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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fashion Calendars

John Marine | 12:37 AM | |
How can you enjoy one's style all year? With a calendar! Whose style could you enjoy all year from a fashion blogger or some other fashion personality? This blog post asks an interesting question in paying respect to your favorite personalities. If certain fashion personalities had their own calendar, would you buy one? Whose style would you love so much as to have that individual (or maybe multiple individuals) as a calendar? This is a unique fashion question I want to share with you stylish folks. So let's begin with this post!

Fashion Calendars

What would warrant someone looking so good or being such a fine personality that they would look good in a calendar? I think if someone has a great sense of style, you wouldn't mind seeing a calendar showcasing his/her/their style. Imagine if one fashion blogger or some fashion personality had as many as 12 pictures in which you could enjoy a calendar of their style.

I strangely thought of this topic and wondered what it would be like to have a calendar of someone and his/her fashion style expressed for an entire year. Especially when you follow someone's blogging work or outfits for so long, you tend to envision favorites. So imagine what it would be like to have 12 favorites make up a calendar. It means you can enjoy all 365 (or 366 for Leap Years) days with 12 wonderful outfits from a fashion personality.

You can imagine a calendar of a fashion personality, but what would you want from that personality to fill the 12 months? The next section awaits...

Fashion Calendar: What Would You Want?

What if you could devise a calendar showcasing the style of one or more individuals? Here are some options if you had a take in creating a calendar or dreaming of a calendar of fashion style:

Fashion Calendar: One Personality.

This is the simplest option. You love someone's style so much that you wish you had that person's style showcased in a calendar. A calendar showcasing one individual may have the fashion personality share 12 of his/her favorite outfits and set up a calendar. What would be nice is if each of the outfits chosen were appropriate for each time of year. For example, a certain female fashion blogger could feature a hot swimwear outfit for June and (assuming she's American) maybe feature a patriotic outfit for July.

Fashion Calendar: Categories.

What if instead of a calendar of one's style, you could have a calendar showing certain categories of fashion? For example, imagine a calendar showcasing some of the best petite fashion bloggers. Imagine maybe a calendar of plus size fashion stars. You might even want a calendar of fashion personalities who like edgy or outfits inspired by rock, punk, emo, or anything like that. Or maybe you love pin-up girls or vintage fashion personalities. The calendar may even include those of a certain nationality or ethnicity. For example, imagine a calendar only featuring European fashion personalities, or maybe various Asian fashion bloggers. This could be good if you're trying to categorize certain fashion stars.

Fashion Calendar: Best Of...

Maybe your idea of a fashion calendar would be one where you basically get some of the best outfits from 12 different fashion personalities. Maybe a category is involved, but this would be more like a general assortment of fashion personalities. The calendar may include some personalities you may not like too much. Yet still, it's an assortment of various fashion personalities.

So now that you have some insight on this topic, I wonder if there was a fashion calendar I wouldn't mind having. Advance to the next section, please.

Fashion Calendar: Whom I Would Want a Calendar Of

It's time I put myself on the spot. Are there certain fashion personalities that I wouldn't mind having a calendar of? I'll share a few fashion personalities and why I selected them. This will be the basis for discussion among you all in case you wonder if you had your own calendar of someone's style. So let's do this.

Fashion Personalities Who I Wouldn't Mind a Calendar Of.

Personalities I've selected and why are coming up. Here is how this section works: the personality in question is in bold, and the reason why is expressed with the "Why:" piece. You can visit the personalities in question by clicking on the links provided. These are only a few samples and doesn't represent a complete list of individuals whom I'd think would have some great outfits to share for a calendar. I am mostly focusing on fashion bloggers, so each featured personality is the name of each blog.

Preppy Fashionist
WHY: I think Virgit represents many different styles I've enjoyed since first following her on LOOKBOOK. Many of her outfits are outfits I have adored from the beautiful Ecuadorian fashion blogger. Especially her more chic and artistic outfits are to my liking.

Glam Fab Happy
WHY: Jelena of "Glam Fab Happy" has a number of outfits I've praised highly. Her unique girly charm is sweet applied to her many different outfits and modeling pictures. From cute skirts and dresses to various bikini outfits, Jelena's style is wonderful to admire all year 'round.

Addict Be Iconic
WHY: Marta is a fabulous fashion blogger. Marta may appear boyish to a lot of people, but she is able to almost seamlessly wear the most ultra-feminine outfits along with very boyish outfits and look great. Since she has a style that allows her to straddle the lines of masculine and feminine, it would be tough to decide on 12 different outfits. Do you showcase her with all of her feminine outfits? Mostly feminine outfits with a few masculine style outfits? An even balance of her feminine outfits and masculine outfits? It would be tough to devise, but at least we all can agree Marta is an incredibly unique fashionista.

Chamber of Beauty
WHY: Rakhshanda of "Chamber of Beauty" mostly focuses on beauty insights. However, she does showcase a lot of her outfits. Many of her outfits are those I've adored. Her hairstyle and smile are lovely, and both bring some extra appeal to her fine outfits. Those outfits range from some of her own takes on certain styles to even a lot of her own traditional Indian folk outfits.

a little place to call my own
WHY: Though it is more than a fashion blog, I think Ivana's "a little place to call my own" is a fine blog. Sometimes, Ivana looks just as wonderful as some of the different locations she features herself in. So a calendar of Ivana's style would showcase both her sense of style along with the beauty of certain places she has been to. Such a calendar would be truly unique.! I Have Nothing to Wear!
WHY: If you are wanting something enticing for a calendar, try the varied styles of Ariadna. This fashion blogger not only wears attractive pieces, but she showcases herself in elegant, romantic ways. Ariadna epitomizes elegance and charm. If you visit her blog and see a general assortment of her outfits, you'd be hard pressed to find someone whose style is any more enticing than hers.

Whatever is Lovely
WHY: Lynne is a beautiful fashion blogger. Casual and chic outfits make up the diverse fashion portfolio of Lynne Gabriel. Many of her outfits feature a handful of lovely views along with some pretty cool fashion insights.

Sensible Stylista
WHY: Kimberly has a lot of outfits ranging from casual pieces to very feminine outfits. All the while, she boasts a pretty smile and charming hairstyle. Beautiful as she is, I think she'd make the perfect candidate to have an amazing calendar of her fashion style.

imperfect idealist
WHY: Lily may not be a fashion superstar, but if you've ever read posts on "imperfect idealist," you can appreciate the beauty of her blog. Lily not only showcases her own fashion style, but she also shares some deep thoughts and some inspirational material. A lot of casual styles from her would make a nice calendar.

Pale Division
WHY: Willabelle has a great sense of style along with great world-traveling insight. Her style is diverse from casual outfits to some ultra-feminine outfits. Willabelle literally travels the world looking fabulous just about wherever she goes. I think she'd make for a wonderful calendar of fashion styles.

I can list a lot more, but I wanted to get this basic list out of the way.

That simply gets things started. Feel free to have a little discussion...

Whose style do you enjoy so much that they would make a great calendar?

This has been another post of "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine"- my non-traditional fashion blog. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting. Please Subscribe and Follow if you enjoyed this post and my others. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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