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Women's Cap-Toe Shoes

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(UPDATED: September 14, 2012)

The latest trend in shoes is cap-toe shoes. These are feminine shoes with caps at the toes. More commonly are shoes with metallic caps at the toes. I read from another website that this is a trend from the 1940s and 1950s. And to be honest, I don't like this look very much. I am just not fond of these for the most part. They almost seem like they are slapped onto the shoes, thereby ruining the flow and style of a pair of shoes where these caps are adorned on them. Think about it- a pair of high heel pumps with white and blue straps... and followed by a silver metallic cap toe. I mean- total mismatch and ruined style. If I want to notice attention around the toes, I'd rather it be seen with some fancy details at the vamp of a pair of shoes or with some sort of open-toe or peep-toe design. But NOT capped toes. I just don't get the trend, nor can I realistically love this look. I don't hate the look, but I don't like it much, either.

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What do you think about cap-toe shoes? Here is an example of the kind of shoes I have been talking about in this very brief post:

cap-toe pumps
^ from: (click to shop on Amazon) - Do you love or loathe cap-toe shoes like this pair of pumps?

Want a little inspiration on these shoes? Here is an example of a blogger wearing a pair of cap-toe shoes:
"Pop of Pink" (Stylish Petite)

--- Women's Cap-Toe Shoes Online ---

When I share links to material you can shop for online, I do so with the intent of giving back to you as thanks for reading. You may or may not like whatever garments I blog about. I do want you to go do some shopping for relevant material I post about. So if you're interested and if you found this post useful, please help yourself to these offers. Expand your already massive shoe collection. :)

All shoes in this section were meant mostly cap-toe shoes for women.

• Cap-Toe flats and cap-toe pumps (ShopStyle)

cap-toe shoes on Amazon

cap-toe shoes (Women) on Endless

cap-toe shoes (Women) on eBay

cap-toe shoes (Shopbop)

Happy shopping! I would appreciate your business if you did buy something from any of the provided links.

What do you think about cap-toe shoes? Let yourself be seen and heard. Thank you for reading!

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