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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Adidas Superstar

John B. Marine | 8:37 AM | | | |
The Adidas Superstar is a great athletic sneaker. However, some fashionable types insist these are MORE than just active (or even casual) sneakers! Tell that to the mini dress wearing fashionista who wears these Adidas with her mini dress. Tell that to the fashionista wearing a classy pants suit or skirt suit with a pair of Adidas sneakers. Or even tell that to the fashionista wearing a feminine shift dress or a feminine sheath dress paired with some Adidas sneakers. Adidas have become an "it" shoe (let alone "it" sneakers) to certain fashionable types. I want to focus mostly on feminine Adidas Superstar sneakers, though these sneakers are also stylish for males.

About the Label: Sneakers

While I am not adept with sneakers, blog posts that relate to specific sneakers or sneakers outfits will be featured under this label. Posts under this label pertain to sneakers and sneaker outfits.

Adidas Superstar

Let's look at a pair of Adidas Superstars to set the mood. Peep these kicks:

Adidas Superstar
^ from: - These are the Adidas "Superstar" sneakers.

If you haven't noticed in recent years, sneakers are somehow not just for casual clothing and active outfits. People are trying to make sneakers fashionable for even formal and night out fashions. One of the most popular sneakers among fashionistas are the Superstar sneakers by Adidas. In terms of style, most Adidas Superstar sneakers are mostly styled as having a white base and usually with black striping on the sides or black at the back end of the shoes around the ankles.

Blogger Examplse.

Let me give you a blogger example featuring my blogging friend Grace of "Color and Grace." This example is to show that someone will try to make sneakers like Adidas fashionable even for non-casual outfits. I also have found other blogger examples of these sneakers being worn. So take a look at all of my finds:

"What Does Business Casual Mean in Today's Workplace?" (Color and Grace) « multiple outfits, but one features Adidas Superstar sneakers paired with a business casual outfit.
"GFH Lifestyle #4" (Glam Fab Happy) « one outfit features the blogger in all-white Adidas Superstar sneakers except for the color of their heel tab.
"#FrostItForward: Spreading Kindness During The Holidays" (Whatever is Lovely) « a casual skirt outfit paired with the Adidas Superstar sneakers.

Thoughts on Adidas Superstar Sneakers.

As far as being fashionable shoes (let alone sneakers), the appeal is surely there for the Adidas Superstar sneakers. However, I caution fashionistas not to go stupidly pairing these sneakers with formal outfits, sexy night-out outfits (such as nightclub mini dresses or night club mini skirt outfits), or elegant maxi dresses. I'd keep these to casual and sporty outfits. Even if you fancy the athleisure style, you are served well with a pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers. If you're the #dressandsneakers type, having acceptable sneakers to go with certain dresses will put you on the POSITIVE side of my approved dress and sneaker outfits.

As far as individual touches go, definitely focus in the side stripe detail and the heel tab for customization. The usual pair of Adidas Superstars are usually in white and have black stripes on the side and/or on the heel tab of the sneakers. I have seen some others in all white with a green heel tab to them. The tongue of the sneakers are also a style consideration. So look at the different coloring options and build your own dream pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers if you fancy them so much.

That's it. Post over! But if you want to discuss...

What do you think about the Adidas Superstar sneakers, for active styles as well as fashion?

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