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Warby Parker

UPDATED: February 16, 2017)

Need some frames? Try @WarbyParker! Established in 2010, they offer stylish glasses and sunglasses for men and women in their showrooms in America and Canada. They have also been heralded for their business model. Needless to say, this is one of the more popular and more successful brands providing eyewear. This is a fairly brief post I have devised to mention Warby Parker and what all they have to offer. With an international audience that visits my blog, I am probably sure this will be a solid brand to mention internationally, not just the United States and Canada.

Here is a picture to set the mood and identify this post (hover over for credits):

Warby Parker
^ from: (Twitter) - Warby Parker does eyewear a bit different from many others.

What Makes Warby Parker Different?

Warby Parker was born in Philadelphia, PA, USA; but they are based in New York City, NY, USA. Unlike how most other eyeglass retailers operate, Warby Parker does things differently. The company has enjoyed a great deal of success because of its business approach and the products they offer. With glasses starting off at about $95 USD, they make all of their glasses in-house and try to establish a direct company-to-customer engagement. The company also offers a Home Try-On service for you to try on glasses and see if they fit you best. That way, you can determine whether or not a set of frames suit you best. Having a stylish pair of glasses to wear should be paramount to us all. For the likes of Warby Parker, being able to see clearly or look cool with stylish eyewear is what matters most.

Metal Mission.

I was contacted online by someone within Warby Parker to promote one of their latest collections. With metal frames being popular, Warby Parker recently unveiled its "Metal Mission" collection. That was the premise behind mentioning Warby Parker in this "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post. You can learn more about their metal frame glasses and sunglasses by visiting their official website shown later in this blog post.

The Benevolent Side of Warby Parker.

In addition to offering their retro-cool glasses, Warby Parker is also quite benevolent. They offer glasses to those in need. These also include eye exams for those who may not otherwise have such access to such resources.

You can learn more about their "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair" initiative by visiting Buy a Pair, Give a Pair.

For More Information...

To learn more about Warby Parker and to check out their vast array of glasses, visit www.warbyparker.com. Visit their website to also find their social media profiles. Warby Parker also has a mobile app, but it is unfortunately only for iOS. Perhaps they'll include an Android app or make the app for other platforms. Anyhow, grab their FREE app on iTunes here: Glasses by Warby Parker: Eyeglasses and Sunglasses (iTunes).

I would like to thank Warby Parker for encouraging me to share their brand today. I am hopeful my reading and visiting audience can get to check out the various glasses offered by Warby Parker. If you enjoyed my blog and my blog posts, please make sure to Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others if you're interested) in some capacity. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Granny Boots

Super vintage in style, granny boots are a chic alternative to ankle-length combat boots. These Victorian Era style boots have a modest heel and a lace-up design. They would be boots our grandmothers would wear, hence the Granny namesake. Despite the Granny name, you don't have to be very old to enjoy them. What I will do for this blog post is simply mention and showcase granny boots.

So what are granny boots like? Here is an example:

granny boots
^ from: www.amazon.com - Despite their namesake, you don't have to be very old to enjoy granny boots. The modest feminine heel height along with their lace-up appeal make granny boots every bit enticing.

Most of you know I'm not really into most lace-up shoes. So therefore, I can't say I would recommend granny boots if I were to put together an outfit for someone. What I WILL say is that these are not a bad pair of boots to recommend for those who want a fashionable pair of lace-up boots to compliment an outfit. Granny boots are more like boots for those who want a tough pair of boots, but nothing too edgy.

As far as outfits are concerned, I can easily see them paired nicely with certain mid-length dresses or maybe even some skinny jean outfits. I at least see granny boots as combat boots for the chic set. Only that your grandmother will probably not hate on you for wearing such chic boots as opposed to any super-tough boots.

Granny Boots Online.

I can help you if you want to get yourself some granny boots. So check this out:

Happy shopping!

This post is over. So what do you think?

Are you fond of granny boots? How would you style these boots?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Cropped Flares

Flares are great, but what about cropped flares? They are trending in the fashion realm. Cropped flare jeans and pants have the same appeal as regular flares, but not at floor-draping length. So I will take time in this post to discuss cropped flare jeans and pants while also offering my thoughts on them. Glad you can be here for another "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post! Enjoy this ride!

Cropped Flares

Let's talk about cropped flares!

cropped flare jeans
^ from: www.amazon.com - These cropped jeans have flared legs to them.

cropped flare pants
^ from: www.amazon.com - These cropped flare pants flare out like almost any traditional flared jeans or pants.

I've discussed ad nauseam about flares and bell bottoms before in my blogs. The mystique and appeal of flares is real ranging from modest bootcut flares to elephant bell bottoms. There is nothing wrong with your average floor-draping flares or bell bottoms (unless you fancy skinny jeans more). Among designers, the trend here is to try to offer the same appeal of flares but hit at a higher length than average flares or bell bottoms. Most of these cropped flares go no longer than the ankles and no shorter than mid-calf. This allows for such jeans and pants to offer some showing of the ankles. It also means a chance for some fashionistas to show off their most fabulous shoes or sandals to go with such cropped flares.

There is a certain cuteness to cropped flares. I kind of look at cropped flares much like jeans/pants that are cuffed at the bottom. These are opportunities to show off some cute shoes along with your ankles. The simple types will probably show off some basic flip-flop/thong sandals along with some anklets or something. Some others may show off some basic sneakers with cropped flares. More fashionable types can probably show off some platform sandals or platform wedge shoes. Or with some cropped flares, you may even see some pumps being worn, even including some platform peep-toe pumps. While I don't really recommend them with bottoms like these, some will even pair cropped flares with booties.

The one issue I can probably see with cropped flares is that this may not be too friendly to petite women. Flares usually provide the illusion of longer legs- something well appreciated by the vertically-challenged. Really any cropped jeans or cropped pants (let alone cropped flares) can cut off most petite figures. Conversely, some flares can overwhelm the figures of most petite women about as much as some maxi dresses/skirts. One petite fashion blogger I follow is Grace of "Color and Grace," which I saluted in a blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM." A recent post Grace made regarded her wearing a pair of high-waist cropped flare jeans. See for yourself in regards to cropped flares on petites: HIGH WAIST CROPPED FLARE JEANS & STATEMENT FAUX FUR WINTER COAT.

Here is some video insight on cropped flares from fashion blogger Sydne Summer. It is a do-it-yourself (DIY) along with some styling ideas for them:

^ Easy DIY: Cropped Flare Jeans + Outfit Ideas I Spring Trend Guide

How do I feel about cropped flare jeans and pants? Read the next section to find out.

Cropped Flares: Final Thoughts

I have no real problem with cropped flares. I still prefer any average pair of flared or bell bottom jeans/pants over cropped flares, but I can really see cropped flares catch on. I think these jeans/pants can be as cute as a pair of cuffed jeans/pants. These cropped flares can be an excellent chance to show off your ankles and a very cool pair of shoes or sandals. So for you fashionistas feeling cute, feel free to wear your most fabulous sneakers, pumps, sandals, or certain other shoes. You can wear booties or boots with cropped flare jeans/pants, but they don't really look right enough to me to recommend them with cropped flares. The only thing I would be mindful of is to make sure your figure or silhouette doesn't get cut off too much to where you seem disproportionate wearing them.

So would I recommend these cropped flares? I would greatly recommend them. A pair I would probably enjoy would be some cropped flare jeans that have frayed bottoms to them. Find some fabulous shoes to wear with them to show off and to look and feel cute/stylish. After all... what girl (used loosely) doesn't want to show off her cute ankles and/or her shoes while wearing some stylish bottoms?

Cropped Flares Online.

Here are some cropped flares for you to check out. Happy shopping and enjoy!

cropped flares on eBay

I appreciate any and all support of my work.

Those are, at least, my thoughts on cropped flares. What say you?

Are you fond of cropped flare jeans/pants? What would you recommend in styling them?

Thanks for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM." Fashion and beauty are what this blog are all about. It is a non-traditional blog regarding all things style. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are simple, sweet, and feminine. Most sheath dresses are versatile to wear in the daytime and even at night. You could even wear them in office settings. Their slim silhouette beautifully compliments most figures. They can be tremendously modest considering sheath dresses mostly hit just above the knees. They are also a bit more modest than bodycon/bandage dresses. That leaves you to style these fitting dresses with a variety of options. Sheath dresses can be stylish even for the likes of petites and curvy types.

Let me show you a sheath dress just to show you what is being discussed in this blog post...

sheath dress
^ from: www.amazon.com - The simple elegance of sheath dresses make them almost effortless to look and feel beautiful.

Styling Options?

How about styling dresses like these? A cardigan or a blazer can be good outerwear options for cool or cold settings. With a sheath dress, you can be charmingly elegant with some chic pumps, some chic sandals, or even a pair of booties. If it's cold, some tights and some zip-up boots (I wouldn't recommend combat boots or any lace-up boots) are okay with sheath dresses. I certainly would also avoid very furry boots going with sheath dresses. Those even include furry boots with pom pom details or anything. You can probably go with casual sandals (such as flip-flop/thong sandals), but I wouldn't recommend them with a sheath dress. And please- stay away from sneakers or any rugged shoes to go with sheath dresses, unless you intend to intentionally ruin the balance of such dresses (shame on you!).

I think the appeal of sheath dresses relates to just how elegant and fitting they are.

Internet Examples.

Here are a few bloggers wearing sheath dresses. Follow their own blogs if they interest you...

"Day-to-night Dress Up" (Style Cassentials) « a black sheath dress.
"SUEDE SHEATH DRESS" (Sydney's Fashion Diary) « a suede sheath dress.
"WHITE FLORAL SHEATH DRESS // SNAPCHAT" (cute & little) « a floral sheath dress as a casual outfit.
"Spring Sunshine :: Lace dress & Magenta pumps" (Wendy's Lookbook) « lace sheath dress with a cropped jacket.

Here is some video insight on sheath dresses:

^ Sheath Dress Trend, Fall Fashion, Currently Trending

I may include some more examples if I come across any others.

Sheath Dresses: Final Thoughts

You can easily be elegant by wearing a sheath dress. Their elegance and charm makes them an amazing garment to wear complimenting any number of chic footwear and other garments. Sheath dresses can also be versatile day-to-night dresses considering their appeal. There is just a lot to love with such dresses. So be sure to look for a sheath dress (or two, or three, or more...) to look and feel beautiful with your most chic and stylish outfits.

Sheath Dresses Online.

How about some more sheath dresses? Go ahead and find you some with this item I've provided for you:

Happy shopping! :)

You've gotten through another blog post of mine. I hope you enjoyed your time here.

How do you feel about sheath dresses?

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Leather Bottoms

Leather is not just for jackets, belts, and shoes. In fact, this blog post specifically is on leather bottoms. These are your pants, skirts, and the like. Don't like real leather? There are several kinds of faux leather and even vegan leather to tickle your fancy. If you love leather bottoms, I'm hopeful you'll get your fill of leather loving here.

NOTE: This is actually a very old blog post I started a few years ago (circa 2012) and rarely updated until now. So some links may be very old and may not link to the proper site.

Leather Bottoms

Leather bottoms come in several varieties. They come as pants, shorts, and skirts. A lot of fashionable types have worn many kinds of leather bottoms. I usually have seen various LOOKBOOK outfits and blog posts with females wearing leather shorts and skirts. Some jeans I've seen have leather panels to them, offering a little denim paired with leather. What if you love leather, but want to wear something guilt-free? You have fake leather as well as vegan leather. So you can wear leather without having to feel guilty.

Let's look at a few samples of leather bottoms...

Leather Jeans.

leather jeans
^ from: www.amazon.com - The same five-pocket jean design can be enjoyed even in leather.

colorful leather jeans
^ from: www.amazon.com - If black is too basic for you, leather bottoms can range from dark colors to popping colors such as these red leather jeans.

Leather Pants and Leggings.

leather pants
^ from: www.amazon.com - A pair of leather pants can be just as stylish and wearable as any non-leather or non-faux leather pants. Leather pants are stylish for males and females.

leather leggings
^ from: www.amazon.com - A pair of leather leggings can be pretty hot to wear.

leather bell bottom pants
^ from: www.amazon.com - If you adore bell bottoms, why not try a pair of leather bell bottoms? These are faux leather, by the way.

Feeling tough? Get a pair of chic boots to go with your leather pants or leather leggings. You foxy ladies out there can surely wear a pair of sky high heel pumps or some sexy high-heel sandals with leather pants.

Leather Shorts.

leather shorts
^ from: www.shopbop.com - Be hot with it! This is a deliciously sweet pair of leather hot shorts. These shorts are of vegan leather.

Even in the heat of Summer, leather shorts have been spotted by various females.

Leather Skirts.

leather skirt
^ from: www.shopbop.com - A leather skirt can either be sexy or (in this case) cute.

Since this blog post is about leather BOTTOMS, it would be pointless to mention leather dresses here. I chose a picture of this kind of leather skirt to show that not all leather skirts are pencil-like slim.

So you now have a look at leather bottoms of various kinds.

Leather Bottoms Around the Internet

Here are some bloggers (and other fine folks) who wear leather bottoms in outfits. These are either leather or faux leather bottoms worn by the people in question:

"Fall in Love (Oxblood faux leather pants)" (Maytedoll) « faux leather pants.
"A Cousinsinet Floppy Hat Meets Sunny Sydney" (Lucy and the Runaways) « leather shorts.
"Eiffel Tower Sweater" (Maytedoll) « leather shorts with tights and booties.
"Black and White Varsity" (Song of Style) « a sexy, sporty outfit with leather shorts.
"I'm wearing blue, but I'm not feeling blue because I love wearing vintage" (Lucy and the Runaways) « a short leather skirt.
"Don't tell my mom I own a leather skirt" (Lucy and the Runaways) « a long leather skirt.
"Fashion Favorites 2: Faux Leather Pencil Skirt, 9 Ways" (Style Cassentials) « multiple leather outfits worn by the blogger.

Have a look with leather bottoms and want to share it with me? Contact me via E-Mail or on my Facebook fan page. I will edit my post to include your work if I like it!

Leather Bottoms: Final Thoughts

Whether real leather or faux leather, I don't have any sort of problem with leather bottoms. Only kind of leather bottoms I haven't liked are bottoms that have leather panels to them. I'm talking about like jeans that have leather panels to them. I don't really like this kind of mix-and-match deal. As we say, though... to each his/her own.

If you are looking to score your own leather bottoms, I have provided you this item below. Check it out and happy shopping! :)

That's it for this blog post. If you want to discuss this topic, here is a discussion for you:

What do you think about leather bottoms? Are they better to wear in colder weather times as opposed to warm weather ones?

Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) if you enjoy my work. Feel free to show your support and let me know you care. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Chic meets sporty. So is the way of the athleisure trend. It is a styling exercise to add chic style to active-type outfits and even add sportiness to chic outfits. Can we really make sporty chic? Many have tried. But just because you try something doesn't mean it will work. Trying the athleisure style is something tried by the likes of males and females alike. But as we all know, feminine fashion is more versatile. So you'll see a lot more of females trying to balance sporty and chic. I mostly will look at the feminine side of athleisure.

Since this is the first post of 2017 on "StyleSpace by JBM"...


Now onto the main points of this topic.


I can't really find a decent picture to use to define this trend, so I'll go without an image to identify this post.

Athleisure, as I perceive it, is about trying to make active-type fashions stylish or add sporty style to the most chic outfits. Think athleisure as the combination of "athletic" and "leisure." Athlesiure is basically what it sounds like. There are two dynamics to athleisure. The first is to try to play up active outfits by wearing items to add chic appeal. Commonly, an easy example could involve pairing active leggings with high-heel pumps. There are also those who take jogger pants and try to wear some chic shoes with them. On the other hand, there's trying to take an outfit that is in no way active, yet easily add some sporty elements to it. An example would be having a lovely sundress or a dainty maxi dress and wear some active sneakers with them. Or maybe one takes a T-shirt and denim jean shorts look and pairs them with some active trainers. Another possibility in athleisure is wearing a sports bra as a cropped top paired with maybe some jeans or a frilly skirt. The options are out there, and there is no "wrong" way to try to incorporate this trend.

There is a unique play to athleisure that fashionable types try to cash in on. Wearing active clothing is an all-business thing, like wearing work boots and overalls for certain industrial job sites. People may also get the impression that activewear is frumpy even with designers that offer fun and stylish options for active fashion. So to make things less frumpy and more fun, there are those who will try to put together outfits that balance active and chic/casual. Some attempts to try to balance both worlds end up being outfit ruining. Then too, athleisure can be as common as the girl (used loosely) who wears yoga pants but doesn't do any sort of active activities (let alone yoga). Basically those who wear such garments for style or comfort.

Besides all of this, there are those who may simply wear some active sneakers as more comfortable footwear, especially in formal or semi-formal situations. I won't argue much here on that front.

Athleisure Examples.

The blogger I will mention here has had her own take on the trend, though she stresses others have put their own take on the trend. This is not a textbook example of athleisure, but it is her own. This is an example from Cassandra of "Style Cassentials":

"Wild Card Wednesday: Athleisure" (Style Cassentials) « a rather casual dress outfit.

Here is another petite with an athleisure style outfit. This is a jumpsuit styled quite nicely:

"Office Jumpsuit (Athleisure At Its Best!" (Cute & Little) « an active-style jumpsuit styled in a classy way.

This post offers some takes on what you should and shouldn't do in regards to wearing the athleisure style:

"The Do’s and Don’ts of Athleisure Wear" (Cute Outfits) « five different outfit ideas on athleisure.

Maybe I'll offer more proper examples in any future edits to this post.

Video Insight.

Sydne Summer offers her thoughts on athleisure with this video:

^ How To Dress Sporty Chic

Athleisure: Final Thoughts.

Should you try the athleisure trend? Who is to say you shouldn't? Most of what I have seen in trying to add sportiness to chic outfits have been failures. You can't expect to introduce some sporty elements and try to properly balance chic and sporty. Many a time have I seen things like lovely skirt and dress outfits ruined because of a poor choice of shoes. Most of you who have been long time readers of my blog know that I think shoe choice is crucial in completing outfits. The wrong pair can throw off an entire outfit. When critiquing certain outfits, I've received some negative responses just because I think a certain pair of sneakers ruined an otherwise fine outfit.

I've seen certain chic dresses and skirts paired with active sneakers that ruined everything. I will be the one to knock an outfit with a charming dress paired with certain sneakers that just ruin the balance of the outfit. For example, this is like pairing basketball sneakers with a short formal dress. It may look "cute," but it ultimately looks terrible. I actually seen this when I saw a High School basketball game on the ESPN networks where a reporter wore a pretty black formal dress with some basketball shoes. And I was thinking... NO!!! What were you thinking?

I guess if you were to try athleisure, I would mostly stick to certain pieces that don't entirely ruin the outfit. For a sporty office-style outfit, maybe try a dressy blouse with some dressy pants and some active trainer sneakers. Considering the sensual appeal of active leggings, it is also possible to go with active leggings and some chic pumps, chic sandals, or even chic boots.

Remember it can be extremely easy to try to merge chic and sporty and ruin the balance of an outfit. So pick proper pieces and avoid making a horrific fashion mistake. Otherwise, I'd stay away from trying to make this style look great. I have yet to see someone actually pull off quality outfits in the vein of athleisure. That's why I am dismissing this trend.

I hope you found this post interesting. Care to discuss this topic? Let's do so! Here's my question to you all:

What is your take on the athleisure trend? How would you style such outfits? Do you actually have to be sporty to enjoy the athleisure trend?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Whatever is Lovely

"Whatever is Lovely" is @heyitslynneg's blog. It used to be a self-titled blog for its creator, Filipino fashionista Lynne Gabriel. She represents the Houston-Galveston area with her fashion posts and other insights. In keeping with trying to offer a number of salutes and mentions to various fashion bloggers, I'm adding Lynne to my latest list. So get to know Lynne a bit as I present this blog post to you all.

Whatever is Lovely

Time to get this one started.

Lynne Loveliness.

Lynne Gabriel hails from the Philippines, by way of the greater Houston-Galveston area. Prior to Houston-Galveston, she even lived in Miami. Lynne's fashion blog features many unique and charming outfits ranging from casual pieces to some chic offerings. Her various outfit posts are met with some unique stories along with very detailed pictures. Most of her outfits consist of some great views of her outfit while the final picture usually details whatever shoes she wears. Besides outfit posts, Lynne also includes various ideas and other insights. As I mentioned previously, the blog known today as "Whatever is Lovely" was once simply called "Lynne Gabriel." Lynne offers some video insight often times as well. I selected a few videos to showcase her. Take a look at her material ranging from fashion to various other insights of hers...

^ Revlite Treatment at Chic Esthetiq in Pearland, TX

I titled this as "Lynne Loveliness." That is usually what I say in regards to her fabulous fashion style. Lynne is beautiful in every sense of the word. She smiles sweetly along with some wonderful hairstyles. A lot of her outfits are mostly some stylish skirt and dress outfits paired with some pretty pumps and sandals. She even can sport a good pair of jeans or any kind of rompers/playsuits. Boots and booties are also part of Lynne's wardrobe. Her style is very diverse, yet she styles items so very well.

What If Lynne Were to Read This?

I am very pleased to come across your blog and your blogging work. I have even enjoyed many, if not all of your outfits. Keep up the great work with all that you do. You have my full respect all the way.

For More Information...

Enter Lynne Gabriel's stylish world by going to www.lynnegabriel.com.

That's all for this post. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Thank you for reading, and make sure you Subscribe to my blog(s) to get more of my content! Take care and be well.

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Cute & Little

(UPDATED: January 8, 2017)
Kileen is @cutenlittle. At least she's honest- she is a cute petite! It was a long time ago I first visited Kileen's blog. Representing the Dallas, TX, USA area; Kileen offers her own insights in fashion as well as parenting. This Taiwanese beauty will be featured in this blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM."


JAN 8 2017 - wrong Twitter handle.

Cute and Little

To continue this look at various personalities I've featured in this blog, I give you another name. Get to know the lady I am about to feature in this post.

Cute and Little... and Awesome!

Kileen is a petite fashion blogger from Dallas, Texas, USA. For as long as I can remember and when I was starting to meet certain petite fashion bloggers, I once visited Kileen's blog "Cute and Little." Kileen's contribution to the fashion blogging scene was in her various "Color Brigade" posts. This is where she showcases various fashion bloggers wearing some fine colors with their fine outfits. Besides posting about fashion, she would also post about parenting and various parenting insights, especially when she became a mother. Kileen remains as stylish and as fun with her work as ever. At times, she has taken her petite fashion insight into videos and some TV appearances. That even includes once for the FOX affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth and also once for Eye Opener TV. I would eventually learn of Kileen's blog as I was trying to find various petite fashion bloggers some time after posting my "Sweet Petite!" blog post on "John's Blog Space." Though she has a YouTube channel, it hasn't much been updated in a long while.

Here is a very old YouTube video of hers. It is provided as a see-and-hear basis as I provide in posts like these:

^ eShakti.com Product Review

Kileen's beauty begins with her charming smile and pretty face. They are then complimented with a fine hairstyle. I most adore Kileen for the energy she exhibits with her outfits. Even if the weather is overcast or rainy, she is stylish sunshine. A lot of her outfits are mostly chic and appropriate either for the office or for elegant occasions. However, she does have a bunch of casual pieces and sometimes active outfits. Many of Kileen's outfits are easy-on-the-eyes beautiful. As someone who has followed her blog for quite a few years, Kileen remains beautiful before, during, and after becoming a mother. Kileen is a petite princess who proudly and stylishly wears her crown.

What If Kileen Is Reading This?

Kileen, I have enjoyed following your work for the longest. I can only wish you the best in everything moving forward in life. I am hopeful you continue providing your incredible fashion style and personality in all of your work. You are an amazing individual. I wish you continued success, good fortune, and a lot more that life has to offer.

Subscribe and Follow to get more posts of mine when they become available. I hope you enjoyed this blog and my others. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Stylish Petite

Annie is a @stylishpetite. If she wasn't, why would she say she is stylish? Once known as "Really Petite," "Stylish Petite" features the fashion insights of Annie. While most of her outfits are mostly classy offerings, Annie also offers a handful of casual and chic offerings. Annie's blog was one among many petite fashion bloggers I would eventually learn of and appreciate. So allow me the opportunity to share "Stylish Petite" with you all in this "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post.

Stylish Petite

Time to chat about Annie and her style. Read on, enthused ones...

Really Stylish Petite.

Annie runs the blog "Stylish Petite." When I first learned of her as I was trying to see various petite fashion bloggers, her blog was then known as "Really Petite." I cared enough about her blog and her outfits that I stuck around to enjoy her work further. Annie expresses herself in a variety of outfits and situations. A lot of her outfit posts are usually from the mirror or in changing rooms. She does a lot of "where-I-stand" posts also. While Annie is a stylish lady, she is also petite. So she showcases some of her fashion challenges in trying to find good-fitting, good-looking clothing in her posts. Rarely does Annie disappoint in finding such fine clothing for her petite frame. I came across her blog as I was trying to learn of various other petite fashion blogs after visiting "Sydney's Fashion Diary" (which was "PetiteLittleGirl" at the time). I stuck around long enough to appreciate and still appreciate "Stylish Petite" even before the name change to "Really Petite."

Annie is beautiful in looks, but she is also beautiful speaking. I think her voice is as beautiful as any of her outfits. Have a listen:

^ 9 Fall Fashion Staples

Annie mostly features office-type fashions and those maybe for elegant occasions. Even still, she will sport a fine jeans outfit for more casual settings. Girly and classy styles make up a lot of her outfits. Comfortable skirts, dresses, and charming separates are often what you will see worn by this fashionista. Her beauty also shines with various light-colored outfits. There is also polka dot garments that tickle Annie's fancy often times. Footwear usually is either a chic pair of pointed-toe pumps or a pair of booties. Also, those booties could either be closed-toe or peep-toe in variety. Annie will also rock a pair of tall boots. Of the many outfits I've seen, I adore ankle-bow pumps and ankle-bow sandals best. There is no limit to the amount of charm and style she brings. All of her outfits are met with her angelic smile and her lovely hairstyle.

Annie surely has her fair share of critics, but I for one think she is a beautiful woman with beautiful style. I don't have a favorite post of hers or a favorite outfit of hers, but I have adored a great variety of her outfits to regard her as an amazing person. Besides fashion, I most admire Annie for boasting hard-working and determined character along with being positive and strong all the while. She certainly has style and certain status if having items like Louboutin pumps and Chanel handbags. Perhaps this is the most beautiful thing about Annie regardless of even her most impressive outfits. I wouldn't have stuck with Annie if I didn't continually believe she consistently and constantly puts together fabulous outfits. I probably wouldn't even have come up with this blog post on her if I didn't believe in her and her style. So to that end...

What if Annie Were to Read This?

Annie, let me personally tell you that I admire your work. You have worn some outstanding outfits and have looked truly beautiful in most, if not all of your outfits. I have long respected you and your work. Haters are going to hate. However, I am no hater, and I don't intend to have a change of heart any time soon on you and/or your style. You are beautiful for more reasons than your fashion style. Your adamant personality and your ability to be impervious to any and all hate makes you every bit as powerful as your visual beauty. Keep up the great work with all you do. Best wishes to you in all aspects of life. Please take care and be well. Most of all... thank you for providing your incredible fashion insight. In addition, I think people should also regard you in terms of being a positive influence in life and business.

For More Information...

Check out Annie's blog here: Stylish Petite. Though this is not an outfit post, I am sharing a memorable post from my reading of "Stylish Petite" (and even from the "Really Petite" days). Take a look at this: "How to Get What You Want in Life and Fashion" (Stylish Petite).

That concludes another post on the stylish space of my blogging universe- "StyleSpace by JBM." Subscribe and Follow if you want more of my work when it becomes available. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Sydney's Fashion Diary

@SydneysDiary was one of the first petite bloggers I followed. Before eventually meeting various other petite fashion bloggers, Sydney's blog (then known as "PetiteLittleGirl") has since become "Sydney's Fashion Diary." It is the blogging space of Sydney and her many different fashion and style insights. Meanwhile here in my blogging space, I will share this post with you all to chat about Sydney and her fashion diary.

As with many of my posts regarding individuals, I am careful not to hotlink images or take quotes from the represented blogs. I do this to avoid potential copyright issues.

Sydney's Fashion Diary

TIme to chat about Sydney and her blog. Let's do this!

Sydney's Stylish Diary.

It was probably 2011 or 2012 I first learned of Sydney Nguyen and her blog eventually known as "Sydney's Fashion Diary." It happened some time after I made a post on "John's Blog Space" regarding petite fashion blogging. I then tried to look up various petite fashion blogs to gauge the appeal of petite fashion blogging. So in a way, you can say Sydney has been a pioneer and a platform towards me meeting various other petite fashion bloggers.

What I like most about Sydney Nguyen is her keep-it-real honesty and commentary. Sydney is stylishly cute with her smile and hairstyle. A lot of her outfits are put together very nicely. She offers a little edge to her outfits while not being some biker chick or some rock girl. Sydney doesn't indulge herself much in trends. She has her own style and her own personality that she lends to her many outfits. Sydney is more leader than follower, and it shows with how she styles outfits and how she exhibits her style.

What If Sydney Were Reading This?

Before meeting many other petite fashion bloggers, I am more than pleased to come across you and your blog years ago. You've somewhat been a trail blazer in terms of finding certain other petite fashionistas that adore your work. So I have you to thank really for having certain lovely petite fashion bloggers online. You are as beautiful today as you were back circa 2012 or so when I first learned of your blog. Best wishes to you in all aspects of life, Sydney.

For More Information...

You can read Sydney's Fashion Diary by going to www.sydneysfashiondiary.com.

What I think is most surprising of bloggers I mention is what kind of impact certain individuals have made or what kinds of inspirations people get based on certain other individuals. So I'm sure people can appreciate it when I say that one blogger has gotten me to appreciate various others. Who else may I mention in my fashion blog? If you enjoyed this blog post and my others, be sure to Subscribe and Follow to some capacity to keep up with my posts! Until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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