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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sleepwear in Public

John Marine | 10:36 AM |
Sleepwear in public is frowned upon by many people. It confounds people that some others are so lazy in going out in public in their sleeping clothes. Some would wonder why people can't take 30 seconds or so to put together a simple outfit rather than be in sleeping clothes. It isn't extremely hard to find some clothes to put on, get spruced up, maybe style your hair, put some makeup on... and leave the house looking decent. Think about on the college scene when you go to class dressed up in your pajamas/pyjamas. Many people think mostly of pajamas/pyjamas in regards to sleepwear, but we all know sleepwear implies SO much more. This blog post features thoughts on sleepwear in public. Your thoughts on this topic are welcome.

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--- Sleepwear in Public ---

sleepwear in public
^ from:, by way of (best I could find) - How do YOU feel about sleepwear in public?

For a number of people, it suggests an overall sense of laziness in going out in public wearing sleeping clothes. The laziness comes in the sense that one fails to find proper clothing to wear out in public and actually putting an effort in making yourself look presentable and decent. The reason why some people wear certain garments is because of comfort. However, comfort can be achieved by wearing regular clothes rather than be seemingly relegated to sleeping clothes. You know there are people out there who strongly judge others based on their appearance. A person strongly against seeing people out in public in their pajamas/pyjamas think such people are so uncoordinated and lazy. They would say, "how can you be so lazy as to not find any decent clothes to wear? How can you be so lazy as to look like you woke up?" The only acceptable excuse for wearing sleepwear in public is that you are just doing a quick errand and don't want to be all dressed up to do so. Is that okay? Depends on your views. Some people just think you can put some effort into dressing like you're a decent person rather than being too lazy to wear decent clothes or dress up your hair or wear makeup.

Banning Sleepwear in Public?

You know something is bad when the government gets involved. Earlier this year, Michael Williams- the Commissioner of Caddo Parish in northwestern Louisiana- wanted to place a ban on wearing pajamas/pyjamas in public. This same fellow was also against seeing males wearing saggy pants and imposed a ban on that too in the Shreveport area. There are even schools who ban students from wearing sleeping clothes when going to school.

What IS Sleepwear?

Just like almost anything, there are gray areas. what constitutes as "sleepwear?" The easy answer would be about wearing pajamas/pyjamas or long sleeping shirts. That could extend to wearing bedroom slippers or house shoes. In the case of females, there are those who wear camisoles or bustiers in putting together decent looks. To some people, sheepskin boots (like UGGs) are house shoes. The definition can really vary.

Final Thoughts.

What should one take away from this? I tend to think of it as laziness. In no way am I seriously critical of people who choose to go out in public in their sleeping clothes. However, I do tend to agree with those who say that wearing sleepwear out in some places (like work or school/college) is not only lazy, but disrespectful. A college professor would probably think a student in his/her sleeping clothes shows he/she is not serious about learning simply because the student isn't dressed up properly. You dress up for a certain occupation because you're serious about the job and because you want to present yourself like you care about the task at hand. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with being serious about a certain job no matter how you're dressed. It is just that it helps to dress yourself up as if you're happy and confident with yourself.

And as far as trying to ban or legislate against sleepwear in public, it should not be any sort of punishable offense. Trying to impose such regulations is like saying that going out in sleeping clothes merits the same sort of criminal offense as speeding or rape. So going out in a frumpy pajama/pyjama set is somehow grounds for some sort of offense. I think politicians have much more important business to attend to than regulating how certain people dress. Workplaces and educational establishments have their own codes on how people should dress. But if you're talking about going out anywhere in sleepwear besides a workplace or any educational establishment, you're really just going too far. It's lazy to not make the effort to wear decent clothing when out and about, but it is just too much to want to impose fines or enact regulations for dressing up in sleeping clothes.

Fashion is an art form dictated through the means of clothing and various beauty touches. We all want to be comfortable in what we wear while also expressing certain things our mouths need not utter. If that means going out in public in sleepwear, so be it. Just don't be overly critical or want to impose any serious regulations or penalties for expressing ourselves however we choose through the means of fashion. While I don't agree with sleepwear in public, I don't think people should have to seriously regulate how people should dress.

So how do you feel about sleepwear in public? Feel free to comment here. Here are some more resources to read if you were moved by this topic:

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John Marine said...

As long as a lady is wearing normal trousers that look like a part of sleepwear, I'm all for it. I wouldn't be able to pull off this look, but I have spotted this trend as I was looking through various fashion blogs and some girls looked really great. If a person looks like the one you mentioned above, it's unacceptable- way too sloppy to be worn in public.

John Marine said...

I haven't tried this trend even dough I love to see others wearing those kind of pieces!! I'm just not so sure would I rock it!:D
Great new space dear friend, wishing you all the best with this project!

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