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Monday, July 23, 2012

Warm Weather Tunics

John B. Marine | 11:14 AM |
(UPDATED: July 23, 2017)

A tunic is a nice top option for dealing with warm weather. These are long tops that are almost long enough to be dresses (some even can be worn as dresses). They come in a variety of styles ranging from sleeved to sleeveless and in various lightweight fabrics. This blog post is a look at tunics for these warm weather times, and I'll even provide some insight on certain bottoms I like paired with tunics.

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JUL 23 2017 - several edits made

Warm Weather Tunics

What good can a tunic do for one's outfit? A whole lot, if you ask me. Most tunics for the warm weather times consist of airy and lightweight styles. Most tunics have some great designs for them. Sleeved tunics may have short sleeves or very long sleeves. Some tunics have a dramatic one-shoulder design. That one-shoulder tunic may have a widely-draped sleeve. If baring arms is the way to go, then sleeveless or strapless tunics are the way to go. These are very fitting of warm weather and can be every bit as stylish as their sleeved counterparts.

Most tunics are usually paired with jeans, pants, or shorts. Sometimes (and I don't really understand this sometimes, to be honest) is to pair a tunic with a mini skirt. Footwear with tunics are usually include sandals, flats, and even some wedges and heeled shoes. Whatever looks best depends on how the rest of the outfit looks. A chic and sexy look should NOT be complimented with something like basic flip-flop/thong sandals. Instead, try a foxy pair of wedge pumps, wedge espadrilles, or some wedge sandals. It can be too warm to wear boots, but tall boots tucked into jeans is a nice look to go with a tunic.

Coming up next is a look at various tunic outfits I want to highlight on.

Looks with Tunics

Here are a few looks that are common with tunics. If you like any items you see here, click on the image sources to shop for the items featured in this post:

Tunics With Leggings and Ballet Flats.

tunic with leggings and flats
^ from: - For a cute way to enjoy warm weather, try a tunic with leggings and ballet flats.

Wearing ballet flats with a tunic and leggings can make for a cute casual look. Ballet flats on their own can look comfortable and stylish, but when paired with a tunic and leggings, it can be a great look.

Tunic With Capri Pants or Cropped Jeans.

tunic with capris
^ from: - Here is a tunic paired with capri pants.

If you prefer wearing cropped pants or cropped jeans with a tunic, it is perfectly fine to put such a look together. Cropped pants are nice to compliment a tunic. Cropped jeans are very casual and cute. At best, a pair of cropped, cuffed jeans goes great with a cute tunic and some cute shoes or sandals.

Tunic With Shorts.

tunic with shorts
^ from: - Why not go with a tunic to go with a pair of shorts?

A tunic paired with shorts is one more option to take on warm weather in style. I usually prefer tunics with short-shorts, but there are those females who'll wear longer shorts to go with tunics. It's purely your call here.

One-Shoulder, Sleeveless, and Strapless Tunics.

If you really want to look great with a tunic, try your hand with certain chic tunics. I think after you see these tunics, you might agree with me that sleeveless and/or strapless tunics make a hotter statement than sleeved tunics. Here are a few examples of how hot tunics can be:

• One-Shoulder Tunics
one-shoulder tunic
^ from: - A tunic with only one shoulder or secured by one strap can provide a sexy touch.

A one-shoulder tunic can either have a single sleeve or is only secured by one strap. Baring shoulders is an attractive way to welcome warm or hot weather, and a tunic is chic enough to embrace warm or hot temperatures.

• Sleeveless Tunics
sleeveless tunic
^ from: - Who needs sleeves when it's hot? Show some shoulders!

The appeal of sleeveless tunics lie in wearing long tops that don't have any sleeves to them. These can be fun and flirty to wear for those hot days. Or... you might say these are hot to wear when it's hot and when you want to feel hot. Regardless, a sleeveless tunic is a pleasure to wear. They'll go just as nice with your favorite warm-weather bottoms as any other tunic. Some sleeved tunics may have simple cut outs and slits, but still mostly be seen as sleeveless. A few sleeveless tunics may even have halter neck designs.

• Strapless Tunics
strapless tunic
^ from: - Careful... you might BRING the heat rather than beat the heat if you wear a strapless tunic!

Are you a more daring diva? Go strapless! The ultimate in chic tunics lies in going strapless. The sexier varieties of strapless tunics come in silky fabrics. A lot of strapless tunics come in some appealing patterns and colors. Those who can wear strapless tunics will be looking hot to embrace warm/hot weather.

So are you excited yet? Tunics can do so much to compliment one's warm weather style.

Of Tunics and Footwear

Depending on the tunic and the outfit, any number of shoes can be worn ranging from flip-flop/thong sandals to certain other shoes. I wouldn't really recommend a classy pair of pumps to go with a casual tunic outfit, but I would not overlook a pair of platform high-heel wedge pumps or platform high-heel wedge espadrilles. I think a silky tunic (preferably sleeveless or strapless) should be paired with a pair of capri pants or cropped jeans and topped off with some wedge shoes or sandals. Sleeved tunics would go VERY nicely with a pair of capri pants with either flat sandals or some comfy slip-on flats. Since we're talking about casual looks, when all else fails, a simple pair of flip-flop/thong sandals is a good go-to pair of sandals to compliment almost any tunic look.

The only sort of look I'd pair a tunic with sneakers is with some long jeans. Otherwise, I'm not too fond of goin with sneakers and a tunic.

Tunics Online

The premise of this blog post was on warm weather tunics. However, if you fancy tunics of many varieties, allow me to show you some tunics you may be interested in. Please take a look at what all I have to offer for you in case you want to (and don't mind) shopping for tunics. Take a look at the items in this section, and I would appreciate it if you did buy a tunic that you love from the material below:

Happy shopping (if doing any)!

So how do you style your tunic looks for warm weather? Feel free to comment away here. Thank you for reading!

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