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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Plus Size Fashion

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(UPDATED: March 20, 2017)

In today's mainstream culture, many people don't consider being curvy as being beautiful. Such people believe slim and slender is more attractive than being curvy. Body size plays a factor for what most people consider beautiful. Therefore, curvy females are somehow unattractive compared to slender (or even athletic build) females. So any female that doesn't have the proportions or appeal of a Barbie doll is considered ugly or unattractive to most people. It also means that most plus size females feel under more pressure by society to be thin- just to be better accepted by people. However, some plus size females are happy with their size, and rather than try to slim down, they compliment their figure by wearing great clothes and feeling confident each day about themselves.

You know what makes me and my blog different on this topic? Most people will try to insult or belittle females just because they aren't slim or super-sexy. I make the attempt to try to offer something positive and useful to communicate with the audience in question. Also, there are those who may feel offended by the word "fat" in regards to someone's size. So I will try to avoid using "fat" to describe someone's size or weight. It is as much as I can do to make this post as friendly and as professional as possible.

I'd like to welcome you to this blog post regarding plus size fashion. I have my own blogging universe, and you have arrived at my stylish space- StyleSpace!


MAR 20 2017 - edited some links; edited look of post

Plus Size Fashion

plus size fashion model
^ from: (links to article online) - Curvy women can be every bit as beautiful as any slim and slender women. Some even are more beautiful than some slender ladies.

Not many people are accepting of curvy females. Some people even find comedic value in making fun of a person's size. Doing so only hurts the person within. Part of the problem with society is our inability to accept and respect certain imperfections. When it comes to curvy females and fashion, many do not feel as welcomed or as humbled fashion-wise. A number of bloggers have coined the term "fatshion," a word used to discuss fashions for plus size females. It shows that you don't have to be a slender lady to be and feel beautiful. You don't have to give in to society making fun of you just because your proportions are different from most other average people (or what society considers average). Equally sad is how we misconstrue "slim" with "healthy." Can you be plus-sized and still be healthy? Sure! Some people just assume that those who are overweight are both unhealthy and unattractive. I've seen daytime talk shows where plus size women are flexible enough to do the splits, so don't tell me about how certain plus size women aren't healthy (let alone flexible)!

Just because you are plus-sized doesn't mean you are unable to be beautiful. Certain stores and collections are specially catered to plus size females. This gives plus size females the confidence and the power to compliment their curvy dimensions with fun clothes. You could lose weight if you want to, but you can still wear great clothes for your body and still feel great. It doesn't matter if you are slightly curvy or being a BBW (big beautiful woman), being curvy can still mean being beautiful.

In my time looking at various fashion blogs, I came across a number of plus size fashion bloggers whom all look great. One that stands out to me is a blog called "Viva Voluptuous!" This is the blog of a lady named Marisa from Canada who offers some outfit posts as well as some inspiration to help fellow plus size ladies feel confident about themselves and their bodies. Perhaps her most daring post involved a photoshoot she did where she did some photos romantically showcasing her beauty. I will feature more plus size bloggers later in this blog post, but in case you're interested... THIS is an example of how beautiful being curvy can be, and when you are fully confident in your body and your appearance: Boudoir photos: (Viva Voluptuous!)

On to the next section!

Plus Size Fashion Specialists

As mentioned in the previous section, there are certain fashion designers and clothing lines devoted to plus size females. Each one is marked off with a heading. Click on the hyperlinks to visit any official websites.


Torrid makes some of the cutest clothes for plus size Juniors and Young Adults. Sizes up to 3X or 5X are offered for most fashions. Shoes and intimates are also offered as part of Torrid's lineup of fashions for plus size females.

eVogues Apparel.

The fashions offered by eVogues Apparel are all semi-formal and formal fashions for juniors and young adults. Sizes offered range from size 10 to size 22.


For the classy plus size woman, Kiyonna offers classy fashions. Sizes offered are between size 10 to size 32. Swimwear is even offered.

Sealed With a Kiss Designs.

Sealed With a Kiss (or SWAK) Designs offers trendy styles for plus size women. Their fashions are offered in sizes ranging from 1X to 6X.

BBW Boutique.

BBW Boutique offers clothes for sizes ranging from 1X up to 7X.

More Plus Size Fashion Online

Here are more websites you can visit for your plus size fashion needs:

PacificPlex (official site) features regular sizes, but also plus sizes up to 3X to even 5X
Beach Belle Swimwear (on (plus size swimwear specialist; sizes ranging from 18W to 24W)
Fashion Bug (plus size fashions for US sizes 6 up to US size 30)
ASOS Curve (USA ASOS Site)
Sexy Plus Clothing (Canada)

Featured (from "Curvy Canadian...and Fashion")

I want to let you know that I found these links courtesy of "Canadian Blogger: A Blog Abou Canadian Plus Size Clothing and Fashion":

Here are more plus size fashion shopping resources. Some of these offer international shipping if you intend on shopping internationally from these retailers/designers:

Alight - retailer of plus size fashions.
Anna Scholz - plus size fashions for women.
Ashley Stewart - fashions for plus size women ranging from clothes to intimates to footwear.
ASOS Curve - the plus size-exclusive lineup of fashions from the very popular ASOS.
B & Lu - trendy plus size fashions for Juniors.
Cacique - lingerie for plus size women. Kind of like a Victoria's Secret for curvy women.
City Chic (Australia) - Australia's premier retailer of plus size fashions.
Domino Dollhouse (United Kingdom) - A United Kingdom retailer of cute plus size fashions.
Evans (United Kingdom) - UK retailer offering many fashion items including clothes, intimates, and shoes for Plus Size women.
Fashion Bug - a popular store offering many Plus Size fashion items.
Fashion to Figure - Various fashion items for plus size women.
Figuresque - from fun to flirty, many Plus Size fashions offered for Plus Size women.
Hips and Curves - Offers lingerie for Plus Size women.
Junonia - various Plus Size fashion items, including lingerie and swimwear.
Lane Bryant - the most recognized retailer of plus size fashions with many items offered.
Monif C. - contemporary clothing for plus size women including swimsuits
New Look: Inspire Line (United Kingdom) - a United Kingdom fashion retailer's Plus Size line
Plus By Design - classy fashion for plus size women.
Queen Grace Collection - beautiful formal-type fashions for Plus Size women.
Sealed With a Kiss (SWAK) Designs - trendy fashions for plus size women.
• Second Denim -
Style369 (United Kingdom) - UK retailer of clothes, intimates, swimwear, shoes, and more for plus size women.
Torrid - wildly-popular retailer of fashions for plus size Juniors and young adults.
WideWidths.Com - provider of footwear for Plus Size women.

SPECIAL NOTE (speaking of swimwear):
Visit these two links if you want more info on swimsuits...
"Swimsuits" on John's Blog Space - my blog post on swimsuits
"Swimsuits" on John's Shop Space - my shopping post on swimsuits (includes some plus size swimsuits)


Lane Bryant
Ashley Stewart
Faith 21 (Forever 21's Plus Size line)
Gayle Bentley

If there are any other resources you think my readers/visitors would be interested in, please send me an E-Mail. I will feature more links if I like what you offer to me.

Plus Size Fashion (or "Fatshion") Blogs

This section features plus size ladies not afraid to showcase their style to you. These are all blogs I've found online that may be of interest to you if you want to check out plus size fashion blogs. I regularly comment on most of these. If you want to check out some other fashion blogs featuring curvy ladies, check these out:

Pearls, lace and ruffles ; a fatshion blog.

^ This is a fashion blog of a beautiful lady named Dee. The Irish cutie showcases a lot of her Outfit of the Day (OOTD) posts as well as some other posts. Her style mostly consists of cute and girly fashions ranging from frilly skirts to vintage dresses. She also has a few videos. And honestly, she has a very sweet voice. Worth paying a visit.

GABIFRESH (formerly Young, Fat, and Fabulous).

^ As seen in Seventeen Magazine and from Detroit, Gabi Gregg is a super-cute and super-beautiful young plus-size fashion blogger. Feel free to follow her blog as it's a Blogger/Blogspot blog.

Curvy Girl Chic.

^ Allison is a young lady whose blog has been featured in the pages of Seventeen Magazine. She is a very cute plus-size/curvy Asian girl from Boston, MA, USA. Her blog is called Curvy Girl Chic. She has many pictures to showcase her style. It is another Blogger/Blogspot blog. So if you have Blogger/Blogspot and/or Google, follow at will if you love her sense of style!

Principessa Gabriella.

^ Gabriella is a beautiful young lady who blogs about both fashion and food. Her beauty is exceptional and stylish. She features a handful of girly cute fashions as well as lovely touches of makeup. It also features various other insights such as product reviews, food, Italian culture, and more. Visit her blog to check out the loveliness she brings to fashion and to other things.

Bigg Badd Wolf.

Bigg Badd Wolf is the blog of a plus size woman from the Baltimore, Maryland, USA area. The Notorious ZAG (as she's called) showcases some of her looks and shares some stories. A word of warning- there is a bit of some bad language.

Angy's tea party.

Angelica Ardsheva is a young fashion blogger born in Russia and based in Italy. Her blog is bilingual, utilizing both English and Italian. All fashionable types are always invited to Angy's Tea Party any time.

Fofoleca (Portuguese language).

Though her blog is mostly in Portuguese, Vanessa (or "Vanny") Ferriera is the owner of "Fofoleca." This Brazilian blogger is VERY cute, boasting a sweet face and a sweeter smile. Her game is on fashion as well as in beauty. She posts various fashion outfits as well as some of her makeup touches. Pay a visit to this Brazilian beauty's blog, Fofoleca, today!

Sachê e Bombom.

Camille is a plus size Brazilian lady who is behind "Sachê e Bombom." This super-cute blogger features various outfit posts as well as some pictures of her travels. The posts are available both in English and Portuguese. Her blog posts are bilingual, but her beauty translates well in any language.

Cupcake's Clothes.

Get a taste of fashion cuteness by visiting Cupcake's Clothes. The creator of this blog is Georgina Doull. The curvy blogger from England is not only a blogger, but also the creator of Dolly Darling, her own line of fashion accessories. Her fashion creativity will awe you ranging from cute dresses to lots of Gothic lolita-inspired pieces. Check out "Cupcake's Clothes" and be inspired!

Sugar and Spice.

Georgina's younger sister, Charlotte, is the creator of "Sugar and Spice." Charlotte introduces her own sense of style to all who visit. This is the blog of a sweet-faced and sweet-smiling girl from England.

Curves Ahead.

Candy is the lady behind Curves Ahead Makeup. Considering her name is Candy, this is a deliciously beautiful curvy woman who shows you her style as well as her extensive beauty advice. Candy also takes her beauty and fashion expertise to YouTube. Get a taste of this curvy beauty by having a look at her blog. Or to see her YouTube videos, visit

Style 4 Curves --For the Curvy Confident Woman.

From Mississippi is a curvy fashion blogger named Venessia and her blog, "Style 4 Curves." This lady expresses her style in outfit posts as well as some more personal insights. Her styles range from chic to fierce. Check out her full range of styles by visiting "Style 4 Curves."

Viva Voluptuous!.

Mentioned earlier in this blog post, Marisa is the beautiful Canadian lady behind "Viva Voluptuous!". Her blog features outfit posts as well as inspirational material for her fellow plus size ladies. Feel free to have a look at her material.

The Belated Bloomer.

This blogger named Abi is both Filipino and Chinese. She is from the Philippines and has a host of very nice blog posts and outfits to share with you. Her style is delightful and captivating.

The Pink Collar.

Relatively new to blogging (as of the date of this initial blog post), Shirley is a beautiful Asian blogger who mostly shares her beauty insight with others. Her blog also consists of various looks she's put together. So be sure to give Shirley's blog a visit and chat about her many styles.

There are many more certain fashion blogs I follow, but these are among some of the many.

My Final Thoughts About Plus Size Fashion

Body size shouldn't be a factor in considering a female as beautiful or not. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It's just too bad some people are so inconsiderate or disregarding of women for their size. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best- even including curvy women. With designers and lines like Torrid, Kiyonna, and countless others; you can express your beauty while being curvy.

There is one more note I want to make, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this... a fellow Houstonian who goes by the name of Shay Shaunte' was one of the first curvy models I encountered online. I was looking for a photo of her to showcase just how appealing a curvy woman can be, and I came across a picture of Shay Shaunte to feature on "John's Blog Space." You can have a look at this beauty by visiting Hello to Shay Shaunte' if she may be reading this blog post!

Cross-Promotion and Other Reading

Here are some more posts that might interest you on this topic:

"Plus Size Fashion" (John's Blog Space)
^ This post on my main blog was the first post I made regarding plus size fashion. Its popularity has helped me to win some respect for many plus size ladies. It all began with this post on JBS.

"Plus Size Beauties - the World Tour!" (John's Blog Space)
^ They are curvy, and they are beautiful. Who are some of the world's most beautiful curvy women? I make my own personal picks in this blog post.

That's all from me.

Well, this is post is over. Not much else for me to share. My style-related space is StyleSpace. I thank you for coming into my blogging universe and entering my wonderful fashion blog. Do you want more from me? Make sure you're subscribed! Use the table below to get in touch with me and show your continued support. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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