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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Price of Denim

John Marine | 12:09 PM | | | |
(UPDATED: March 20, 2017)
Almost everyone has something denim in their wardrobe. How much are you willing to pay to look and feel your best wearing denim? It shouldn't have to cost a lot just to wear a simple pair of jeans or a denim skirt. Whether you want denim from Levi's or True Religion, you probably aren't too concerned about paying too much to wear denim. With a fabric as casual as denim, is it worth paying more than you have to just to wear denim? When is it okay to scrimp or splurge on denim? I'll talk about these items and more in this blog post.

This blog post is all about denim- both average and high-end. The post you are about to read is based on my blog post of the same name on my main blog, "John's Blog Space."

About the Label: "Denim"

Blog posts tagged with "Denim" relate to various denim-related topics. While denim is best known for jeans, there are various other denim garments that I may make mention to or discuss. So consider this my umbrella topic regarding all things denim. I will be introducing a number of topics regarding denim through this blog, so I invite all my denim lovers to keep following StyleSpace for the latest posts regarding or mentioning denim.


MAR 20 2017 - edited some links as well as the look of the post

Denim Appreciation

Before I begin talking about denim, let me explain some points that will ultimately lead up to proper discussion on the price of denim.

Most of the bottoms I wear are denim. As such a casual garment, you can wear denim with many things. All I have and wear outside the house are usually jeans. I wear them with a lot of casual outfits. So because of this, I commonly wear my denim. Many other people have varying levels of love for denim. A lot of females often like taking jeans and turning them into shorts, ripping them up for that ripped denim look, adding patches and other designs... you name it. And denim comes in various forms to peoples' liking- ripped, distressed, destroyed, acid-washed, paint-splattered, whisker-washed, sandblasted... there's various styles of denim to those who love wearing denim. Denim jeans can come in a number of different leg styles to compliment and appease to many fans- skinny, slim, regular, husky, bootcut, flared, and of course- good old bell bottom denim.

What makes denim so well-loved? For one, they are comfortable to wear, durable, and warm for those cold days. Denim for males can be cool and casual with many different outfits and for many different occasions. Denim for females can also be cool and casual, but they can also be stylish and seductive. You have your fair share of denim divas who proudly wear their denim and feel great wearing denim.

The reason why I mentioned denim in general is because denim involves more than just jeans. Jeans aren't the only denim garments. They are the most popular denim garments, but there are MANY more denim garments out there. I wanted to bring everything full circle regarding denim. Having said this, you now have some better appreciation for denim.

About the Label: "Appreciation"

You don't have to like something to appreciate it. Any posts tagged with "Appreciation" in its label is based on certain appreciation for garments, looks, trends, or anything like that.

The Price of Denim

the price of denim
^ from: - How much are you willing to pay just to look good in denim?

Denim garments come in various forms and at various price levels. I learned that people are paying for the fabric with more expensive denim garments. A test was conducted with ABC's "Good Morning America" program in 2010 talking about the difference between low-priced denim and high-priced denim. One pair of jeans was bought at Old Navy, and another was bought at Saks Fifth Avenue. Both proven to be durable jeans. When it came to washing, the high-end denim remained in great condition while the low-end jeans faded after a few washes. To see the full report and view the corresponding video, please visit this link: "Denim Dilemma: Does Paying a Lot Mean Getting a Lot?," aired April 24, 2010 on ABC's Good Morning America Weekend.

When it is okay to scrimp on denim? When is it okay to splurge on denim? Read on.

Denim: Better to Scrimp.

When you just want denim that will last you for casual usage, it's best to go with inexpensive denim. You may have just read that inexpensive denim would fade after a number of washes. For some people, even faded denim can still look stylish and still be wearable. Females who wear faded denim will even find new ways to make faded denim look stylish. The casual set will mostly be fine with inexpensive denim.

There are some inexpensive denim garments that have high-end look and polish. I think of certain trouser jeans- sophisticated denim garments good enough to wear to the office or for nights out- that aren't too expensive. I've even seen certain denim pant suits women wear. For all intents and purposes- denim that could be worn at certain office environments. Regardless, these inexpensive denims are a great indicator that you don't need lots of money to simply wear something denim, whether it's a pair of jeans or some kind of denim jacket.

Denim: Better to Splurge.

When is more expensive denim better than an inexpensive pair? Remember from my "Scrimp or Splurge?" blog post that you don't invest in something unless you feel it is worth investing in. More expensive denim are for those who want the most comfortable and most stylish pair of jeans money can buy. Some denim designers have premium denim that costs a great deal and are really warranting of their high prices. High-end denim that comes to mind for me are 7 for All Mankind, True Religion, Rock and Republic, Rag and Bone, Rich and Skinny, 18th Amendment, and more. Some of these make some of the finest high-priced denim.

I think you should only invest in high-end denim if you want a certain denim garment that no inexpensive denim maker can ever match or better. In other words, a lady wants a certain pair of denim jeans that is classy and stylish that low-end denim makers could never better. So a girl could wear some inexpensive denim casually, but she may prefer to wear some high-end denim from a certain maker when she wants a high-end denim look for a night out or for certain semi-formal outfits. Same goes for a guy who wants some good-fitting, good-looking denim for a night out.

How Much Can Denim Garments Cost?

It depends on the maker or retailer. A simple pair of jeans from retailers like JCPenney or Kohl's likely won't cost over $35 US Dollars or $20 US Dollars. Some more expensive or high-end retailers have jeans that may be as cheap as $75 US Dollars, but may climb up to about maybe $300 US Dollars or more! Japanese denim maker, Evisu, mostly makes jeans for men that sell for no less than $300 US Dollars. Evisu does offer some women's jeans, but I mostly know of them making jeans for men.

The denim maker I respect the most is 7 For All Mankind. I mostly know them for making some of the hottest flared jeans for females. 7FAM offers denim usually no less than $150 US Dollars. Their jeans are usually well-respected among those who wear them (both males and females).

According to an article on, one pair of jeans was rumored to sell at an astonishing price of $1.3M US Dollars! That is almost $200K US Dollars less than a Bugatti Veyron. For those of you who know nothing about cars, the Veyron is a very fast and very exclusive supercar from the French automaker, Bugatti.

You now have loads of insight on how expensive denim can be. Note that you're mostly paying for the fabric as far as how expensive denim can be.

So by all means, proudly wear your denim.

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Denim Online

If you like to shop for denim online, I invite you to visit any of the following retailers and designers to find some denim that may interest you. You can find these links and more from my "SS Fashion Database" standalone page. To my international readers, some of these retailers and designers MAY allow for international shipping:

Denim: Popular.

These are makers/retailers of denim for just about everyone, ranging from babies to adults, males to females.

Old Navy
Dickies - uniform/workwear specialist that also offers some denim items.

Denim: Young Men and Juniors.

Various denim makers and retailers famous among young men and young women. These makes may even include denims for children and babies.

!it Jeans
Apple Bottoms - exclusively for girls and women
Baby Phat- exclusively for girls and women
Karl Kani - some denim offered for men and women.
Coogi - denim offered for men, women, and kids.
Abercrombie and Fitch - denim offered for men, women, and kids from this wildly-popular company.
Hollister Co. - denim offered for men and women (or Dudes and Bettys respectively)
Vigoss - a popular Juniors denim brand.
Miss Me Jeans

Torrid (Denim link) - plus-size fashion specialist that has denims for plus size women among other items.
bebe (Jeans link) - denim offered by bebe.
Dollhouse (Jeans link) - jeans offered by Juniors' fashion label Dollhouse.

Denim: High-End and Premium.

These are makers/retailers of high-end denim. These are some of the more popular high-end denim makers and those that offer various denim garments. You have better invested some money on these because some of these jeans do NOT come cheap!

7 For All Mankind
True Religion
J Brand
William Rast
Level 99 (USA link for this Australian maker)
Rich and Skinny
Not Your Daughters Jeans
Lucky Brand - premium denim for men and women, including kids.
Joe's Jeans
Paige Denim - men and women's denim.
Dsquared² - denim for men and women
Citizens of Humanity
Rock and Republic
Siwy Denim
AG Jeans
Boom Boom Jeans - women only and wholesale only; must sign up there to shop.
Genetic Denim
Evisu - mostly men's denim from this Japanese maker, but some women's denim is also offered.

Denim: Other Makers.

These are either makers that either offer their own denim, or are online-only retailers the world over. They may be popular or not very popular. The place of origin for some of these are listed in parentheses ().

Chip and Pepper
DEE?DEE Bellbottom (WARNING: Japanese language only) - (Japan) Japanese specialist of bell bottom jeans for men and women.
Best Brazilian Jeans - (Brazil) sexy jeans for women, including butt-enhancing jeans
Sanna's (pants and jeans link) - (Japan) denim offered, including their infamous low-rise jeans and even their "bikini pants."
Pitaya - offers denim for Juniors
Navel Rose - (Japan) the lowest low-rise jeans from Japan! Also includes body jewelry.
Spoon Jeans
See Through Soul
KUT from the Kloth
Agave Denim
Allison Izu - a denim maker tailored exclusively for petite women.

Denim: Miscellaneous Retailers.

Get your denim by visiting these retailers (more will/could be added in later edits):
Denim Shop on Amazon
• Denim on men's denim on and women's denim on

I would gladly appreciate your business if you buy something you like from any of the links I've provided. Please be sure to support my work any way you can.

Thank you for reading! Proudly wear your denim! :)

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