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Monday, July 29, 2013

Damaged Denim

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If a garment is ripped and torn, you probably aren't wanting to wear it again. Denim can be different, however. Ripped, torn, distressed, or even destroyed denim adds character to denim garments. Rips and tears in denim are often adored by denim lovers. You may see ripped and torn denim shorts. You may see some jeans that have a lot of tears in them, offering onlookers some of your bare legs. Some denim have a good bit of damage to them but not show any skin. No matter what, the topic of conversation here is on denim that has been damaged in some way.

Do you realize it's been a while since I've discussed ANYTHING denim? This is a welcome back to discussing denim for me.


I want to stress that "damaged denim" means any denim garment that is torn, ripped, destroyed, distressed, or anything like that. It is an umbrella term I am using to describe various denim items that have been damaged or altered in any such way. I always look for umbrella terms to make discussion of certain topics simple. Most of what I may discuss in this blog post relates mostly to distressed denim.

--- Damaged Denim ---

Denim is one of those garments in which it's okay to have some damage to them if they are damaged in some capacity. I usually prefer most garments to be clean. Some damage to denim is okay to me. What I can't stand, though, is denim that looks so damaged to where you might as well trash or burn denim that is hanging on by a thread (so to speak). One time, I was standing in line buying something at a music store. One girl who was in front me had some torn jeans. The torn part of her jeans shown off part of what looked like part of her bikini bottom. So some damaged denim can look trashy or skanky depending on the denim garment. In some cases, it can be a cute touch to have some sort of damaged denim.

There are damaged denim for both males and females. You see damaged denim more commonly with feminine fashion, but there are us guys who wear some kind of damaged denim. Some of the most common damaged denim usually has rips and tears around the knees or on the upper leg of jeans. Some jeans are so damaged that they just don't look anything fashionable anymore. Torn short shorts can be great for warm weather times. Such torn denim short shorts are usually paired with thong sandals, any kind of sneakers, or boat shoes. Torn denim skirts also offer their own appeal. A denim mini with some distressing or damage surely tickles the fancy of a fashionista or a denim diva.

Buy Damaged, Or Damage Them Yourself?

Would you rather buy any kind of damaged denim, or do you prefer damaging it yourself? A lot of fashionable types usually like to take their own clothes and do their own do-it-yourself (DIY) modifications. It is all up to you whether you'd prefer ripping and damaging your denim or buying already-damaged denim. Some people often take items like cheese graters and knives to tear up and damage denim to give their denim garments some character.

So damaged denim of any kind surely appeals to most fashion types. Up next is a look at various damaged denim garments and items.

--- Damaged Denim in Pictures ---

If damaged denim is to your liking, here is your inspiration right here.

ripped jeans
^ from: - A classic pair of ripped jeans.

distressed denim skirt
^ from: - This is a distressed denim mini skirt.

destroyed denim vest
^ from: - This is a destroyed denim vest with lace and pearls.

torn jeans men
^ from: - Even males rock any sort of damaged denim, including torn jeans like the ones above.

destructed cropped jeans
^ from: - These are destructed cropped jeans.

maternity damaged denim
^ from: - You can even be pregnant and enjoy distressed denim.

distressed denim backpack
^ from: - Even denim bags and luggage can be distressed.

Hope this gives you some sort of idea on various damaged denim garments.

--- Damaged Denim Around the Blogopshere ---

I found some blog posts featuring certain kinds of damaged denim. How do others wear damaged denim? Don't expect too many featured posts here or too many diverse examples. These examples are the only ones that come to mind. And if more ideas come along, I may edit this post to include more examples:

"Super Casual" (My Silk Fairytale) « denim shorts with some distressing and exposed pockets.
"THE PEPLUM" (Song of Style) « ripeed slim jeans.
"RIPPED SHORTS AND THE FLOWER PRINT BLAZER" (Haute and Rebellious Blog) « ripped and torn denim shorts.
"you give me that humming bird heart-beat." (tiny sailor) « cut-off denim jean shorts.
"Casual and Comfy at the park" (Maytedoll) « white distressed denim shorts.
"Weekend" (Kolorowa dusza) « distressed high-waist denim shorts.
"new look: boyfriend ripped jeans" (Glam Fab Happy) « ripped and heavily modified boyfriend jeans.
"Bright Colors and Bold Prints" (Burst of Color) « distressed jeans.
"Festival Ready With Hunter Boots" (Bisous Natasha) « damaged and torn denim shorts.

If I find more examples, I will be sure to include them in future edits.

--- Damaged Denim: Final Thoughts ---

I am not terribly excited about any sort of damaged denim to where I'd recommend them for any sort of outfit. You can have denim with some sort of damage and not look like you survived a violent fight or some sort of wild adventure. It speaks to the character of denim and denim garments. For those who prefer or like their denim damaged in some way, enjoy the character and the charm damaged denim provides as you incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe. Enjoy their appeal and proudly rock your distressed, destroyed, tattered, torn, beat-up denim.

While there is character to damaged denim, it can sometimes look tacky or trashy if done wrong or if it just looks awful. Some denim looks too damaged to be worth being worn anymore. Almost like, "it's already torn. Why not just cut it up or burn it?" There is a certain science to getting damaged denim done right. Not all of them execute this properly. Some cut-off jobs are just horrid. So if you're going to be into messing up your denim, make sure you know what you're doing to make your damaged denim stand out and that your looks don't become very trashy.

Should you buy already-damaged denim or damage denim yourself? If you're skillful, you can always scratch up and rip up denim yourself. Most others who aren't so crafty can simply buy already-distressed or damaged denim. It's your call.

--- Damaged Denim Online ---

There are a lot of terms to define certain kinds of damaged denim. So choosing proper search terms and words can be critical in this department. Any blogger or website owner is often well aware of what good SEO is about to the success of sites. I found distressed denim to offer the best results for my visitors. So if you want some denim, I have a lot of distressed denim to your liking in this section. If you want to buy some damaged denim of any kind, I can help you here. Feel free to score yourself some damaged denim while also helping support my work. As always, shopping is voluntary but appreciated.

POPSUGAR Shopping.

For feminine damaged (distressed) denim:

For masculine damaged (distressed) denim:

Other Sources...

all damaged (distressed) denim on Amazon (this includes masculine denim, feminine denim, and other items- including luggage)
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Happy shopping, and I hope you can add to your wardrobe! :)

What do you think about various damaged denims? Thank you for reading! Comment at will.

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John Marine said...

I prefer to distress denim myself. If I purchase pre-distressed denim, I am VERY selective. I think most factory-distressed denim is overdone and looks more intentional than "worn." I prefer a more subtle damaged/distressed look.


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