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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flip-Flop/Thong Sandals

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Flip-flop/Thong sandals. You either love these or loathe these. Some practically live with these sandals. Males and females may have at least one pair, and obviously females have many varieties of these sandals. They become so ubiquitous that they become tiring to see being worn on so many feet. Many people even say that flip-flop/thong sandals should ONLY be worn on the beach and to the beach rather than with any casual outfits. With so many varieties and styles, flip-flop/thong sandals can be stylish on many peoples' feet.

This blog post is a look at these very popular sandals. While they are commonly referred to as flip-flop sandals, they are really thong sandals. And to show that this post is about thong sandals as opposed to the thong clothing, I will stress the "sandal" part of this post. So I am using both terms to describe these sandals.

--- Flip-Flop/Thong Sandals at a Glance ---

Flip-flop/Thong sandals have become the go-to footwear for warm or hot days. Many people would normally think of these as sandals to wear for a day at the beach. Many others think these sandals ONLY belong to those going to the beach. If anything, flip-flop/thong sandals have shown to be popular sandals to wear for a day out in public. They can be worn with almost anything. Pair them with your favorite jeans. Those sandals will look good with your shorts or skirts. Go ahead and wear them with that dress. Of course, you'll look cute in those with your bikini on the beach. These thong sandals even come in many varieties- flat, heeled, platform, platform wedge, and more.

A basic pair of thong sandals usually consist of a strap that supports the sandal between the hallux (big toe) and the long toe. The thong namesake comes from thong bottoms commonly seen with bikinis or lingerie. Most thong sandals have a thong strap similar to a wishbone. Their slip-on comfort and style have made them popular among many people to wear. The flip-flop namesake mostly pertains to flat thong sandals as people walk by. The flapping sound made when these (usually) plastic thong sandals walk by is how they are called "flip-flop" sandals. Flip-flop sandals are just a more common variety of thong sandals. So that's why in this post, I am referring to these sandals as "flip-flop/thong sandals." Not all thong sandals have the usual thong design, though. Rather than the usual thong design, some gladiator thongs have a strap that goes more towards the ankles. They may also have a back strap to help keep the sandals on the wearer's feet. There are even thong booties, which are a combination of a thong sandal paired with a boot-like appearance around the ankles.

I personally have never disliked flip-flop/thong sandals. I usually find them to be comfortable and easy to wear. I rarely wear sandals outside the house. My only problem is that some people tend to find flip-flop/thong sandals to be a lazy choice of footwear. And at times, they can be. However (and for casual outfits), can you really go wrong with these if you want to wear a pair of sandals? The only time you'd want to avoid wearing these is if you're trying to wear something fancy or dressy. Maybe have a pair on hand if you want something comfortable to wear apart from whatever dressy shoes you're wearing. Otherwise, these are not just "beach" shoes. Some girls have cute feet, and a pair of flip-flop/thong sandals do a great and inexpensive job at showcasing one's cute toes and feet. So maybe a girl wants to show off her cute toenail polish or pedicure. A simple pair of flip-flop/thong sandals is a nice way to show them off. Even us guys wear flip-flop/thong sandals. So their unisex charm is another reason why flip-flop/thong sandals are so favored.

As much as flip-flop/thong sandals are so loved on the feet of wearers, they have become so much under warning by podiatrists (foot doctors). Most flip-flop/thong sandals (especially flat ones) lack sufficient foot support. So podiatrists warn people about having foot pain when wearing flip-flop/thong sandals.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: Here are two articles I pulled up on the risks of wearing flip-flop/thong sandals:
Flip-Flops Comfy but Beware of Foot Pain (WebMD)
Flip-Flops Bad For Feet (LiveScience)

Now let's move on.

--- Flip-Flop/Thong Sandals in General ---

Now for a simple look at flip-flop/thong sandals.

Basic Flip-Flop/Thong Sandals.

flip-flop thong sandals
^ from: - A simple pair of flip-flop/thong sandals. How many do YOU own?

From Old Navy to Havaianas and countless other makers, your basic flip-flop/thong sandals are an inexpensive pair of sandals to wear with your outfits. They are very basic and comfortable. Many of these sandals don't cost a whole lot for you to enjoy wearing them. The slip-on comfort makes them every bit of appealing for both males and females. It is very impossible to go one day without seeing someone wear these sandals. They are just that popular.

These flip-flop/thong sandals have many variations. Feminine flip-flop/thong sandals can have a wedge heel to offer just a little heel support, or they may have a high and thin heel. The thong part of more dressy basic thong sandals may be adorned with certain designs ranging from rhinestones and sequins to certain other designs. Some flip-flop/thong sandals may have a platform base or a platform wedge base. Most of these platform flip-flop/thong sandals have thicker thong straps than a regular pair of flip-flop/thong sandals. No shortage of style with these.

Gladiator Thong Sandals.

gladiator thong
^ from: - A gladiator thong sandal for Girls. Notice the longer and further-back thong strap compared to the thong strap on an average pair of flip-flop/thong sandals.

Gladiator thong sandals have longer thong straps than the more common pair of thong sandals. Many of them have a back strap or some sort of backing to help support them on the wearer's feet. Since these sandals are further back, many gladiator thongs are usually adorned with metallic accents or some other accents to help give them some style. Since these have back straps to them, they are just a bit more practical and wearable than most basic flip-flop/thong sandals.

Heeled Thong Sandals.

heeled thong sandals
^ from: - Not all thong sandals are created equal. Some offer a chic appearance.

These sandals are proof that not all thong sandals are lazy. These, in fact, show that you can wear these with some stylish outfits. Dressy casual outfits can have these sandals being worn. Thong sandals like these are chic and dressy. Maybe they are not completely dressy for certain nightlife outfits, but they are dressy enough and stylish enough to be anything but "lazy."

Thong Boot Sandals.

thong boot sandals
^ from: - Take a pair of thong sandals and give it a boot-like appearance. Do you like the combination?

One of my most popular posts on "John's Blog Space" is about sandal boots. This pair of thong sandals have a boot-like appearance. A girl who wants both thong sandals and boots in one need only look to these thong boot sandals. A lot of people think these are ugly and/or stupid.

If you want to read more on sandal boots, here is my post on John's Blog Space: "Sandal Boots and Ankle Cuff Sandals" - John's Blog Space.



Some flip-flop/thong sandals were designed to provide a workout... without going for a workout. One such contributor was FitFlop. This was a flip-flop/thong sandal meant to be both stylish and comfortable; but more importantly- great for exercising without exercising. Actual proof that these sandals work, however, is sketchy at best.

So there you have it- flip-flop/thong sandals of many kinds.

--- Flip-Flop/Thong Sandals: Cute or Lazy? ---

Many people think flip-flop/thong sandals are lazy to wear. Some think of these as cool or cute sandals to wear. Some say they should only be worn at the beach and not with any casual outfits. I don't think these sandals are anything lazy unless they are worn with any dressy outfit. There are thong sandals that are chic and more stylish, but don't tell me that these are only beach shoes.

To read more comments of mine on these sandals, read my blog post of the same name on John's Blog Space: "Flip-Flop/Thong Sandals: Cute or Lazy?" (John's Blog Space).

--- Final Thoughts ---

No matter what you think about these sandals, there is no denying how fashionable and popular flip-flop/thong sandals are. These are mostly inexpensive for males and females. The various styles for females make them stylish and fun for many females. People may say these are lazy shoes to wear. But really, they are only as lazy as what people decide to pair with these sandals. Go proudly wear these with whatever garments you choose to. Just avoid going with formal, [some] semi-formal, or work-appropriate outfits to go with certain casual flip-flop/thong sandals. Flip-flop/Thong sandals have style for both males and females, kids and adults.

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I love flip flops and thong sandals. They are perfect for those casual summer days when you're just running around getting errands done!

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