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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


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Stylishly protect your eyes with sunglasses. Or of course, wear sunglasses to try to be cooler than you really are or to be some poser/poseur. This is an adapted post about sunglasses from my main blog "John's Blog Space." So what you are about to read here is not really anything new if you've read my original post on sunglasses.

This was originally a post that I never made a version of for "StyleSpace by JBM" previously. Now, of course, you landed on my blog post on "StyleSpace by JBM" about sunglasses. The majority of this post is essentially a modified copy of my post from "John's Blog Space."

--- Sunglasses ---

There are many kinds of sunglasses for males and females ranging from novelty to fashionable. There are various kinds of lenses and different size sunglasses. Sunglasses should be appropriate for however much protection from UV rays and very bright sunlight as you please. They can be good for things ranging from beating the heat to (I admit) looking cool.

A number of people have either sunglasses or sunglass clips to protect their eyes from blinding sun rays. As with almost any number of items, there is also the matter of having stylish sunglasses to frame one's style. Aviator sunglasses are perhaps the most enjoyed kinds of sunglasses among males and females. Cat eye sunglasses are trendy of late among females. You also can't fault other flashy types of sunglasses, including those embellished with flowers and the ever-popular "stunner shades." There are also some various kinds of novelty sunglasses with all sorts of designs to them. So no matter what kind of sunglasses you look for, there is at least one style of sunglasses sure to compliment your style and your personality.

--- Types of Sunglasses ---

Sunglasses vary in style, function, and in levels of protection for your eyes. This section highlights the many different kinds of sunglasses.

Basic Sunglasses.

basic sunglasses
^ from: - This is what I'll define as basic. These are just average sunglasses that aren't really super-stylish or whatever.

Fashion Sunglasses.

fashion sunglasses male
^ from: - Sunglasses for men.


fashion sunglasses female
^ from: - Fashion sunglasses.

Fashion sunglasses do more than just protect your eyes. In fact, they add some style to your overall look. The first pair is a pair of men's fashion sunglasses, and the bottom pair is obviously a women's pair of sunglasses.

Aviator Sunglasses.

aviator sunglasses
^ from: - Aviator sunglasses have been the most popular sunglasses as of late. They exude super-chic style for both males and females.

Jackie-O Sunglasses.

Jackie-O Sunglasses
^ from: - Also affectionately known as bug eye glasses, the Jackie-O sunglasses are named after the glasses made famous by Jacqueline Onassis. Many think that wearing sunglasses that dominate your face look ugly. Some even think that this is just overkill when looking for adequate protection for your eyes. They've become popular since about five years ago, though they've been around for much longer.


wayfarer sunglasses
^ from: - The most common kinds of sunglasses are wayfarers, like the ones above that I've seen on

Luxury Sunglasses.

luxury sunglasses
^ from: - Luxury sunglasses are sunglasses from luxury brands. They are some of the best sunglasses money can buy for those willing to splurge for a hot pair of sunglasses. They can be the best way to beat the heat while also looking your best.

Novelty Sunglasses.

novelty sunglasses
^ from: - Most novelty sunglasses are just that- novelty. They are glasses you can wear casually and for fun. Many of these novelty sunglasses come in very unique designs and even with colored lenses. The likelihood of me covering novelty sunglasses is not very likely.

Sunglass Clips and Trans.

sunglass clips
^ from: - If you wear regular glasses like I do, and if you don't want to switch from regular glasses to sunglasses, this is a better alternative. I have my own pair of metal sunglass clips that attach cleanly to my glasses.

The most important thing to remember about sunglasses is to find a pair that you can happily and safely wear on bright and sunny days. You want as much protection for your eyes as possible. Find some sunglasses that fit your style and your needs.

--- Sunglass Alternatives: Sunglass Clips and Transition Lenses ---

If you wear regular glasses like I do, you may opt to go with clips for your glasses rather than have to continually switch from reading glasses to sunglasses. This is a convenient solution that still gives you the same amount of protection on sunny days. I have a pair of sunglass clips that I use to clip onto my glasses. The effectiveness of these sunglass clips are about the same as an average pair of sunglasses. Just remember to have your carrying case or glasses sock with you to store your sunglass clips.

Another alternative to sunglasses are transition lenses. You'll need to chat with your eye doctor about switching your lenses from regular lenses to transition lenses. Transition lenses will quickly change in response to the amount of light in a given area. So when it's bright and sunny outside, the lenses change color to help shield your eyes from the bright sunlight without the need to grab your sunglasses.

It would be too easy to come up with a look at bloggers with their sunglasses on. However, I chose to forego this and will instead move on to final thoughts on sunglasses. The next section awaits you.

--- Sunglasses: Final Thoughts ---

Sunglasses are an effective way to protect your eyes from very bright and blinding sun rays. They can also be a trendy way to look cool/stylish. Finding a pair for yourself depends on your needs and what you're looking for in a pair of sunglasses. Are you wanting something to go with your style? If you wear regular glasses (like I do), do you go for either sunglass clips or even transition lenses? No matter what the case, there is a pair of sunglasses or whatever to suit your needs.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

You can read the original post here, in case you are interested:

"Sunglasses" (John's Blog Space)
^ This is the original post in its original form from my main blog. Be warned that this post on JBS is severely outdated.

Want to get some sunglasses for yourself or for someone else? The next section may interest you. So take a look!

--- Sunglasses Online ---

The majority of glasses I'll feature in this section are for men, juniors, and women. I want to feel like my blog entry has meant something to you. So what I always try and do is show you some items on Amazon relevant to the blog topic (sunglasses, in this case). I want you to be able to have a pair of sunglasses you will likely enjoy. So please take a look at each item below. If you see something you like, click on it and buy it if you are really happy with it. I would appreciate it if you do purchase these items if you see something you like. Widgets will be supplemented at the end of this blog entry with more sunglasses that may interest you. If any items are no longer available, I will regularly update this blog entry (as well as my other fashion-themed blog entries) with more content.

If I didn't want you to have your own items by shopping online, I wouldn't have gone to the extents that I've gone to chat about sunglasses. PLEASE feel free to purchase anything you like from this blog entry and any of my other blog entries with Amazon products. A thing I'd like to add is that all or most of these sunglasses come with their own free sunglass cases. So if you want a pair of sunglasses for your own, you probably won't have to purchase a carrying case or anything because most (or all) of these glasses have their own cases.


Other Sources...

Sunglasses. You want 'em? I found some. Pick one or more sources for which to do your sunglasses searching. All links post to sunglasses for multiple audiences:

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Happy shopping, folks! :)

It is a pleasure of you to read my blog post on sunglasses.

What are your favorite kind(s) of sunglasses? Do you favor one style more than others? What do you like most about sunglasses (if you do)?

Thank you again for reading! Read, comment, subscribe... just thanks for reading! Take care and be well.

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