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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Petite!

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(UPDATED: April 2, 2014)

Petites- ladies 5'5" (65 in. or 165 cm) or shorter- have big style despite being short in stature. Certain fashion items and looks that might work for average size, average height females may not work so well on petites. Some petites struggle to find clothes for their bodies. No matter what, petite women are every bit as beautiful and as charming as any average-size, average-height woman. This blog post is one where I give some love to petites the world over whom love my material.

There are many different thresholds to determine what "petite" height is. For this blog post, I will use 65 inches (165 centimeters) or shorter to define "petite." This is mostly a casual post regarding petite fashion. Therefore, don't expect to find much in the way of advice. I do, however, have some online material from more qualified sources to help you out later in this post.


APR 2 2014 - made several edits; added two other bloggers

--- Petite Fashion ---

petite fashion
^ from: - Sweet petite! They're not short- they're fun-sized! :)

Petite women are short in height, but have no problem dressing up to be as beautiful as their taller counterparts. These ladies show that being short in height doesn't equal being short in style. I have read certain fashion petite fashion blogs where some petite women can't find such a good fit with adult clothes, that some petites shop for children's clothes for that perfect fit. I often wonder about certain petites and how some of them struggle to find great-fitting clothes for their bodies. Shopping for clothes isn't as easy for petites as it can be for average women. There are even some petites who have short feet, so even shopping for shoes (and what girl doesn't love shoes?) can also be a problem. Very much like plus size women, there is also a fashion segment and a fashion market for petites.

Petite Challenges.

Being a petite lends its own fashion challenges. They can be as much out of the mainstream fashion loop as plus size females. A number of petites take on certain different styling touches and advice. So what can be different for petites as opposed to average women? Here are a few examples:

• I love maxi dresses and maxi skirts. On petites, however, certain maxi dresses can overwhelm petite figures.

• There are some (like myself) who love flare jeans and flare pants. However, they may be too much for petites.

• Tunics are often times worn to compliment certain bottoms. Some tunics are long enough and attractive enough to be their own dresses for petites.

I mentioned before that some petites wear children's size clothing- just trying to find the best possible fit for their bodies. Certain petites even find themselves having certain clothes tailor-made for their bodies. Wearing skin-tone (I try to avoid saying "nude") pumps help elongate the legs of a petite woman. Having such pairs of shoes are almost a must-have for classy petite fashion.

Petite Celebrities.

Various petite celebrities include the likes of Madonna, Danica Patrick, Hayden Panettiere, Eva Longoria, Paula Abdul, Alexz Johnson, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Nicole Polizzi (Snooki), and more. Many of these celebrities are among some of the many for which to draw petite fashion inspiration from. Then again, most of my female audience would probably be squeamish at me using "draw inspiration from" and "Snooki" in the same sentence. But... she is a petite- all 4'8" of her. One of my old Middle School Friends is 4'8"! Anyhow- many of the ladies I mentioned are 5'5" or shorter. Some are below 5 feet tall, like Snooki and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Plus-Sized AND Petite?

Can you be plus-sized and petite? Sure! One plus-sized beauty who is short is the beautiful actress/singer Nikki Blonsky. She's 4'10" as I read. Being short with a curvy body can be as much of a challenge as being petite shopping for X-Small sizes.

No matter what, even short women deserve to look and feel as stylish as they like. Not as many designers or retailers have the proper sort of clothes and styles to compliment petites, though. There lies the challenge for most petite fashionistas- "can I (as a petite) find the perfect looks, fits, and styles to look and feel beautiful?" One place to go for trying to answer that question would be to consult the blogosphere. The next section features certain bloggers that specialize in discussing petite fashion, as well as a few short ladies who show great style.

--- Petite Bloggers ---

These are short ladies around the blogosphere. Their blogs may or may not specifically be about petite fashion, but these petite ladies are among many who are about petite fashion or are short themselves. If you don't know any petite bloggers, then I can help you meet some petites. Gain some fashion insight from these petite ladies:

Sydney's Fashion Diary.

It has long been known as "PetiteLittleGirl." Only recently, Sydney changed the name of the blog to "Sydney's Fashion Diary." She is not about trends or anything. I respect Sydney for her keep-it-real style. Visit her blog to see her lovely outfits and styles.

Extra Petite.

While "Sydney's Fashion Diary" mostly features casual fashions and some classy fashions, Jean's blog, "Extra Petite," features mostly workplace fashion. This is a blog regarding classy fashions for petite women. She also has her own YouTube channel lending video advice for petite women.

Stylish Petite.

Annie is a beautiful and alluring petite. Standing 5'0", the blog formerly known as "Really Petite" features the lovely Vietnamese petite showcasing her many looks. She also reviews certain clothing items and also does some YouTube videos. If you think she looks beautiful, you should hear her speak, because she has a beautiful voice.

I am Khatu.

Khatu stands all of 4'11", but her beauty is much greater than her size. In fact, she says herself about how big beauty comes in small packages. A lot of what she posts in her blog are mostly outfit posts. Say hello to Khatu by clicking on the link below to access her blog.

Little Petite.

This is the blog of a lady named Adriana. Her beauty is angelic as the Arizona-based Californian showcases her unique style. Her outfits range from casual to classy. It is really fun to visit her blog and see her material. I can tell you that she boasts angelic looks from her lovely hair to her sweet smile. Adriana exudes total loveliness. Don't take my word for it- see for yourself by visiting "Little Petite."

cute and little.

Once away from the blogging circuit for some time, she has made a real comeback and offers up both fashion and life insights on "cute and little." This Taiwanese beauty offers up mostly classy and chic outfits in her blog. Feel free to visit this little lady's lovely blog today.

Here are some other short ladies (or at least, those who admit being short). Click on the headings to each description to visit the respective ladies' blogs:

Lucky Loves.

Laiqah (better known as "Lucky") is a beautiful short lady from South Africa. She also may be one of the cutest fashion bloggers online. Her demeanor and character are both as sweet as her fashion style. This blog was formerly known as "Lucky Packet."

Glam Kitten's Litter Box.

The reason why I brought up Bonnie's blog, "Glam Kitten's Litter Box," in this petite discussion is because she revealed her height in one post. This 5'1" lady qualifies her for petite discussion here. Bonnie is a VERY cool girl. Her blog is equally as cool. So have a visit!

Always Maylee.

(EDITED: May 8, 2013) Yi-chia (pronounced ee-cha) is a cute short lady with many cute styles. The Boston-area beauty has styles ranging from cute and casual to classy and stylish. "Always Maylee" is very lighthearted and inviting with such warm content. She is truly a petite, standing 5'2" yet exhibiting loads of style beyond her short stature.

the fancy teacup.

One of the most popular fashion blogs I follow is that of "the fancy teacup." Jamie is a stylish petite lady with great charm and style. Get ready for a great fashion experience when you check out her blog.


This petite Panamanian princess is big on style. Maria de la Cruz is the woman behind "HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS," which is not only the name of her blog, but also her own clothing store. She features some of her finest looks in some very high quality images.

Lucy and the Runaways.

Natalie was born in New Zealand and is based in Australia. She has some creative material in her blog as the short-statured lovely lady has her own unique charm. She may look incredibly cute and chic in one outfit. But in another, she can go dark and be edgy rock chic. Natalie's style is diverse. Check out her blog to see what she brings to the fashion table.

Style Cassentials.

(added: March 28, 2013)
Cassandra is a petite beauty from the Midwest. She stands all of 4'9" and boasts some serious style. She is both petite and curvy. Most of her styles are primarily work-oriented. However, she also boasts some sweet casual style. She is a very appealing petite with wonderful style. Visit "Style Cassentials" to be amazed by Cassandra's beautiful style.

Lynne Gabriel.

(added: April 2, 2014)
The beautiful Lynne Gabriel is from the Philippines and stands 5'3". She herself admits not being model material with her short frame. Lynne still remains a beautiful fashion blogger. Don't take my word for it- see for yourself how lovely she is by visiting "Lynne Gabriel." And by the way, she and her blog get extra love from me as she represents my wonderful native city of Houston.

Style by Alina.

(added: April 2, 2014)
This lovely petite boasts big time style

More may be added in future edits.

--- Petite Fashion Resources ---

The Internet is its own hot mess of material. So rather than endlessly search for petite resources and material, here are some of many different resources:

Sweet Petites Apparel.

Though this blog entry is called "Sweet Petite!", this blog entry is not about the company of the same name. Sweet Petites Apparel specializes in petite active fashions. This is where you'd look for a variety of stylish athletic clothing for petite women. It's one of the best ways petite ladies work out and get sporty.

I Am Petite.

The name says it all and evokes the proper emotion. You are petite and proud! Why not show it by visiting this all-in-one petite shopping resource? This features fashion items for Petite women 5'4" or shorter. There are multiple resources available for all petites who visit this site.


5ft2in has very few items, but this company specializes in classy pants for petite women (5'2" (or 157.5 cm) or shorter).


Shoe sizes for petites (US sizes) 2 through 5 can be found online at

Petite Feet.

Shoe sizes for petite women can be tough to come by. If shopping online, consider visiting this website to shop for petite shoe sizes (up to a size 6) via Zappos. For a little comparison, there was one petite woman I read about who is 4'11" and wears a size 5.5 shoe. So there is an example of shoe sizes for petite women.

Giordano's Petite Shoes.

Another site you can check out for petite footwear is New York City-based Giordano's. Since 1981, this retailer has offered various styles of chic footwear for petite feet. Many different brand-name shoes are offered from Giordano's. If you have feet size 4 or up to 5.5, this is another site you can visit to shop for petite-size footwear.

The Little Shoe Store.

The Little Shoe Store was discovered by me when I was reading Sydney's (of "Sydney's Fashion Diary") blog. This is an online shoe store for women whose feet are between the sizes of 4 to 5.5. In fact... this store was set up by Sydney herself. So feel free to shop for shoes if you have feet in the range of 4 to 5.5 and want a lovely pair of shoes to compliment your petite feet.

TJ Petite.

Based in Sarasota Springs, Utah; TJ Petite is named for its founder, 4'11" Tammy Jensen. It is a Wordpress-type blog about fashion for petite women. It's worth a visit to check out this page if you're a petite woman. (PERSONAL NOTE: If TJ Petite is reading this blog entry, thank you for your continued support! If people are visiting this blog entry from TJ Petite, I want to say hello to you, and welcome to John's Blog Space!)

Bella Petite.

Entertainment and lifestyle material for petites!


LiTiNi specializes in socks specifically made for Petite women. Check out this lineup of socks for petite women. Here is a preview of what LiTiNi offers from this YouTube video from Annie of "Stylish Petite" (formerly "Really Petite"):

Allison Izu.

From Allison Izu Song, her fashion line is dedicated to premium denim for women 5'6" or shorter. So you CAN look hot wearing petite denim thanks to Allison Izu! The denim line includes both jeans and jean skirts. New to her collection is her line of petite tops. There is a little of everything for petite women when you visit Allison Izu's line of fine garments. Petites need denim love too! :)

Petite Legs.

(ADDED: January 4, 2013)
Petite Legs is a British retailer of garments for petite women. Their lineup includes various bottoms, dresses, shoes, and even handbags.

(ADDED: February 7, 2013)
This site can help petites 5'3" or shorter find great-fitting and great-looking clothes. Feel free to visit for petite fashion advice as well as individual material regarding petite fashion. This blog mostly suits petite women in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Rosenberg Shoes (Australia).

Rosenberg Shoes of Australia offers shoes for males and females. Relevant to this blog post, this Australian dealer offers shoe sizes for petite women's feet. The link takes you to the dealer's petite-size shoes. I would like to thank the loyal reader for telling me about this site.

Various Petite Fashion Collections...

These are various designers and retailers offering fashion items for Petites:

ASOS Petite (USA ASOS Site)
Dresses for Prom and gowns for Petites from PromGirl
David's Bridal Wedding Dresses for Petites (5'4" with sizes offered in 0P to 16P)
Petite Clothing from LOFT (added: July 10, 2013)

Plus Size Petites (or Petite Plus).

One Stop Shop: Petite Plus (fashion for plus-size petites)
Top 5 Fashion Tips for Plus Size Petite Women

Petite Size 20 Pants - pant options for plus size petites

Petite Pregnancy.

In case any of you petite women may be expecting (congratulations if so!):

Petite Maternity Style Tips (

Petite Maternity Clothing on

I will be sure to add more links based on traffic and interest.

--- Petite Fashion: Final Thoughts ---

Being short in stature doesn't mean you have to be short on style. There are many different ways for petite women to be every bit as beautiful as their taller counterparts. Petite clothes shopping can be a tougher challenge than shopping for most average size women. The pursuit of that perfect fit for some petites is what makes petite shopping so difficult sometimes. Even speaking from a male perspective, I often wonder what it is like to be petite and not have as many options available right away for petite figures.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here is some extra material from me to you if you enjoyed this blog post:

"Sweet Petite!" (John's Blog Space)
^ This is my popular blog post from John's Blog Space that began getting me some respect from petite ladies.

Again- more links may be added to this post in the future.

Thanks to everyone for reading this blog post! Keep looking stylish, petites (and even non-petites who may be reading this)! :)

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