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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dépêches Mode

John Marine | 6:14 PM |
Gwendoline of @depechesmode is an adorable French fashionista. I learned of her on LOOKBOOK before learning of her blog. From Caen, France; Gwendoline is a stylish femme with many different insights in fashion and travel. Allow me to showcase Gwendoline and her fashion blog with this post here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

Dépêches Mode

Let's talk more about this French fashionista.

Gorgeous Gwendoline.

Gwendoline's blog is a fine piece of work. She shares her insights in fashion and travel in her blog. A lot of her style is girly and sweet. When you see Gwendoline and her outfits, the first thing that strikes you is her playful and sweet demeanor. She doesn't try to be fierce or hateful. Gwendoline just has a personality that is fun and cute, and her fashion style is a reflection of her cuteness and her charm. Her blog is mostly in French, but her style translates well in any language. With her travel insights, Gwendoline has traveled across Europe. She has even been to places such as Mexico and Thailand.

Besides LOOKBOOK and her blog, Gwendoline also extends her insights on Instagram and YouTube. Here are a couple of videos showcasing Gwendoline:

^ En couverture du magazine AsYouLike !

^ Welcome to my new blog !


Gwendoline, to me, is adorable. She is so cute! Her smile is pretty along with her nice hairstyle. I even think her cheeks are cute, making her pretty smile even more so. A lot of her outfits are also pretty. Simply put, Gwendoline is as pretty as almost anything cute you can think of. I really enjoy seeing her outfits and her pictures. Her cuteness will really grab your attention. Gwendoline is the most adorable fashion bloggers online, if not one of the most adorable.

If Gwendoline Were Reading This...

You are a very lovely lady. I enjoy seeing your pictures. You have great charm and style that has me keep coming back to see your latest outfits. I hope you are well with all of your work. I wish you continued success to you in future endeavors.

For More Information...

Why not pay a visit to Gwendoline's blog? Do so here:

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