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Pale Division

The @willamazing Willabelle Ong of "Pale Division" is a stylish lady with a cool fashion style. From casual outfits to very feminine pieces, Willabelle is amazingly beautiful. This stylish Singaporean offers unique style in her many outfit posts and even in some of her older videos. This blog post takes a look at the oh-so-cool lady named Willabelle.

Willabelle at a Glance.

Willabelle Ong is a stylish fashionista from Singapore, by way of Perth, Western Australia, Australia. I learned of her through LOOKBOOK. I later grown to appreciate her fabulous style the more I began to be awed by her fashion style. Willabelle isn't always about the latest trends all the time, but she does provide some unique charm into her many outfits.

Here is fashion insight from Willabelle. She showcases her travel to my personal favorite city in the world- Tokyo, Japan.

^ "A Tokyo Tale"

And yes... hello to all of my Japanese readers who may be reading this post!

I think Willabelle is very cool. Do you think so, too? :)

Willamazing Willabelle.

The stylish journal of Willabelle is her blog called Pale Division. This is where she showcases her style insights with the world. To paraphrase a song from Usher (a native Texan), she got wanderlust and she got it bad. Willabelle features not only fashion insight, but also travel insight as well. She literally travels the world to show off her style and other things. Willabelle has been to places such as Tokyo, Paris, and Venice among many other places. So what you are getting is style along with some travel.

Willabelle has been doing fashion blogging for quite a few years. Needless to say from a lot of her past outfits, her style has mostly evolved to where she has become incredibly chic now compared to a lot of past outfits. Some of her most elegant outfits really showcases how beautiful Willabelle really is. Dramatic dresses complimented with her long hair just makes her beauty come alive. She also is fabulous with various pants outfits. Willabelle has doll-like beauty with many of her outfits, both casual and chic. She is no doubt one of the most stylish ladies in the world.

What If Willabelle is Reading This?

Since learning of you on LOOKBOOK, I have grown to love and appreciate your fabulous fashion style. Besides just fashion, I like to wish you well in everything important to you in life. You are beautiful both in looks and in personality. Keep up the great work with all that you do.

You are (among other things) Willamazing, Willawesome, and Willabeautiful! :D

For More Information...

So you enjoyed my post on Willabelle Ong? If so, visit her blog at www.paledivision.com/, and/or give her a "like" on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Willabelle.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Remember to Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) for more content. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Addict Be Iconic

Marta Purriños of @addictbeiconic is a Spanish fashionista with unique fashion charm. She is known for infusing masculine style with even the most feminine outfits. She can be ultra-feminine in one outfit, then boyish in another. In other words, Marta can be stylish in a feminine way or in a masculine way. Since I have sort of been on critiquing and mentioning certain fashion personalities, I figured mentioning another wouldn't hurt. So let's do another "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post!

Just like with all of the posts of mine regarding other personalities, I am not hotlinking images. I do this to avoid possible copyright issues. Some do allow for images to be featured on other sites as long as credit is given. But still, I will not hotlink images of certain fashion personalities I feature- especially that of fashion bloggers and other online fashion personalities.

Addict be Iconic

Marta Purriños is the personality behind "Addict be Iconic." The biggest draw to this stylish lady from Spain her style is how uniquely she infuses masculine influence even her most feminine outfits. She even describes her style as offering "a splash of masculinity." Depending on your views, this is either a unique touch or ruining outfits. I learned of Marta once on LOOKBOOK. When I got to appreciate her sense of style, I immediately started following her on LOOKBOOK, Facebook, and elsewhere. While I may have not approved or liked all of her outfits, I do have a general appreciation for the sense of style she provides.

Marta's Fashion Style.

When it comes to outfits, Marta plays both ends of the field, so to speak. She will nicely wear a feminine style outfit. I've seen Marta wear some gorgeous feminine outfits. These can be beautiful dresses ranging from midi length to floor-draping gorgeousness. She can wear some feminine lovely pants outfits or jumpsuits. She can even wear some cute shorts outfits. If the beach comes calling, there's Marta in some fine swimwear. If going glam gets boring, that's okay- she'll find a basic T-shirt and jeans outfit with some sneakers or other casual shoes. That's her feminine side... what about the masculine side? Marta still delivers feminine style even with more masculine and boyish outfits, but she does so in a way where she could almost entirely pass as a boy. It is also possible she may not wear lipstick with her outfits. Personally, I am not really as excited seeing a female look incredibly boyish. However, Marta does this in a way that is stylish.

Marta in Videos.

I think Marta is very unique in how she styles her outfits and how she showcases her style. I will feature a few videos featuring Marta. Take a look at this first one as part of a stylish TV spot:

^ "Spot Beurban Marta 30s"

Whether showing feminine style or masculine style (or a little of both), one other thing is beautiful about Marta- her voice. I've heard her speak in a number of videos. While my Spanish has failed me since my High School days, I think she has a very sweet voice. You can listen for yourself speak in her native tongue from this video I am providing for educational purposes:

^ "De Chachocola a Ecoleyendas Urbanas: Marta Purriños"

Like I said, I like her voice.

What if Marta is Reading This Post?

Marta, let me say first and foremost that your fashion style is incredibly unique. You have a certain way to your style that makes you unique among others. I will admit you bring amazing style to the most feminine of outfits... and even the most masculine of outfits. You speak sweetly with a wonderful voice. I have enjoyed many, if not all of your outfits. I wish you continued success in all arenas of life even outside of fashion and modeling. You are no doubt a superstar. To that end... shine on, superstar! :)

For More Information...

Do you want to see Marta showcase her fashion style to you? If so, please visit her site at: http://addictbeiconic.com/. Her old blog at addictbeiconic.blogspot.com.es. Got Facebook? "Like" this lady with this link: Addict be Iconic on Facebook.

NOTE: I learned of Marta's new site as I was trying to research this topic! So you learned of this new site as I have.

Who or what may I feature next? If you're not Subscribed or Followed, you will never know! So make sure you're followed to my work in some way to keep up with my latest blog posts! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Reworked by Nicolle

Denim has its own character. However, what if you wanted denim with a rocker edge? Nicolle Evans and "Reworked by Nicolle" may be of help to you. The Welsh designer @reworkedbynicolle brings rock-style edge to any denim items. Denim doesn't have to be boring anymore! You CAN stand out! Let Nicolle do the work for you. In support of a friend, I figured I offer you all a post about the wonderful Nicolle.

Before I Continue...

This blog post is a casual one in which I haven't been paid or sponsored to discuss this designer. Again- this is just a casual post that I just want to draw some attention to.

Reworked by Nicolle

Now that I have your attention about Nicolle and her work, it's time to offer some extra commentary.

Reworked. Reborn. Real.

Nicolle Evans is someone whom I first encountered on LOOKBOOK. This was a lovely lady with some fine fashion style. I later learned of Nicolle and a certain passion of hers. Using influences from rock music (and some non-rock music), she had a knack for reworking denim outfits with studs and other edgy elements. Nicolle supposedly established "Reworked by Nicolle" back in 2014. I say "supposedly" because I learned this while researching this topic.

While I do admit that rock style culture isn't my thing, I do think Nicolle does a great job showcasing such reworked garments. "Reworked by Nicolle" will really allow for some bad you-know-what style to any denim garment. She even has started making certain non-denim reworked items. For example, she recently re-styled a leather military coat with a handful of her edgy style. So it is safe to say she will have no problem offering unique and expressive reworkings of items, especially those wanting some rock-influenced style to their denim. One needs only look at her various outfits to see what she's all about.

What If Nicolle Were to Read This?

I would like to wish you continued success, Nicolle. Maybe my post could steer some of my readers to your site and gauge your fashion work. I hope my efforts have been enough to try to get a few more people to visit your site and see your work.

For More Information...

Reworkedbynicole.com is where you can see Nicolle's work. Facebook users can visit Reworked by Nicolle on Facebook for a look at her offerings and designs on Facebook. You can also see some of her work from her Tumblog at: Reworked by Nicole (Tumblr). She's also on Etsy, too. Check out her Etsy offerings at: reworkedbynicolle on Etsy.

The post you just read has now concluded. I appreciate your continued support. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Fancy Steps

Candy started Fancy Steps in 2011. In support of a friend, I am making mention to Fancy Steps here on "StyleSpace by JBM." I also want to show support for Candy in this post. I hope you get to enjoy me making this post as I make mention to Fancy Steps to you all. I am not posting here in hopes to make leaps and bounds popularity of Candy or her Fancy Steps clothing line, but I am at least offering a bit of attention to it in hopes to may want to have a visit to her clothing line. So with that said, it's time to start another "StyleSpace by JBM" post!

Before I Begin...

I am not paid or sponsored to mention this company. This is merely a casual post.

Fancy Steps

Let's get to know the personality and the designer with this whole section!

A Taste of Candy.

So who is Candy? Well, Candy is someone I discovered on the blogging circuit back in 2012 or 2013. It was maybe 2012 or 2013 I encountered Candy's blog called "Curves Ahead." It is not only the name of her blog, but also her makeup line. This Southern California girl is a plus-size fashion blogger who expresses her fashion insights (and some other insights) in her blog. A lot of her posts feature various outfits and some makeup touches. Even with her makeup, Candy founded Fancy Steps- her fashion line. A lot of her style is girly and chic. Pretty dresses and skirts are the norm. Other outfits like denim and some legging pants have also been shown among her varied styles. Candy is a beautiful lady with a sweet smile and a charming hairstyle. She sparkles and shines with her unique style. Suffice to say, you could say that Candy has candy-sweet style.

Candy's blog hasn't been updated in a long while, but I did sort of ask if she would entertain the thought of returning to YouTube. That's right- she has a YouTube channel! So I kind of motivated her to make a video and maybe offer a little insight on how much times have changed since her last video (almost three years since her last posted video at that time). This below was that video she made earlier in 2016. Candy even gave a little shout-out to yours truly. :) Check it:

^ "Hello its me again !!"

The video, of course, was provided for educational purposes. Of course... you're welcome for my support and motivation, Candy! :) You can take a look at some of her other videos if you poke around her YouTube channel. I'm sure she would even appreciate you subscribing to her YouTube channel. Visit my YouTube if you like as well. ;)

Fancy Steps.

If you saw the video I posted, Candy noted that Fancy Steps has been around since 2011. Many of the different items featured are made for the stylish lady looking to look and feel as beautiful as she is. The items offered are girly and sweet fashion items. I even semi-inspired Candy to name one of her collections as "Brave," because there were a few items of hers that one would have to be quite brave to wear with some rather daring elements to them (like deep necklines and deep backs). So this designer covers the bases, so to speak.

What If Candy Were to Read This?

Candy, I am very pleased to have followed your blogging work and to have always adored your style. I only hope Fancy Steps grows and evolves. You are a beautiful woman- not only in looks, but also in personality. You have a vision and a plan when you launched Fancy Steps. I am only hopeful things get better for you. Onward and upward is what I wish for you in the future. I extend you my best wishes in all of your endeavors in life.

For More Information...

You can visit Candy's Fancy Steps by going to fancysteps.bigcartel.com. For reference on older styles offered by Fancy Steps, I found this Weebly site. Check it out for some past influence from Fancy Steps: Fancy Steps (old site). Candy's old blog "Curves Ahead" can be seen here: Curves Ahead.

It is a great pleasure of you to visit my fashion blog. Did you know I run three other blogs? You can visit my other blogs and my other profiles by looking at the closing piece below. Show a brother some love, already! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Forever Changed Apparel

#InspiredByDestiny, @carlymaddox and her boyfriend established Forever Changed Apparel earlier in 2016. I am posting this blog post in support of my blogging friend Carly. Forever Changed Apparel is a streetwear clothing company based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA with tops for men and women. I will be using this space and this time to talk more about this company here in this blog post. Maybe some of you will get to see this post and perhaps support this clothing line.

Notes Before I Continue...

This is not a sponsored post. I am not paid anything to mention this or any other designer. I am simply casually discussing this company through my blog.

Forever Changed Apparel

Now that I have some of the basics down, let's continue the discussion on this clothing line.

iCarly, and iAwesome!

Outside of Forever Changed Apparel, Carly Maddox is a fashionable Floridian who runs the fashion blog "A Walk in the Park." Carly's fashion style is almost a mix of three different styles. A lot of her outfits are mostly on the vintage side with various vintage fashion cues. She may also have some girly style with outfits ranging from cute to hot. And some other times, she is all about classic rock and roll. So in a nutshell, Carly does girly, vintage, and rock. It is quite the mix for one of the most unique fashionistas online. Carly has a cute little smirk she gives in her pictures and outfits. Her hair looks wonderful. The kind of vintage vibes she presents make her unique in her appearance. She is no doubt one of the most unique fashionistas in the world, and I have a general overall respect for Carly and her style even if there were outfits I didn't entirely agree with or like fully.

Most of Carly's insights are shared in her blog and on her Instagram. Though rare, she's also posted a video or two. Here is a sample of Carly and her style:

^ "Day + Night Valentine's Day Looks"

I think Carly's voice is cute. What say you? I wanted to post this video just to give you an idea of her looks. This video was also a chance for you to see her style in action.

Forever Changed Apparel.

While Carly's style is diverse, Forever Changed is almost exclusively for the casual and urban set. Items offered are for men and women. They mostly offer T-shirts and sweaters. These are items mostly meant to be worn with something like some destroyed jeans, some sneakers, or maybe even some combat boots. Maybe some females would try to dress up a basic Forever Changed T-shirt with a fancy blazer and/or some high-heel pumps or sandals.

I do wish this company well in offering such apparel to be admired by the casual streetwear set. I also wish Carly Maddox and her boyfriend well with this company. Forever Changed Apparel. Inspired by destiny.

For More Information...

You can visit their official site at foreverchangedapparel.com. If you're on Facebook, "like" Forever Changed Apparel here: Forever Changed Apparel on Facebook. You can visit Carly's blog to see her outfits by clicking on this link: A Walk in the Park, or alternatively, you Facebook folks can give her fan page a "like" at A Walk in the Park on Facebook.

That's it for this post. Subscribe, Follow, and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Preppy Fashionist

The @PreppyFashionis is Ecuadorian beauty Virgit Canaz. I first learned of Virgit looking around on LOOKBOOK. I began to admire her beauty the more I seen her outfits. Though from Guayaquil, Ecuador (a Sister City of Houston), Virgit's blog is mostly in Dutch. She also at times showcase her style insights with her YouTube channel. No matter what, Virgit is a fabulous fashionista. I'll be sure to share more about this lovely lady here in this blog post.

FUN (off-topic) FACTS...

This is my first blog post posted using the Vivaldi browser. It is also the first SS by JBM post under the President Donald Trump administration.

Virgit at a Glance

To give you an idea of Virgit from videos, here is a video of hers. This will give you a sense of her looks and her voice (and also her nice accent):

^ "My 3 favourite lipstick colours from Esika 2015"

Virgit's style ranges from some nice casual outfits to some ultra-feminine pieces. You almost swear she won "Miss Ecuador" a thousand times over from her most elegant outfits. She brings a unique style to her casual type outfits. But really, she shines with some fabulous dress and skirt outfits. Virgit doesn't follow trends too much. She has her own unique style and showcases it very well. Her smile is amazingly sweet, and her hair is very lovely. Virgit and her style never disappoint in the least sense.

What If Virgit is Reading This Blog Post?

If Virgit herself is reading this blog post, I surely think you are one of the most beautiful ladies in the world, let alone in the blogosphere or in the fashion community. Keep up the great work with all that you do. You're awesome!

For More Information...

You can visit Virgit's blog "Preppy Fashionist" by going to preppyfashionist.com. You may even tell her that I and this blog post sent you there. :)

So that's it for another blog post of "StyleSpace by JBM." Glad you can come along for the ride. Want to stay on this ride of mine? Be sure you're Subscribed and Followed to my blog. That way, you keep up with my latest posts when they become available. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Ever seen a kurti? Rakhshanda of "Chamber of Beauty" inspired me to discuss kurtis. A kurti is a kind of traditional Hindu dress or long tunic usually worn with pants. They can be solid color or in any number of patterns. In a way, a kurti in Hindu fashion is almost like the Ao Dai in Vietnamese fashion. And in case you're interested in the Ao Dai, search for my "Ao Dai" blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM." But anyhow, back to kurtis. Also, a special hello to all of my Hindu readers.

Here is an example of a kurti (may be changed if I can use a better picture):

^ from: looksgud.com (best I could find) - This is a kurti being worn with pants and pumps.

For educational purposes, here is a blog post from Rakhshanda showcasing kurtis and how to style a kurti:


This is an older blog post of hers wearing a kurti:

Ethnic Casual OOTD (Chamber of Beauty....)

If you love Rakhshanda's blog, feel free to follow her blog in some capacity. Believe me, she has many more lovely outfit posts than just these I've mentioned.

Kurtis are usually worn with some sort of basic pants. Usually not flared or legging-tight pants, but mostly some straight-leg pants. Footwear is usually on the chic side ranging from charming sandals or some pumps.

I think the kurti is a wonderful traditional Hindu garment. I still regard sarees/saris as the most fabulous traditional Hindu fashion garment, but kurtis are lovely. You almost can do no wrong in styling a kurti. I'd probably stay away from sneakers or something.

Well, that's it. Another post in the books. So...

Do you like kurtis?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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You know, I've never hated houndstooth. Fashionistas sometimes wear houndstooth (I've also heard houndstooth as "rooster teeth") patterned garments. It is a uniquely edgy pattern mostly worn by females. They are also commonly black and white. At times, I have seen pink and white houndstooth patterns. Yet still, there are those who dare try this most unique pattern.

Myself personally, I tend to find houndstooth to be a fun pattern for the preppy set. I would probably like it best with outerwear and with caps (as in newsboy caps or berets). They may even be pretty cool for pumps and flats. If you love bows and ribbons, go ahead and wear a cute bow or ribbon with a houndstooth design. You can't really go wrong with houndstooth in my view.

So what does houndstooth look like? Here is a sample image. Now imagine this on various garments and accessories:

houndstooth or rooster teeth
^ from: jeffbertrand.net - Here is the classic houndstooth pattern.

Blogger Examples.

Want to see houndstooth in action? Here are some fashionistas rocking houndstooth (some personalities may appear more than once):

"SIMPLE WORK OUTFIT: HOUNDSTOOTH AND MINT" (Stylish Petite) « houndstooth pumps.
"FROM DESK TO DINNER: HOUNDSTOOTH AND COWL NECK" (Stylish Petite) « houndstooth skirt.
"Taste of Fall" (Style Cassentials) « houndstooth blouse.
"Graphic Design" (Style Cassentials) « houndstooth tights.
"HOUNDSTOOTH BLAZER AND HOUNDSTOOTH SKIRT DURING PFW" (Song of Style) « houndstooth blazer and skirt.

Proudly wear your houndstooth no matter what garments or accessories are adorned with them. Be that fabulous fashion star rocking houndstooth if you love this pattern!

That's the end of this blog post.

Do you like houndstooth? What do you think houndstooth looks best on?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Hayley Larue

Hayley Larue of "Blondie in the City" is someone with an interesting sense of style. That "city" that "Blondie" speaks of would be Los Angeles, California, USA. Some honest opinions on her style will be featured here in this post. So if you don't know of Hayley, I'll be sure to fill you in on this fashionista.

To avoid any sort of copyright issues, I will not be hotlinking any images of Hayley Larue.

Hayley Larue

Hayley Larue is a fashion blogger from Los Angeles, CA, USA. She is also a dancer. Some of her insights in fashion and in other things can be found in her blog and even on her YouTube channel.

There is a unique charm and appeal to Hayley and her looks. A lot of her outfits are very chic and even some very casual outfits. Her face and her hair are lovely. Her blonde hair color is rather silvery. She even has some diamond-like eyes. She smiles sweetly also. Needless to say, Hayley has some charming style in her outfits and in her beauty touches.

From the "About Me" page of her, Hayley Larue is apparently half-Mexican and speaks fluent Spanish. She has even taken part in dancing roles for some very famous people.

About Her Videos...

Remember I made mention to Hayley Larue on YouTube? Here are some of her videos. Insights on beauty and her dancing are featured respectively in these two videos. You even will get to hear Hayley's voice:

^ "Tutorial: How To Use The TYME Iron"

^ "Hayley Larue - Samson"

Final Thoughts/Opinions.

Hayley Larue is very charming with her outfits. There is just a certain aura and a certain magic that make her incredible both as a fashionista and as a dancer. Surely Hayley is someone who will not fail to captivate you with her personality and charm.

For More Information...

To learn more about Hayley Larue, visit her "Blondie in the City" blog at blondieinthecity.com.

Love you some more "StyleSpace by JBM?" Then make sure you Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) for more of my content when that content becomes available. I appreciate you coming to my blog and checking out my content. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Fashion Calendars

How can you enjoy one's style all year? With a calendar! Whose style could you enjoy all year from a fashion blogger or some other fashion personality? This blog post asks an interesting question in paying respect to your favorite personalities. If certain fashion personalities had their own calendar, would you buy one? Whose style would you love so much as to have that individual (or maybe multiple individuals) as a calendar? This is a unique fashion question I want to share with you stylish folks. So let's begin with this post!

Fashion Calendars

What would warrant someone looking so good or being such a fine personality that they would look good in a calendar? I think if someone has a great sense of style, you wouldn't mind seeing a calendar showcasing his/her/their style. Imagine if one fashion blogger or some fashion personality had as many as 12 pictures in which you could enjoy a calendar of their style.

I strangely thought of this topic and wondered what it would be like to have a calendar of someone and his/her fashion style expressed for an entire year. Especially when you follow someone's blogging work or outfits for so long, you tend to envision favorites. So imagine what it would be like to have 12 favorites make up a calendar. It means you can enjoy all 365 (or 366 for Leap Years) days with 12 wonderful outfits from a fashion personality.

You can imagine a calendar of a fashion personality, but what would you want from that personality to fill the 12 months? The next section awaits...

Fashion Calendar: What Would You Want?

What if you could devise a calendar showcasing the style of one or more individuals? Here are some options if you had a take in creating a calendar or dreaming of a calendar of fashion style:

Fashion Calendar: One Personality.

This is the simplest option. You love someone's style so much that you wish you had that person's style showcased in a calendar. A calendar showcasing one individual may have the fashion personality share 12 of his/her favorite outfits and set up a calendar. What would be nice is if each of the outfits chosen were appropriate for each time of year. For example, a certain female fashion blogger could feature a hot swimwear outfit for June and (assuming she's American) maybe feature a patriotic outfit for July.

Fashion Calendar: Categories.

What if instead of a calendar of one's style, you could have a calendar showing certain categories of fashion? For example, imagine a calendar showcasing some of the best petite fashion bloggers. Imagine maybe a calendar of plus size fashion stars. You might even want a calendar of fashion personalities who like edgy or outfits inspired by rock, punk, emo, or anything like that. Or maybe you love pin-up girls or vintage fashion personalities. The calendar may even include those of a certain nationality or ethnicity. For example, imagine a calendar only featuring European fashion personalities, or maybe various Asian fashion bloggers. This could be good if you're trying to categorize certain fashion stars.

Fashion Calendar: Best Of...

Maybe your idea of a fashion calendar would be one where you basically get some of the best outfits from 12 different fashion personalities. Maybe a category is involved, but this would be more like a general assortment of fashion personalities. The calendar may include some personalities you may not like too much. Yet still, it's an assortment of various fashion personalities.

So now that you have some insight on this topic, I wonder if there was a fashion calendar I wouldn't mind having. Advance to the next section, please.

Fashion Calendar: Whom I Would Want a Calendar Of

It's time I put myself on the spot. Are there certain fashion personalities that I wouldn't mind having a calendar of? I'll share a few fashion personalities and why I selected them. This will be the basis for discussion among you all in case you wonder if you had your own calendar of someone's style. So let's do this.

Fashion Personalities Who I Wouldn't Mind a Calendar Of.

Personalities I've selected and why are coming up. Here is how this section works: the personality in question is in bold, and the reason why is expressed with the "Why:" piece. You can visit the personalities in question by clicking on the links provided. These are only a few samples and doesn't represent a complete list of individuals whom I'd think would have some great outfits to share for a calendar. I am mostly focusing on fashion bloggers, so each featured personality is the name of each blog.

Preppy Fashionist
WHY: I think Virgit represents many different styles I've enjoyed since first following her on LOOKBOOK. Many of her outfits are outfits I have adored from the beautiful Ecuadorian fashion blogger. Especially her more chic and artistic outfits are to my liking.

Glam Fab Happy
WHY: Jelena of "Glam Fab Happy" has a number of outfits I've praised highly. Her unique girly charm is sweet applied to her many different outfits and modeling pictures. From cute skirts and dresses to various bikini outfits, Jelena's style is wonderful to admire all year 'round.

Addict Be Iconic
WHY: Marta is a fabulous fashion blogger. Marta may appear boyish to a lot of people, but she is able to almost seamlessly wear the most ultra-feminine outfits along with very boyish outfits and look great. Since she has a style that allows her to straddle the lines of masculine and feminine, it would be tough to decide on 12 different outfits. Do you showcase her with all of her feminine outfits? Mostly feminine outfits with a few masculine style outfits? An even balance of her feminine outfits and masculine outfits? It would be tough to devise, but at least we all can agree Marta is an incredibly unique fashionista.

Chamber of Beauty
WHY: Rakhshanda of "Chamber of Beauty" mostly focuses on beauty insights. However, she does showcase a lot of her outfits. Many of her outfits are those I've adored. Her hairstyle and smile are lovely, and both bring some extra appeal to her fine outfits. Those outfits range from some of her own takes on certain styles to even a lot of her own traditional Indian folk outfits.

a little place to call my own
WHY: Though it is more than a fashion blog, I think Ivana's "a little place to call my own" is a fine blog. Sometimes, Ivana looks just as wonderful as some of the different locations she features herself in. So a calendar of Ivana's style would showcase both her sense of style along with the beauty of certain places she has been to. Such a calendar would be truly unique.

...help! I Have Nothing to Wear!
WHY: If you are wanting something enticing for a calendar, try the varied styles of Ariadna. This fashion blogger not only wears attractive pieces, but she showcases herself in elegant, romantic ways. Ariadna epitomizes elegance and charm. If you visit her blog and see a general assortment of her outfits, you'd be hard pressed to find someone whose style is any more enticing than hers.

Whatever is Lovely
WHY: Lynne is a beautiful fashion blogger. Casual and chic outfits make up the diverse fashion portfolio of Lynne Gabriel. Many of her outfits feature a handful of lovely views along with some pretty cool fashion insights.

Sensible Stylista
WHY: Kimberly has a lot of outfits ranging from casual pieces to very feminine outfits. All the while, she boasts a pretty smile and charming hairstyle. Beautiful as she is, I think she'd make the perfect candidate to have an amazing calendar of her fashion style.

imperfect idealist
WHY: Lily may not be a fashion superstar, but if you've ever read posts on "imperfect idealist," you can appreciate the beauty of her blog. Lily not only showcases her own fashion style, but she also shares some deep thoughts and some inspirational material. A lot of casual styles from her would make a nice calendar.

Pale Division
WHY: Willabelle has a great sense of style along with great world-traveling insight. Her style is diverse from casual outfits to some ultra-feminine outfits. Willabelle literally travels the world looking fabulous just about wherever she goes. I think she'd make for a wonderful calendar of fashion styles.

I can list a lot more, but I wanted to get this basic list out of the way.

That simply gets things started. Feel free to have a little discussion...

Whose style do you enjoy so much that they would make a great calendar?

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