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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sock Bun Hairstyle

John Marine | 10:28 PM | | |
Of late, bun hairstyles have been very popular- especially sock buns. Among bloggers and online personalities, one such person into the sock bun hairstyle is Jennifer Grace- the LOOKBOOK regular who runs the blog "Native Fox." The sock bun is an updo that nicely wraps up your hair. If you have very long tresses and want to contain it all in a hassle-free manner, the sock bun may just be for you. Not to be funny or offensive, but a completed sock bun sort of looks like a donut (or doughnut) attached to someone's hair. Only thing is that this donut won't taste like your favorite donut, nor will it have that tasty icing or that juicy filling you love in donuts. I prefer plain glazed donuts anyways (sometimes chocolate glazed donuts), but that's not the point here. Anyhow, moving on...

A sock bun hairstyle can look very stylish if done right. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have sported the sock bun hairstyle. So what does a sock bun hairstyle look like? Here is one as demonstrated by a YouTuber:

^ "Sock Bun Braid Updo Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial"

What about the aforementioned Native Fox? Here is a sample of her sock bun hairstyle. Don't pay so much attention to her outfit- just take note of her hair:

"Gabriella" (Native Fox) « sock bun hairstyle example.

My Thoughts on the Sock Bun Hairstyle.

To be honest, I think the any sort of bun hairstyle- let alone a sock bun hairstyle- is a very nice hairstyle... but I don't love it enough to where I can say it is beautiful. It is surely one of the most popular updos in this day and age. So on a scale of 1-10 to where 1 is absolutely hate and 10 is absolutely love, most sock bun hairstyles rank a 7 to me. There just aren't too many sock bun hairstyles I completely adore.

Sock Bun Resources.

So... do you want advice on the sock bun hairstyle? Let me help you by providing these resources for you:

"sock bun hair" on YouTube « search results for "sock bun hair" on YouTube; see videos on sock bun hairstyles
"How to Do a Sock Bun" (Beautylish)
"What this craze is all about" (Sheknows)
"How To: Sock Bun Hair Tutorial in 5 Crazy Easy Steps" (Birchbox)
Rise of the 'sock bun': How to master the hipster updo that is fast becoming the height of hair fashion (Mail Online)

I will add more resources based on interest to this blog post or if I can find more resources for you all. I may even discuss bun hairstyles in general (which was almost my primary intent in bringing this topic up).

Rather brief post, huh? I don't do these often because I always tend to be a perfectionist. I feel I have to nail down EVERYTHING (or almost everything) in one detailed post. After spending a lot of time on fashion, I may turn my attention briefly to hair and hairstyles. Make sure you're along for this fashion ride by Following and Subscribing to "StyleSpace by JBM." What do you think about the sock bun hairstyle? Share your thoughts here. And as always... thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

That is so smart! Gotta try that one out asap.

Sleepless Doll said...

I actually tried this John, but I didn't have the patience to perfect it. It does takes some practice, but when done right, it's adorable!!


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