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Monday, April 1, 2013

Pin-Up Girl Style

John B. Marine | 11:57 AM | | | | |
(UPDATED: June 8, 2015)

Vintage pin-up girls, even in these postmodern times, are still every bit as hot as any modern lady. Some ladies prefer to look like vintage pin-up girls. Have you seen some vintage ads featuring beautiful women? That is the look some real-world ladies are willing to sport. Vintage appeal in a postmodern world is always cool. And for this blog post based on a popular post on "John's Blog Space," this blog post is a look at pin-up girls and even includes some beauty insight on how you can be a pin-up girl. Don't worry. It's okay to be vintage.

This post is named after a popular post in my main blog- John's Blog Space.


JUN 8 2015 - updated conclusion

--- Pin-Up Girls at a Glance ---

Pin-up girls are common if you're familiar with advertisements from the 1940s or the 1960s. These are vintage looks done up beautifully in today's modern culture. The appeal of modern pin-up girls is to showcase vintage style. The "pin-up" namesake relates to pictures of beautiful women most young males would pin onto the walls of their rooms. Mostly in the past, these would be advertisements of hot women or just some simply appealing pictures of vintage women.

One of the first modern ladies I've encountered to rock the pin-up look is a beautiful woman named Heidi Van Horne. She expresses herself beautifully with vintage-type hair and beauty touches and even some vintage-style clothing. Today, I also think about the beautiful Katy Perry as far as pin-up girls are concerned. Katy Perry is very vintage inspired with her outfits. Those MUCH more into the scene think of the likes of Bettie Page, Masiumi Max, and Dita Von Teese in regards to pin-up girls both modern and past.

Pin-up chic is not about going with the latest trends and styles. It is instead about infusing as much vintage appeal as possible, especially in times between the 1940s and 1960s. Many advertisements from then were mostly beautifully-styled artwork. The pin-up girls of today try to bring this vintage appeal to real life. Images of pin-up girls usually pose in provocative and flirty images. However, they are all done in a classy manner. I think the best pin-up girls are the ones who infuse as much vintage appeal and as much personality as possible. The closer to vintage pin-up girl ads one looks, the better.

Pin-up girls are uniquely American and very hot. Trends and styles of today can come and go, but there's nothing like going vintage, and surely nothing like being a hot pin-up girl.

Pin-Up Girl Inspiration.

So do you need some vintage pin-up girl inspiration? Let these images give you a little insight. Here you go:

Coca-Cola vintage advertisement
^ from: - This is a vintage ad for Coca-Cola. Ads like these are what some pin-up girls of today want to bring to real life.

pin-up girl airplane
^ from: - This picture features a pin-up girl on an airplane wing.

vintage waitress
^ from: - "Hey, handsome! Can I take your order?" Who said pin-up girls can't be flirts?

pin-up girl Army
^ from: - Most guys around the time of these vintage ads were in the military serving the United States. Some aircraft even sported some beautiful pin-up girls on the sides.

If you want to shop for some pin-up girl items on Amazon, please use the link below. I would appreciate your business if you did some shopping. Of course- this is voluntary and optional:
all things "pin-up girl" on Amazon

I hope this helps you girls in wanting to go pin-up!

--- Pin-Up Girls: Final Thoughts ---

Definitely rock the pin-up girl look if you enjoy vintage style. Pin-up girls surely epitomize sexy vintage style. It is always great seeing these vintage lovelies be stylish even in today's postmodern fashion times. Goes to show that vintage is, was, and always will be cool. Especially if you fancy vintage pin-up girls, you can't go wrong with this look and this style.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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The next section includes some resources for you all in case you want to try the pin-up girl look yourself.

--- Pin-Up Girl Resources ---

I am not qualified to go deeper into pin-up chic. So if you want some resources on being your own pin-up hottie, or if you want some more pin-up inspiration... you're invited to visit these links:

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"pin-up" looks on LOOKBOOK « How do LOOKBOOK girls style the pin-up look?

Again- rock your pin-up style!

This post is over. So...

What do you think about pin-up girls and the whole pin-up girl look?

Comment away and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

I love the vintage pin-up look. I am a big fan of burlesque, and many of the women rock this style perfectly. Works quite well for curvy girls. :-)


John Marine said...

totally agree with you

John Marine said...

There is something so magical about the pin-up fashion and ladies! I must to say I'm fond of this style, it's really inspiring for me!!
Happy Friday dear John, I hope you're doing great!

John Marine said...

Thank you for the lovely comment :)

About the cathedral you can read here:,_Sofia


John Marine said...

Love this post!

John Marine said...

great inspirations! I totally like this style :)

John Marine said...

Cool illustration



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Animal print!

John Marine said...

I want to be a pin-up girl. Every time I think of pin up, I think of the beach and nice fitted swimsuits.

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