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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sneakers as Chic Shoes

John Marine | 6:02 PM | | |
It used to be that sneakers were only for casual wear. In recent times, many a fashionista complete chic outfits with sneakers. Sneakers seem to be trending upwards as chic footwear for outfits rather pumps, flats, sandals, or boots. In my "Just Add Sneakers?" blog post, I questioned whether pairing almost any outfit with sneakers leads to a chic outfit. It works sometimes. A lot of others, not so much. I made a similar post called "Chic Sneakers," but don't confuse this post with the past post. This one is about sneakers being chic footwear while the other post simply is about chic-looking sneakers.

I can look around on LOOKBOOK or certain bloggers where certain fashionistas wear sneakers with their outfits when they could look a bit better with certain other footwear. As I will tell you, the wrong pair of shoes can ruin an entire outfit. I've seen lovely dress outfits paired with a horrid pair of sneakers. Some sneakers can actually be quite chic to wear. However, it doesn't mean you can simply wear a certain pair of sneakers and complete a well-structured outfit. To set the tone and to share with you that sneakers can be a poor choice of footwear to compliment some outfits, I give you this picture:

sneakers chic shoes
^ from: - Would you wear sneakers to complete your most chic outfits? To some fashionistas, sneakers are a fine replacement to various chic shoes in completing outfits.

I will tell you that sneakers with outfits doesn't always work. This article on Be Daze Live, meanwhile, would beg to differ. So what do you think about sneakers as chic shoes to wear with outfits? Let's talk more about this topic with these talking points...

Popular Sneakers With Outfits.

Popular sneakers among most fashionistas are certain New Balance sneakers, Adidas sneakers, Keds, and of course... Converses. Most fashionable types usually pair certain skirt and dress outfits with sneakers. There is also the notion of dressing to certain moods. When do I think sneakers work? Most of the time, I usually prefer pumps or a fine pair of sandals to go with certain skirt or dress outfits. A classic pair of Keds Champion sneakers go nicely with certain sundresses- just ask Taylor Swift.

To be honest, certain laceless sneakers can be fine. Not always, but surely better than some sporty sneakers and (especially) Converses. Sneaker-style shoes or shoes like the Skechers Bikers mary jane sneakers are better if you fancy sneaker-style shoes.

Good and Bad Sneaker Examples.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I mean no disrespect for any of the "bad" examples. I mean "good" and "bad" with what I think wearing sneakers do with outfits.

"Good" Example(s):
Let me provide a few examples of outfits paired with sneakers. One example I will provide is from "Glam Fab Happy." Normally, Jelena doesn't wear sneakers with her outfits. However, there was a casual outfit of hers which I actually personally like. This outfit is a casual style outfit that has a sporty vibe to it. Not only is this a sneakers outfit, the sneakers are sequined sneakers.

Check it out: OOTD (Glam Fab Happy) I like this combination because the sneakers are fitting to go with the outfit. A pretty pair of sandals or some flats would have worked, but the combination of sequin sneakers strangely attracts me to this outfit.

• Another "good" example is another sporty sort of outfit. There is a chic appeal to it despite its sporty appeal thanks to Aibina's sense of styling. The fashion blogger from Kazakhstan paired some sporty sneakers with an outfit that is also sporty. Take a look from this Kazakh fashionista: NATURAL MOTIVES (AIBINA'S BLOG).

• Believe it or not, Tatiana of "bonnie_blog" is wearing sneakers with this shorts outfit I will make mention to. I thought at first these were more like rugged oxfords, but they are sneakers. It seems like a classy and fun outfit. This is maybe one of my personal favorite outfits of hers I am about to make mention to. Have a look at this Russian fashionista's style with this older outfit of hers: "Artist" (bonnie_blog).

Certain chic outfits can be surprisingly chic with sneakers without killing the outfit. Neither example here killed the respective outfits from the respective individuals.

"Bad" Example(s):
"Great outfit... but the sneakers killed it for me." I am one of the ones who will honestly mention sneakers either making or breaking an outfit for me.

• Ariadna of "! I have nothing to wear!" usually provides elegant and appealing outfits. Her beauty is hypnotic. You'll swoon to her loveliness from the various angles of her outfits. Well for one of her outfits, she decided to mix things up. Throw a curveball. The end result? This: Czerwona sukienka, czarna kurtka ze skóry, czarne rajstopy i sportowe buty (! I have nothing to wear!)

So NOT feeling this one. Tights notwithstanding, this is a poor pairing in my view.

Examples... What Do YOU Think?
Why don't we practice whether you think sneakers helped or hurt some outfits. These are sneaker examples paired with certain outfits in which I am not sure whether to approve or disapprove. I am not asking you anything here- I just wanted to provide these examples for you to ponder if you approve of pairing these outfits with sneakers. Take a look for your own reading pleasure...

• Would you pair sneakers with a dress and a coat? This lady did so: THE AROMA OF MINT (Aibina's Blog)

• This example features a bright-colored pair of sneakers in a most unusual classy casual outfit: Long Sunny Vest (My Blonde Gal)

I hope this offers a little extra insight on making sneakers as chic shoes.

Final Thoughts.

The only excuse for pairing some chic outfits with sneakers is if you're wanting to wear a comfortable pair of shoes outside of certain heeled shoes or something. If sneakers are the shoes for a certain outfit that could be better served with more chic shoes, then I disagree with making sneakers the primary shoes for certain outfits. Sorry if this offends certain fashionable types, but there are better options than sneakers with some chic outfits. Oxfords and brogues are better chic shoes if you fancy lace-up shoes. I may not recommend them for some outfits, but you could even wear a pair of boat shoes with some outfits rather than sneakers as another lace-up alternative. Chic pumps or sandals or boots are always better alternatives. A basic pair of flip-flop/thong sandals, ballet flats, sheepskin boots, or even rubber clogs are better alternatives than sneakers with some outfits.

I've said a number of times before- the wrong pair of shoes can ruin an outfit. Many times in blog posts and in pictures on LOOKBOOK and Instagram, I've seen very fine outfits ruined with a poor choice of shoes. Maybe I am someone who doesn't like sneakers all that much. Even with that said, you can do much better than pair some outfits with sneakers. You don't have to give into the "athleisure" trend or have to poison an otherwise chic outfit with sneakers. Some sneaker-style shoes are cute enough to be paired with outfits. Some, but not all.

Choose your footwear wisely- the wrong pair can kill outfits. That is, if intentionally killing outfits and not looking your best is what you are going for.

No matter what, the main thing I am mindful of is to not be overly critical of how people style certain outfits. I am not in charge of dictating how people should dress. I am not a stylist. I always respect the fashion decisions and styles of various fashionable types. Having said all of this, I still have my likes and dislikes in fashion. From this post alone, this post is only an expression of my opinions- sneakers as chic shoes in this case.

I've shared my opinions; now it's your turn.

Can sneakers ruin certain outfits? Would you dare switch certain shoes/sandals/boots with sneakers with your most chic outfits (or have you)?

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