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Monday, August 13, 2012


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The skull trend is nothing to take lightly. Show your hardness by rocking skulls. Influences from Alexander McQueen to pirates have helped in making skulls trendy. Whether you love or loathe skulls, it is certainly a style that many in fashion have taken up and noticed. Skulls are the point of this blog post you are about to read here on "StyleSpace." It contains a look at skulls in fashion. Do you love or loathe skulls?

--- Skulls at a Glance ---

Alexander McQueen skull scarf
^ from: - A skull scarf from Alexander McQueen.

The late Alexander McQueen is credited as being of the ones to make skulls trendy in the fashion community. Skull designs of his have appeared on various garments including skulls and shoes. These skull designs have even become popular to cash in on pirate-themed fashion. They became pretty fashionable some time in the mid-late 2000s. These days, there is some sort of resurgence of skulls. A lot of people, ranging from fashion-lovers to fashionable hipsters have adopted the skull trend. They bring as much toughness as adding spikes or studs. In fact, there are some studded details that feature skulls as part of the outfit. So in many respects, skulls can be about as hand-in-hand in providing toughness as spikes and studs.

Some people have their own thoughts about skulls in fashion. For some, it is an expression of living however you please while having no regrets. Some others see skulls as a showing of toughness. Many others view skulls as a great way to express punk rock chic. For some other people, there is nothing fashionable or "cool" about skulls as some would think wearing skulls promotes evil and darkness; and is therefore in no way anything worthy of wearing in fashion or being proud to present or wear according to some people. However you see skulls, everyone has some sort of reason as to why they love skulls and wearing skull-adorned clothing. Originally, I've always seen skulls as styles and designs limited only to the rock music culture, the Goth crowd, bikers, and people like that. It still doesn't mean fashionable types are off-limits to skulls. For example, I've seen various argyle prints that have some skulls in their design. There are even cartoonish skulls worn by some people, including skull outfits for children. So while skulls may seem like they should only be for those into hard rock and Goth, the fashion world has somehow embraced and capitalized on the appeal of skulls.

I'm sorry if this offends people, but once skulls became trendy and popular, I IMMEDIATELY got tired of skulls. Even worse is when a fashion trend becomes popular when you fail to fathom what makes certain trends even remotely fashionable. Some trends you get sick of very quickly once you see almost everyone try their hand at getting into this trend. That's why I didn't care in one fashion community just because I wasn't into skulls like most of the rest of the world. I got hated on for my thoughts on skulls and couldn't care less just because I didn't agree with the mainstream crowd I was around. In a YouTube video, I upset a viewer just because I said something along the lines of skulls being something negative (speaking as someone who tries to think positively) and that I don't wear or own any kind of skull clothing. One thing I REALLY don't understand how someone (especially females) can see skulls as "cute." That's like calling a pet snake or a pet iguana cute, as opposed to a puppy or a kitty. I just don't get what makes skulls even remotely fashionable. I wouldn't even recommend certain skull-adorned clothing or accessories for outfits.

While I do try to be neutral on a number of topics on StyleSpace, I do have my own opinions. Just because some styles are liked more than others doesn't mean I personally have to like them.

--- Skulls Around the Blogosphere ---

So do you love skulls? Some bloggers have shown some style with skulls. Come get your fill of skull style from these bloggers!

Skull Inspiration: Brown Platform.

Her shorts and her sandals are cute, but the real highlight of Anastasia's outfit is her peach top with skull designs on it. Let the Indonesian beauty showcase some skull chic with you here.
"See, hear, speak no evil" (Brown Platform) « skull top.

Skull Inspiration: Art in Our Blood.

Jennifer is a lady who has an eye for art. She is not exclusively about girly outfits; she is someone who expresses boldness and toughness. Jennifer wears about the same top as in the Brown Platform post I linked to, only this is in a different color. So take a look at this lady's style and her girly Goth style with the post I've selected.
"SKULL CITY" (Art in Our Blood) « skull top.

Skull Inspiration: je ne sais quoi.

I have never featured this blog before in any blog of mine. So in a first, meet "ja ne sais quoi" and its creator, Chauss. This lady rarely goes girly and soft with her outfits. Everything of hers is tough. This post I've selected
ckparis, celine sunglasses spring 2011 and thomas wylde first season (je ne sais quoi) « leather jacket with skulls on the inside.

Skull Inspiration: indie.electronic.alternative.

Danielle is a wild child with some wild style. She gets bold to go with this bold outfit. The highlight relevant to this blog post is on her skull bracelet coupled with a spiked bracelet. Danielle's look can be seen in the below post. And as a bonus post, she pays respect to the late Alexander McQueen with a second blog post I've featured from her blog.
tees by tina blogger project! (indie.electronic.alternative.)
all hail the king, sir alexander mcqueen (indie.electronic.alternative.) « BONUS POST on Alexander McQueen (IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED)

Skull Inspiration: AMIClubwear (YouTube).

One video was recently released by the online fashion retailer, AMIClubwear; and it involves the skull trend. This video takes a look at the trend of wearing skulls. Since this is a YouTube video, you may either watch the video below or click on the link below to visit (especially if your browser can't view Flash):

^ "Skull Trend" (YouTube - amiclubwear)

These were some skull inspirations for you.

--- Final Thoughts on Skulls ---

I am not fond of skulls in the least sense. I got sick and tired of them very easily once they really became trendy. All because I dislike some trend or clothes doesn't mean you should agree with me. By all means, don't let my opinions tell you otherwise on what trends or clothes to wear. Those who really want to express themselves with skulls and have the hardness and toughness to showcase them, show off your skull(s) and your toughness. The ones with strong personality would laugh at or be disgusted at fashionable hipsters who just want to wear some skulls just to look cool and trendy.

Okay. Maybe skull designs aren't hearts or flowers (at least with feminine fashion), but at least I'd rather those than have my eyes fed to any more skull designs and garments. It's just something I've gotten tired of from a fashion standpoint. Everyone has trends and styles they love and loathe. I'm no different regardless of what I like or don't like in fashion.

One last thing... I hope you appreciate that I've discussed something I dislike in a professional (yet respectful) manner. This post was a combination of being neutral, yet opinionated. I have nothing against anyone who love skulls even if I dislike it as a fashion trend.

--- Skull Clothing and Accessories Online ---

I am not liking the skull trend, but you might. So to help service you, feel free to take a look at various skull items I've found online for you. Feel free to do some shopping online to show your support of my work as well as to get some stuff to enhance your wardrobe. A lot of these are mostly search results I've done for you. As always, I would kindly appreciate your business if you bought something from any of the sites I make mention to in this section. Remember- these sections I set up are for YOU. You made the effort to come here to read my material, and the least I can do for you is offer you something in return in thanks. So have a look around:

• all things skulls on ShopStyle:

• all skull clothing on ShopStyle:

all skull clothing and accessories on Amazon

all skull clothing, shoes, and accessories on eBay

all skull items on Shopbop (mostly accessories)

And for the first time mentioning on StyleSpace:
all skull items from Hot Topic (Hot Topic was TOO good to pass up preparing this post)

Happy shopping and thanks for visiting!

I am not a fan of skulls, I'm sick of them, I've been sick of them for the longest; but I still have to give fans of skulls a proper and professional blog post on them. I don't post anything online that lacks value. I hope you do still get to enjoy this blog post as I created it. This was a professional post by me that still featured some personal opinion. While you may or may not agree with my opinions, I hope you can at least respect my opinions. While I have gotten sick of skulls, I still need to provide material for all of my readers. That even includes material I am not proud of or particularly like. It's all about providing content rather than really focusing on material only I like. Remember that "StyleSpace" is about anything and everything fashion or fashion-related. I hope you respect my professional stance on something in fashion I dislike.

Contact me via E-Mail or on my Facebook fan page if you want to suggest other topics or suggestions. Thank you for reading!

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