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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Sneaker Pairings With Dresses

John Marine | 11:44 PM | | | |
I been on a #dressandsneakers discussion trip lately. This next post focuses on sneakers to pair with dresses. Not all outfits are created equal. Likewise, not every sneaker works for every dress. So I want to focus on specific sneakers to keep an outfit stylish rather than ruin an outfit over a poor choice of footwear. You'll get my further sort of analysis and thoughts on the trend with this blog post.

Sneaker Pairings With Dresses

There are many ways to set the mood with a picture on this topic, so here is another dress + sneaker combination to get this one started:

sneakers with dress
^ from: - This series on Dresses With Sneakers continues with another semi-random picture I found to identify this post.

While sneakers can be perfect for playing down outfits, they can also be nice compliments to certain outfits for those with keen eyes for fashion. Through my extensive research, I found that some sneakers are actually not bad to go with outfits, including dresses. That's why I wanted to focus solely (no pun intended) on sneakers for this blog post in this "series" of posts on dresses with sneakers.

The right pair of footwear can compliment outfits nicely. Some others can ruin them. A lot of us males would prefer females wear high heels or some very strappy shoes. Any female, however, will tell you that they prefer to have some comfortable shoes apart from the most appealing of heels. Sneakers don't ruin dresses, but the wrong kind of sneaker can be a complete turn-off to a dress + sneakers outfit. I find some sneakers to be rather elegant. Paired with the right style dress, a dress + sneakers outfit can be cute. Some sneaker combinations with evening/party/formal type dresses can actually be stylish and even sexy- especially certain elegant mini dresses. The right style sneakers with any sort of dress can depend on the dress itself as well as having a charming set of legs and even ankles. I tend to fancy more sleek-style sneakers and even some platform sneakers paired with dresses.

A lot of the dresses and sneakers trend mostly pertain to white sneakers. But as we all know, some dare to be different. There is certainly no problem with white sneakers; however, you know there are fashionistas willing to try different color sneakers or multiple-color sneakers.

How Much Do Sneakers Matter With Dresses?

Well, I tend to look at balance to outfits. Certain fashion types will ensure certain outfits are not entirely casual or not entirely formal. Let us look at some examples. How would you play up a basic T-shirt and some cut-off jean short shorts outfit? Simple- by wearing some high-heel pumps or even a classy blazer or coat. How would you play down an elegant, ladylike dress? Simple again- you could opt for more casual daytime shoes (like flip-flops/thong sandals, some espadrilles, combat boots, or of course- sneakers. You also could opt to wear some kind of denim shirt or denim jean vest or jacket.

As much as certain dresses matter, sneakers equally can help enhance or hurt the balance of the dress. You certainly do not want to do the latter.

Sneaker Details.

How a pair of sneakers looks can matter as much as the dress a fashionista is wearing. Here are some sneaker details to consider when pairing sneakers with dresses:

• the profile of the sneakers themselves
• main color
• side detail
• shoe laces (if any)
• tongue and base
• heel tab
• toe detail

When you consider these things, they can help in deciding whether a pair is suitable enough to be paired with any dress you want to style sneakers with.

Popular Sneakers Paired With Dresses.

This is not a comprehensive list, but these are some of the most popular sneakers paired with dresses:

• (almost any Converses- low-top or high-top)
• Nike Dunk
• Nike Shox
• Nike Pegasus
• Nike Cortez
• Adidas Superstar
• Reebok Classic
• (certain New Balance sneakers)
• Keds Champion
• Superga Platforms

There are many others dresses usually paired with sneakers. This list is just a few of the common sneakers paired with dresses. The list is all based on certain sneakers I've seen mentioned by various fashion bloggers and of other featured fashion personalities.

Now that I think about it, I can see what has made sneakers such as the Adidas Superstar trendy among fashionable types. Some of the key elements to this are in logo detail and even in how the back is styled. With feminine footwear, nothing is quite like leaving a lasting impression with some stylish footwear. That is why (for example) the iconic red soles on Louboutin shoes are so empowering. So some stylish or colorful tab on the back of sneakers can be as fun as the rest of the shoes. The more options you have to style with certain sneakers, the better your chances of having the dream sneakers to compliment your outfits and style.

Sneakers With Dresses: Sneaker Pairings

Now that you have some of my insight in regards to pairing sneakers with dresses, it is time I focus purely on individual sneakers to go with certain kinds of dresses. I am hopeful you get to understand my look at the dress + sneaker styling trend.

NOTE: Some of the sneakers mentioned in this blog post may appear in future blog posts.

Sneakers With Casual or Sporty Dresses.

This section pertains to pairing sneakers with dresses such as this:

sneakers with casual or sporty dresses
^ from: - Sneakers are casual. This dress is casual. Why not find a pair of sneakers to go with this if you prefer sneakers?

I said before that sneakers are casual. When paired with casual pieces, the combination works very well. Some feel the need to be more comfortable by trading formal or classy shoes with a pair of sneakers. So in essence, even formal or elegant outfits can easily be played down with a pair of casual sneakers.

My idea of casual with casual would be something like a daytime dress with usually a pair of canvas sneakers. Since you are not trying to be fancy or all dolled up, these are times when dresses with sneakers is acceptable and stylish. You can stay casual with no fear of ruining an otherwise stylish outfit. Ease and comfort are what you are going for here. You already feel feminine and pretty in a dress; why not find a pair of sneakers (if you choose to wear any) to go with your dress? Since the mood is casual, keep it casual.

SNEAKERS TO CONSIDER FOR CASUAL DRESSES: This is casual dresses we're talking about, so you can't go wrong with some of the usual suspects. I am not into Converses all that much, but they are not usually go-to sneakers for the casual set. A pair of Vans sneakers are also okay ranging from lace-up ones to the slip-on laceless kinds. Whether you love or loathe them, Skechers sneakers are very much casual and stylish. A company I have been seeing a lot of lately is Superga, and their sneakers can be quite cute for a number of casual dresses. Trainer sneakers from the likes of Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, and others are also not bad considerations. If going casual, almost any pair of sneakers will do with dresses- ranging from mainstream types to even high-end sneaker types. You can even go with platform sneakers if you like! Try wedge sneakers if you are daring.


sneakers for casual dresses Converse
^ from: (Amazon) - Converses are the go-to sneakers for most casual outfits by most people.

sneakers for casual dresses Vans
^ from: (Amazon) - Vans are also a fine sneaker option for casual dresses.

sneakers for casual dresses Keds
^ from: (Amazon) - For girly charm, I always have been fond of Keds. Especially the iconic Keds Champion sneakers are a fine choice for any fashionista.

sneakers for dresses Skechers
^ from: (Amazon) - Don't count out the unique casual shoe styles of Skechers. Many a casual outfit- dresses included- can benefit style-wise from Skechers sneakers.

sneakers for dresses sporty
^ from: (Amazon) - Feeling sporty? Some sporty sneakers will serve your dress well. Some are sporty enough while not being too sporty. Such sporty sneakers, such as the Adidas Superstar sneakers, are very popular among sporty sneakers.

sneakers for dresses sporty
^ from: (Amazon France) - The so-called "ugly sneakers" or "dad sneakers" platform sneakers with either a casual or a sporty appearance can actually be rather cute with the right kind of dress. A number of people reference these platform sneakers more like Sporty Spice of the Spice Girls.

So be sure to experiment to your heart's delight with casual dresses and sneakers. Hopefully sneaker examples like the ones I have provided will give you some inspiration.

Sneakers With Classy Dresses.

This section is where we are talking about pairing sneakers with dresses like this:

sneakers with classy dresses
^ from: - It doesn't have to be Casual Friday to go with sneakers at the office.

Most classy-type outfits paired with sneakers are strongly discouraged. Same applies to classy work-appropriate dresses. Some female need some sneakers to walk around in when trying to find comfort from high heels or some other kind of classy footwear. Sneakers at work likely isn't discouraged when it's Casual Friday. I can immediately think of sheath dresses as a lovely example of work-appropriate dresses. I would argue against pairing sheath dresses with sneakers. However, if you insist on doing sneakers with any kind of work-style dresses, I would suggest certain classy shirt dresses. The best kind of sneakers to me for classy style dresses are those with sleek profiles. I would not go with any sneakers meant for Casual Friday or what you would probably wear when off of work or going to school/college.

SNEAKERS TO CONSIDER FOR CLASSY DRESSES: It is tough to try to be classy with sneakers. If it were possible, though, I have a few suggestions. I would first stay away from any active style sneakers or any canvas sneakers. Instead, I would look for sneakers with a sleek profile and an elegant appearance. One problem here is that some of the more sleek style sneakers can be rather expensive. However, you are not ruining the elegance and class too much by wearing sneakers that just don't go well balance-wise with a classy outfit. So you can be classy and elegant at the same time wearing something as casual as sneakers.


sneakers for classy dresses
^ from: (Rebelle) - With classy-type dresses, it is best to go with sleek profile sneakers that still maintain your overall elegance. Don't ruin an elegant and classy dress with shoes entirely meant for a lazy day.

dresses with sneakers classy
^ from: - This is an example of sophisticated sneakers. I love these Robert Clergerie "Pasket" sneakers as far as sophisticated sneakers for women. These can be a sneaker alternative to oxfords or brogues. Their profile is sleek and can compliment a number of styles.

sneakers for classy dresses
^ from: (Amazon) - With classy-type dresses, it is best to go with sleek profile sneakers that still maintain your overall elegance. Don't ruin an elegant and classy dress with shoes entirely meant for a lazy day.

sneakers for classy dresses
^ from: - You COULD be able to go with wearing sneakers that are a balance of casual and sporty without being too much on either side.

Sneakers With Elegant Dresses.

Dresses like this paired with sneakers is what this section is about:

evening or party or club dress mini
^ from: - Would you pair sneakers with an elegant dress? And what kind of sneakers?

Would you dare try pairing sneakers with certain elegant and ladylike outfits? Ladylike dresses meant for nights out usually call for the sexiest pair of heeled pumps or sandals (and sometimes boots) in your wardrobe. There are some elegant or sexy dresses that can actually be not bad to wear with sneakers. I am not just talking about dressing down evening dresses with daytime sneakers; some sneakers usually have a style to them that are actually not bad to wear with elegant or sexy dresses. You actually can wear certain sneakers and not end up killing the sex appeal offered by a night-style dress. When I tried pairing certain evening or elegant dresses, I found some sneakers could actually help maintain the elegant balance rather than destroy it entirely. It all depends on your fashion tastes and how you feel a pair of sneakers can prevent from dumbing down an outfit too much. Chances are, most of us males would probably be turned off of a hot female in an elegant mini dress... and wearing sneakers rather than some spicy stiletto high-heels.

Dresses defined as "elegant" by me include bodycon/bandage dresses, any formal-type dress of mini or long length, any nightclub-appropriate dresses, certain sexy mini dresses, and things like that. These are dresses of at least semi-formal variety.

SNEAKERS TO CONSIDER FOR ELEGANT/NIGHT DRESSES: So you want to wear sneakers with a night-style dress? Just like the previous section, I advise against certain athletic/active sneakers. Basically look for a pair of sneakers as sophisticated and as attractive as your night outfits. If you really care to look sophisticated and hot even in sneakers, best to find sneakers to compliment your elegant style. Since this is not about office-style fashion, you can afford to go all out with sneakers to feel good in while wearing your evening or party style dress. So go try any number of expressive sneakers. Just remember not to throw off the balance too much with a poor choice of sneakers.


^ from: - Some sneakers are elegant enough to go with the most elegant of dresses. The "Pasket" sneakers from Robert Clergerie is a fine example of elegant sneakers. Or at least, those that can considered elegant in their design. Those sneakers can even go with a variety of night dresses. So try them on with your stylish night dresses! (AUTHOR'S NOTE: I actually would pair sneakers like these with some sexy party dress stylish enough to not be ruined by them.)

glitter or metallic sneakers
^ from: (Lime Lush) - Because we are discussing night-type fashion, it is okay to bedazzle with sneakers. Perhaps with a hot night dress, go with some sophisticated metallic, glitter, or sequin sneakers.

^ from: - You may also opt for some plain style sneakers but with some bedazzling elements, such as the detail at the back of these sneakers.

sporty casual sneakers
^ from: (ShopStyle) - You could wear sneakers that can be both sporty and girly, such as these athletic-style sneakers with sequin detail.

I hope I have given you some insight about what sneakers to pair whatever kind of dress with.

I have kind of been on a trip of discussing dresses with sneakers, though I admit I am not crazy over the trend. I do hope you enjoy my efforts nonetheless. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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