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An assortment of labels are used to help sort out the various topics expressed on "StyleSpace." What labels you will see here will help aid you in knowing what each label is about when you see them used for topics. That is the main point of this page. So if you are new here, allow me to share with you the labels that I use for my posts.

NOTE: Some blog labels featured here have no topics associated with them. They will, however, eventually be used in future blog posts.

--- The Labels of "StyleSpace" ---

You may click on each of the featured labels to visit the latest posts under each label.

These are topics related to activewear and sometimes exercise.

Either provided by me or by more qualified sources, this label features advice regarding fashion or certain styles.

These posts are a celebration of certain fashions or styles.

Topics related to items like makeup, hair care, skin care, and things like that are featured under the "Beauty" blog label.

Specific brands, clothing lines, and more are featured under this label. I am not paid by anyone to mention certain brands the way that I do, nor does anyone tell me specifically what to say about the represented brands. It is all personal opinion.

Certain segments or demographics are mentioned under categories. For example, a "Categories" post can involve fashion for Juniors or even for petites.

While I try to be mostly neutral, my Commentary pieces regard personal commentary regarding various topics regarding fashion. They may also be non-related pieces or announcements.

These posts involve items made either using existing items or entirely made from scratch. Think of what companies like Zazzle or CafePress allow you to do and customize, for example.

Topics involving denim are featured here. Denim pertains to more than just jeans.

All topics regarding and featuring footwear are featured under this label.

This label is a reserved label only for the formal introduction of "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine."

Juniors and Young Adults
This blog label pertains to fashion topics related to Juniors and Young Adults. This are mostly the 13-17 and 18-25 age demographics.

Specific looks are discussed in Looks/Outfits.

Male-related fashion topics are featured here. While I am more comfortable discussing feminine fashion, I do not want to let behind my own male audience.

This label either mentions or is focused on petite fashion. I define "petite" as being 5'5" (65 inches or 165 centimeters) or shorter.

Plus Size
This is a blog label devoted to fashions and topics regarding plus size females.

The latest trends, styling exercises, and more are all expressed under the Trends label.

You now know about each of the blog labels used in "StyleSpace." More labels will be added as more posts are made to this blog. Now get back to reading my blog! :) But before you do, feel free to show me your continued support of my work...

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