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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jeans or Pants Tucked Into Boots

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One of my first fashion posts on "John's Blog Space" regarded the look of jeans tucked into boots. For the longest, I saw jeans into boots as a pointless look unless you really need to tuck boots into jeans or pants. I grown to love the look after a few years of detesting it. Back then, My main criticism of the look is that you shouldn't go with the tucked in boots look unless walking conditions were miserable or if it was bitterly cold. I wasn't too popular among some people when I hated on this look in the past. Over time, I grew to accept this look and actually like seeing boots being tucked into jeans. I've usually seen this look of tucking boots into jeans more than certain pants, so that's why I focused mostly on jeans tucked into boots when I first blogged about this look.

This blog post concerns simply the look of tucking boots into jeans or pants. If you have your own thoughts about this look, I invite you to comment on this look in this blog post as I go along.

--- Jeans or Pants Tucked Into Boots Look ---

Here is the look being discussed:

jeans tucked into boots
^ from: - Do you like tucking your boots into jeans or pants?

The jeans-tucked-into-boots look is a popular look for cool weather or cold weather. In fact, I think cool/cold weather (especially among females) is the perfect opportunity to wear their most fabulous pair of boots to beat the cold weather. Since boots are befitting of cool/cold weather, why not rock your most fabulous pair of boots? And why not your most fabulous pair of boots tucked into jeans or pants? The look of jeans/pants tucked into boots was certainly a look for cooler weather as you saw a lot of furry knee-high boots being tucked into jeans or pants to try to beat the cold weather. Sheepskin boots (such as the usual UGG boots you see) were also a popular choice for the cool/cold weather. In fact, the popularity of sheepskin boots meant you may see a lot of these being worn quite often.

Besides cold weather, you would commonly see boots worn over jeans or pants whether ranch work is involved or any sort of horse riding or equestrian activities were performed. You need a good pair of boots so that you don't get your pants dirty while on the ranch. Horse riders usually tuck their riding boots into a pair of riding pants to keep their pant legs from getting dirty. It was really the country/Western trend of the mid-2000s that sort of sparked looks like jeans/pants into boots.

The Bottoms.

A skinny or slim pair of jeans usually is the best candidate for tucking jeans into boots since you don't have to worry about the jeans scrunching up trying to wear them or tuck them into jeans. The tucking-in process itself can be a bit tricky for some. Some choose to wear socks or something over their jeans to make the boot tucking in process easier. There are other methods to try to tuck jean or pant legs into boots. Later in this post, I'll share a few resources with you if you're interested in learning ways to tuck jeans or pants into boots.

The best pants for tucking into boots are riding pants. Their skinny legs make them fairly easy to tuck into boots. Certain legging-tight pants also make good candidates for tucking into boots.

Only thing I'd probably be careful of is trying to finding a pair of jeans or pants that overpower the boots. Since the boots are the centerpiece and the focus, I would probably avoid finding jeans or pants that add too much focus to the jeans or pants rather than with a sweet pair of boots.

The Boots.

As for the boots themselves, most boots are usually slip-ons or zippered up. It is rare you'll find lace-up boots being tucked into jeans or pants. The ones you usually will see in lace-up boots tucked into jeans or pants are usually soldiers or those within the police and fire ranks. I think the most stylish boots females can wear are usually riding boots. Riding boots are my favorite flat boots since they are sleek and stylish. Some of my other favorite boots are those that have harness details on them. I always considered the harness look to be stylish for boots. I normally prefer knee-high boots. Some daring women go with over-the-knee boots to tuck into jeans or pants. Also, ankle boots have been tucked into jeans or pants. But I think if you're going with this look, knee-high boots are the way to go.

While this is a look usually seen on females, there are males who go with the boots tucked in look. You just don't see as many males wear this look as you do with females.

--- Final Thoughts on Look ---

While I detested the look long ago, I've grown to love the look eventually. So feel free to go with this look if you love it. My past thoughts with this look basically had me hating it because it was a pointless look if it's not bitterly cold or tough to walk through. People kept hating on me for my past thoughts on this look. Eventually, I loved the look. A sleek pair of boots tucked into jeans usually made for a hot look in working the jeans/pants into boots look. Usually, I'd prefer a chic pair of leather knee-high boots or a pair of riding boots.

--- Resources ---

Here are some resources for all of you who love this look and want to know a little more on it. Or, this is for you all to want to see more material regarding tucking boots into jeans or pants:

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--- Cross-Promotion/Other Reading ---

Only one relevant post to mention here...

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^ This was my first proper fashion blog post on "John's Blog Space." I recently updated it to give it a little more life.

Have a good read!

So what do you think about tucking jeans or pants into boots? Do you love or loathe this look? Feel free to comment away. Thank you for reading!

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