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It was in 1946 when Minnetonka Moccasin Company was founded. This Minneapolis, MN, USA-based company offers comfy and stylish footwear. Minnetonka doesn't chase trends, nor do they wow you with of-the-moment chic style; but you will get uniquely edgy footwear with a style all their own. I will showcase Minnetonka to you all in this blog post.

A Note About My "Brands" Posts

I am not paid or directed to post about certain brands the way I do. These are all personal opinion, and all material is provided for educational purposes.


Minnetonka Moccasin Company
^ from: www.minnetonkamoccasin.com - This pair of moccasins is one of many footwear choices offered by Minnetonka.

Minnetonka Moccasin Company is a footwear company founded in 1946. The company offers footwear with very ethnic designs. Many of their footwear offerings are all adorned with fringed details. Those into ethnic type fashions or fringed footwear will be mostly at home with their designs. Their items are offered with bold colors to match the aggressive edge of their footwear. They offer a handful of comfortable moccasins for males and females, and from babies to adults. This isn't some company that pretends to be authentic American but is based in California or someplace. No- this is a true-to-its-roots footwear company offering authentic footwear and other items.

While their footwear is very American and very true to Native American culture, Minnetonka is loved worldwide. These shoes and boots can be great compliments to a number of outfits. They could be best with more Bohemian-type outfits and styles. A pair of fringed Minnetonka boots can easily compliment a Bohemian dress paired with a denim jean jacket or denim jean vest. You do have your options.

Here is some video insight on Minnetonka:

^ "Minnetonka Moccasins - The Minnetonka Story"

This gives you some insight on Minnetonka.

Minnetonka Examples

To show a blogging example of Minnetonka, I give you my blogging friend Cassandra of "Style Cassentials." I picked this post with her wearing some Minnetonka shoes. I also picked this post because it is very nice and has a nice story to it. So have a visit and see this lady sport some Minnetonka shoes:

"Sacred Spaces" (Style Cassentials) « Minnetonka booties.

I could think of other people, but Cassandra was first to come to mind, so I shown off one of her posts.

Minnetonka: Final Thoughts

If you are looking for ethnic style, you would be hard-pressed to find something equal to or better than Minnetonka. Their styles surely are unique and distinctive. I am very much okay with their designs and items. If interested, why not go with a pair of Minnetonka shoes to top off some of your casual outfits or maybe to walk around the house in?

For More Information...

For more information on the Minnetonka Moccasin Company, visit www.minnetonkamoccasin.com/ today. See if you can find some Minnetonka stuff also in this item I have for you:

Thanks for visiting!

Do you like Minnetonka? Take some time and comment away. One note is that this blog post was one I have worked on starting a few years ago... but never completed until now. One such measure is that this blog post had a "John's Shop Space" link, and I discontinued that blog long ago. Anyhow, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Glam Fab Happy

Stylish Serbian Jelena Zivanovic runs "Glam Fab Happy." This is a fashion blog that also contains beauty and travel insights. Jelena shares some of her modeling shoots from her past. In addition, she also designs jewelry. Regardless, there is lots to love about Jelena and the work she provides in fashion, beauty, and travel. It is a positive space with lots of fun insight.

This post marks the start of a new Label, so here is a description:

About the Label: "Other Personalities"

Blog posts under this label feature certain fashionable folks, ranging from fashion bloggers to certain other fashion personalities on sites like LOOKBOOK or even YouTube. The point of these posts is to highlight on certain individuals for their style. Commentary is of my own and may include some honest opinions and critiques on individuals' style. To avoid any possible copyright issues, I usually avoid hotlinking images of the featured personalities and instead will maybe try to find some videos. Of course, any featured material is offered for educational purposes.

Glam Fab Happy

It was some time back in February 2012 when I first found Jelena's blog when it was known as "Glam Fab Chameleon." I know it was around that time because I posted a comment on one of her outfits in February 2012. Anyhow, I have been more than pleased to visit and comment on her blog for the longest. What was once known as "Glam Fab Chameleon" became "Glam Fab Happy" in later times. Yet still, Jelena's style still remained unique and fun. Jelena is not so much about trends, but a lot of her outfits and styles are more color-based. So she could easily come up with an outfit or some beauty touches based on a combination of colors. Jelena even shares some of her jewelry designs as well.

"Glam Fab Happy" is not just a fashion blog. It is also a showcase of travel. Jelena is from Serbia but based in Greece. Considering she is in Greece, Jelena often times features a variety of lovely Greek locales, mostly Greek tropical beaches and islands. There are even a handful of Instagram images of hers she shares weekly.

In addition to her blogging work, Jelena often shares her various insights in YouTube videos. To give you an idea of Jelena and the awesomeness she provides, I invite you to take a look at these videos I selected to feature in this post.

^ VALTOS BEACH: or How to stay fit in Parga!:D

I think Jelena has a voice as pretty as her looks. That is demonstrated in these videos. And as a bonus... one is in English, and the other is in her native Serbian tongue:

^ Small beauty haul + Get to know my "Entertaining side"

^ Make-up idea for Women's Day (in Serbian)

Isn't she awesome? :)


Jelena does a great job offering her various insights in fashion and travel. She in fact has gotten me to better appreciate the beauty of Greece, not to say I haven't had any appreciation of Greece to begin with. I certainly have been used to and fond of Mykonos. I think I've noted Jelena a lot with Santorini. As for the outfits, Jelena brings great energy and personality to her outfits. Never brash or hateful, she just brings wonderful style. I am truly fond of her style and her loveliness.

If Jelena herself is reading this, all I can say is for you to keep up the great work and continue providing great insights both in your blog and in your videos.

Since September 1 (the initial date of this blog post) is her birthday, allow me to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jelena!

For More Information...

If you would like to say hello to my blogging friend, here are (respectively) her blog and YouTube Channel:

Glam Fab Happy
Jelena Z. on YouTube

(Optional) You can say that I sent you to her blog and/or YouTube channel. :)

I actually wanted to feature various fashion personalities for the longest. It's only been now that I've decided to feature fashion bloggers, fashion vloggers, and various other online personalities somehow connected to fashion. I will try to devote more posts towards more individuals in the future. What I am hoping to do is get some people who like fashion to perhaps visit these sites to see the different styles of such individuals while also providing some honest commentary about them. Who else could I feature? You'll have to find out in future posts to this blog. So I hope you enjoyed this post. There will perhaps be more to come in the future. Until then, thank you for reading this StyleSpace by JBM post! Take care and be well.

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When Heels Break

Any wardrobe malfunction strikes fear. Nothing hurts more than when heels break, especially with traditional heeled shoes. Most platforms and wedges usually don't present this risk. However, traditional heeled shoes have this risk. Either shoes that have been so worn or are of cheap quality will see the heels of such shoes break off. If this happens as you're going about, you may fall over and risk injury (and in the worst cases- even death from injuries). Let me set the mood with a picture and a thought I hope no fashionista will ever have to experience:

broken heels
^ from: dressedtoat.wordpress.com - Nothing lasts forever, including heels to shoes.

So what happens when your favorite heels break? Well, you have some options:

• go to a shoe repair shop to have your shoes repaired
• if you are talented enough, repair them yourself
• just buy a new pair of shoes

We all are enticed by the appeal of high heels and stiletto-type heels. Despite their appeal, it can be heartbreaking to see your favorite pair of heels break. Certain heeled shoes can break. In my research of this topic, I've even seen pictures of low-heel and kitten-heel shoes have broken heels. Yes... even low-heeled shoes can have broken heels. I guess for some fashionable types, this may be all the reason to wear something like flat or wedge footwear. The chances of heels breaking on most flats and wedges are next to none!

One of my blogging friends had the unfortunate experience of broken heels. In a somewhat recent post, curvy petite fashion blogger Cassandra of "Style Cassentials" planned on wearing a fine pair of silvery pumps in an outfit post, but they broke on her. Needless to say, the replacement heels were not bad at all. You can read her post here: Wild Card Wednesday: Silver Stripes (Style Cassentials).

I hope no one has to experience having the heels of their shoes break. However, and unfortunately... this does happen. So please be careful when wearing certain heeled shoes. If the quality of the shoes are bad, it may be time for you to find a better pair of heeled shoes. Regardless, please take care as you're wearing heels.

This was a brief post in regards to fashion. If you want to start a discussion, here's a question:

Have you ever had the heels of your shoes broken? Did you try to get them repaired or buy a new pair of shoes instead?

If you enjoy this non-traditional fashion blog of mine, please Subscribe and Follow in some capacity. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Watercolor Fashion

I love art, but never really painting. Clothing with watercolor style offers colorful and beautiful splashes of color. The various watercolor colors can be fun, cute, or even artistic. Watercolor garments can be seen on items such as T-shirts, tunics, blouses, skirts, dresses, rompers/playsuits... just so many different options. The watercolor garments can look like wearable pieces of art. The colors can be light or bold. That can make these garments so fun to wear and so lovely to be seen in.

Want to see some examples of watercolor garments? Take a look at these items below:

watercolor dress
^ from: www.amazon.com - This is a dress with watercolor splashes. Note the various splashes of color that make up this dress.

watercolor tunic
^ from: www.amazon.com - This lovely tunic has many light colors in its design.

watercolor skirt
^ from: www.amazon.com - This is a watercolor midi skirt with a wonderful artistic design.

watercolor romper playsuit
^ from: www.amazon.com - This floral romper/playsuit has some soft and pretty colors.

These are only a few examples of watercolors in fashion. As you can see from the various examples, there are many ways and styles watercolors are incorporated into outfits. The different colors and styles can be fun. These are surely items to enjoy in the warm weather months.

Conceptual Outfits...

What would I come up with if I were to structure an outfit with some watercolor garment? There are two, actually.

• The first outfit I have in mind is a white maxi dress with many splashes of pastel colors. Alternatively, maybe a white maxi dress with a bold set of watercolor splashes. I'd then pair them with some wedge sandals or some cute platform peep-toe wedge shoes.

• The other outfit I have in mind is a lovely white long T-shirt or tunic with many different watercolor splashes of color. I would then pair them with some cuffed cropped jeans and a cute pair of boldly colored high-heel wedge sandals or high-heel wedge peep-toe shoes.

Those are two ideas of mine.

Final Thoughts.

These watercolor garments can be wonderful to wear. Especially vibrant splashes of color either to make exact images or abstract images can make these garments fun. So make sure to get yourselves some watercolor colored garments and make some fabulous outfits.

Watercolor Garments Online.

Here are some more watercolor garments for your pleasure. Score yourself some fine watercolor garments here:

Happy shopping!

The post here is over.

How do you feel about watercolor garments?

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Lace-Up Flats

Flats too cute? Try lace-up flats! Lace-up flats have trended lately among the fashion realm. The straps offer character to otherwise comfy and stylish flats. Think of lace-up flats as the flats equivalent of caged sandals or gladiator sandals, only these are slightly more tolerable than either of the aforementioned styles of sandals I mentioned previously in this sentence. Because some think there are some items that are too girly, something like lace-up flats toughens things up a bit while still retaining their girly character.

Lace-Up Flats Example.

Here is a sample of lace-up flats:

lace-up flats
^ from: www.amazon.com - Flats with laces and straps.

This picture is provided so that I properly define lace-up flats. I am not describing flat lace-up shoes in general, I am discussing flats with a lace-up design.

Lace-Up Flats Blogging Example.

For this example of lace-up flats, I give you Annie of "Stylish Petite." She wears a few lace-up flats in this blog post of hers. Take a look:

"WEEKLY OUTFITS AND INSTAGRAM ROUNDUP" (Stylish Petite) « a few lace-up flats worn by the blogger.

There are about three pictures featuring lace-up flats worn by her in this blogger example.

Final Thoughts.

Flats can be cute and/or stylish to wear. Lace-up flats have sort of the character of caged sandals or some gladiator sandals, but the overall appeal of flats still remain. The strappy nature of lace-up flats lend themselves to be more full of character than being overly cute and pretty. So I must say I actually kind of like lace-up flats. Really, I still would fancy a basic pair of ballet flats more than lace-up flats. Still don't overlook lace-up flats if you adore them.

Lace-Up Flats Online.

Help yourself to some lace-up flats by checking out this item below. If you want to get yourself some lace-up flats, I can help!

Thank you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM."

This post is over. Let's get a discussion going...

Do you like lace-up flats? Would you prefer basic flats or lace-up flats?

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Pom Pom Sandals

The pom pom trend is hot right now. And among pom pom items, pom pom sandals have trended greatly. These can range from chic sandals to tall gladiator-like sandals. Are these something you want to wear or love? For many, the answer is no. I actually have found pom poms to be annoying (except the ones cheerleaders use, of course). Not everything adorned with pom pom detail is stylish or cute to me. For the life of me, I can't stand multicolored pom pom outfits, even including pom pom sandals. I don't see the style, and there have been only so few pom pom sandals I liked.

Pom Pom Sandals in Pictures.

So what do these sandals look like? Here are a few pictures to get you going...

pom pom sandals single color
^ from: www.amazon.com - These are pom pom sandals of a single color.

pom pom sandals multicolor
^ from: www.amazon.com - If you prefer multiple color pom pom sandals, this is one example of multi-colored pom poms adorning a pair of sandals.

Blogger Examples.

These examples are provided for educational purposes. So here are some examples of pom pom sandals:

(in Russian - can't translate) (Perventina) « black pom pom high heel sandals.
"Classy with a pop of pom poms" (Cuppajyo) « colorful and ankle tall pom pom sandals.

The first example is actually okay to me.

Final Thoughts.

I hate to disappoint anyone who thinks otherwise on pom pom sandals, but I just can't connect with these sandals or almost anything adorned with pom poms. So you can keep this trend. And you can keep [most] gladiator sandals (that's another story). Perhaps the biggest appeal of such sandals are the dangling pom pom details themselves. Some of them just look like these pom poms were attached on there and look like an extremely hot mess. Almost as if to say, "you know what would make these tall lace-up sandals cute? Pom poms! Let's stick some on semi-randomly!" I fail to adore pom pom sandals for much the same reason why I fail to adore most wedge sneakers. Only I can tolerate wedge sneakers more than I can pom pom sandals. But... that's just me.

Pom Pom Sandals Online.

Agreeing and disagreeing are perfectly fine. If the latter describes your reaction to my thoughts on pom pom sandals, let me make it up to you by offering you this item below. Score yourself some pom pom sandals here:

Happy shopping (if doing any)!

You obviously may have an opinion different from mine, so...

Are you liking the pom pom sandal trend? What do you think about these sandals?

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Need color in your life? Italy's Benetton may have your fix. You may know of the United Colors of Benetton from their colorful advertisements. To motorsports fans like myself, I know Benetton more for the Formula 1 racing team. This is a fashion blog, so the focus on Benetton here is on fashion. What you're going to get out of this blog post is a look at Benetton's fashions. This post is somewhat a casual discussion of Benetton rather than something really detailed.

Brand Disclaimer.

All of my posts regarding certain brands and designers are provided on personal opinion. I am not sponsored or paid to mention such makes, and all commentary is my own. This is not a sponsored or paid blog post. I didn't make this post (or any other) at the request of any certain designer.

United Colors of Benetton

Get to know Benetton with this blog post.

United Colors of Benetton
^ from: (Pinterest) - This is an ad campaign by the United Colors of Benetton.

Benetton Group S.r.l dates back to its founding in 1965. It is a family-owned Italian designer providing fashions for the likes of adults and children. Benetton is mostly known for their colorful fashions. Items such as colorful shirts, pants, shorts, and more make up [especially] the United Colors of Benetton collection. There is lots to be desired from the likes of Benetton.

Benetton in Ad Campaigns.

Here is a sample of one of their ad campaigns:

^ "United Colors of Benetton - Summer 2016 Woman and Man Collection"

This campaign was a very modest one I shown you. Though in the past, Benetton has been criticized before for controversial ads. One of their past campaigns was taken down by Benetton to avoid legal action. In fact, in 2011, the company took down an ad of the pope kissing a Muslim leader as part of its "Unhate" campaign. Benetton has done some other philanthropic type campaigns such as a campaign to end violence against women.

While this post is about the fashions of Benetton, I figured I want to include a bonus section regarding Benetton. Feel free to have a look:

Benetton in Racing (Bonus Section!)

You may or may not follow sports. You may or may not follow motorsports. "StyleSpace by JBM" is a fashion blog. Despite all of this, I at least want to share the Benetton most racing fans know of since I am a fan of motor racing. So take a look at these bits to gain a little understanding of the racing team that sponsored Benetton F1- one of the best Formula 1 teams in history. This was the team for which Michael Schumacher would win one of his many Formula 1 World Championships with.

^ 1992 Benetton B192 F1 V8 Engine PURE SOUND - Ex Schumacher Formula 1 Car

The car in question here is the one Michael Schumacher raced early in his Formula 1 career. He raced for Benetton and won his first of (as of July 3, 2016) seven Formula 1 World Championship reigns starting in 1994 and again in 1995. Michael Schumacher would go on to greater dominance racing for Scuderia Ferrari. This car is powered by a Ford V8 engine. Though he didn't win the championship in 1992 (Nigel Mansell won the 1992 F1 World Championship), this is still one of Benetton's many different fine efforts in Formula 1 racing.

Benetton: For More Information...

For more information about Benetton, please visit www.benetton.com.

Thanks again for visiting my fashion blog! I hope you enjoyed your time here. Feel free to view a lot of my other material here and in my other blogs. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Flip-flop/thong sandals are what most know Brazilian designer Havaianas for. Considering lots of people have at least one pair of such sandals, it's best I discuss Havaianas' footwear here. You may even find something different about this designer. I will be featuring Havaianas here for your pleasure. Hope you enjoy this post!

Brand Disclaimer.

All of my posts regarding certain brands and designers are provided on personal opinion. I am not sponsored or paid to mention such makes, and all commentary is my own. This is not a sponsored or paid blog post. I didn't make this post (or any other) at the request of any certain designer.


Let's get this one started!

Havianas flip-flop/thong sandals
^ from: gobrazil.about.com - Here is a rainbow of Havianas flip-flop/thong sandals.

Havaianas lay claim to being the originator of flip-flop/thong sandals. The first of such sandals from this Brazilian designer originated in 1962 by a Scottish man named Robert Fraser. You surely can't go one day out in public and not see at least one pair of flip-flop/thong sandals of some kind. You may see such sandals from other brands and designers, but it all began with Havaianas. They have offerings for males and females of all ages. Havaianas even come in various collections. Since this is a Brazilian company, their measurements will be much different from the ones you may be accustomed to. So you may need to have some conversions done in case you want to buy their footwear for your feet.

These sandals from Havaianas come in many different colors and designs. Mostly, the usual flat-bottoms with the thong support is what you will get. Nothing too out of the norm from this designer is offered. Besides flip-flop/thong sandals, they also have other kinds of shoes they offer. They also offer espadrilles and rain boots. All items are offered in the same colorful style with a host of colors and patterns. They even offer things like key chains, totes, and even smartphone covers.

Here is some insight on Havaianas. Check this out (WARNING: only in Portuguese):

^ "Havaianas - Adivinho com Susana Vieira"

So as you're trying to find some comfortable shoes to slip on either around the house or even for outfits and you wear flip-flop/thong sandals, be sure to thank Havaianas for providing sandals that are worn as religiously as jeans. Considering so many different designers (including no-name brands) have made their own flip-flop/thong sandals, it is surprising Havaianas doesn't have a stronger presence than it probably should. Think about it for a moment. You'll mostly see Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes, Dr. Martens combat boots, and UGG sheepskin boots; but you rarely see Havaianas footwear much. I think only a few times have I seen Havianas in magazine ads. Perhaps this company has a stronger presence elsewhere, but I just find it a bit odd I don't see too many Havaianas flip-flop/thong sandals as much as I've seen common shoes from common designers.

For More Information...

Learn more about Havaianas by going to their official store at www.havaianas-store.com.

This post has concluded. Thank you for reading! Make sure to Subscribe and Follow this blog (and any others that might interest you) if you enjoy my content. Take care and be well.

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Bikini Bodies

#NationalBikiniDay has me thinking of bikini bodies. To some, the "bikini body" is overrated. Today's culture even accepts petite and curvy figures in bikinis. A bikini is surely empowering and enticing to wear and be seen in. Among mainstream society, only slender types should wear bikinis and be seen in bikinis. So in other words, most petites and especially curvy females shouldn't (at least in terms of mainstream society) be wearing bikinis because they don't have "bikini bodies." As we say, though- "real women have curves." Not every female has a body like Candice Swanepoel (my favorite Victoria's Secret Angel) or somebody. What is most important here is in looking and feeling confident in what you wear. And in this case, looking and feeling beautiful in a bikini.

Let's look at two cases of bikini bodies to prove different points.

Bikini Bodies: Petite.

Petites already face the challenge of looking for finding clothing that elongates their figure as well as not having certain bikinis overwhelm their frame. Also of note are bikini tops that properly cover petites who may have small breasts. Unless a certain petite thinks she is stumpy or not have such an excellent physique, petites often struggle having that "bikini body" that most average types have. For a little insight on bikinis for petites, I found this website. Take a look: How To Find The Right Swimsuit For A Petite Figure (Bella Petite Magazine)

Bikini Bodies: Curvy.

There is a reason why people cringe at the notion of a curvy female in a bikini. People feel sickened in the stomach seeing a female with much more body fat than most average people wearing a bikini. Totally rude and bigoted people would say that anyone with just extra body fat are walking diabetes or something. And because of this, the notion of having biknis for plus-sized females is laughable and confounding to such people.

One thing I have thought long and hard about in doing fashion blog posts is wondering about challenges in fashion. One of them is in plus-size fashion, especially in the case of, "do I try to lose weight to fit in certain outfits for more slender types, or do I try to find great-fitting and great-looking clothes to fit my current body?" Some plus-size females actually do become motivated to try to lose weight to fit into some clothes made for most average bodies. But for the most part, a lot of plus-size females are more trying to look and feel cute with their own bodies and with clothing to compliment them well.

The most important elements of a bikini for a curvy figure is in trying to hold in and support your body well. A big help in silhouettes is in wearing high waist bikini bottoms. High-waist bikinis is something you may want to consider if concerned about your midsection in a bikini. If you feel high-waist bikinis don't look good, you'd actually be surprised at how lovely can look in a high-waist bikini. Even slender types wear them! High-waist bikinis also are stylish among vintage and pin-up types. So don't overlook them if you are curvy. If you are the more daring curvy type,

If you have such a negative opinion about curvy females in bikinis or get easily disgusted at seeing a curvy female in a bikini, then DO NOT watch this video below. I want to demonstrate that you can be curvy and still look and feel fabulous in a bikini. Meet the beautiful Loey Lane (or "Loeybug") as she showcases some swimwear:

^ Swimwear Haul & Try-On | 2016

Bikini Bodies: Petite AND Curvy?

What if you're short-statured AND have a curvy body? To some people, you CERTAINLY don't have a bikini body according to many people. However, bikinis for curvy petite types are not taboo.

The only person I know of best to demonstrate curvy petite style is my blogging friend Cassandra of "Style Cassentials." I picked out this blog post to show you that you can be curvy and petite and still look great in a bikini. Take a look:UNCONDITIONAL BODY BEAUTIFUL - PART 6: BODY HAIR (Style Cassentials)

Bikini Bodies: Pregnant.

Even pregnant females want to look their best wearing a bikini. It is best to consider your body type and find a more than decent bikini to feel comfortable in even as you are due to give birth. One option for pregnant females is high-waist bikini bottoms made for pregnant bellies.

Thanks for viewing this blog post. But before I close this one out, let me offer some final thoughts.

Bikini Bodies: Final Thoughts

Amid what mainstream society may think, ANY female can be confident in wearing a bikini. Wearing a bikini should be as empowering as wearing the most beautiful and most feminine of dresses. Society just has a way of thinking only females with absolutely fit bodies can sport bikinis. However in recent times, people have been more accepting of various body styles, including (and especially) curvy figures. The "bikini body" is really overrated to a lot of people. With options that provide great coverage and exceptional style, almost ANY body is beautiful enough to sport a bikini. That's right- I said it. EVERY body is a bikini body. Now go rock a bikini already, fashionistas of the world!

I may update this post with some more content if I feel I can offer more insight.

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Betsey Johnson

@xoBetseyJohnson is high-end girly-girl goodness. Vibrant colors and patterns make her products enticing. Her personality and her fine designs are well revered and respected among all of fashion. She also does cartwheels and splits! I would like to open the floor to discuss Betsey Johnson and her amazing personality and style.

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Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson. Get to know her.

Betsey Johnson
^ from: (YouTube) - Betsey Johnson is a teenager in a grown-up's disguise. She is so youthful in all she provides in fashion.

Though born on August 10, 1942; Betsey Johnson is one of the most youthful, colorful, fun, and girly fashion personalities. She embodies girly charm like many others much younger than her. The Connecticut-born Betsey Johnson is best known for her flamboyant and girly fashions. Betsey Johnson is a high-end designer who truly delivers amazing fashions.

Betsey Johnson designs colorful and expressive fashions with plenty of girly charm. You may not find anything sexy or revealing of hers, but you will find colorful and fun fashions that are nothing short of amazing. All or most of her clothing offerings are quintessential girly items and touches. These include things like ruffles, frills, fun patterns, colorful and peppy color combinations, and so much more. If you are looking for something edgy or sexy, you're probably not going to find it in Betsey Johnson's lineup of fashions.

In addition to fashions for women, Betsey Johnson even offers some accessories, home decor, jewelry, handbags, footwear, and even lingerie. She even offers fashions for girls. There was a reality show of hers called "XOX Betsey Johnson" back on the old Style Network showcasing Betsey and some of her personal life. I think I seen episodes of that show before.

Video Insight.

If you think Betsey Johnson sounds cool, check her out in action:

^ "House Of Style | Ep. 6 | Betsey Johnson: This Is Me"

Honestly... how cool is Betsey Johnson?

Betsey Johnson: Final Thoughts

Betsey Johnson is legendary in more ways than one. She lends her unique and flamboyant personality to her fashions and her products that is well-respected. I don't think Betsey Johnson can care less about what the latest trends are in fashion- she is a leader and not a follower. As a high-end fashion designer, I'd say her goods are definitely worth every penny for fashionistas who want to look and feel fabulous. One will have no problem looking and feeling fabulous with Betsey Johnson and her fashions.

For More Information...

To shop styles from Betsey Johnson or to learn more about her, visit www.betseyjohnson.com. You may even find some Betsey Johnson goods here:

Happy shopping (if doing any)! :)

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