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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweater Dress With Boots

John Marine | 1:30 PM | |
(UPDATED: July 26, 2017)

Stay warm and look hot while it's cold! One way to do that is with wearing a sweater dress. Wearing a sweater dress along with a pair of boots can be a stylish way to stay warm on cold days. If your legs need some extra warmth, wear some warm leggings or tights. This blog post is a look at sweater dresses and pairing them with boots. This blog post is based on a very popular post from "John's Blog Space." I am bringing this popular post to StyleSpace for my more fashion-fixated audience to comment on.


JUL 26 2017 - edited some shopping resources

Sweater Dress With Boots

Why don't we see the look in its purest form? Take a look:

sweater dress with boots
^ from: - Chocolate brown boots paired with a stylish sweater dress.

Sweaters- let alone sweater dresses- were meant for you to stay warm on cold days. A sweater dress is soft and warm to take on the cold temperatures. Boots are usually most fabulous when the cold weather seasons roll around. Now combine sweater dresses with boots. In essence, you have a can't-miss combo sure to make any fashionable female feel fabulous. I tend to favor chunky, oversized sweater dresses that still remain stylish and chic. For boots, I tend to favor slouchy knee-high boots. The combination of a warm sweater dress and a sassy pair of boots equal a great look to wear for cold weather times.

There is a certain magic to both a sweater dress and boots together that makes me adore the look. Have you females out there your most fabulous boots to wear? Have you a warm and stylish dress that takes you through the cold weather times? If so, then you are more than qualified to be in this conversation. My primary intent was to discuss certain chic boots to go with stylish sweater dresses. However, I know that what works for most females differ. Some prefer the most stylish cold weather boots. Some others just want to be comfy cute with a pair of sheepskin boots. No matter what, this blog post is about the look of sweater dresses worn with boots. All kinds of sweater dresses. All kinds of boots.

So are you ready for more on this look? Read on!

More Sweater Dresses With Boots

Did you like the first picture? Here are more looks of sweater dresses with boots...

Sweater Dress With Tall Boots.

sweater dress with boots
^ from: (and also as seen on "John's Blog Space") - A super-cute purple sweater dress paired with honey brown mid-calf boots.

sweater dress with tall boots
^ from: - A sweater dress paired with riding boots.

While I do like riding boots, I am not really fond of the combination of a sweater dress with riding boots. If you feel comfortable in flat or low heel boots, then by all means... proudly wear your flat boots with a sweater dress. The main point of this section was to show off what wearing a sweater dress with tall boots (preferably knee-high) can do for you.

Sweater Dress With Short Boots.

sweater dress with booties
^ from: - Want to show a lot more leg with your sweater dress? Go with some booties.

A pair of booties can provide a bit of toughness rather than going with a pair of chic pumps or some sandals. When worn with a sweater dress, however, a sweater dress usually denotes seeking warmth while the booties note dressing for warm weather. I would only recommend this look if it is relatively cool outside- cool enough for a sweater, but not cold to where you would need to wear much more. If it is cold, and you want to go with some short boots, warm leggings or warm tights should accompany the booties.

Sweater Dress With Peep-Toe Boots.

sweater dress peep-toe boots
^ from: - This sweater dress is paired with some fringed, peep-toe booties.

I don't recommend peep-toe boots or booties if it's cold. Something like this is pretty okay if temperatures are between 70°F to 79°F, but not if it is bitterly cold; and especially not if it isn't a rainy or snowy day.

Sweater Dress With Over-Knee Boots.

sweater dress over-knee boots
^ from: - Love over-the-knee boots? A sweater dress can even be paired with these tall boots.

While I dislike over-the-knee boots, don't even think about wearing these boots with a sweater dress unless the sweater dress is short. At least this little section gives you some hope of pairing a sweater dress with over-the-knee boots.

Sweater Dress With Boots and Leggings or Tights.

sweater dress with leggings or tights
^ from: - The beautiful sweater dress here is met with knee-high boots and sheer tights. This sweater dress is from Diane von Furstenberg.

sweater dress with leggings or tights
^ from: - If it is cold, some thicker leggings or tights will serve you well and keep your legs warm. Theory Clothing made this sweater dress.

This is another way to rock a sweater dress and boots. The method here is with tights to accompany a lovely sweater dress. You can still look great while keeping your legs warm.

And finally, if you're feeling tough...

Sweater Dress With Lace-Up Boots.

sweater dress with lace-up boots
^ from: - Feeling tough? Rather than a sleek pair of boots, try some lace-up boots. Note how the boots toughen up this otherwise soft sweater dress.

I actually tried to find an image of combat boots with a sweater dress, but I failed to find one. One thing I often fail to realize is that there are those who are not always into cute and classy fashions. Discussing fashion means you have to try to appeal to as many audiences as possible. And by all means, if you feel comfortable with tall lace-up boots rather than any (I mean this with respect) cute boots, then surely go lace-up boots. And I usually don't like lace-up boots all that much.

So those are among many ways to style a sweater dress with boots.

Sweater Dresses With Boots: Final Thoughts

Cold weather times are often times the time of year where a girl can proudly wear her most fabulous pair of boots. It is also the time where she can feel comfortable dressed warmly. A sweater dress provides the perfect balance of warmth and style for the cold weather times. If times are a bit too cold, opting for warm leggings or tights to go with boots is a great way to stay warm while also looking stylish.

My female audience reading this have my say-so: wearing a sweater dress with a fabulous pair of boots or booties is a stylish way to stay hot while battling cold temperatures. The right kind of sweater dress with the loveliest pair of boots equal a beautiful look to stay stylish despite the cold temperatures. So go find a warm sweater dress along with your most fabulous pair of boots and look (and feel) your best!

Sweater Dresses Online

I hope you enjoyed my blog post on sweater dresses with boots. As my way of thanking you for reading, I'd like to share with you some sweater dresses in case you enjoyed my post. If you want to shop for some sweater dresses online after you've read (and hopefully enjoyed) my post, I can help you with these items. Have a look around and happy shopping! I would appreciate your business if you found something you enjoyed based on this post.

(NOTE: All sizes are meant mostly for US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted.)

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Here are all kinds of sweater dresses for all kinds of budgets. Please use this widget to score yourself some sweater dresses:

Other Sources.

Here are some other sweater dresses for you to look for online. If you prefer any other sort of retailer or store, this is where you can find any number of sweater dresses:

sweater dresses on Amazon
sweater dresses on eBay
sweater dresses on Shopbop
sweater dresses on Modcloth
sweater dresses on Nordstrom
sweater dresses on Neiman Marcus
sweater dresses on

Did you find a sweater dress you like? I hope I could help.

If you would like to read my original post on this topic, then please visit my post on John's Blog Space here: "Sweater Dress With Boots" (John's Blog Space).

What do you think about the combination of sweater dresses with boots? Do you think it is a chic look for the cold weather times? Let's chat! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

Love the orange dress and the gray dress! I personally don't own a sweater dress, but these are super cute! I just might have to check some out!

John Marine said...

I love sweater dresses! and sometimes I also wear them with pants.

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