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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Go-Go Dancing Chic

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You go-go girl! Go-go dancing can be fun and eccentric. My post on "John's Blog Space" is one of the most popular posts on there. With go-go dancing, there are two kinds of go-go lovers: vintage and modern. Vintage go-go girls dressed in short skirts and dresses sporting unique boots. Today's more modern go-go girls are mostly scantily clad sporting either platforms or some sort of sneakers; and a lot of them mostly parade in eye-catching, colorful, often times edgy outfits. No matter what, go-go chic has its own unique allure.

This blog post focuses primarily on the fashion side of go-go chic.

WARNING: Some content in this blog post may not be suitable for all audiences. You are viewing most of this material at your own risk.

A Special Hello...

...if you are a go-go dancer reading this. I hope this post will be to your liking. Oh, and... welcome to my blogging universe! Nice having you in my universe's orbit! :)

--- Go-Go Dancing: Basics ---

Get excited for go-go dancing! Here's a video to get you in the mood for this topic:

^ "Go Go Dance ...."

Before I discuss go-go dancing fashion, allow me to offer a fun fact.

According to Wikipedia, "go-go" refers to someone who has seemingly endless energy. You've perhaps heard of the French expression "a gogo." In French, something "a gogo" has something in abundance. So you are talking about those who have an abundance of energy here.

Go-go types are primarily those who wear flamboyant and daring fashions. How much so? Depends on if you're into vintage go-go chic or modern go-go dancing chic.

Go-Go Dancing: Vintage Type.

vintage go-go dancer costume
^ from: - This costume is an example of vintage go-go chic.

Vintage go-go types often enjoy wearing short dresses and short skirts dancing on stage at nightclubs. They are also famous for wearing these knee-high boots that have chunky mid-height heels. These go-go boots are popular even today. A lot of the go-go style dresses are mostly colorblocked, mod style dresses. These dresses mostly hit at mid-thigh length.

Here is a video of some vintage go-go dancing. Get excited for this if you love vintage go-go dancing:

^ "Go-Go Dancers 60's. 1960's Little Betty Boop Also Appears."

That was go-go dancing then...

Go-Go Dancing: Modern Type.

...and this is go-go dancing now:

^ "visionz go go dancer auditions 1280x720" (WARNING: bad language and some suggestive content)

NOTE: I tried to find an appropriate picture to describe this section, but I was unable to find one. So I ended up showing you this video above. I hope you enjoyed it.

In today's go-go culture, go-go dancers are scantily clad for the most part. The emphasis is more on attention-grabbing looks and outfits that exhibits the sexual beauty of the dancer. I have paid certain attention to petite and plus size types in a lot of my blog posts. Today's modern go-go dancers, however, have sexy and slim figures. Women both short and tall often parade around in appealing go-go dancing outfits. Outfits themselves can either be colorful and with attention-grabbing accents (such as side ties on bikini tops or bottoms, fuzzy legwarmers, huge boots, etc.), or some others can be completely edgy wearing certain garments that would easily please the Goth/punk set.

One thing to stress is that go-go dancers are NOT strippers or any kind of adult entertainers. In fact, there are many go-go dancing managers and such who strongly discourage go-go dancers to strip. Those who violate that rule often don't get to perform another gig at nightclubs or for certain promoters. Go-go dancing is all about dancing to the crowd to high-energy music. Those who simply love such high-energy dancing and such a high-energy lifestyle often enjoy go-go dancing.

While go-go dancing seems exclusively feminine, believe it or not, there are also males who take part in go-go dancing. Their popularity is about the same as with cheerleading in the sense that it's better served and suited towards females than males.

This gives you a basic look at go-go dancing. if you want a more lengthy read on go-go dancing, read my "John's Blog Space" post called "Go-Go Dancing." A link will be provided later in this post. Up next is a look at go-go fashion.

--- Go-Go Dancing Chic ---

Here now is a fashion look at go-go dancing. Some material from this blog post may show up in future posts on StyleSpace by JBM.

Go-Go Boots: Traditional.

traditional go-go boots
^ from: - Go-go boots as you (assuming you were around in the 1960s) may remember them.

The traditional go-go boots had their heyday in the 1960s. These boots are knee-high boots with a chunky, yet moderate high heel. These are not high-heel boots, but they are not flat either. Go-go boots are wearable either as a regular outfit or for dancing. Some cheerleaders- like the cheerleaders for my Houston Texans of the National Football League- even wear go-go boots as part of their wardrobe. Go-go boots of today can come in all sorts of colors. While they are not usually lace-up boots, I have seen some lace-up go-go boots online before.

Go-Go Boots: Today.

A lot of today's go-go dancers wear a sexy pair of platform wedge boots. The most popular boots among go-go dancers today have five inches of platform and a patchwork design. As I'm told, despite the massive platform, they are comfortable to walk around and dance in. These are the vastly popular STACK 301 boots from Demonia:

go-go boots Demonia
^ from: - Some of today's go-go dancers sport these massive platform boots. These boots are the STACK-301 Boots from the alternative footwear company, Demonia by Pleaser.

Let me make a small note about the boots I mentioned above. Those are listed as men's boots, but they are mostly unisex boots. I've seen them more commonly worn by women. I have seen maybe only one or few men wear those boots. Plus, they look hotter on women than on men. Things I've read about these boots is that these boots are comfortable to go-go dance in despite their massive platform base. If you know your regulars on LOOKBOOK, you may have heard of Rachel Lynch. She has worn these extremely popular platform boots before with some outfits. To give you some blogging insight on how these boots look, I want to invite you to check out the link below just to see these boots being worn by someone. So take a look:

Blogging Insight:
"NYFW DAY TWO: Rainbow Space Alien" (i hate blonde) « a glitter version of the Demonia STACK-301 boots.

Those Demonia STACK-301 boots are huge, so they possibly can't be any good for go-go dancing, right? Well, watch this video of a lady practicing go-go dancing in these massive platform boots. This video is a bit on the "not safe for work" side, mostly because of her outfit. So I am including this video on a "you are watching this video at your own risk" basis. Click on the link to view on YouTube: Gogo Practice- 7 inch stacks.

Now get back to work/school! :)

Go-Go Dress.

go-go mod dress
^ from: - This mod dress is a modern take on the old-style mod dresses of the 1960s that go-go girls wore.

Women in the 1960s wore short, colorful mod dresses along with go-go boots. Most of today's go-go dresses primarily are of the costume variety. Today's go-go type dresses may have any number of creative patterns and designs to compliment their style. Most go-go mod dresses hit at about mid-thigh and are either sleeveless or with long sleeves.

That's go-go dancing from a fashion standpoint. Up next is a look at go-go dancing among true go-go dancers.

--- Go-Go Fashion: Go-Go Dancer Outfits ---

Whether on platforms, in cages, out in the open, or whatever the case... this section ONLY pertains to true go-go dancers. If you saw my video example of modern go-go dancers, you may have noted what a lot of today's go-go dancers wear while performing their go-go dancing.

Some of today's go-go dancers (past and present) include the likes of Jenny Chu, Flo Jalin, Helen Su, Sasha Singleton, Thuy Li, Amanda Jordan, Teemaree, Pam Rodriguez, Candy Vang, and Tila Nguyen (better known as Tila Tequila). Many of them all dress up in unique and eye-catching outfits bearing their attractive and seductive charm.

Today's go-go dancers sport some scantily clad outfits while in big boots dancing to hot dancing music. Most of today's go-go dancers will wear a cropped top along with either hot pants or some sort of briefs. Some may even wear skirted bottoms. The most important element of go-go dancing is to look and feel as eye-catching as possible (apart from one's moves, of course). Certain go-go dancers either wear platform boots or knee-high sneakers similar to Converses.

To be as eye-catching as possible, go-go dancers often wear certain outfits to woo the crowd. Especially at nightclubs, you will see short skirts, some neon, and even furry legwarmers. This is all to be as appealing as possible while dancing on stage. And guess what- these items work! Mostly athletic types with lovely bodies are the usual sort of go-go dancers you will see. It is rare you'll find a go-go dancer who is curvy to some capacity.

--- Go-Go Dancing Chic: Final Thoughts ---

Go-go chic is very cool depending on who you ask. It is a style of dance that is eccentric and enticing. Nothing quite like dancing with high energy to mostly high-energy music. While a fellow like myself would be easily enticed at a lady dancing to high-energy music or at high-energy events, vintage go-go dancing types exude a much different and much more unique character. Even if you aren't into dancing (let alone go-go dancing), one can still enjoy wearing classic go-go boots. Go-go dancing is all about expression and having fun.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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John Asks...

What do you like most about go-go chic?

I hope you have yourself a wonderful day or night- depending on what time of day it is for you right now. Take care of yourself and thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I do prefer a vintage go-go, it just feels better with me. thanks for post, John! Always so informative and pleasant to read!

Inside and Outside Blog

John Marine said...

Interesting post! Learned a few things about go-go dancers. In high school/college, I had a pair of black vintage lace-up go-go boots. I loved those boots, and it was always fun when a lot of the older ladies I worked with would smile and remember when they used to wear them. :-)


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