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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sporty Cute!

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(UPDATED: August 2, 2017

"Sporty Cute!" on John's Blog Space is one of my most popular posts. It primarily concerned the fashionable side of sporty and active fashions. Active fashion doesn't have to be boring and frumpy. In fact, it can be stylish to be sporty. This is one in a series of posts regarding active fashion. Do not look for this post to be about any professional advice regarding active fashion. Instead, this is a look at sporty fashions and sporty style with activewear.

About the Label: "Active"

As an outlet for discussing activewear, blog posts under the Active label feature posts regarding to activewear and sporty fashions. Fashions featured here were mostly meant for physical activity or for sports competitions.


AUG 2 2017 - multiple, extended edits

Sporty Cute!

The namesake of "sporty cute" primarily concerns active-inspired and athletic-inspired fashion for females. You don't have to be a fully-conditioned athlete to appreciate sporty style.

When it comes to sporty style, one of the first things to come to mind for me are Juicy Couture velour tracksuits. A lot of girls who show their sporty side mostly wear these items for fashion rather than for any sort of serious exercise. Some females wear some of these active and sporty clothes merely for fashion rather than for any physical activity. Some even don't like sports at all! However, the simple fact these items offer sporty chic are just enough to get some girls to get sporty. Perhaps what makes certain sporty garments so appealing is the fact they offer such body-hugging comfort. It is because of their comfort that some females wear these mostly for fashion rather than for actually working out. In fact (for example), don't be surprised seeing yoga pants paired with ballet flats or running shorts paired with flip-flop/thong sandals. Often times, I would see guys and girls wearing basketball shorts when out and about. Some even may sport some basketball shoes.

The biggest contributor to sporty appeal is possibly in trying to take frumpy and boring activewear and make them more exciting and fun to wear. Either that, or take these already all-business active fashions and try to incorporate them into chic outfits. Let's face it- a pair of sweatpants can be pretty boring looking unless you're actually wearing them for physical activity or competition. Even though there are those who would cringe at seeing sweatpants paired with high-heel pumps, there are those who try to merge sporty/active with chic.

So this blog post is about two sides of activewear- actual active fashions (mostly pertaining to females), and it also involves trying to make activewear chic.

Sporty Chic

Here are a number of garments that emphasize the stylish side of being active/sporty:

Fashion Tracksuits and Sweatpants.

women tracksuit
^ from: - Here is a trendy tracksuit. Some tracksuits have unique designs on them for that uniquely girly touch.

A tracksuit usually features a hoodie and some track pants. Most are usually made of terry cotton or velour. Juicy Couture is best known for making tracksuits trendy. They are, in fact, the most popular of fashion tracksuits. Especially velour tracksuits are trendy and stylish. The tracksuits offered by Juicy Couture often have designs on the back of the hoodie and even the pants. Some may have Juicy Couture graphics or even "Viva La Juicy" or something like that.

Other designers have made their own fashionable tracksuits. On one end, you can say that these fashionable tracksuits are more fun to wear than any frumpy, all-business tracksuits. They have the sort of style to make them functional as activewear, but cute enough to allow a sporty girl to express herself. Some will wear tracksuits with shoes other than any active sneakers. In fact, shoes ranging from flat sandals to ballet flats may be worn by some who just want the sporty look while still feeling comfortable. Victoria's Secret PINK collection features some sporty sweatpants that are every bit as girly and sporty. Commonly, you'll see the ever familiar "LOVE PINK" lettering or even "LOVE PINK" with a heart and the number "86." Certain other companies make novelty sweatpants and tracksuits with many different designs. Sometimes, the sweatpants may have full legs, cropped legs, or the rolled-up sweatpants look.

Here are a few tracksuits for you to check out if they are to your liking (US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted):

Yoga Pants.

yoga pants
^ from: - Yoga pants are great for exercise and casual wear. They come with either bootcut legs or cropped legs. Some yoga pants even have solid-color or patterned details on the waist.

Yoga pants were trendy some time in the mid-late 2000s. Yoga pants are mostly full-length active pants that have a modest flare to them (bootcut flares). Such pants are usually made of stretchy and comfortable fabric (usually spandex or jersey). Some yoga pants are legging-tight or may even have cropped legs. Many ladies have worn these to yoga exercises, and some others wear them casually just to show off how cute their butts are. :) The latter showcases the guilty pleasure of yoga pants- having a good-looking backside. Many people (mostly males) have associated yoga pants as pants that show off how hot a female's backside looks. Designers such as Lululemon and American Apparel have made yoga pants. Their primary appeal is in being a comfortable pair of pants to wear as you're working out or going around town.

Want some yoga pants or some other active pants? Here are some examples:


hoodie women
^ from: - Who said hoodies can't be cute?

cropped hoodie
^ from: - Do you have lovely abs? Why not show them off with a cropped hoodie? Cropped hoodies can also be chic to layer with.

hoodie dress
^ from: - A hoodie dress by American Apparel.

There are hoodies and hoodie dresses worn by females. A hoodie is very much active fashion. They are usually very comfortable and warm, making them more than appropriate for casual wear as well as for active functions. A regular hoodie is good enough as a sporty garment to stay warm. Cropped hoodies can be good for layering or for showing off your abs if you fancy showing off your midriff. Hoodie dresses offer the warmth of hoodies but with the feminine appeal of wearing a dress. I specifically chose the picture I chose for a hoodie dress to keep everything relevant to sporty/active fashion. When I was preparing this post, I've seen hooded dresses that were anything but sporty/active. I had to keep everything relevant, so that's why I didn't feature a picture of any hooded dress that wasn't active.

Running Shorts.

running shorts
^ from: - Running shorts can be fun to wear for exercise, being out and about, or even for lounging at home.

Even if you are not a runner, running shorts can be great for both exercise or fashion. Do not be surprised to see running shorts paired with a simple pair of flip-flop/thong sandals or maybe even ballet flats or boat/deck shoes. Retro running shorts are often times so favored because of their short length. In colder weather, runners sometimes wear warm leggings or tights underneath their running shorts to stay warm while running.

Here are some running shorts for you all, in case you're interested:

Active Skorts.

active skort
^ from: - It may appear as a scandalous mini skirt, but this skort was made for action.

Skorts are shorts with a skirt-like appearance. I am using "active" skorts here to denote skorts designed for running, cycling, golf, tennis, lacrosse, or other athletic functions. The most common place you'll see active skorts are usually among tennis players and golfers. Their unique designs make them attractive and fun for whatever sport is being played. Some wear such skorts to almost basically get away with wearing a hot mini skirt. Of course- you're covered wearing these skorts thanks in part to the compression shorts attached to the skirt. The shorts underneath active skorts were made to allow one to remain comfortable as its wearer is exercising or competing. These are for the sporty types who want to enjoy exercising or competing wearing a skirt. These skorts are also very popular among tennis players. So don't be surprised to see tennis skirts among these skorts.

The following are examples of skorts relevant to this topic. Have a look at these if you're interested:

Sporty Shoes.

sporty shoes
^ from: - Skechers makes a variety of shoes with a sporty appearance and feel.

sporty sneakers
^ from: - Of course, why wear sporty when you can wear some proper athletic shoes, like these running shoes?

Some shoes are athletic-inspired, meaning they are not entirely meant to be designed for active functions; but they are stylish enough to be inspired by athletic designs. There are some females out there who want to be sporty but without having to wear any lace-up sneakers. A number of shoes have been designed with sporty in mind.

In addition to sporty shoes, there are also some other shoes with sporty characteristics. One such example is in sandals such as FitFlops. Sandals such as these were designed to offer a workout to those wearing them... only without the working out. Their actual effectiveness, however, has fallen into question. Another popular set of sporty shoes are Skechers' popular Shape Ups. Shape Ups are shoes that have a wedge appearance and are also meant to be shoes which are worn to provide a workout without having to work out.

Neon Athletic Sneakers (Bonus Material!).

neon athletic sneakers
^ from: - Be loud and active with a pair of neon active sneakers! These include neon running shoes, trainer shoes, and other active sneakers.

As if neon isn't trendy, neon athletic sneakers have become one of the latest trends in activewear. Their loud colors have made them trendy to wear for working out. Exciting and bold colors help provide a kick to working out or competing. While these loud sneakers have been trendy for females (including neon in general), some males even wear some neon sneakers. Although I doubt us guys would wear any neon pink athletic sneakers. Or... okay. If you're a guy who wears neon pink athletic sneakers proudly, contact me on Facebook or through E-Mail so I can edit this part of my post!

There was your look at sporty and active fashions. Up next is a look at trying to make these fashions chic. So please continue on to check out more sporty fashions as well as making them chic.

Sporty and... Chic?

One aspect of being sporty cute is in trying to LOOK sporty while also infusing some girly style. An example of balancing girly and sporty is in wearing pumps with sweatpants.

Sporty Cute: Blogging Influence.

Take a look at some bloggers who get sporty while also trying to be chic.

"Park Avenue" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « sweatpants with pumps.
"Swoosh" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « active sweatshirt worn with a pencil skirt.
"SPORTY PEPLUMS" (Glisters and Blisters) « sweatpants worn with a peplum top.
"B FOR BASEBALL" (Glisters and Blisters) « baseball jacket.
"Moonwalk... Moonrun!" (Miss Kwong) « neon trainer shoes with a somewhat chic outfit.
Black and White Varsity (Song of Style) « a sporty style outfit with plenty of chic!
"Outfit: Daddy's Little Girl" (A Blog With Us) « an active T-shirt worn with some casual, yet chic clothes.

I may add a few more if I find some more interesting posts to feature.

Sporty Cute: Final Thoughts

A girl should be able to look and feel comfortable wearing active fashions. These fashions demonstrate just how stylish and trendy being active can be. Why does being sporty or active have to be frumpy and boring? Even if you wear some of these clothes just for fashion and not for seriously working out, that is also fine. A lot of people will still argue there is no reason for not having active clothes and not actually wearing them for actual activewear. Whether or not you are seriously active and sporty, you can at least appreciate putting a sporty twist on certain active/sporty fashions. It is not assumed one will seriously be competing in any number of physical competitions or activities by wearing such items, but it is at least nice to know even certain frumpy active fashions can still be made even remotely chic.

I tend to look at it more as trying to make active fashions fun. Wearing such clothes won't guarantee you will be more active, but you will feel better and feel sporty as you wear such clothing and put together such outfits. So don't be afraid to go sporty if such looks interest you. Try to incorporate some of these pieces into your wardrobe and show your sporty side.

To the ones who are purely active, you probably already know that looking and feeling good in your activewear are all that matters. That, and of course... getting a good workout or competing hard. Just remember to keep feeling good and looking good as you work out or compete in activewear.

Activewear Online

So do you females want to be sporty and cute? The items featured in this post will help you to be sporty and fashionable. Please help yourself to some items while also helping support my work. I would appreciate your business if you did any shopping here.


At present, there are no items available that I want to share via Shopstyle. This is because I extensively edited this blog post from its last update on June 16, 2015. I may add items here in the future. But for now, look to the Other Sources section for items to shop for.

Other Sources...

Various other places where you can get some activewear. All items are mostly meant for US Women's sizes.

• Tracksuits

• [Women's] Sweat Pants

• Sporst Bras

• Yoga Pants

• Hoodies
Women's Hoodies on Amazon | Women's hoodies on eBay | hoodies on Nordstrom

• Running Shorts

• Active Skorts

• Athletic Footwear

Thank you for visiting and seeing any and all material.

Other Reading/Cross-Promotion

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What do you think about the fashionable side of being sporty and/or active? Is there a certain magic to wearing such garments, even if you aren't entirely active or sporty? This blog post was not entirely meant to be a professional post about active fashions. It was meant to be mostly a fashionable look at activewear as well as activewear infused into certain chic or casual outfits. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed what you read; and I also hope you can read more of my posts if you enjoyed your time here. Here... as in my blog and this post. Thank you for reading!

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