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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gaucho Pants and Culotte Pants

John Marine | 5:21 PM | |
(UPDATED: July 16, 2017)

Gaucho pants are cropped pants that offer skirt-like appeal. These culotte pants saw their climax in popularity mostly in the mid-2000s before no longer being trendy. Many females ranging from girls to adults still wear these pants regardless. Culotte pants are what this post is all about. Mostly, this blog post pertains to cropped culotte pants. I'm talking about mostly cropped pants that have a skirt-like appearance, or perhaps even pants that have skirt-like legs. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about here. So let's begin!


It is important I note that I am referring to culotte pants and culotte skirts here. This is to help differentiate between culotte pants/skirts compared to culottes (as in underwear).


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Gaucho Pants

How about we take a look at gaucho pants to start this post off?

jersey gaucho pants
^ from: (best I could find) - Gaucho pants offer the combination of skirt-like comfort on both legs while also offering the confidence of wearing pants.

gaucho pants
^ from: - Some gaucho pants have unique details such as sash belts, patterns, and things like that.

gaucho pants club
^ from: - This is a sexy pair of gaucho pants meant more for nightclub wear.

Gaucho pants reached their climax as a trend in the mid-2000s. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Lucy Liu were proudly sporting these skirt-like pants. These trendy pants raised some dislike among certain types because most people know of real gaucho pants called bombachas worn by farmers in Argentina and Uruguay. Their primary appeal is how these pants feel like wearing two skirts- one on each leg. Gaucho pants have been very comfortable to wear out the house or even around the house. These are mostly where gaucho pants are normally worn.

The gaucho pants made popular in the 2000s were essentially a pair of cropped pants with skirt-like legs. In essence- culotte skirts. Made from materials such as jersey and modal, these pants became popular to wear as a skirt alternative. The legs flow nicely and swish around about as much as a proper airy skirt- only that these were a pair of pants. Most gaucho pants extend to just below the knees, but a lot of others hit at around mid-calf. Gaucho pants were essentially a skirt you could comfortably wear without any of the less desirable elements of wearing a skirt. A riding skirt, so to speak. The most common colors you will see gaucho pants in are mostly dark colors- especially black or dark gray (or charcoal). At times, I have seen gaucho pants in light pink, teal, and even in green camouflage. Gaucho pants with patterns are pretty rare from what I've seen.

Footwear Options With Gaucho Pants.

Gaucho pants are paired with any number of shoes. In the past, they were meant to be worn with tall boots. They could be worn casually with a simple pair of casual sandals, including (and especially) flip-flop/thong sandals. You may even see these pants paired with pumps or flats. While I haven't recommended them or regarded them previously, even sneakers could be worn with gaucho pants. So these pants were very versatile. In fact, they could even be worn for a night out by just going with more night-appropriate footwear.

Gaucho Pants' Downfall as a Trend.

gaucho pants rear
^ from: - Gaucho pants have been notorious on many figures for being unflattering and making butts look big.

Like most trends, there comes a point where certain looks and styles just no longer become fashionable for whatever reason. Two primary reasons led to gaucho pants not being as trendy as they once were. For one- many seen these as a lazy pair of pants to wear, almost as if they were meant to be worn around the house (like pajamas/pyjamas) rather than with outfits. A much bigger reason why gaucho pants were so disliked is because of how they fail to flatter one's legs or (especially) one's backside. Then again, those with nice-looking butts could wear these pants to fulfill one's guilty pleasure of seeing nice rear views. ;)

I do admit- good-looking backsides are my own guilty pleasure of seeing these pants being worn. Many people think gaucho pants have been the precursor to yoga pants and their popularity.

Do people still wear gaucho pants? Sure. Just not as many wear them today as when they were emerging as a trend. Some feel that gaucho pants were the precursor to yoga pants because of the fabulous backside such pants can provide. Gaucho pants are still worn and still loved, though not as religiously worn by the masses. A loyal reader commented to me about how these are great pants to wear in warm weather. It goes to show that even past trends can still be stylish as long as you enjoy wearing them.

Western Riding Skirts

Western riding skirt
^ from: - A Western riding skirt is meant for proper Western wear. This one is from Ann N Eve.

Unlike fashion gaucho pants, Western riding skirts are proper and functional skirts for riding horses. They are also made of heavier and more durable materials. Materials such as moleskin and buckskin make up these Western riding skirts. They were primarily meant for proper horse riding.

The reason why I am featuring these Western riding skirts in this post is because they have the same skirt-like appeal as gaucho pants. In addition, these are more proper riding skirts compared to the fashionable ones mentioned in the previous section.

Culotte Pants

I mostly mean culotte pants and culotte skirts. However, I will mostly use "culotte pants" here.

culotte pants
^ from: - Let culotte pants and skirts offer skirt-like appeal while still confidently wearing pants.

Culotte pants (or jupe culottes) are proper skirt-like pants that vary in length. They can be knee-high or be full-length pants offering skirt-like charm. These are skirts that can be confidently worn as pants. The various styles of culotte pants can range from casual outfits to chic outfits. There are even culottes for school uniforms and certain modest fashions as well. So in the least sense, culotte pants cover a broad spectrum of looks and styles.

Gaucho Pants and Culotte Pants: Final Thoughts

There are people who will criticize hat these are fake skirts. But with that said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with culotte pants. The skirt-like appeal should be the most attractive element to these pants. I actually am a sucker for garments that drape. And when it comes to gaucho pants or culotte pants, they offer the kind of dramatic and romantic draping that makes them so stylish. I also find fashionable beauty in illusion. So you can imagine how I become awed by a garment that provides the illusion of a proper skirt. And as a guilty pleasure, I do admit that they make butts look good. :)

Gaucho pants, for the most part, is dead as a trend. I do still see some still wear these pants regardless. Respect goes out to all who wear these and wear these pants proudly. So feel free to continually enjoy wearing culotte pants of various kinds if you wear them.

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If you care to start a discussion, let's do so! Here's my question to you:

Do you wear/love gaucho pants? What do you think about them?

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