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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cropped Flares

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(UPDATED: July 23, 2017)

Flares are great, but what about cropped flares? They are trending in the fashion realm. Cropped flare jeans and pants have the same appeal as regular flares, but not at floor-draping length. So I will take time in this post to discuss cropped flare jeans and pants while also offering my thoughts on them. Glad you can be here for another "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post! Enjoy this ride!


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Cropped Flares

Let's talk about cropped flares!

cropped flare jeans
^ from: - These cropped jeans have flared legs to them.

cropped flare pants
^ from: - These cropped flare pants flare out like almost any traditional flared jeans or pants.

I've discussed ad nauseam about flares and bell bottoms before in my blogs. The mystique and appeal of flares is real ranging from modest bootcut flares to elephant bell bottoms. There is nothing wrong with your average floor-draping flares or bell bottoms (unless you fancy skinny jeans more). Among designers, the trend here is to try to offer the same appeal of flares but hit at a higher length than average flares or bell bottoms. Most of these cropped flares go no longer than the ankles and no shorter than mid-calf. This allows for such jeans and pants to offer some showing of the ankles. It also means a chance for some fashionistas to show off their most fabulous shoes or sandals to go with such cropped flares.

There is a certain cuteness to cropped flares. I kind of look at cropped flares much like jeans/pants that are cuffed at the bottom. These are opportunities to show off some cute shoes along with your ankles. The simple types will probably show off some basic flip-flop/thong sandals along with some anklets or something. Some others may show off some basic sneakers with cropped flares. More fashionable types can probably show off some platform sandals or platform wedge shoes. Or with some cropped flares, you may even see some pumps being worn, even including some platform peep-toe pumps. While I don't really recommend them with bottoms like these, some will even pair cropped flares with booties.

The one issue I can probably see with cropped flares is that this may not be too friendly to petite women. Flares usually provide the illusion of longer legs- something well appreciated by the vertically-challenged. Really any cropped jeans or cropped pants (let alone cropped flares) can cut off most petite figures. Conversely, some flares can overwhelm the figures of most petite women about as much as some maxi dresses/skirts. One petite fashion blogger I follow is Grace of "Color and Grace," which I saluted in a blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM." A recent post Grace made regarded her wearing a pair of high-waist cropped flare jeans. See for yourself in regards to cropped flares on petites: HIGH WAIST CROPPED FLARE JEANS & STATEMENT FAUX FUR WINTER COAT.

Here is some video insight on cropped flares from fashion blogger Sydne Summer. It is a do-it-yourself (DIY) along with some styling ideas for them:

^ Easy DIY: Cropped Flare Jeans + Outfit Ideas I Spring Trend Guide

How do I feel about cropped flare jeans and pants? Read the next section to find out.

Cropped Flares: Final Thoughts

I have no real problem with cropped flares. I still prefer any average pair of flared or bell bottom jeans/pants over cropped flares, but I can really see cropped flares catch on. I think these jeans/pants can be as cute as a pair of cuffed jeans/pants. These cropped flares can be an excellent chance to show off your ankles and a very cool pair of shoes or sandals. So for you fashionistas feeling cute, feel free to wear your most fabulous sneakers, pumps, sandals, or certain other shoes. You can wear booties or boots with cropped flare jeans/pants, but they don't really look right enough to me to recommend them with cropped flares. The only thing I would be mindful of is to make sure your figure or silhouette doesn't get cut off too much to where you seem disproportionate wearing them.

So would I recommend these cropped flares? I would greatly recommend them. A pair I would probably enjoy would be some cropped flare jeans that have frayed bottoms to them. Find some fabulous shoes to wear with them to show off and to look and feel cute/stylish. After all... what girl (used loosely) doesn't want to show off her cute ankles and/or her shoes while wearing some stylish bottoms?

Cropped Flares Online.

Here are some cropped flares for you to check out. Happy shopping and enjoy!

cropped flares on eBay

I appreciate any and all support of my work.

Those are, at least, my thoughts on cropped flares. What say you?

Are you fond of cropped flare jeans/pants? What would you recommend in styling them?

Thanks for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM." Fashion and beauty are what this blog are all about. It is a non-traditional blog regarding all things style. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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