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Elegance, grace, and empowerment- ladylike charm is powerful. It is maturity and great confidence which define some of the most elegant and ultra-feminine outfits. This blog post is a celebration of feminine outfits and styles that turn everyday ladies into beautiful goddesses. I want to make this blog post to share styles that are ladylike and charming. You're not going to find any grungy stuff here, nothing absolutely casual, none of this borrowed-from-the-boys crap... this is all about ladylike charm. So if you're ready, allow me to offer my celebration of ladylike style.

You should probably know that I'm a guy talking about ladylike fashion. Of course, this is all professional and real. I do hope you enjoy this post and all it has to offer.

Ladylike Style

What do I think defines ladylike style?

(NOTE: Some of these items may be featured in other posts here on StyleSpace, or may even be considered for future topics on StyleSpace.)

I think what defines ladylike style includes the following (among other aspects):

empowerment - a female with a bold persona and character with her clothing is able to exhibit ultra-feminine, ultra

pure confidence - a confident woman is a beautiful woman. She who is able to take chances and admire her style in some of the most feminine fashion pieces and touches is one who exhibits great confidence.

fun and comfort - While being confident and empowering are both great qualities, it also helps the lady in question is comfortable in what she wears and has fun. Such fashions should be fun and comfortable, and so should the lady wearing such feminine pieces.

Now that you have an idea of what I am considering to be ladylike, it is time I offer some of the key points regarding ladylike style.

Ladylike: Examples

Now for some fashion examples to exhibit ladylike style. This is not a definitive list of items, but a host of items to exhibit what I think equates to ladylike fashion based on fashion pieces.

NOTE: All of the following images are provided for educational purposes.

Ladylike: Elegant Skirts and Dresses.

ladylike elegant skirt or dress
^ from: (Pinterest) - Elegant skirts and dresses can make a female feel absolutely beautiful.

I once read this statement: "you're a woman. Wear a dress." Because skirts can be as elegant as dresses, I labeled this section about both skirts and dresses. The emphasis here is on more elegant pieces. Therefore, I am not counting anything like a denim jean skirt or anything. Wearing an elegant dress or skirt epitomizes ladylike elegance. The right kinds of elegant skirts and dress can make one feel like a princess or a goddess. Such garments don't have to be overly formal, though. Some can simply be elegant enough to where they don't borderline formal wear. Once you find an elegant skirt or dress, all you would need is to find an equally elegant pair of shoes or sandals to compliment your elegant loveliness. Speaking of shoes...

Ladylike: High Heels.

ladylike high heels
^ from: (Pinterest) - "The higher the heel, the hotter the girl," or so I read from one fashion blogger.

High heels elevate you not only visually but also mentally. Wearing them show you are in control. I must note that high heels can easily go from classy to trashy with the wrong set of heels. You don't want that if you are trying to exude ladylike class. You are best served with a chic pair of pumps or sandals. You know- more like office-appropriate pumps or sandals. The high-end types would be served with heels the likes of high-end designers like Louboutin, Manolo, or anything like that.

I will actually count oxford pumps as elegant footwear. Remember we are talking about classy and chic footwear options here.

Ladylike: High-Heel Peep-Toes and Open-Toes.

ladylike high heel and platform peep-toe or open-toe pumps
^ from: (Pinterest) - Peep-toe and open-toe shoes can be elegant, especially those with high heels and/or platform bases.

As a retro style, I tend to find peep-toe and open-toe shoes to be elegant. I prefer them with high heel shoes and platforms. The peep-toe look just don't look right with flatforms, low-heel shoes, or flats. That's just my personal opinion. Even platform peep-toes ranging from pumps to wedges offer fine elegance. Note that I didn't mention peep-toe boots at all in this section. That's because I don't see boots as elegant footwear, and peep-toe booties aren't elegant to me. Remember- we are discussing elegance in regards to ladylike style.

Ladylike: Off-Shoulder.

ladylike off-shoulder
^ from: www.tobi.com - Even at their most casual, off-shoulder tops and dresses offer uniquely feminine elegance.

Showcasing your shoulders is a touch of elegance to me. Even more so with actually elegant garments. So this section pertains more towards elegant blouses and dresses with off-shoulder designs rather than certain tops that are strapless or don't cover the shoulders. There is a romantic quality to the off-shoulder look. And even if people think the off-shoulder look has overstayed its welcome with so many fashionistas rocking the look, at least this is something that exudes elegance and isn't the work of posers/poseurs.

Now for an unconventional concept of ladylike charm...

Ladylike: Pin-Up.

ladylike pin-up girl
^ from: www.huffingtonpost.com - Pin-up girls are uniquely ladylike, though not elegant in the least sense.

If you fancy more vintage style, one ultra-feminine and ladylike deal is pin-up girls style. A lot of the styling touches with certain pin-up outfits and styles are very ladylike in my opinion. This is a more unique kind of ladylike style, though. It isn't exactly like the elegance I've preached constantly in this blog post. Still, the enticing view of a beautiful woman is portrayed in romantic ways with most pin-up girl images. Most of the key elements of ladylike charm present in most of the other elements I discussed in this blog post.

These are among many different ladylike touches. Or at least, to me.

Ladylike: Blogging Examples

These are blog posts I semi-randomly found to exhibit what I consider to be elegant or ladylike. These are only a few examples to prove the point of ladylike style. Follow these other blogs if you enjoy their work:

"ladylike" (keiko lynn) « cutely feminine black and white skirt outfit.
"The Temptress" (Style Cassentials) « an elegantly daring off-shoulder dress.
"Czarna dluga suknia z rozcieciem, cieliste rajstopy i szpilki" (Ari-Maj) « an elegant long dress with a high front slit.
"Via col vento" (Unconventional Secrets) « an elegant (if daring) mini dress with elegant sandals.
"Fame And Partners: My New Custom Made Dress" (Sensible Stylista) « a custom-made elegant dress.

I may add a few more links to prove the point here if I find any more interesting outfits.

Ladylike: Final Thoughts

The premise of this blog post is about ladylike style. You don't have to be overly elegant to exude ladylike style. This all boils down to confidence and charm. For any fashionista, some of these fashion touches are either the best of ladylike style or the epitome of girly-girl style. Either way, ladylike style is nothing to half-step or misconstrue. So go ahead and exhibit your classiest, most elegant, and most empowering examples of ladylike style. Be the goddess you were born to be. Own it, girl! :)

I hope you found this blog post to be great. So let me ask you (in case you want to discuss)...

What other elements or touches do you find to be ladylike? Do you agree or disagree with some of the items I find as being ladylike?

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Redhead Illusion

Enter the fashion realm of @RedheadIllusion. Menia is a fashionista with her own unique personality and charm. Her LOOKBOOK outfits have gotten me to enjoy her style a great deal. She has a unique charm that makes her stand out. I will try to introduce Menia and her blog to you all the way only I can. So welcome again to "StyleSpace by JBM!"

Redhead Illusion

Born in Germany, "Redhead Illusion" is the fashion blog of Greek fashionista Menia Joannidou. Her style isn't just unique because she has red-colored hair. She just has a fabulous way of dressing with her chic outfits. There is nothing concrete that defines her fashion style. So it's safe to say Menia offers a little of everything in how she dresses and in what outfits she puts together. Her posting on "Redhead Illusion" dates back to 2013. So she has been posting for quite some time.

Final Thoughts.

Menia is really a lovely lady. She brings great energy to her outfits and look wonderful all the while. Her outfits are great. Though not all about trends and such, Menia does manage to showcase some fabulous outfits while also looking fabulous herself. I adore her material whether on LOOKBOOK or in her blog.

For More Information...

Visit Redhead Illusion at www.redheadillusion.com.

JUST TO SAY... Maybe my favorite outfit of hers is a post called "Sail Away...!". You can search for that post in her blog should you visit.

Remember- you can always follow other bloggers if their work interest you. That's why I do these things. Remember that "StyleSpace by JBM" is all about fashion and style. Everything somehow connects towards fashion in these posts, so be sure to enjoy this one. Anyhow, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Alina Lewis

Alina Lewis is gorgeous and enticing. Born in the Czech Republic, she is a designer and model which immaculate style. She is best known for her "Class is Timeless" designer Italian scarves. It was on LOOKBOOK that I first learned of her. This lady is one of elegance and confidence. I will try to feature her as best as I can with this rather brief blog post.

Alina Lewis

More about Alina Lewis is coming up. Get ready...

Alluringly Alina.

(Born: April 6, 1993)-year old Alina Lewis is a fabulous fashionista. The Czech beauty has exceptional style. Her modeling shoots are charming wearing outfits ranging from casual pieces to ultra-feminine pieces. What is most appealing about Alina is her body. She has an enticing body which lends plenty of romantic appeal to the outfits she wears and in the modeling pictures she takes. She exudes great confidence in herself being 5'10" (178 cm) with a DDD bust.

Alina Lewis created a collection of scarves called "Class is Timeless." These are Italian-made scarves offering up classy and chic appeal for those who want to make a stylish statement. Alina has also published a book called "The Good Girl, the Better Girl." This is a small book offering accessorizing tips and ideas.

Here is a video sample of this lovely lady:

^ Alina IG VLOG

Final Thoughts.

Alina Lewis is quite beautiful to me. She exudes a level of ladylike elegance unmatched by anyone. She also exhibits a great deal of class with herself and her image. Even for her DDD bust, Alina exhibits herself with class and dignity with her modeling. She is deliciously sweet eye candy from her many different pictures. I admire Alina Lewis for her exceptional style and charm, and I also admire her for being so positive and confident in herself. When you can be as charming as she is, you would market yourself as an incredible entity as well. So she is definitely someone to look up to in regards to being confident in yourself and your looks.

For More Information...

To learn more about Alina Lewis and to shop for her items, please visit www.alinalewis.com.

This post is over. I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) if you want more of my content. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Dépêches Mode

Gwendoline of @depechesmode is an adorable French fashionista. I learned of her on LOOKBOOK before learning of her blog. From Caen, France; Gwendoline is a stylish femme with many different insights in fashion and travel. Allow me to showcase Gwendoline and her fashion blog with this post here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

Dépêches Mode

Let's talk more about this French fashionista.

Gorgeous Gwendoline.

Gwendoline's blog is a fine piece of work. She shares her insights in fashion and travel in her blog. A lot of her style is girly and sweet. When you see Gwendoline and her outfits, the first thing that strikes you is her playful and sweet demeanor. She doesn't try to be fierce or hateful. Gwendoline just has a personality that is fun and cute, and her fashion style is a reflection of her cuteness and her charm. Her blog is mostly in French, but her style translates well in any language. With her travel insights, Gwendoline has traveled across Europe. She has even been to places such as Mexico and Thailand.

Besides LOOKBOOK and her blog, Gwendoline also extends her insights on Instagram and YouTube. Here are a couple of videos showcasing Gwendoline:

^ En couverture du magazine AsYouLike !

^ Welcome to my new blog !


Gwendoline, to me, is adorable. She is so cute! Her smile is pretty along with her nice hairstyle. I even think her cheeks are cute, making her pretty smile even more so. A lot of her outfits are also pretty. Simply put, Gwendoline is as pretty as almost anything cute you can think of. I really enjoy seeing her outfits and her pictures. Her cuteness will really grab your attention. Gwendoline is the most adorable fashion bloggers online, if not one of the most adorable.

If Gwendoline Were Reading This...

You are a very lovely lady. I enjoy seeing your pictures. You have great charm and style that has me keep coming back to see your latest outfits. I hope you are well with all of your work. I wish you continued success to you in future endeavors.

For More Information...

Why not pay a visit to Gwendoline's blog? Do so here: depechesmode.com.

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Unconventional Secrets

Italian beauty @MuratoreManuela runs "Unconventional Secrets." It is no secret Manuela (better known as "ManueLita") is a beautiful fashionista. This charming lady shares her fashion insights in her blog. Manuela's outfits range from classy pieces to a handful of ultra-feminine pieces. She even will showcase her beauty wearing some fine swimsuits. She covers the bases well, so to speak. The "Unconventional Secrets" blog has been around since 2014. She sometimes shares her style insights across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube.

This blog post is about Manuela Muratore and her fabulous fashion blog. To avoid any sort of copyright issues, no images from her blog will be shown here.

Unconventional Secrets

Let's talk about the beautiful Manuela. Remember that all featured material is offered for educational purposes.

Magnificent Manuela.

Manuela Muratore (or "ManueLita") is a fabulous fashionista from Italy. Since 2014, she has run the fashion blog called "Unconventional Secrets." "Unconventional Secrets" features Manuela sporting a vast number of outfits. Those outfits include casual pieces, chic outfits, and even swimwear. She could be seen wearing a classy pants suit or even an elegant dress. When the beach or resort comes calling, you can find her in some rather cute bikinis. All the while, she smiles sweetly and glows with absolute loveliness.

Manuela has even lent her style in videos. She is quite petite in stature, but just as any lovely petite woman, her style is far greater than her petite frame. Here is an example of Manuela in video:

Riserva naturale orientata dello Zingaro a bordo del catamarano Penelope


To be rather petite, there is big beauty in little Manuela. Her wavy, curly hair is beautiful along with her cute smile. It is easy to be awed by her sweet looks. I think you are going to be quite fond of the various fashion pieces and outfits she puts together. Manuela is a very beautiful woman, and she rarely disappoints with her fashion style and her looks.

If Manuela Were to Read This...

Manuela, you are a gorgeous woman with great fashion style. You have a lovely smile and hairstyle and shine in your many outfits. I enjoy all or most of your work. I can only wish you bigger and better things for you in the future. Have a great day/night, take care, and be well.

For More Information...

Visit "Unconventional Secrets" by going to unconventionalsecrets.blogspot.com.

I am glad you were able to drop by to read this post. Please have yourself a great day/night! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Dawn P. Darnell

Dawn P. Darnell has fashion, fitness, and parenting insights. This adorable fashionista offers a host of insights and covers all of those insights impressively well. Her site features a wonderful blog that features her insights. It is time I showcase her blog in my own. So welcome again to "StyleSpace by JBM!"

As with any of my featured posts on certain bloggers, I will not use any pictures from Dawn's site in avoiding any copyright issues.

Dawn P. Darnell

Get to know Dawn a bit, eh?

Dawn of a Stylish Superstar.

Dawn P. Darnell is a lovely fashionista based here in the Houston-Galveston area. She is a petite Filipino blogger who covers much more than fashion. I mostly follow Dawn for her fashion. And to that end, her fashion insights range from casual pieces to more elegant and chic outfits. She even has some active outfits as part of her wardrobe. A lot of Dawn's different topics are spread apart Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even YouTube. Here is an example of Dawn on YouTube:

^ Hair Tutorial: Big Sexy Curls with a Flat Iron

As I mentioned, Dawn P. Darnell is adorable. She has such a pretty smile and a fine hairstyle. Her vibrant and fun personality are exuded very well with her outfits. This little lady has a quite amazing body. Staying fit and eating right and such helps keeps her body looking great with her outfits.

If Dawn Were to Read This...

You are a beautiful lady. I adore your style and your fun personality. Truly amazing work you do. Keep up the great work! Maybe some of my readers worldwide will get to visit your site and see your various posts.

For More Information...

To visit Dawn P. Darnell's site, visit www.dawnpdarnell.com, and go specifically to her blog at www.dawnpdarnell.com/blog. Visit her site to also follow her social media accounts.

This concludes another post of "StyleSpace by JBM." I hope you enjoyed it. Or did you? If so, please Subscribe and Follow to my work. It would mean a lot to me if you did so. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Marriage is a life-changing, life-altering occasion. The opportunity to join in everlasting love with someone who completes you is something that is not to be taken lightly or to underestimate. You want to make the wedding as special as possible. You may or may not get another chance to get married or even re-marry. Have you a wedding dress to look and feel as beautiful as you are? If you answered no, allow me to present Millybridal (styled "millybridal") to you. While millybridal specializes in wedding fashion, they also offer various other formal-type dresses. This blog post features millybridal and the products they offer.

Special Message...

If you are getting married or being part of a wedding, allow me to congratulate you! I wish you everlasting love and happiness together.

Before I Begin/Disclaimer:

This post is sponsored by millybridal. While this is a sponsored post, the opinions are of my own based on my researching of this topic. I was contacted by this company asking if I wanted to do a sponsored post, and I agreed.

You can learn more about millybridal with a link provided towards the end of this blog post.


Allow me to introduce millybridal to you.

About millybridal.

millybridal is a Chinese fashion designer founded in 2003 by Mr. Feng Yu. The cost of providing high-quality wedding wear can be high, so the premise of millybridal is to provide lovely wedding wear at affordable prices. This company at least wants to make weddings a touch less expensive apart from things like wedding planning. Though a Chinese-based company, millybridal has establishments in the United States, Europe, and Australia. millybridal offers wedding dresses and even wedding footwear for brides to be and even for the various bridesmaids. While the company has "bridal" in it, they also offer prom dresses. So any of you looking for stylish prom dresses are also on the minds of those at millybridal. millybridal's range of products include wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mother dresses, flower girl dresses, shoes, prom dresses, and certain other formal-type dresses. In other words... something for every lady for weddings or proms. Quite the portfolio.

Speaking of portfolios, let me share with you some of the items offered by millybridal. That is the next section of this blog post.

millybridal: Products

This section of the blog post features a handful of items offered by millybridal. The main point is to share some of the different items they offer. You are welcome to shop for these specific items if they interest you. While I only feature a few items here, they have many more items to share. So be sure to visit their website for more items. For now, though, here are some sample items from my researching of this topic.

NOTE: Each of the items are offered in a variety of sizes. Sizes for all or most of their garments start at a US size 2 (UK size 6 or EUR size 32) and go up to a US size 26w (UK size 32 or EUR size 56). Many of the items featured here are available in a number of different colors and styles. If you want to shop for millybridal's products, currencies are listed in pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), and US Dollars (USD). You can change currency types from the website.

millybridal: Wedding Dress Shopping - Brides.

Whether you prefer a wedding dress or any kind of formal dress, Millybride has some thing for every lady. Let's focus on wedding dresses first.

Let me share with you a wedding dress I found to be lovely as I was researching this topic:
millybridal Ball Gown Scoop Neck Tulle Appliques Lace Sweep Train Long Sleeve Beautiful Wedding Dresses
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - Here is a wedding dress made for a princess.

What makes this dress beautiful to me are the fine lacy details along with the very modest style. Despite its modest and dreamy design, there is an open back to its design. It still remains a fabulous dress for the woman who wants to feel like a princess in a gorgeous wedding dress.

If the last wedding dress was too "cute," check this one out:
millybridal Sheath/Column Scoop Neck Chiffon Tulle Sweep Train Appliques Lace Modern Wedding Dresses
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - This wedding dress was meant more towards garden weddings or beach weddings.

A wedding dress like this is great for a bride-to-be to bare her legs and perhaps even her pumps or sandals. Those with garden or beach weddings would be best served to wear a dress like this with elegant showing of leg.

millybridal: Wedding Dress Shopping - Bridesmaids.

The bride obviously wants to look her best. So too, though, do bridesmaids. And here is an example of a fine bridesmaid dress from millybridal:
millybridal Hot A-line Chiffon Ruffles Sweetheart Light Sky Blue Bridesmaid Dresses
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - This is a bridesmaid dress with a romantic strapless style.

This would be the kind of dress to make bridesmaids look great. Great to show unity. However, what if you (as a bridesmaid) wanted to stand out a bit or wear something a bit more? Take a look at this millybridal bridesmaid dress:
millybridal A-line Scoop Neck Chiffon with Lace Asymmetrical Dark Navy Bridesmaid Dresses
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - This high-low/mullet dress is a more spicy number for bridesmaids.

Here is one more daring dress for bridesmaids. Check this out:
millybridal Silk-like Satin Sweep Train Ruffles Discount Backless Trumpet/Mermaid Bridesmaid Dress
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - These mermaid=like bridesmaid dresses have a deep backline and spaghetti straps. Make a stylish splash with these mermaid bridesmaid dresses.

millybridal offers bridesmaid dresses ranging from mild to wild. So look around on their site for more.

millybridal: Wedding Dress Shopping - Mothers.

Mom deserves to look fabulous seeing her offspring get married. To that end, millybridal has various dresses ranging from shorter dresses to longer ones. Let me show you some interesting ones I came across in my research of this blog topic...

millybridal Short Sleeve Perfect V-neck Chiffon Bow Short/Mini Mother of the Bride Dresses
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - This fairly short mother's dress has somewhat of a wrap design to it. The bow along the waist is a lovely touch to this lovely dress.

And here's another one:
millybridal Beautiful Scoop Neck Chiffon with Ruffles A-line Closed Back Mother of the Bride Dress
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - Despite it being a longer dress than the previous one, this dress is a bit on the hot side with cutouts offering romantic baring of cleavage along with a flash of midriff. The back of this dress is fully closed.

And why not... one more!
millybridal Lilac V-neck Chiffon with Appliques and Beading Floor-length Mother of the Bride Dresses
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - Mom is queen! This is a dress sure to make almost any mom look and feel like a goddess.

Moms deserve to look as fabulous as they want, and these dresses will do just that.

millybridal: Other Dresses.

Here is a quick rundown of some of millybridal's other offerings.

millybridal Ball Gown Off-the-shoulder Satin with Beading Floor-length Prom Dress
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - This is a beautiful prom dress with an off-shoulder design.

millybridal Casual Red Lace Tulle Scoop Neck Short/Mini Cap Straps Prom Dresses
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - Prom dresses, such as this one, are playful and fun for the girl who is equally fun and playful. This can also be a fine cocktail dress.

millybridal: Shoe Shopping.

So you have that dream dress in mind. What about your footwear, though? millybridal offers many different formal and chic footwear ranging from pumps to sandals. The shoes offered are high-heel formal pumps and sandals. Nothing too over-the-top are offered among the formal shoes.

Allow me to present you some examples of the footwear offered by millybridal. If the items interest you, you can click on the images to visit millybridal's website to shop for them.

millybridal satin buckle pumps
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - Satin pumps with a buckle design around the ankles.

millybridal snake stiletto heel pumps
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - This is a wild pair of pumps with a snake design on the heels.

millybridal patent leather stiletto pumps
^ from: uk.millybridal.org (click to shop) - Fierce mary jane pumps with plenty of straps.

Multiple shoes of multiple sizes are offered from millybridal. If you want to see more of their shoes and the sizes offered, then visit millybridal's website.

millybridal: Final Thoughts

millybridal has themselves a fine assortment of wedding dresses and other women's formal clothing for all to enjoy. One only needs to look at the many different offerings to see the range of styles to help women look and feel their best. The company also provides these various offerings for various sizes. You therefore (as a plus-size lady) don't have to exercise vigorously to try to fit into their items. Every lady deserves to look and feel as fabulous even for formal occasions, and millybridal provides this kick of fabulous to help ladies look and feel as fabulous as possible.

I would like to thank millybridal for bringing their brand to my attention in putting together this blog post. I am hopeful that maybe readers of "StyleSpace by JBM" can get to check out millybridal and their offerings.

For More Information...

I only included so many of millybridal's products. To see more of their offerings, including some material I did not discuss in this blog post, please visit their website at uk.millybridal.org.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Make sure to Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) to see more of my content and to know when that new content becomes available. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Denim Bottoms With Fishnet Tights

Denim with fishnet tights is quite edgy. If you love any kind of damaged denim as well as fishnet tights, you may be tempted to combine both into your wardrobe. There is nothing "cute" about this style exercise. This is a style exercise for the "bad ass" set (pardon my language). How do I feel about this one? My latest blog post will answer that question- and perhaps many others.

Here is a look at the style I will be discussing:
denim with fishnet tights
^ from: www.polyvore.com - Damaged denim is already tough; adding fishnet tights under denim adds more toughness.

denim jean shorts with fishnet tights
^ from: (Pinterest) - Here are a simple pair of fishnet tights worn with denim jean shorts.

Before I begin, let me say for the record that I never particularly been excited over tights, especially not fishnet tights. I also never been excited over damaged jeans, even including the busted knee jeans look. So you can imagine already how I feel about the look. I already have shown my dislike of denim jean shorts with tights or leggings long ago. Denim bottoms with fishnet tights just do not appeal to me at all, and there is no way to make the look to where I honestly adore it even remotely. You can't make the look cute or chic by going with stylish pumps, boots or booties, or sandals. Sneakers with this look are even worse.

I think this look is horrible. You may think otherwise, but I'm not feeling this look at all. Then again... you don't visit my blog and read its posts to get popular opinions. I'm sorry if my disapproval hurt your feelings, but I'm honest here. Some are able to pull the denim + fishnet tights to something at least acceptable. Most others, though, fail. Since a better majority fail with this look in my eyes, I have to be on the "disapprove" side of the look.

Time for you to sound off if you want to start a discussion...

To you, denim + fishnet tights = ???

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Stirrup Pants

Stirrup pants were a thing back in the '90s. Of late, they are a thing today as well. Yet another returning trend is that of stirrup pants. These are legging-like pants with a stirrup design extending down to the feet. The good news is that you don't have to worry about these pants with rolled up legs or anything. Such pants would likely be good for tucking into boots. In this day and age, designers are trying to make stirrup pants more stylish and chic, much like how people have tried to make over-knee boots stylish apart from the *adult entertainer* over-knee boots. Vogue Magazine reported on stirrup pants being trendy for Fall/Autumn 2016.

Here is an example of stirrup pants:
stirrup pants
^ from: shop.lululemon.com - An example of stirrup pants.

I honestly have been rather tired of leggings and tights-like garments for years. Stirrup pants don't excite me in the least sense. I would rather enjoy seeing leggings and skinny jeans more than stirrup pants. Even a pair of yoga legging pants are better than almost any stirrup pants. The only appeal I can see to stirrup pants would be as cozy loungewear; but even then, I'd go with leggings instead if I wanted to wear some rather tight pant bottoms. In fact, stirrup pants should remain in the same '80s time capsule, never to be released again. They should be stuck in that time capsule like Cyndi Lauper (who somehow keeps escaping that capsule). I think fashionistas are better off sticking to legging-tight pants if they love them dearly and let stirrup pants die out an insignificant, meaningless death. Harsh words from a usually positive person like myself, but I am just not feeling stirrup pants in the least sense.

Stirrup Pants Online.

Maybe you think differently of stirrup pants? I never claim to be the ultimate voice on whether styles are good or not. There will always be someone who will think otherwise of items whether I love or loathe them. So if you disagree with my views on stirrup pants, and if you want to get your own stirrup pants, I'll make it up to you by allowing you to get yourself a pair of stirrup pants. Take a look at this item I have provided and happy shopping (if doing any)! Treat yourself:

And there you have it.

Time to end this post. But first...

What do you think about stirrup pants? How would you style them?

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Warby Parker

UPDATED: February 16, 2017)

Need some frames? Try @WarbyParker! Established in 2010, they offer stylish glasses and sunglasses for men and women in their showrooms in America and Canada. They have also been heralded for their business model. Needless to say, this is one of the more popular and more successful brands providing eyewear. This is a fairly brief post I have devised to mention Warby Parker and what all they have to offer. With an international audience that visits my blog, I am probably sure this will be a solid brand to mention internationally, not just the United States and Canada.

Here is a picture to set the mood and identify this post (hover over for credits):

Warby Parker
^ from: (Twitter) - Warby Parker does eyewear a bit different from many others.

What Makes Warby Parker Different?

Warby Parker was born in Philadelphia, PA, USA; but they are based in New York City, NY, USA. Unlike how most other eyeglass retailers operate, Warby Parker does things differently. The company has enjoyed a great deal of success because of its business approach and the products they offer. With glasses starting off at about $95 USD, they make all of their glasses in-house and try to establish a direct company-to-customer engagement. The company also offers a Home Try-On service for you to try on glasses and see if they fit you best. That way, you can determine whether or not a set of frames suit you best. Having a stylish pair of glasses to wear should be paramount to us all. For the likes of Warby Parker, being able to see clearly or look cool with stylish eyewear is what matters most.

Metal Mission.

I was contacted online by someone within Warby Parker to promote one of their latest collections. With metal frames being popular, Warby Parker recently unveiled its "Metal Mission" collection. That was the premise behind mentioning Warby Parker in this "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post. You can learn more about their metal frame glasses and sunglasses by visiting their official website shown later in this blog post.

The Benevolent Side of Warby Parker.

In addition to offering their retro-cool glasses, Warby Parker is also quite benevolent. They offer glasses to those in need. These also include eye exams for those who may not otherwise have such access to such resources.

You can learn more about their "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair" initiative by visiting Buy a Pair, Give a Pair.

For More Information...

To learn more about Warby Parker and to check out their vast array of glasses, visit www.warbyparker.com. Visit their website to also find their social media profiles. Warby Parker also has a mobile app, but it is unfortunately only for iOS. Perhaps they'll include an Android app or make the app for other platforms. Anyhow, grab their FREE app on iTunes here: Glasses by Warby Parker: Eyeglasses and Sunglasses (iTunes).

I would like to thank Warby Parker for encouraging me to share their brand today. I am hopeful my reading and visiting audience can get to check out the various glasses offered by Warby Parker. If you enjoyed my blog and my blog posts, please make sure to Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others if you're interested) in some capacity. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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