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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stirrup Pants

John Marine | 7:06 PM | | |
Stirrup pants were a thing back in the '90s. Of late, they are a thing today as well. Yet another returning trend is that of stirrup pants. These are legging-like pants with a stirrup design extending down to the feet. The good news is that you don't have to worry about these pants with rolled up legs or anything. Such pants would likely be good for tucking into boots. In this day and age, designers are trying to make stirrup pants more stylish and chic, much like how people have tried to make over-knee boots stylish apart from the *adult entertainer* over-knee boots. Vogue Magazine reported on stirrup pants being trendy for Fall/Autumn 2016.

Here is an example of stirrup pants:
stirrup pants
^ from: - An example of stirrup pants.

I honestly have been rather tired of leggings and tights-like garments for years. Stirrup pants don't excite me in the least sense. I would rather enjoy seeing leggings and skinny jeans more than stirrup pants. Even a pair of yoga legging pants are better than almost any stirrup pants. The only appeal I can see to stirrup pants would be as cozy loungewear; but even then, I'd go with leggings instead if I wanted to wear some rather tight pant bottoms. In fact, stirrup pants should remain in the same '80s time capsule, never to be released again. They should be stuck in that time capsule like Cyndi Lauper (who somehow keeps escaping that capsule). I think fashionistas are better off sticking to legging-tight pants if they love them dearly and let stirrup pants die out an insignificant, meaningless death. Harsh words from a usually positive person like myself, but I am just not feeling stirrup pants in the least sense.

Stirrup Pants Online.

Maybe you think differently of stirrup pants? I never claim to be the ultimate voice on whether styles are good or not. There will always be someone who will think otherwise of items whether I love or loathe them. So if you disagree with my views on stirrup pants, and if you want to get your own stirrup pants, I'll make it up to you by allowing you to get yourself a pair of stirrup pants. Take a look at this item I have provided and happy shopping (if doing any)! Treat yourself:

And there you have it.

Time to end this post. But first...

What do you think about stirrup pants? How would you style them?

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