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Friday, December 16, 2016

imperfect idealist

John Marine | 9:23 PM |
Previously on "John's Blog Space," I mentioned Lily Fang. This post here on "StyleSpace by JBM" is a more fashion-focused look at the one who runs "imperfect idealist." Fashion and life are elements discussed in her blog. She provides much more than just a look into her wardrobe and style. Evidence will be provided in my own look at the style aspects of one Lily Fang. So welcome to another post on "StyleSpace by JBM!"

imperfect idealist

Let's get this one started!

The Heart of a Champion.

When I first learned of Lily Fang, the Chinese-American's blog was then known as "Burst of Color." There was then "A Burst of Color." Today, it is known as "imperfect idealist." This is more than a fashion blog. Besides fashion, Lily offers some insight on life issues as well as even offering a little entertainment. Lily can put together some very nice outfits, but she also plays a pretty mean violin. Lily also goes the distance as an avid runner. No matter what direction life takes her, Lily meets these challenges and tries to live life as best as she can while also learning valuable lessons along the way. What she learns from these challenges are then shared in her various blog posts.

I have selected two videos to off you insight on Lily. Have a look at these to get an idea of Lily and her appeal:

^ A Fashion Enthusiast's Guide to Smart Shopping (may need to raise volume)

^ Like I'm Gonna Lose You (Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend)--Violin Cover by Lily Fang

As surreal as this may sound, I've seen Lily grow and evolve since first seeing her first outfits back when I first learned of her. The earliest I remember commenting in her blog is about as far back as 2011. So I've seen her from colorfully cute casual outfits to more subtle sweet outfits. Lily has gone from being a grade school student to a college student between when I first learned of her to now. All the while, I grew to appreciate her as a person outside of being a fashionable individual. She would pair a decent casual outfit with a pair of pink Converses. Now, the options tend to go towards some fine flat boots or some kind of lace-up shoes. Any kind of truly chic outfits are fairly rare from Lily. Maybe the fanciest outfit of hers I can remember was her in a long, not really formal purple dress. Most of the presented styles of hers are mostly on the casual and comfortable side. Not to mention frugal as well. So don't look to "imperfect idealist" for ultra-feminine style or any Red Carpet worthy outfits. What you WILL find, though, is a glimpse of Lily's cutely casual style along with a handful of thought-provoking moments and experiences. Her outfits and style are mostly classy and fun.

What If Lily Were to Read This?

I've praised you in my main blog. Now, I extend my love and respect for you in my fashion and style blog. You are a very special part of the blogosphere. Perhaps my readers/visitors worldwide will get to enjoy your material as much as I enjoyed introducing them to you. Keep up the great work in all aspects of life, including fashion.

For More Information...

Feel free to visit Lily's blog by going here: An admittance of mine... if I had to pick maybe a favorite post of hers or a favorite outfit of hers, this is perhaps it both for the pictures and the outfit Lily wears: Photography Adventure (imperfect idealist).

Here is my original salute to Lily in my main blog: "A Salute to Lily Fang" (John's Blog Space).

To everyone whom responded to the tributes I made to you, you are welcome. I do all I can to show my support for everyone. Maybe I'll feature more at random (or when I complete the posts). Who's next, or could be next? You won't know if you don't Subscribe and Follow my blog(s)! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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