured and promoted in such ways. Going from slender models to full-figured femmes represents alphas and omegas of model sizes. There is all the talk about models being too thin. Here, we're talking about certain models who seem too big. So you are looking at very interesting dichotomy.

Two Schools of Thought.

There are two schools of thought here in regards to this issue.

One, it is a great feeling to know that beauty is being recognized for more than just slim women. A pitfall of beauty is the feeling that you can't feel beautiful if you have any amount of extra body fat. Or... you may be completely overweight or have a lot of body fat. How do you still feel handsome/beautiful and confident? Or can you? For some people, being or feeling the least bit overweight makes you feel ugly. Like you can only be so attractive. Even with the likes of certain models (and even fashion bloggers), such personalities show you CAN be large in size yet still look and feel beautiful. You can always diet and exercise to lose weight, but you can still look charming at a large size.

There is a different issue which is fairly understandable... to an extent. Some people feel that by promoting plus-size women in modeling and in certain publications, that obesity is being promoted. It almost seems like the opposite is being done in the minds of some people- some feel obesity is being promoted by featuring certain curvy models rather than convince people to lose weight. I don't know where anyone would get the idea that someone is PROMOTING people to gain loads of weight just because a female is featured in a stylish and/or romantic way. So just because a plus-size female is featured wearing a swimsuit or sporting some kind of cropped top outfit, she is somehow a symbol of gaining weight? That's ludicrous! To me, this speaks to a level of confidence in one's body. You're only promoting obesity if you romanticize it or if you are stressing it as a positive.

Other Issues of Plus-Size Modeling.

One thing I hate about some people is what qualifies as "fat" to some. If you have followed me for some time, you may know my interests in fashion began when I flipped through sale papers of stores and saw different fashion retailers. I've seen curvy females ranging from those with a little more body fat than average, all the way up to the BBW (big beautiful woman). A lot of people can be ultra picky in these cases, and it's sad. The ones who see a female with a little more than average body fat- whether it's a little chubbiness, a somewhat chubby face, maybe a little "muffin top," whatever... is somehow considered "fat" to some people- as in "she's going to die with all that fat" overweight. So any female that isn't super skinny or athletically fit is somehow considered overweight.

A number of fashion bloggers instill confidence through fashion. For example, there are some curvy females who have tried midriff-baring styles. You see a lot of slimmer females bare midriff whether with average or high-waist bottoms. Why not curvy females too? You may have seen slim females bare their legs romantically, whether with short skirts/dresses or short shorts, so why not curvy women too? Plus-size females need to be motivated they can still be beautiful and still feel beautiful in their own bodies and skin without needing to exercise to be slim. It is tough to motivate that point when people don't see certain females as beautiful. Anyone (let alone a female) can lose weight to look and feel better. Since you probably aren't slim and slender, you still need to get yourself to love your curves and love your appearance.

There was one blog post I saw a long time ago which proved the point that you can be big, beautiful, and sexy all at once. A beautiful Canadian blogger named Marisa of "Viva Voluptuous!" had one blog post where she modeled in sexy, yet classy pictures. It has left a huge impression on me in knowing that you can be big and beautiful. The link I'm going to provide will gross out some of my audience, but a lot of my audience could probably appreciate the confidence and the appeal of a plus-size woman showcasing her curves in a luscious and tasteful way. If you want an example of great confidence in showcasing your body and your curves, take a look at this old blog post from the aforementioned Marisa: "Boudoir Photos" (Viva Voluptuous!).

What to Learn From This.

I am someone who tries to see beauty in all things. Most of us males aren't known for caring about anything beautiful, but I am someone who sees beauty in all things. There are some people who see even the littlest amount of body fat on someone and think that person is too "fat" to be beautiful. Don't get me wrong- even a guy like me lusts over a slim or average female with luscious legs or a lustful midsection. However, even I know you don't need to be skinny or average to be beautiful. It is much the same way I think you can be beautiful even if you are short. I certainly know of some beautiful petites online.

Anyhow, and back on topic... I think it is great that curvy females are getting attention and looks at being beautiful. Maybe instead of poking fun at curvy females, we should admire them for their beauty. Too many people just don't think plus-size females can be big AND beautiful at the same time. Then too, there is also the "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" quote that is very true as to what is beautiful to others. If you are into wanting to come across some beautiful plus-size women, I'd like to invite you to my main blog and a specific post about beautiful plus-size females. Let me name you a few beautiful plus-size women: Melissa McCarthy, Ashley Graham, Allison Teng, Paula Deen, and one I recently (as of the original date of this post) came across- Meghan Trainor. Here are many more curvy beauties: "Plus-Size Beauties - The World Tour!" (John's Blog Space).

If I was to give one last point, maybe I would go to the level of saying that times will be wonderful when we can consider anyone (let alone a female) as beautiful without regard to one's body fat or size. Then again, it would be wonderful to begin with if we didn't discriminate beauty on certain factors.

Allow me to salute the various curvy models and curvy beauties out there, including those who may be visiting my blog and reading my blog posts. What do you think...

Has society turned the corner on curvy models, or is there still more work to be done for better acceptance?

I am hopeful this post perhaps offer some better acceptance of curvy models. I do what I can to offer a positive voice to certain issues and matters. I hope this is one of those times and one of those posts. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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