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Friday, January 25, 2013

Tasty Fashion Influences

John Marine | 2:55 PM | |
(UPDATED: August 2, 2015)

Some fashionistas have great taste. Some fashionistas have style as edible or as sweet as their food, drink, or sweets inspirations. This blog post is all about tasty fashion influences. It is a popular post from "John's Blog Space" taken and re-made for "StyleSpace by JBM." So if you haven't taken any insight from my old post, you'll get your fill of inspiration here with this blog post. Welcome to "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine"- my non-traditional fashion blog!


Most of the material in this blog post was from my original blog post on "John's Blog Space." Because of this, some old blog posts will be featured. I may update this blog post to feature more recent items. However, most of the material remains relevant and useful.


AUG 2 2015 - planned as a brand-new blog post until I realize I made a post about this topic already... so this post has been vastly edited!

--- Tasty Fashion Influences ---

Having fashion inspired by food and drinks gives someone plenty of fashion flavor. Having an outfit inspired by various food or drink items is a great way to show some style. It is a fun to inspire your fashions on food/drinks if food/drinks inspires you. Coming up with such pieces, however, can be pretty difficult. You have to think about what certain items you can put together to help influence your food or drink inspired looks. A lot of creativity goes a long way in helping set up these looks. As with any outfit idea, it is all a process of trial and error. While you are not edible (unless you're a cannibal), having edible fashion inspiration will make you the tastiest fashion diva there is.

Among celebrities, the beautiful Katy Perry comes to mind in regards to fashions inspired by food and drink. Teen Vogue magazine once chronicled two sisters named Claire Buitendorp and Shawn Buitendorp who designed a hot fudge sundae outfit that Katy Perry wore at one of her concerts. The natives of Grand Ledge, Michigan, USA created their own label- Shock and Awww. Katy Perry has adorned a number of food-inspired outfits even before these two sisters made their own outfit for Katy Perry. There is even an add-on pack for The Sims 3 which features Katy Perry and several candy-inspired items.

Here is a link you can visit to see more examples of what I discussed in the previous paragraph:

"Designers Claire and Shawn Buitendorp on Creating Costumes for Katy Perry" (Teen Vogue)
Katy Perry's Sundae Outfit, as designed by Claire and Shawn Buitendorp
a sketch of Katy Perry's Sundae Outfit, as designed by Claire and Shawn Buitendorp

What you will see in this blog post are a number of different inspirations based on food and drinks. I even include a few outfit ideas in case you want to try your own food-inspired or drink-inspired outfits. I am sure a lot of you will get to enjoy my blog post here.

--- Tasty Fashion Influences ---

It is time to kick this post off proper with various edible items. A number of garments and accessories have some colors which are edible in their color and in their style. I can only name so many here to begin discussion of this topic. This section will feature a number of different fashion items based on a certain flavor, fruit, beverage, or whatever. Each item may feature a blog post or other outfit post based on featured edible item; but not all of them will have an example linked to them, though. Check these out and draw some tasty inspiration:


vanilla fashion
^ from: - Creamy and sweet, nothing beats vanilla.

My personal favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. Nobody wants to be vanilla at anything, but vanilla is a sweet fashion influence. Vanilla is characterized as a white color, but it is really more like white with a super light yellow hue to it. The creamy and delicious taste of vanilla can be sweet for you too if you know where to look and what to wear.

Vanilla Fashion Example:
"outfit: vanilla ice cream tones" (Elegant Musings) « vanilla tones throughout a vintage outfit.


strawberry fashion
^ from: - Be berry... I mean, very sweet by going strawberry!

Strawberry is equally sweet. I personally eat strawberries since they are good for you. Strawberry as a color is usually either a light pink or a rather dark pink that strawberry usually is characterized as. Those who love cartoon characters may immediately think of Strawberry Shortcake in regards to strawberries and fashion. However, you don't need to be the cute Strawberry Shortcake to be fashionable in strawberry. There are many different strawberry fashion items ranging from intimates to any number of casual or formal garments.

Strawberry Fashion Example:
Fashion Inspiration: Strawberry Remix « strawberry influences with a casual outfit.


chocolate fashion
^ from: - Candy girls unite- are you as sweet as chocolate candy?

I am a committed sweet tooth (guilty as charged!). So therefore, I'm a sucker for chocolate. Dark brown clothing and accessories are chocolate. Often times, a very dark brown color is usually a true chocolate color. The most common chocolate-colored clothes I see are mostly various shoes in a dark brown color. Think of a pair of dark brown riding boots, for instance. Personally, I tend to find silky and shiny chocolate-colored garments to be better representative of chocolate, so that's why I chose something like the picture I chose for chocolate. Chocolate tends to look best shiny in my opinion. That sort of luster makes chocolate colors insatiable. Then again, various clothes aren't shiny dark brown. So you have some options with chocolate and chocolate-inspired garments and accessories.

Chocolate Fashion Example:
"new look: "60's don't mind the Chocolate!" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « a short chocolate brown dress.


honey fashion
^ from: - If you are as sweet as honey and if you attract attention like bees to honey, then you'll love honey fashion influences. Be honey sweet with these fashion pieces without fear of attracting bees, because bees are like... really dangerous.

Pure honey is usually a light mahogany brown. It can also be a golden yellow color. Can fashion be as tasty as honey? Sure! Honey is sticky and sweet. You can pour honey into tea to help you relieve colds if you're sick. Honey can be a good condiment for something like dipping chicken nuggets in. If you're as sweet as honey, then you're certainly going to have people be stuck to your honey-sweet beauty. I usually see honey as a good color for footwear and accessories.


caramel fashion
^ from: - Caramel- just like these flap-pocket pants- can be sweet whether as clothes or as accessories.

Another light brown color is caramel. Caramel commonly is seen with accessories and shoes. Certain sweets have caramel in them as you take a bite. Biting into a Snickers bar usually is what I think of in regards to caramel.

Fashion Example:
"Caramel Leather Coat" (Maytedoll) « caramel-colored coat.

Peanut Butter.

peanut butter fashion
^ from: - A peanut butter handbag.

If you enjoy spreading peanut butter on foods, you can even be stylish with peanut butter. I've been a bit addicted to peanut butter in spreading on Ritz crackers and even on waffles. Peanut butter is more along the lines of tan. It is a creamy color.

NOTE: I do NOT recommend my younger audience reading this next one, since I'm discussing alcoholic beverages here.

Alcoholic Drinks.

alcoholic drink fashion
^ from: - Even alcoholic beverages can be fashion inspiration.

The appeal of tasty fashion even lends itself to alcoholic beverages. If you read my "Party Time!" blog post, you may know of cocktail dresses and how they earned their namesake. Cocktail dresses are usually named for the kind of alcoholic beverage they are named after.

Alcoholic Beverage Fashion Examples:
"Ferragamo Gancini Reversible Belt & Cognac Boots" (Stylish Petite) « Cognac boots with a chunky heel.
"B.P Runway Boots in Cognac and Black" (Stylish Petite) « hidden wedge Cognac boots (also in black).
"Dressed to Drink" (hippanonymous) « three outfits inspired by cocktails.

This link features outfits inspired by alcoholic drinks:
"Cocktail dress: Holiday attire inspired by wintry bar classics" (

Are these items tasty enough for you fashion lovers?

--- Tasty Fashion Influences: Combinations ---

You've seen some individual pieces of tasty fashion influences. Now, let's combine certain colors and flavors to come along with some sweet fashion inspirations! Remember that not every featured combination has a fashion example to explain what I am trying to convey. I will feature as many different combinations as I can think of. The main point is to get you fashionistas to envision every possible way to have outfits inspired by food and drink.

That said, here are some of many tasty inspiration combinations:

Strawberry Banana Smoothies.

COLORS: yellow (banana) and light pink (strawberry)

I don't usually drink fruit smoothies, but strawberry-banana smoothies can be a tasty drink. I would probably pair a light yellow top with some dark pink bottoms. Here is an example of a look that's like a strawberry banana smoothie:
Strawberry Lemonade (Always Maylee)

Chocolate Strawberry.

COLORS: dark brown (chocolate) and dark or light pink (strawberry)

Dipping strawberries in chocolate makes for a luscious treat. While I eat strawberries, I don't think I have ever had chocolate strawberries. Mix some strawberry pink with some dark brown to go chocolate strawberry. A sweet workplace outfit idea would be to go with a button-down strawberry blouse with some dark brown dress pants (or a dark brown skirt) and some red high-heel pumps.

Mint Chocolate.

COLORS: mint green or kelly green (mint); dark brown (chocolate)

Ever had a meal at a restaurant and got some complimentary mint chocolates? As one of the trendiest colors of late, why not pair mint green with some dark brown? You can make yourself to be as delicious as mint chocolate. Here is a fashion example of pairing a mint-like green with some brown.
"Mint Chocolate Chip" (Good Looks Daily)

Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

COLORS: dark brown (chocolate) and tan or beige (peanut butter)

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups usually come to mind to most people in regards to pairing two sweet items like chocolate and peanut butter. This color combination is very effortless. A simple outfit consisting of a chocolate and peanut butter scheme would be a dark brown T-shirt paired with tan pants, shorts, or a skirt. A more dressy look would involve a chocolate brown camisole paired with a dressy pair of tan pants. Add a tan-colored blazer for a little more class. This one is a great way to look sweet. Maybe not taste sweet, but certainly offer delicious style.

Peanut Butter and Jelly.

COLORS: purple/violet ([Grape] jelly) and tan or beige (peanut butter)
"Peanut butter jelly time!" There- I said it. Happy? Anyhow... I'm sure there are a number of people whom have at least had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich of some kind. My own favorite combination is the most common one- grape jelly/jam with peanut butter. The fashion example is a colorful example of peanut butter and jelly. And if you want to take the analogy further, this fashionista adds chocolate to this already tasty outfit with her boots:
Blustery (imperfect idealist)

Neapolitan Ice Cream.

COLORS: pink, white, and dark brown

A light pink paired with white make up two of the three colors of Neapolitan ice cream. All you need is something dark brown to complete the Neapolitan ice cream look. Tasty style can be had if you have an outfit consisting of these three colors. The fashion example I've included is a cute way to wear pink, white, and brown. So take a look if interested:
"my neapolitan treat" (Scathingly Brilliant)


COLORS: dark green and dark pink

I don't eat watermelon, but you probably do. Watermelons call for a combination of green with dark pink. To provide the look of watermelon seeds, the dark pink must have some black accents to provide the look of watermelon seeds. An outfit idea here would be to have a dark pink garment with black polka dots to provide the opened watermelon look. All that you need then would be some sort of dark green to wear with the dark pink garment. And boom- you're a watermelon!
"Sweet Summertime" (LOOKBOOK)

Coffee and Whipped Cream.

COLORS: white, dark brown or light brown, and (optional) tan or dark brown

Many people start their day with the good old cup of Joe. A lot of you likely enjoy drinking coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts. How would you like to dress up like a delicious cup of coffee?

Here is an outfit idea of mine: start off with a white top that is either flouncy or lacy. Then, go with a brown skirt (or pants or shorts). I would prefer sort of mahogany brown or some kind of dark brown color for the bottoms. So where does the optional tan or dark brown come in? Well, that's in case you may have a tan or dark brown scarf. That brown scarf can serve as caramel or chocolate syrup being poured on top of the whipped cream. Clever, huh? :D This will have you looking like a delicious cup of coffee with cream and syrup (if you don't forego wearing a scarf).

You can probably think of many more fashion combinations based on edible items. I named only so many just to make this section interesting.

--- Tasty Fashion Influences: Various ---

These are all various outfit posts based on all sorts of edible foods and edible drinks. The theme is on color and on certain edible items. The fashion pieces relevant to each featured post are featured in the brief description of each item. Have a look around and enjoy!

"Mustard Custard" (Sara's Sweet Style) « mustard yellow skirt and various other mustard yellow accents.
"Mustard" (.a little princess.) « multiple mustard yellow items.
"Fresh Peachy Fruits" (Miss Aggie Kwong) « a peach-colored dress.
"new look: Happy Birthday Candy Girl" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « candy-themed outfit with multiple pastel colors.
"Twist of Lime" (Food Fashion and Flow) « lime green skirt.

Maybe these blog posts helped you to enjoy edible fashion influences a bit more.

--- Tasty Fashion Influences: Final Thoughts ---

The idea of food and drink to provide fashion influence speaks volumes towards the imaginative spirit. Inspiration of any kind is surely helpful in building outfits. Basing outfits on food and/or drinks is surely creative. It shows that fashion inspiration can come from anywhere. While you are not edible, you can certainly base your fashion on edibles if you have an eye for style.

You CAN play with your food! In fact, you can even look stylish and have fun with edible fashion inspirations! :)

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

This is the only post I will include relevant to this topic:

"Tasty Fashion Influences" (John's Blog Space)
^ This was my original post regarding edible fashion influences. A few more food and drink items are featured in my main post in my main blog.

Thank you again for your continued support of my work!

I hope your appetite for tasty fashion was fulfilled here in this post. Of course, if you're hungry/thirsty for more fashion chatter from me, please make sure you're Subscribed and Followed to StyleSpace. It's always an all-you-can-eat buffet of fashion chatter from me here. Only this restaurant is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all year long. I really had fun doing this post both on here and in my main blog. I hope you enjoyed my post here. Care to discuss? Here's my question to you all:

If food, drinks, or other edibles inspire your fashion outfits... what are your favorite tasty fashion influences?

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