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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scrimp or Splurge?

John Marine | 10:31 AM | |
When most fashionable types want some of the finest and most expensive fashion items, they will lovingly invest their money in hopes of scoring some great clothes. Those more strapped for cash want designer style without the designer price tag. This opens the opportunity to either splurge on an original item or scrimp on a low-priced alternative. Whether or not to splurge depends on what makes you most happy. Do you trust a knock off of something from a famous designer? This blog post is all about one question- scrimp or splurge (or splurge or scrimp)?

This blog is called "StyleSpace." It is my fashion-specific blog on a variety of topics. Use the various blog labels to find topics based on certain aspects of fashion. Since this is a fairly new blog, I will have to slowly introduce elements to my blog. Other than that, I hope you enjoy this post and my others.

--- Scrimp or Splurge? ---

The decision to scrimp or splurge depends on your budget and what you want. A lot of us have saved money just to eventually buy certain things that are outside of our regular budgets. There were electronic devices I've saved up money for in hopes of eventually buying them. Well, the same can be said for fashion. Some people can save up for expensive items; some others are equally happy buying knock-offs and replicas. Normally, people associate buying designer items with status- both financially and socially. Therefore, purchasing something lower in price isn't as satisfying and gratifying as buying proper designer goods.

Do you want to save your money and buy a real designer item, or do you go for a replica or knock-off? If you do consider knock-offs, do you TRUST that knock-off?

When to Splurge.

When is it okay to splurge or invest your money? Let me provide you an example with a blog I follow. Meet Annie of "Stylish Petite." Annie is a beautiful petite fashion blogger who represents the saving up and designer name end of the spectrum. She has items in her blog (among others) like Louboutin pumps and Chanel handbags. So Annie would be someone who would be content with investing money and buying the real deal rather than some knock-off or replica. IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: You may visit her blog at

It is okay to splurge if the investing of money is worth getting a certain item, because no replica or knock-off will ever come close to the real item in question. That's why you save your money and put your trust in a certain garment or good. It is dedication and respect for something that warrants saving up money for. Also, you splurge on something because you want something that will last for a long time and that almost nothing else can ever replace. It doesn't matter what fashion investment you're discussing- a pair of Louboutin pumps, an Armani suit, a fancy pair of Manolo pumps, a Rodarte dress, a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans... it's worth the money. That's why you invest your money and blow it all on a high-end designer good.

When to Scrimp.

You may lack the finances to get that really great designer item. You may not have many places to go buy certain designer goods. So what's next? Scrimp or invest in replicas or knock-offs. Being able to purchase designer items that are replicas of items from popular and/or well-respected designers is a good way to get designer style for a lot less. Not as many shoppers are adept at finding deals or trying to build high-end looks for less. Either that, or someone would feel squeamish at trying to be high-end in style but with low-end designers. While shopping at low-end designers (and even some no-name designers) can be frugal, you need to be careful with replicas and knock-offs. Certain knock-offs and replicas may not have the same build quality or overall quality as any designer goods they may replicate.

Is the price of looking stylish worth spending so little or so much? That all depends on you and your tastes in fashion.

--- Scrimp vs. Splurge: The Middle Ground ---

If you're fortunate, you may be able to find designer goods for less at outlet malls or on certain websites. This is about the best way to get certain designer items you otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. Some people even take part in thrift shopping or going to consignment stores. Thrifting is popular among a number of fashionistas and bloggers. It is also popular among vintage shoppers.

--- Replicas and Knock-Offs ---

Many designers are aware that not everyone can afford high-end style from high-end designers. So various brands and retailers offer replicas and knock-offs to help those strapped for cash enjoy designer style without the designer price tag. Shopping for quality pieces and garments from other retails can be a better alternative than paying full price for proper designer goods.

Dangers of Replica/Knock-Off Shopping.

While this sounds great, you really need to be careful where and who you shop with. How can you trust that a certain garment or accessory is of equal or greater quality as any designer good it replicates or is a knock-off of? Let's use a well-known shoe maker as an example. Everyone even remotely into fashion may know of Christian Louboutin and his wildly popular shoes. Louboutins are usually famous for the red-colored soles. Many other designers have come up with their own red-sole shoes, and some shoes can even have tacked-on or sprayed-on (or whatever) red soles so ANY shoe can be Louboutin quality!

Affordable and stylish don't usually go hand-in-hand. Quality, both in build and in style are key elements of whether or not a low-priced alternative is better than the designer item it replicates. Some items may not have the same build quality and durability as any designer good. One of the biggest hassles is trying to get customer support for a certain item should you require customer service for that item. For example, if the high heels break on a pair of pumps from some no-name brand, you may have a tough time trying to get access to whomever manufactured the shoes. Some may not have a real customer service, or its customer service department is based in another country. If something is of quality, that company should back it up with a warranty to give consumers peace of mind; and that company should also allow for consumers to contact them in case there is a problem with the shoes or with a certain order.

Is it Okay to Shop at Lesser Stores?

There are some places I've seen that offer women's clothes that are highly attractive. Mainly, these are flea market stores and such that offer mostly no-name clothes. If brand names mean nothing and if style is key, some of these stores are almost a last resort for someone who doesn't want to shop at a proper mall or at any major retailer. Even certain malls have low-end stores offering affordable clothes and shoes. If you find comfort and style from low-end stores as opposed to the big-name designer stores, that is perfectly fine.

I ask again- is the price of looking great worth scrimping or splurging to you?

--- Final Thoughts ---

Whether you shop at a no-name clothing store or a place like Saks Fifth Avenue, shopping for fashion goods is warranted based on what we want and what we are willing to spend on certain garments. Those who can't afford to shop at designer stores often look to low-end stores and certain major retail chains. Those who can afford higher-priced items of quality usually shop at the major stores and high-end retailers because no single low-end or mainstream retailer will EVER provide such items offered by high-end stores and retailers.

Should you scrimp or splurge on fashion? It depends on your needs and your budget. Is the price really worth looking and feeling your best? Depending on the answer, feel free to spend as much or as little as you like on any such item(s) that interest you. It's your money. The most important thing to remember when shopping for fashion is this:

Dress (and shop) with confidence!

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