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Monday, March 18, 2013

Bohemian Fashion

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The Bohemian fashion style has long been in vogue among fashionable types. Many, however, get tired of Bohemian style. The reason why I haven't posted about Bohemian chic is because I don't know enough about it to professionally discuss it. I will attempt to discuss Bohemian fashion in this blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM." I never confidently release anything if am unaware of the reaction I'd get from the public if I don't make anything enjoyable or useful. I strongly encourage my audience to help me better understand this style so I can make this blog post better for my readers and visitors. I think there is some Bohemian chic for males, but I will almost exclusively focus on feminine Bohemian styles.

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--- Bohemian at a Glance ---

NOTE: Some information in this section was provided from a Wikipedia search.

Time to begin discussing Bohemian (also called "Boho," but I avoid using "Boho" because it sounds stupid to me. It's as stupid as saying "preggo" or "preggers" to mean pregnant). Because I am terribly uneducated on this topic, most of what I will discuss will be fairly brief.

The Origin of Bohemian.

(source: reading from and summarizing from Wikipedia)
You know the style, but what about the origin? The former Kingdom of Bohemia represents most of the western and central ends of today's Czech Republic. It was founded in 1212, and the capital of Bohemia was Prague, Czech Republic. More than six million of the Czech Republic's ten million residents reside in the former Kingdom of Bohemia.

Bohemian Lifestyle.

Now on to the Bohemian style itself. The Bohemian lifestyle is more about being apart from mainstream society and establishing your own identity and going on your own adventures and aspirations. That's why many people into this lifestyle enjoy this sort of carefree and anti-establishment style.

There is your VERY brief look at Bohemia. Now for the kind of Bohemia most fashionable people are accustomed to.

--- Bohemian Fashion at a Glance ---

Bohemian chic. Boho chic. You've probably been introduced to this style in some capacity. Now let me explain this as best as I can. Remember, though- I don't know enough about Bohemian chic to discuss it proudly, so bear with me.

Bohemian Fashion: Clothing.

The impressions I get from Bohemian chic (as far as I know) is that Bohemian chic is all about comfortable, easy, and earthen accents. Bohemian chic has an easy and carefree look to it while providing a little toughness. Even some elements of hippie fashion are reminiscent of Bohemian chic. There is even a little gypsy influence to Bohemian chic. To me, Bohemian fashion is about easy casual style that infuses a bit of country or ethnic styles. There is nothing "cute" or overly glamourous about Bohemian chic; but it isn't tomboyish or over-the-top tough either. It is sort of a middle ground between the two. It is casual cute with some earthened touches to offer some character.

My idea of a Bohemian-style outfit would be a cute white peasant top, some light blue denim jean short shorts, and some ankle-length cowboy boots. The look would have to be casual and earthen. Or maybe trade the ankle boots for some metallic or turquoise gladiator thong sandals.

Bohemian Fashion: Beauty.

Bohemian chic also extends itself into beauty. Some Bohemian beauty touches include having braided hair (especially French braids), headbands, flowers in hair, and things like that. I think Bohemian beauty touches are mostly an extension of earthy and ethnic styles that Bohemian fashion is known for.

Why Dislike Bohemian?

As much as Bohemian is loved so much, and as with any trend; there are lots of people who are basically sick and tired of Bohemian fashion. Maybe it is because of its so many females have been drawn to the appeal of Bohemian type fashions to where it seems overkilled in certain fashion cultures.

Bohemian Blogging Chic.

Among bloggers, my blogging friend Lily of "Burst of Color" is someone whom almost immediately comes to mind in regards to Bohemian chic. Lily herself even describes her style as being a fresh take on Bohemian chic. Most of her outfits primarily consist of these earthen and vintage fashion pieces. I encourage all of you Bohemian fashion lovers who read "StyleSpace by JBM" to visit "Burst of Color."

I don't fully understand Bohemian chic to properly discuss it; but this has been my best effort so far. You will see many more Bohemian-type outfits in the next section. So carry on to the next section.

--- Bohemian Fashion: Examples ---

Here are some examples of Bohemian-type fashion items. You will get sort of basic idea of Bohemian chic here.

Bohemian dress
^ from: - This high-low/mullet dress is lovely with its design as well as the Bohemian prints adorned around the dress.

Bohemian bag
^ from: - Here is a Bohemian handbag. Take note of its earthened appearance.

Bohemian coverup
^ from: - You can cover up your outfit with this lovely Bohemian coverup.

Bohemian swimsuit
^ from: - If you want to take your Bohemian style to the beach, this one-piece swimsuit has you covered.

Bohemian poncho
^ from: - This Bohemian poncho is complimented with denim shorts, a fringed handbag, and some fringed booties.

These items will hopefully give you a little insight on Bohemian chic and the items that make the look popular.

--- Bohemian Fashion Around the Internet ---

For a guy who follows a number of fashion blogs, I should have NO problem finding Bohemian-type fashions in blog posts, right? So let me see if I can spur your interest.

These are all results from doing searches on the given blogs using "Bohemian" and "Boho." I chose these terms just to make showcasing this style easy for me. These blog posts are a few demonstrations of Bohemian chic. Get your insight right here, Bohemian fashion lovers! Follow their respective blogs if you enjoy their work:

"Lace and Leather" (Burst of Color) « a comfortable dress with some tough, yet cute ankle boots.
"Bohemian Romantic" (La Vagabond Dame) « lacy top with a floppy hat and pants.
"OVERSIZE BELL SLEEVE LACE DRESS - new at" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « lace dress with oversized bell sleeves.
"Hamsa and Maxi Lengths..." (Nany's Klozet) « a gypsy-style Bohemian outfit with a maxi skirt.
"windswept" (Curvy Girl Chic) « Bohemian-type cardigan.
"Studded Cardigan Sweater" (She Said He Said) « a unique Bohemian look with pearly head jewelry to compliment the look.

"Bohemian" search results on LOOKBOOK (girls' styles only) « Bohemian styles on LOOKBOOK.
"Bohemian" search results on Chictopia « Chictopia Bohemian insight.

Here is some video insight (click on the video to view on YouTube or if you can't view Flash media right away):

^ "Boho Chic Inspired Fashion & Makeup "

I hope this gives you plenty of Bohemian fashion inspiration.

--- Bohemian Fashion: Final Thoughts ---

The easy and carefree style of Bohemian fashion lends itself to it being one of the most prevalent fashion styles today. Maybe it lacks the edge of darker fashions or of rock-inspired fashions. Maybe it lacks the appeal certain sexy fashions offer. If anything, the casual and natural style of Bohemian fashion chic gives Bohemian chic its character. And speaking of character, it is the country and ethnic vibes that gives the character to Bohemian chic. Adding one's own personal style to Bohemian chic is a great way to personalize and diversify the trend. This trend is so well-liked and so worn for several reasons. Bohemian chic is an adaptable and unique fashion trend that is not going to go away or die out anytime soon. So even if you dislike the trend, at least respect the trend for what it is and what it brings to the fashion realm.

--- Bohemian Fashion: Resources ---

Here are some resources for you if you want to learn more about Bohemian fashion or want some tips on Bohemian chic:

TLC Style "5 Tips on Creating a Bohemian Style"
Bohemian Fashion Style Tips - How to Achieve Chic Bohemian Style, from Bohemian Style Clothing to No-Nos"
Bohemian babe style guide (sheknows beauty and style)
• "Spring Up and Stand Out! Bohemian Style Types by Natasha (Community Voices)"
"Bohemian Style Tips" « includes a deeper look at Bohemian fashion and its origins.
"How to get that bohemian style"

When I looked at these resources, a lot of these sources mostly talked about being yourself and offering your own personality to Bohemian chic. I may add more resources in the future should I find any good ones for you all.

--- Bohemian Fashion Online ---

Here is a broad array of items among the realm of Bohemian chic. If you have some interest in Bohemian chic, these items should tickle your fancy. Feel free to do a little shopping. Click on some items and have a look around:

POPSUGAR Shopping.

All things Bohemian from POPSUGAR Shopping:

Other Sources.

More ways to get your Bohemian on...

Bohemian on Amazon
Bohemian on eBay
Bohemian on Nordstrom
Bohemian on
Bohemian on

Happy shopping! :) I did all I could to point you in the direction of more Bohemian items. Hope this helps.

What do you think about Bohemian fashion? Make this post useful! Post some replies. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

This is a really good and interesting post. I learnt a lot about bohemian fashion. I had very little knowledge on it and I did used to wear the trend before but not anymore.

John Marine said...

At one time, I used to be very bohemian in my style. I still love it when going casual in the summertime. For me, bohemian fashion tends towards flowier, looser silhouettes that have an earthy and/or world traveler feel. A batik or ikat caftan with leather sandals and a fringe bag would be perfect for a bohemian girl on a beach vacation. I used to love mixing silky maxi skirts with simple white tanks, a denim jacket, and jewelry from around the world (either collected from world travels or import stores). Perfect look for a spring or summer time city slicker. :-)

Very informative post!


John Marine said...

Aww, how sweet of you to mention my blog in this post! Thanks John! You obviously worked very hard to gather all this information, and I'll definitely be sure to check out the links (:
I do love that floral dress, and of course, a fringe bag is always the way to my heart haha. Lovely post!

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