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Friday, August 17, 2012

Exposing Midriff

John Marine | 10:26 AM | |
Baring your midriff takes a good deal of confidence. Some show off their belly, navel piercing, lower body tattoos, and the like. Some show only slight midriff while wearing some high-waist bottoms or hiked-up bottoms. Whatever the case, this is acceptable skin showing for most daring divas. And by acceptable, I mean acceptable as most people perceive acceptable showing of your body. Some enjoy midriff-baring as shown in the '90s or the '70s. A lot of others prefer midriff-showing ONLY with high-waist bottoms. Some are or are not confident enough baring their lower body to some sort of sensual degree. Also, there are some who favor the high-waist midriff look with clothes as well as swimwear. Are you fond or not fond of showing off your midriff? This blog post on StyleSpace is a compliment to two different posts of mine from "John's Blog Space."

--- Exposing Midriff: Dare to Bare? ---

^ from: - Do you dare to bare your midriff? If so, you'd better have a good deal of confidence in both yourself and your style of dress.

A hot day calls for certain ways to beat the heat. One way is to wear lightweight cropped tops. Wearing a cropped top of some kind allows your midsection to cool off on a hot day.

Apart from cooling, some enjoy midriff-baring for fashion and style purposes. Among some of the main reasons- showing off a navel piercing, showing lower body tattoos, or just wanting to show off how lovely your belly is. A button-down shirt can be unbuttoned upwards to show the navel. I remember a few girls back in my High School days who unbuttoned their shirts or blouses to show their navel. A number of people have a certain issue about showing off your navel as far as midriff-baring is concerned. So for those who want to show some midriff while not going overboard, cropped tops have been paired with high-waist bottoms. It allows for those not as confident showing midriff to still wear a cropped top while not having to worry too much about showing too much midriff.

Showing off your midriff is a confidence issue. How confident and beautiful do you feel to be able to show off your midriff? Can you confidently wear a cropped top or some sort of low-rise bottoms as you showcase your lower body? Even if you're not blessed with a gorgeous body or a gorgeous midsection, there's still a little way to show off your midriff while not overdoing it. While the '90s child in me would rather see confident females showcase their midriff like in the '70s or the mid-late '90s, even I understand not every female is as confident in midriff-baring as most girls were when the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were showing off their midriff.

I personally think Christina Aguilera still has the most luscious belly of any celebrity- before (and even after) pregnancy.

--- Exposing Midriff: Fallacies ---

Two main fallacies of exposing midriff are "muffin top" and issues with low-rise bottoms.

Muffin Top.

Muffin Top is defined as wearing bottoms too tight to where one's body fat protrudes over the bottoms. The result is an unflattering lower torso.

Low-Rise Issues.

While showing midriff can be both fashionable and sensual, you don't want to wear bottoms too low to where you show off more than what you WANT to show. The issues of midriff baring with low-rise bottoms is twofold- you risk showing off butt crack or your panties. It helps to wear some appropriate intimates to prevent providing any unnecessary peeks, especially from behind. Just be careful sporting a hot pair of low-rise bottoms.

Those are really the only two things to be careful of when showing midriff.

--- Exposing Midriff: Blogging Influences ---

Still dare to bare? Maybe various bloggers can help you here. I picked out some posts from other bloggers who show off their midriff. Many of these posts are from my "Exposing Midriff" post on John's Blog Space:

"Big Heart" (Aki no Yuutsu) « boxy cropped top.
"cool down daddy" (La Vagabond Dame) « cropped top and wide-leg pants.
"who says a sweater can be boring!!!" (Maytedoll) « cropped sweater.
"TRIBAL PANTS" - (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « cropped top with wide-leg pants and platform sandals
"Stroll in the City" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « cropped bandeau top with only minimal midriff baring
"Forever 21+Giveaway" - (GABIFRESH) « plus-size woman in a cropped top
"Glitter and Gingham" (Cupcake's Clothes) • plus-size woman wearing a cropped top showing very little midriff
"Bike Ride" (Deconstruction) « striped crop top.
"Bohemian Beauty" (Deconstruction) « maxi dress re-worked to a cropped top and a maxi skirt.
"Pretty in Pink" (I am Khatu) « petite woman in a cropped tube top
"new look: 'Return of the Spring'" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « cropped sweater.
"Hello, 2012! Let's have some fun this year. - Photo Shoot" (Glam Kitten's Litter Box) « cropped long-sleeve top.

There are your blogging inspirations with varying levels of midriff-baring.

--- Exposing Midriff: Final Thoughts ---

Of what I call the "3 B's"- belly, butt, and breasts; I consider the belly to be one of the most beautiful features of any female. However you choose to express and accentuate your belly is your call. Different females have different levels of showing off their midriff. Whether or not you should try this is up to you. If you DO want to show some midriff, work with what makes you most comfortable.

I provided examples of plus size women to show that you don't have to be slim and slender to enjoy exposing midriff. If you want to show midriff, just work to a certain comfort level you're okay with; and don't be pressured into thinking you have to be really slim or have a gorgeous body to show midriff.

--- Cross-Promotion ---

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John Marine said...

I agree that bare midriffs are getting popular and partly confidence. I'm not a huge fan of them because they show too much skin but they can look good on some people! Lovely post again!

John Marine said...

Google images brought me here as I was looking for the best way to show off my abs. I appreciate what you seem to be trying to do. I have a concern I'd like to share. While you're helping is to make sure we're doing everything possible to be as alluring as we can be for others, it's possible that some people who read this might actually end up feeling bad about their bodies. Maybe we could shift away from a paradigm of hiding and feeling ashamed, toward one of true confidence and beauty based in self-acceptance and self-esteem. I think it could make at least half the population much happier in their lives on this earth. :) I like the idea of accepting and embracing our whole selves, and flaunting the features we like best about ourselves.

John Marine said...

Thank you for reading this post. Almost anything I post in regards to fashion will be subject to a number of things, including you mentioning perhaps providing some negative feelings. I always try to be professional as well as mindful of many things and that there are multiple sides to any number of issues- including this one. Regardless, I do appreciate your commentary.

John Marine said...

Thanks for your consideration.

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