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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Curvy Girl Chic

John Marine | 12:30 AM | |
@CurvyGirlChic is run by Allison. As the name of her blog suggests, she is a curvy fashionista. She is also incredibly lovely. The many posts to "Curvy Girl Chic" express her style and personality over the years she has blogged. I will offer some thoughts on this fine fashionista in this blog post. Are you ready for another trip through my stylish space- "StyleSpace by JBM?" Welcome to another post of mine! I'll try to entertain you as best as I can.

Curvy Girl Chic

Let's get to talking about Allison and her blog.

All About Allison.

Allison Teng is a fashion blogger representing Southern California. Her blog, "Curvy Girl Chic" has been around since 2009. So she has been blogging about as long as I have (at least on Blogger/Blogspot). She presents a number of different outfits in her blog ranging from casual pieces to a few dressy outfits.

This older video provides fashion insights from Allison. You can hear and see her with this post:

^ Curvy Girl Chic's Must-Haves for Fall

Allison has worn some great outfits on the casual side and the chic side. The best elements about her are her sweet smile and her cute face. Her hair is styled nicely in many of her posts also. A number of skirt outfits and dress outfits of hers are exceptional. More casual outfits include some denim jean outfits and some not-so-dressy pieces. There are even some beach-friendly outfits of hers including one swimwear outfit I can remember. Allison and her outfits and style exude girly loveliness. It is worth the visit to go to Allison's blog and to gauge her style. Appreciate Allison's awesomeness and allure.

What If Allison Were Reading This?

You are awesome! Since 2011 or 2012 or so, I have enjoyed seeing your many fine outfits and styles. I have great respect for you and all you do. I wish you continued success in all aspects of life.

For More Information...

The blog "Curvy Girl Chic" can be found at For a video on Allison's personality and style, I present to you this YouTube video: "Get to Know Me in 19 Questions!".

Thank all of you whom I blogged about for your feedback if I blogged about you. I'm sure my worldwide audience will appreciate the various posts, including this one. Do remember that all of my posts are truthful and honest. I don't bring up certain individuals just to draw reaction. I am as real as they come. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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