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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Juniors Fashion

John Marine | 6:06 PM | |
Juniors fashion mostly represents teenage and young adult fashion. The age demographic is usually is in the range of 13-17 and 18-25) I particularly love Juniors' fashion for a number of reasons. Juniors fashion is mostly fun and youthful. It is an expressive time of a girl's life. It is her slow transition from being a teenager to being an adult. Fashions for Juniors are mostly colorful and fun. This blog post is a general look at Juniors fashion.

A Special Hello...

...if any of girls you are in the age range of this blog post, I'd like to say hello to all of you Juniors out there! Hope I can do you all proud with this blog post. :)

--- Juniors Fashion at a Glance ---

Let's set the mood with a picture:

Juniors fashion
^ from: (best I could find) - Cute, fun, a little rebellious... welcome to Juniors fashion!

Juniors' fashion is a showcase of fun and colorful fashions made for teenage girls and young adults. These are fashions that are often very cute, playful, a bit rebellious, but overall fun. It's all about living and enjoying life while still being young. I usually see a lot of High School and college age girls sporting various fashions either trendy or in style. There are a number of fashion bloggers I follow who are either teenage girls or in their early 20s. So because of this, I am exposed to a lot of Juniors' fashion.


The two prevalent publications of Juniors' fashion in the United States are Teen Vogue magazine and Seventeen magazine. I actually flip through the pages of both magazines when I'm out and about. Both offer various resources for Juniors ranging from fashion and beauty to life issues and love. If you visit certain blogs, there are some bloggers whom have even been featured in one or both publications. Young celebrities are featured in these magazines with certain fashion insights to offer.

Stores and Collections.

Among the many different retailers, some particularly cater towards the Juniors' market. I may make individual blog posts regarding some of these brands, but I am including them right now just for discussion. Some of these Junior-oriented stores and retailers include Wet Seal, Delia's, Rainbow, and plus-size friendly Torrid among others. Many Juniors-related fashion collections are available for various teen girls and college girls. A lot of them are at major retailers. Among others... you have the "Dream Out Loud" collection from Selena Gomez (at K-mart (or Kmart)), Taylor Swift's dress line with LEI, and the Material Girl Collection by Madonna. All of these (and various Junior-oriented fashion retailers and designers) offer great fashions for Juniors. More for the 18-25 range is a line such as the Victoria's Secret PINK line. All of which, are cute and stylish and most of all- affordable.

So that was a brief look at Juniors' fashion based on a few key points. Some of the brands, retailers, and collections mentioned in this section may appear again in individual blog posts and in other material on "StyleSpace."

--- Why I'm Into Juniors' Fashion ---

The youthful and fun style of Juniors fashion is why I'm drawn to it. Fashions for teenagers and young adults (the 13-25 age demographic) just appeal to me more personally. I've always seen Juniors' fashion more as middle-ground between childish fashion and more mature fashions. And while you're still young, why not enjoy and experience every bit of youth within you? The childish part I mention mostly pertains to certain colorful and fun fashions. My mentioning of maturity lies in clothes that are appealing, but not being too mature for such a young lady. I would probably even go on record to say that this youth demographic is by far the largest sort of fashion market of any age range.

So that's just me- I'm drawn so much to this category of fashion. It's fun, youthul, colorful, expressive, and just overall cool! There are a number of different factors that just keep me so much in tune with Juniors' fashion.

What do you like about Juniors' fashion? Do you agree or disagree with what I've discussed in this post? Have yourself a great day/night and thank you for reading!

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