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Friday, August 5, 2016

Pom Pom Sandals

John Marine | 5:15 PM | | |
The pom pom trend is hot right now. And among pom pom items, pom pom sandals have trended greatly. These can range from chic sandals to tall gladiator-like sandals. Are these something you want to wear or love? For many, the answer is no. I actually have found pom poms to be annoying (except the ones cheerleaders use, of course). Not everything adorned with pom pom detail is stylish or cute to me. For the life of me, I can't stand multicolored pom pom outfits, even including pom pom sandals. I don't see the style, and there have been only so few pom pom sandals I liked.

Pom Pom Sandals in Pictures.

So what do these sandals look like? Here are a few pictures to get you going...

pom pom sandals single color
^ from: - These are pom pom sandals of a single color.

pom pom sandals multicolor
^ from: - If you prefer multiple color pom pom sandals, this is one example of multi-colored pom poms adorning a pair of sandals.

Blogger Examples.

These examples are provided for educational purposes. So here are some examples of pom pom sandals:

(in Russian - can't translate) (Perventina) « black pom pom high heel sandals.
"Classy with a pop of pom poms" (Cuppajyo) « colorful and ankle tall pom pom sandals.

The first example is actually okay to me.

Final Thoughts.

I hate to disappoint anyone who thinks otherwise on pom pom sandals, but I just can't connect with these sandals or almost anything adorned with pom poms. So you can keep this trend. And you can keep [most] gladiator sandals (that's another story). Perhaps the biggest appeal of such sandals are the dangling pom pom details themselves. Some of them just look like these pom poms were attached on there and look like an extremely hot mess. Almost as if to say, "you know what would make these tall lace-up sandals cute? Pom poms! Let's stick some on semi-randomly!" I fail to adore pom pom sandals for much the same reason why I fail to adore most wedge sneakers. Only I can tolerate wedge sneakers more than I can pom pom sandals. But... that's just me.

Pom Pom Sandals Online.

Agreeing and disagreeing are perfectly fine. If the latter describes your reaction to my thoughts on pom pom sandals, let me make it up to you by offering you this item below. Score yourself some pom pom sandals here:

Happy shopping (if doing any)!

You obviously may have an opinion different from mine, so...

Are you liking the pom pom sandal trend? What do you think about these sandals?

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