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Friday, July 13, 2012

Male Confidence

John Marine | 1:56 PM | |
Us guys have to look good too! Just because I mostly focus my fashion talk around feminine fashion doesn't mean I've neglected my own boys. This here is a post regarding how males can feel good about their own image and their own looks. It is just some casual advice and some material to help instill some confidence in guys in their looks.

--- Male Confidence ---

confident male
^ from: - Are you males confident in your dress and in your style?

Males aren't as image conscious as females, but males even want to look and feel their best. You have to develop some sort of swagger in your appearance and in your looks. A handsome male is one who has the confidence and the charm to stand out, and he even has the character to even steal the heart of a beautiful single (or pretending to be single! :D) girl. So what are a few things I would recommend to any guy who may be reading this? Read on...

Dress Nicely.

Wear yourself some good-looking, good-fitting clothes. As the saying goes- when you look good, you feel good. Dress with confidence! Dress with confidence, and you'll be well on your way to exuding confidence.

Be Clean.

Make sure to look great with various beauty touches. Trim up your facial hair, keep your hair looking nice and clean, and do whatever else to help look and feel your best.

Be Confident.

Not every male is some hard-bodied hunk (I am VERY far from being any sort of hunk). Not every male has the looks deserving of him to be on the cover of any male lifestyle publication or website. You are probably aware that you may or may not be the kind of male mainstream society celebrates and honors for his image and persona. Having said this, a confident man is a hot man. So don't be shy about yourself. You made the fashion choices and other different choices about your outfit and looks- go forth into the world and be confident!

Show Some Respect.

It pays to have an attitude befitting of someone classy if you're looking classy. Who wants to be friends with someone who is uptight and disrespectful? Who wants to be around some drama king? You already look good- why not ACT good to match your good looks? Why not be a friendly and likable guy to match your appearance? No fashion involved for this bit of advice- just personality advice.

And most of all...

Be Yourself!

Don't pretend to be somebody that you aren't. You don't have to change your ways for anybody just so you can fit in with certain people and crowds. Have your own personality and charm and show it off to others. You may get rewarded for it by gaining new friends and getting respect from others. So be yourself and not have to reinvent yourself all the time.

That's all for this casual and quick post. Confidence is sexy- even for males!

This is all just casual advice to help out any of my male readers out there. Thank you for visiting "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine." I hope this and other posts have meant something positive for you. If so, make sure you're Subscribed and/or Followed to my blog(s). Have Facebook? If you do, please "Like" me if you enjoy my online work. Take care, everyone!

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