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Friday, March 29, 2013

Victoria's Secret

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Victoria's Secret means many things to many people. For many people, VS evokes images of the world's premier lingerie designer. Many others know VS for their attractive VS Angels (Candice Swanepoel is my personal favorite). Young ladies know them for the PINK collection. Very few, however, know them for fashions other than lingerie or the PINK line. This blog post concerns Victoria's Secret and all that makes Victoria's Secret what it is today. It is mostly just a general digest of the brand. Some material in this blog post may show up again in future posts. Mostly material focused entirely on certain topics here.

In case any of you may get squeamish about a male covering a brand like Victoria's Secret, don't be. I always try to discuss everything with professionalism and respect. Some content in this post may not be suitable for work or school. Therefore, you may be reading this post at your own risk.

I am not paid by anyone to post my opinions on Victoria's Secret. This is in no way a sponsored or paid post. Everything here is all personal opinion and provided for educational and entertainment purposes.

WARNING: Some content in this blog post may not be suitable for all audiences, and this post may not entirely be safe for work/school.

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--- Victoria's Secret ---

As the world's premier designer of lingerie, Victoria's Secret represents the epitome of femininity and sexual charm. The company was founded in 1977 and is based in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Victoria's Secret has many stores both across the United States as well as various stores located around the world.

The ultimate showcase of Victoria's Secret products is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. This annual show for VS has been held since the 1990s, but it hasn't been televised until 2001. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is famous for the Victoria's Secret Angels who parade around in and showcase Victoria's Secret products. These VS Angels come from all over the world, including the United States. My personal favorite of today's VS Angels is the beautiful Candice Swanepoel from South Africa.

Victoria's OTHER Secrets.

No matter how you perceive Victoria's Secret, this is a company all about making women feel their absolute best with high-quality and highly enticing lingerie. However, Victoria's Secret is about more than just lingerie.

• Victoria's Secret: Other Clothes
Victoria's Secret offers stylish clothing for women with many tops, bottoms, shoes, and beauty products to help provide extra charm and style. These clothes can be casual outfits, classy outfits, or nighttime outfits for when it's party time. They have brands such as London Jeans for the denim divas who want to sport some VS chic. Their pants are popular, especially the Christie fit pants and the Kate fit pants. Other items- such as perfume and handbags- are sold by Victoria's Secret. So you get a little of everything from Victoria's Secret besides lingerie.

• Victoria's Secret Sport
For the active woman, there is a line called VSX- Victoria's Secret Sport. This line includes activewear that is both stylish and functional. VSX is a good way to work out while also sporting some hot clothes from Victoria's Secret. That is... if you prefer to rock your workout with Victoria's Secret.

• Victoria's Secret PINK
Wildly popular among the younger (as in Juniors and Young Adults) set is the Victoria's Secret PINK collection. The PINK range features many girly cute products that are as expressive, colorful, and as youthful as the ones who wear their products. You may see a lot of VS PINK material ranging from girly messages to the various "LOVE PINK" and "LOVE PINK 86" messages on various items. The VS PINK range includes not only regular clothes, but also lingerie, swimwear, and sleepwear. Even though the line is mostly tailored to juniors and young adults, you may see some older ladies wearing these trendy clothes.

So while you many know Victoria's Secret for lingerie, VS is about MUCH more than just lingerie.

--- The Victoria's Secret Angel Influence ---

The Victoria's Secret Angels are the public faces of Victoria's Secret. They represent the lovely ladies from around the world who proudly wear Victoria's Secret products. The premier showcase of Victoria's Secret is in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. To provide you a sample of the VS Fashion Show, I invite you to look at this video (may not be safe for work/school):

^ "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 2012: Kanye, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Miranda Kerr [RAW]| FashionTV"

Here is a cute kind of video featuring the Victoria's Secret Angels rocking VS PINK. Welcome to the Pink Ball:

^ "[HD] Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 - Pink Ball (Ft. Justin Bieber)"

If the above video doesn't get you feeling good in any way, something may be wrong with you. The high energy music and the cute ladies and the whimsical outfits... get psyched already, folks!

--- "Bright Young Things" Controversy (Bonus Section!) ---

Reverend Evan Dolive, who is a father to a daughter and an evangelist (and also one of my fellow Houstonians), was enraged when hearing that Victoria's Secret was considering marketing a line catering more towards Middle School girls. This considered line is to be called "Bright Young Things" and features suggestive and provocative messages on them (for example: "Call Me" or "Wild"). Rev. Evan Dolive's primary complaint is that making this "Bright Young Things" line with the messages and other aspects of them only makes Middle School age girls (primarily the age range of about 12-15, or tweens to very young teenagers) be sex objects. He typed up a letter that essentially voiced his frustrations and his disapproval of Victoria's Secret even considering this collection. His disapproval was so profound that it ended up going viral online.

I, for one, do agree with Rev. Evan Dolive. It would be going too far to try to market a line like Bright Young Things to tweens and young teenagers. You can market something like this to this age demographic while not overstepping the boundaries or making something too mature for their age. I would surely tone down some of the different elements that Victoria's Secret is considering as how the different products will look.

To read this material and Evan Dolive's thoughts against Victoria's Secret starting this line, here is the post in his blog: "A Letter to Victoria's Secret From a Father" (Rev. Evan Dolive).

--- Victoria's Secret: Final Thoughts ---

Victoria's Secret epitomizes the charm, character, and appeal of making females look and feel beautiful through comfortable lingerie and fashionable clothing. Their lingerie certainly provides this level of confidence and appeal. The Victoria's Secret PINK range is girly and fun. No matter what you may think about Victoria's Secret, they at least have established themselves for the better part of time since the company's founding back in 1977. And as long as females feel comfortable and proud wearing Victoria's Secret products, this brand's popularity and appeal will not die out any time soon.

Learn more about Victoria's Secret by visiting:

--- Victoria's Secret Online ---

NOTE: Some of the following links may or may not link to whatever content is being featured. They all link to the proper content as of me finding these items in this initial blog post.

Victoria's Secret: Lingerie.

Victoria's Secret makes some of the most enticing and well-respected lingerie money can buy. It is their lingerie which makes them so well-respected.

For more:
Victoria's Secret - Bras
Victoria's Secret - Panties

Victoria's Secret: Clothing.

Many people know Victoria's Secret for their lingerie. Many others, however, don't think of Victoria's Secret for things other than lingerie. The company actually has a great lineup of regular clothes for casual fashions as well as classy fashions.

Among some of their non-lingerie items are jeans, flattering pants, various styles of dresses and skirts, shoes, perfume, and more. They even have a lineup of activewear for the sporty ladies out there called VSX (Victoria's Secret Sport). Take a look at some of their many offerings outside of lingerie:

Victoria's Secret Clothing:
Victoria's Secret - Clothing
Victoria's Secret - Shoes
Victoria's Secret - Sleepwear
Victoria's Secret - Swimwear
Victoria's Secret - Beauty

Victoria's Secret - VSX (Victoria's Secret Sport)

Victoria's Secret: PINK.

I tried to find a picture to showcase Victoria's Secret PINK, but I was unable to find a good enough one to feature here.

The PINK line from Victoria's Secret is a wildly popular clothing line for Juniors. It was launched in 2004 as sort of the young audience's compliment to the main Victoria's Secret range. PINK is all about super-cute, girly, and fun style. Their items represent the fun and feel-good spirit of such girly fashions. You may often see various garments saying "PINK" or "LOVE PINK" or anything like that on anything ranging from T-shirts to sweatpants. While VS PINK is loved by teen girls and college girls, there are also some older women who wear the collections offered by Victoria's Secret PINK. So while the clothing line is seemingly enjoyed by the younger set, it is really to offer youthful style to almost any female of any age.

PINK's range delves also into swimwear, sleepwear, and lingerie.

For more:
Victoria's Secret PINK
Victoria's Secret PINK - PINK Nation

Victoria's Secret. MUCH more than just lingerie. One last time... learn more about Victoria's Secret by visiting

Here is the only relevant shopping resource I can provide for all of you besides the Victoria's Secret website:

POPSUGAR Shopping (formerly ShopStyle).

What do you think about Victoria's Secret? Post your thoughts here, and don't forget to follow "StyleSpace by JBM" on Bloglovin with this link: Follow "StyleSpace by JBM" on Bloglovin'. And as always... thanks for reading!

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