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Monday, July 30, 2012

Violent Lips

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While "Violent Lips" may sound rough, Violent Lips is a unique product that gives you unique-looking lips. These adhesives give you the chance to express yourself with unique designs that no lipstick can ever duplicate. Your style and personality takes on new and ambitious forms when you apply Violent Lips to your lips. When you see the various designs and styles these come in, you will see there are MANY ways to express yourself using these Violent Lips products. This is a blog post introducing you to, and offering thoughts on Violent Lips.

NOTE: This is NOT a review! It is merely a casual post regarding this product. I am not paid by anyone or paid anything to post my opinions in this blog post.

About the Label: "Beauty"

Every blog post marked with "Beauty" pertains to various topics devoted to the likes of makeup, skin care, hair care, and the like. A lot of these are mostly casual discussions of mine as opposed to being any sort of authoritative figure about this topic.

--- Violent Lips: Thoughts ---

So what are we talking about? This:

Violent Lips
^ from: - Lipstick overrated? Violent Lips may have a solution for you! There are MANY more designs from this company besides what you see here.

Speaking as a male, I'm likely going to be given lukewarm reception since I fail to like something like these Violent Lips. But to be honest, some of these Violent Lips things freak me out. Some of the real glittery ones are okay (as in decent) to me. Animal print lips, though? Polka dot lips? Sorry- I'll pass. Such designs are too much all-out-there for my tastes. I will say this, though- any girl that wants to stand out and make a statement will have no problem with these Violent Lips products.

If you're interested in learning more about Violent Lips, please visit You can connect with Violent Lips socially (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) by visiting out their website and clicking on the links provided there.

What do YOU think about these Violent Lips products? Your comments are welcome. Thank you for reading! Make sure you're subscribed and followed so you can keep up with my latest posts.

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