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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fashion Influences of "Ugly Betty"

John Marine | 10:29 AM | |
In 2007 or 2008, I discovered Ugly Betty. Ugly Betty was a show I've grown to love for its combination of comedy, drama, and haute couture. It was where I've become fond of America Ferrera (Betty Suarez on the show), and later became fond of the beautiful Ana Ortiz (Hilda on the show). It's where I've become a fan of the very handsome Eric Mabius (Daniel on the show). It's where I've considered Vanessa Williams (Wilhelmina on the show) as perhaps the most stylish villaness in any show. It was also the show where I've become respectful of Mark Indelicato (Justin on the show). It's sad this show would eventually get that untimely deathblow. It was also where I disliked Amanda's (Becki Newton) character, but became fond of her style. Regardless, this series is one of the finest in regards to fashion. This blog post takes a look at some of the fashion influences of "Ugly Betty."

NOTE: This was a former post on "John's Blog Space" that has been edited completely and made for StyleSpace.

--- Fashion Influences from Ugly Betty Characters ---

Ugly Betty
^ from: - Is it possible to be "ugly," but also very chic? "Ugly" Betty Suarez dares to defy!

This is where I chat about the fashion influences of some of the Ugly Betty characters. I don't know of all the characters or can accurately comment on all of them, but I will bring light to a certain few characters from the series.

Betty Suarez.

America Ferrera is truly beautiful as America. America Ferrera is "ugly" as Betty Suarez. But in my view, there's a strange synergy to Betty's style. Everything from clashing patterns to various colors makes Betty's sense of style purely unique. Her style is usually consists of a jacket, a nice top, a flowy mid-length skirt, some bright-colored tights, and some cute pumps. Everything seems to come together strangely chic.

Hilda Suarez.

Ana Ortiz was an actress I've grown to love. Whereas Betty is seen as a hot mess to others, Hilda is a sassy woman who shows some sexy and chic style. Her style is more along the lines of a lovely tunic, some jeans, and either some hot sandals or boots. Some bold accessories accentuate her style all the further.


Wilhelmina may be the most stylish villainess in any show. I usually associate Wilhelmina with wearing a lovely dress or skirt set, a bold pair of pumps, and some bold accessories. Hey... if you're going to be a villainess, best be a stylish villainess! :)


Daniel was a character whom I've respected for his immaculate charm. He was always a sharply-dressed cat on the show sporting wonderful business suits. Adding to his handsome charm is his great voice.


Amanda can be a witchy character, but I even admit... she is a sassy fashionista with some lovely style. There were a few episodes where I thought Amanda was the best-dressed character in an entire episode. Amanda can be a bit annoying, but her fashion style is anything but.

Honorable Mentions.

• Claire Meade (Judith Light) has some classy and lovely style from episodes I've seen her.

• Marc St. James (Michael Urie) is also a cool character. Perhaps the male equivalent of Amanda. I got a little respect for him since he's a Texas boy (like myself), born in Dallas (and I'm from Houston).

• Cal Hartley (David Rasche) was a sharply-dressed man, like Daniel. Cal is a powerful figure.

So just about most of the characters have their own unique charm in Ugly Betty.

--- Final Thoughts on Ugly Betty ---

It was very fun to follow Ugly Betty for the few series I've gotten to see it. That was a great comedy-drama series that I've loved for humor and fashion. The storylines were played out very well. Every award the Ugly Betty series has amassed was well-deserved. Best of luck to all the actors and actresses that have made Ugly Betty one of the finest shows of the past ten or so years. Sad this wonderful show got axed.

Thanks for all the memories, Ugly Betty. Thanks for the memories.

This was just another piece regarding fashion influences from another show. Do you think "Ugly Betty" has as much fashion charm as I think it has? You're welcome to comment on this at will. Thank you for reading and take care!

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