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Fashion Influences of "Sex and the City"

The concept of Sex and the City is all about a bunch of ladies looking for love in New York City. But what's the twist? Rather than teenagers or very young adults, you have thirty-somethings, fourty-somethings, maybe some cougars... maybe people would probably complain that this was just another young girl in the big city deal. Or in a word- redundant. This blog post highlights on the fashion influences of the Sex and the City series while also taking a look at what makes SATC so distinctive in the realm of fashion.

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NOTE: This was a former post on "John's Blog Space" that has been edited completely and made for StyleSpace.

--- "Sex and the City" Cultural Influences ---

What you're about to read here will lead into the fashion influences "Sex and the City" provides. So have a look at this section. Please note that this blog post was initially made before the second SATC movie.

I think what makes SATC so culturally influenced is that ladies older than 35 can still have as much fun as any teen girl or adult south of 31 years old. Just because you're 35 or older doesn't mean you still can't enjoy wearing hot clothes, be in pursuit of love, and things like that. That's what I think makes Sex and the City what it is and why it's such a respected series. Perhaps since there are mature adults, there seems to be more reluctant to get married than a teen or young adult. There are issues in these shows and in the SATC movies that aren't remotely considered in a teen movie. So you could say this is a more sophisticated kind of show rather than something readily accepted by college students. However, the Sex and the City series can be accepted by more mature adults as well as college students and teens.

--- Sex and the City's Fashion Influences ---

Sex and the City
^ from: spectrum.columbiaspectator.com - The ladies of the "Sex and the City" series.

And I quote:

"I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet."

-Carrie Bradshaw, "Sex and the City" character

What makes the Sex and the City series so fun besides its cultural connotations is the fashion. Allow me to go back to the example of young people vs. older women for a moment. Imagine if ladies between the ages of 18 and 25 were wearing some of the clothes the four ladies of Sex and the City wore. Everything from stunning dresses, stylish skirts, fierce shoes and sandals, lovely accessories, and more. The shoes I've loved most are these "Something Blue" satin pumps by Manolo Blahnik:

Sex and the City Manolo pumps
^ from: intheircloset.com - Remember these Manolo Blahnik pumps from the "Sex and the City" movie?

How hot are these $600 USD pumps? I've even heard of women being robbed at gunpoint for those pumps once. Can you believe that? For a pair of shoes? Come on, now! It's not like I hear about dudes getting robbed for a pair of Nike Air sneakers or a pair of Old Navy flip-flops.

When it comes to fashions themselves, "Sex and the City" never fails to deliver. This is the kind of stuff you'd probably expect to see at high-end stores or big time retail chains. There are lots of high-end fashions worn ranging from Oscar de la Renta (whom I am a HUGE fan of), Manolo Blahnik, and names like that. It's where you also see expensive accessories and handbags. You'll need to watch a few episodes to have an appreciation of what this series is all about from a fashion perspective. And of course, you'll have to see the "Sex and the City" movies to see more fashions featured.

I may likely say that the "Sex and the City" series is very much a significant part of contributing to fashion. Classy high-end style (without overdoing it) is what "Sex and the City" provides from each of the characters. It's the kind of stuff you'd expect if you shop at Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. You could even go as far as to be fond of having a walk-in closet filled with an outstanding collection of designer clothes like with Carrie Bradshaw. What fashionable girl (young or old) wouldn't want to live a sort of lifestyle or have such a lavish closet like what is demonstrated in the Sex and the City series? The different influences of fashion in the "Sex and the City" series have been a serious part of the haute couture culture overall.

I think this show and this series is one of the most culturally-significant series of the past 20 years. I levitate to this series because of some of the culture and fashion influences from this show and this series. One of the reasons why I've started to watch the series was to follow the fashion. Later, I've grown to become fond of the series for its humor and charm. I usually wonder how much different this series would be if there were actually teen girls or ladies 25 years old or younger. But then, the balance of the series and its character would be ruined. It would probably be another show where people would complain over girls too young wearing high-end designer labels and trying to find love in the big city. This is also where I've become fond of Sarah Jessica Parker and her acting abilities. Nonetheless, "Sex and the City" is surely a great showcase of fashion.

What do you think about the "Sex and the City" series in regards to fashion? Let's chat! I thank you for reading this blog entry. Feel free to comment on my material if you enjoy it! Thank you for reading!

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