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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sundress, Denim, and Boots

John Marine | 11:03 AM | |
(UPDATED: July 17, 2012)

A sundress can be comfortable and airy to wear. Wearing a denim vest or a denim jacket with a sundress dress can be cute. How would you top off the look? Why... with a pair of boots, of course! This blog post is about one specific look: sundress + denim + boots. What do you think about this look and this sort of outfit? I'll share my own thoughts here.

This is my first "Looks/Outfits" blog label post. Items under the "Looks/Outfits" post pertain to particular looks and outfits. I try to offer thoughts about specific kinds of looks in these posts.

Outfit: Lace Dress, Denim, and Boots ---

Let's review the pieces again to this look:

• lace sundress
• denim jacket (or a denim vest or a denim bolero)
• boots

And this picture below is a demonstration of the look I am discussing here:
sundress denim and boots
^ from: (links to article) - This is Sienna Miller in a sundress, a denim vest, and some boots.

This blog post is about wearing a lace dress along with a denim jacket or vest and some boots. A look like this is indicative of prairie or country chic. It is a country girl style that offers a balance of feminine cuteness along with some toughness. To some people, a denim jacket or vest already supplements some toughness. However, the right kind of boots can really complete the look.

Now let me go over the individual elements of this look:

The Dress.

Preferably, the dress has to be a casual dress that goes nowhere below the knees. My intent in discussing this look was with a sundress. I initially had this look penned as having a lace sundress. I think for this specific look, a lace sundress would be great to feature for this look. And since we're talking about adding a denim element to this outfit, I'd suggest a non-denim dress. That is... unless you're willing to chance the denim-on-denim look.

The Denim Jacket/Vest/Bolero.

It's good to have a jacket or vest to add a little spice to your dress. Since this is a casual look, there's no need to go overboard by getting some fancy denim blazer or anything. This look is all about keeping things cute and casual. The jacket or vest, of course, is not needed (especially if it is hot outside); but it still provides a nice touch to compliment the rest of the look.

The Boots.

This is the most interesting element of the entire look- the boots. What you consider to be a lovely pair of boots to go with the dress and denim jacket/vest depends on your tastes. One of my most popular posts on "John's Blog Space" is my post on dresses with cowboy boots. So one option for boots with this look would be a pair of traditional cowboy boots. The most stylish flat boots to me are riding boots, so riding boots are VERY much fair game to go with the dress and denim. To be honest, I'm not really into lace-up boots. Lace-up boots are very much acceptable if you love wearing lace-up boots.

Maybe something like a pair of cowboy boots or some riding boots would be best with this look.

--- Other Examples ---

If you are not familiar with my fashion posts, I sometimes focus on looks from other people to provide extra perspective on certain looks. You are free to follow and comment on other material you may see in my posts. I do not include certain actual images because I want to avoid getting involved in copyright issues. After all, I think a topic is better when you learn from others.

Here are some other examples of this look I've discussed:
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Do you have your own look? Contact me via E-Mail or on my Facebook fan page! If I like your outfit, I may edit my posts to include your work.

If you want to set up your own look based on this post, here are some items you can shop for online through ShopStyle. Just scroll through the widgets to find an item that ultimately interests you and that you may want to buy. All sizes are either Women's (and maybe even Juniors) sizes:

The Dress.

Sundresses on ShopStyle:

The Denim Jacket.

[Women's] Denim jean jackets on Shopstyle:

The Boots.

Boots on ShopStyle...

• Women's Cowboy boots:

• Women's Riding Boots:

What do you think about this look? Do you have your own version of this look I discussed? That's all- take care and thanks for reading!

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